Sunday, November 23, 2008

Improve your luck

During this trip, i am very bless to find another powerful master, Aj deang.

Accoding to the thai people, this skillful master ha smaster the ancient art of making amulets that can suit individually. I could not understand at the begining, so i decided to pay this great master a visit.

When I meet him, he show me the amaulets that are bless by him They are all very unique. FROM THE BEGINING TO THE END, THE WHOLE PROCESS ARE DONE AND BLESS PERSOANLLY BY HIM.

He told me that from the begining, before he write on the charm, he has to bless and cleanse them so that the gods will chatge power to it.

After that, he will go into medation for a while, then he will write on it. While writing, he chant the holy chant. After the whole process he done, he will proced to write the next piece.

After all done, he will sit in medaition and put his power into it and at the meantime, he will invite his master and all gods to help to charge power into it.

In addtion, he explain to me this special art of why his amulets need to insert the name and date if birth. he mention when you insert the details, the power in the amulet will surround it and finally,the person fate and the power of the amulet will conbine together and the person will change his/her luck to better and will never drop down again. In addtion, when you insert in the details, it like submit your prticulars to the gods above and request for their belssing.
So what you are using, it more than a amulets!!!!

He has write the mantra of changing and pushing luck mantra.
It come with a chanted paper. The moment you write the name on the paper, the booast luck amulet is activated and connected to the person.

After the person wear it, luck will improve, obstacles will slowly be remove. Wealth and good thing will slowly move in. People will come and help you. Good thing wil flow in.

In addtion, he has also do a very powerful love charm which will bring a broken couple together, help a single man or woman to find their true love, find their ideal partner, attract the person they like.

This love charm work in the way that the person has to insert the name and date of birth of the person they want to attarct. If possible, hair also have to insert it. write name and date of birth into the paper, roll the paper up with the hair with it...

Insert in, pray and the person you want to attract will like you and love you.

It come with a 'make you loss your sense' love oil. The herbs itself has a story... before the master go the the forest to getthe love herbs, they have to chant and block themselves before go in. If not, they will be charm by this herbs and loss in the forest.
The person can
dip the takrut into the oil and apply on your face and eye blow. The takrut to absorb the power of the oil and output the charming power onto your face.

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