Thursday, March 1, 2018

Money come here, money come there, money come everywhere! 钱来自很多地方。

A free lance teacher told me that recently business is  bad for her. 
She needs money badly. 
Her wealth luck, money luck is very poor.
I introduced a money luck Thai amulet to her.
She ask me how the item going to help her?

I told her this item can help her in her sales, business, and money luck.

Within 1 week, this powerful wealth and money Thai amulet cast miracles on her.

She experiences unexpected wealth and money coming from everywhere, all directions! People start to be very generous towards her and give her money!


[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: yes I did...I think the item helped me..there’s a short one month tuition assignment, slipped from my hands given to someone else..somehow it came back to me the next day and I got it!!
[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: Will thank the amulet and make offerings soon!!
[09/02, 12:39] Nayan: So extra income lar. Gd!
[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: First day already something else happened
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: I treat u v well De hor. Gve u 1 of the best.
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: 😃
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: A man right behind me in ntuc suddenly offered his elderly card to me for discount
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: 😍
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: even though it’s small
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: my dad collect babysitting fees from me as usual..he’s stingy and money faced as hell
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: but that day he gave me a small discount
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: So surprised
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: Thank you very much nayan!
[09/02, 12:43] Nayan: Gd! I am happy to hear that!
[09/02, 12:50] Money come buyer: 😀❤

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