Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wealth creation thai amulet 招財泰國佛牌 (sold out)

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This wealth creation thai amulet is dedicated to those people who want to creating more wealth  and money in their lives, but don't want to waste their time or effort worry about money problem.


This item work in a beautiful way; it let you take control of your own money and make better financial decisions. This will stop money lost and help you to has wisdom about money and wealth management to enable you to be debt free and stop become poor.


The master who make this wealth creation thai amulet  has help many people to get out of their debt life and improve their wealth.


When I visit this master, he love to say: It's not the having, it's the getting. 


I am so inspired by his words, no wonder his devotees are getting richer and richer.

He told me that this item not only can help a person to be debt free, but will make him more richer. 


The master say: All money is a matter of belief. Hold this item, wear it, and let the magic flow in...

I ask him; 
How to be debt free with this wealth creation amulet???
How to get richer but not poorer with this wealth creation amulet???


For those debt problem, wealth, ideas, solutions will flow into your life in different ways. 


For those who want get richer, concentrate your thoughts purposely on the future possibility that you aspire to realize, then your energy will be passed on to the amulet and makes it attracted to you with a force stronger than the one you work hard for it!!!


Inside contain 9 wealth fetching and luck opening 9 forgotten mantra that is hold in the hand of this master.
The skill is only pass down through his lineage.


This mantra has the power of:

Unleashing a positive whirlwind that attracts a flurry of positive coincidences. 

Cut failure in life

Increase your ability to attract wealth

Uncover karma debt

The 9 Forgotten mantra is blessed a total of 3 months everyday That Make The Wealth creation Thai Amulet An Unbreakable Force.

This amulet is blessed total a period of 3 months everyday.

You no longer need to work so hard, let the amulet work for you.
You no longer need stress about money, let the magic unfold for you.

Overwhelmed by no enough money Stress? 
Don't face this alone!
Let this wealth creation thai amulet work with you to work out your money problem.
Your wealth problem solution: Wealth Creation Thai Amulet

The name of master and and information of this amulet on how to use will be sent only to the buyer via email.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thai amulet panadol mercury charm (Another happy person)

Dear Nayan,

Thank you for the mercury amulet
honestly, i wasn't feeling so good today, very tired & depressed . Then i came back, wore the amulet,
i feel much better now on the inside, hope to wear it all the time. Very interesting items!


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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Charm for love and success (back by popular demand) 成功和魅力泰國佛牌

Master Cum always create or bless thai amulets that target to help people who solve people problem.


Today, I am going to introduce another charm that is bless by master cum that can help people in find soul mate, solve marriage unhappiness, love problem, love ones not not listening to you and keep quarrel with you and help you to solve your wealth problem.
I ask the master why he bless such a charm.
he say, if you has love charm, impossible you pray to the holy amulets, Buddhas or monks for such matters.
You need to pray to a lower realm semi being for help!!!
Like your love one run away, cannot find love, all these you has to pray to a lower realm being. you cannot pray to a Buddha and request help that your wife has run away with other guy or tell Buddha that you has just break off with your love one, you need his help!!!


That is not possible! Buddha is about about dharma, do good etc...
That why pray to lower realm being for such matter is the best because they will help you for this!

Furthermore, for some people doing sales, doing business, they need very strong attraction so that people will like them, and business and deal will be close.

All this attraction will be get from the help of all this beings! 

People will like you, listen to you, find your proposal very good, if you are in work, boss will like you, colleague will like you, indirectly let you form a great teamwork in workplace!


He has add in a very special herb call wahn metta, the herb for charming and attraction. People will be charm by you with the power of this herb. he has add in 2 hand written scroll.
1) Maha lamlui-the great wealth money mantra
money obstacles will be clear, money and wealth luck will flow in
2) Maha senate-The great mantra for charming
With this mantra, you can charm back the person you want to charm, including your boss, charm back your ex lover.

In General, this thai amulet for love and success can be use for:

1) use as love charm to charm back your loss love ones
2) charm your bosses  and people around you in  workplace so that they will like you
3) Charm your client so that you can close the deals
4) use as wealth amulet to remove your obstacles in wealth luck which lead to strong flow of money wealth into your life.
5) use as love charm to act as a magnet to attract people to you to find your soul mate
6) Make your lover faithful to you by using this on him or her.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Make him Come Back ( ANother happy buyer)

A  lot of times, when the lover is being snatch away by bitches, he seldom care for family anymore. He will not go away for days, but he will be away for months and slowly.... forget for the wife and family.
Below is a feedback from a buyer after using the items, her hubby come back to visit her, not only 1 time, but KEEP COMING BACK for a few days.

He left home 1 week never return but on the day 10th candle burn, he visited us for the first time. 3 consecutive day, he visit home for few hours.  He even ate my cooking 1st time in 3 months.

He still stays with the girl though.  Can I expect things gets better after this? The candle is very powerful.

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