Sunday, October 18, 2015

Use charming bastard to cast love spell to many lovers (another happy buyer) 迷人混蛋泰國佛牌真的很有效

This lady sent in her enquiry on a love charm to charm back her ex lover. But she is also interested in another guy.
I told her no problem. My charming bastard can handle that. Follow my instrucion and soon, you will see 2 guys on their knees for you!
Soon, she told me the item is very effective. Her story as below:


I just want to share that i believe the "charming bastard is really effective"
i got broken up with my ex bf and asked nayan for a charm. and after using the charm, i noticed my ex messaging me for unimportant things, At first I ignore him and there was a time he said that he is having hard time with the break up and said that he miss me, we talked but i was a point that i dont want to get him back yet. so i ignored him.

when i asked nayan how to use the amulet, he said it can also use on other guy. I tried it, den suddenly my other ex boyfriend started to msg me, sometimes in his messages he really tries to flirt with me and i know this was bec of the amulet. he always compliments me in things and always tries to start conversation in sms. really different on how he treat me before. but i seldom reply to him.

I asked nayan for another powerful
amulet for love, the night i received his instructions, i tried to chant around midnight and just around after 20 mins my other ex boyfriend message me again.  I was shocked and believed it was bec of the amulet bec after few
days of no contact he suddenly msg me early in the morning??!! we talked for hours and he was really trying to tell me nice things about good things in our past and saying things that really compliment me.  that was just few minutes after i first tried the amulet.

Im looking forward to see more good result the amulets bring according to what i am desiring now for love . 😍
thanks nayan!! 👍 👍








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