Bro, although this wat bangkang kp has been at my house for more than a week, but i only tried it today. this morning, i have an important meeting about my potential employment so wore kp to fight battle. everything at the meeting was smooth, and this kp gave me boost and boost of confidence, and it allowed me to ask the right questions. so i managed to clarified many things about my potential employment.

in the afternoon, my friend called me and ask if i can lend him some money. he told me that he has 1750sgd in his paypal account, but he need money today, and he's willing to only take 1400sgd from me. in other words, i get to earn 350sgd!!! the thing is, when transferring money from paypal to bank account need a few days, but he need it today, so no choice. so he transferred 1750sgd from his paypal to my paypal, and as i am typing, the money is on the way to my uob bank!!! easily, without any effort, i made 350sgd today!!

this kp really brought me power, brought me luck, and brought me money!!

bro, your amulets are the best, seeing results is a definite!

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