Friday, May 30, 2014


This item, which I am going to introduce today is 1 of the best items. Extremely rare.

THE master has use Exclusive kara-ritual that has been 18 months in the making! He told me that he is extremely proud to be able to offer this  powerful kara-ritual to you all! Everything you own is about to get much more effective for you! breakthroughs which have crossed over into the realm of the spiritual and supernatural dimensions.

This reclaim your charm has powerful UNLOCKING THE HEART of anyone which will cast  A POWERFUL MYSTERY OF EMOTION  DEVOTION on that person.

This item is just PERFECT FOR INFLUENCING POWER on the person you want!

This is a VERY SPECIAL charming  amulet of the entire thai amulets i has encounter!

The functions,
The power,
The effect,
are wow!

This reclaim your charm thai amulet can effects emotions, senses, motor skills, thoughts and mood of not only the owner but also those people. 

I got a buyer who told me that after using for some times, he told me now is like a feeling of life a POWERFUL figure who held the world between her knees so to speak and knew exactly what to say, what to do and how to act to get just what she wanted.

Having this item with you can add many things to life; persuasion skill, strength, power, charm, gain secret from people, sexual power and other attributes. 

You can become human of great persuasion and layered with traits of personality.

This item can opens doors we don't know exist and helps us fulfill our life's destiny.


Have a taste of the powers for yourself and use them to bring persuasion and control over the people in your life!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

lp koon give you wealth batch (sold out)

Sadly, this are the last few pieces left in temple.
I got them all and the temple has left with non.

I has got a few batches so far from this great master, but this batch is 1 of my favorite!

1) this batch is bless when the master is in his tiptop condition.
Awesome power and blessing.

2) so far, one of the best wealth batch ever bless by him!
well love by buyers who has got them!

Lp koon amulet no doubt, is powerful.

I particular like this batch of amulet.

This batch no only powerful, but very effective.

This batch is call: koon pat thet phra than pond. In other words,translate to english, mean gods answer to your prayers!

When the well beloved master bless this batch, he use his powerful mediation powers to sent the strong wealth energy into the amulet and devas(gods) will descend from heaven to give their blessing.

Only powerful masters like Lp koon has such powers!

Furthermore, many experience collectors like older batch of powerful masters because they are bless in the era when many powerful masters are still around.

Then these powerful masters will be invited to bless this batch of amulets together.

All these points make this thai amulet more valuable, more powerful and more effective.

year bless: 2516

more than 38 years old wealth amulet!!!!

Most importantly, lp koon thailand amulets is very well known to the thai people for "Ruay, Ruay, Ruay".

Mean money, money money. This master amulet is well known for granting wish and wealth.

I has a buyer who has got a lp koon thai amulet from me before. The amulet has improve his mum business greatly!!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

God Of Success (another happy person)


Sorry for the late reply as I was busy with work.  As promised, this is my feedback of God of Success.

When I first got God of Success thai amulet from you, the following day when I wear it to work, I got 2 good news.  First is I found a thing that I lost 1 year ago.  I being trying to find it in every corner of my office and store, but no where to be found.  But I don't know why, I just decided to double check my cupboard again, and I found the item.  It was a precious gift given to me by my mentor.  The second good news that happened on the same day is about an upgrading course that I have been applying to go.  And I got the good news that it is being approved.  Maybe coincidence, maybe it God of Success.

But for those who do not believe, I can feel I am more clear minded rather than feeling lost.  And I feel more confident when I speak to people.  Most important, it makes my work and daily life very smooth.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations.

Signed off
3 items @ a go

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Have The Power To Change - Another Happy person 你有權力改善您的生活!

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I always tell my buyers:


You are not a rock -- you are a person. You have the power to change, improve and succeed in any area of your life if you really want to.

你是不是一塊石頭 - 你是一個人。
如果你真的想, 你有能力改變的力量,並提高你的生活,。

With this simple sentence and faith, this buyer life change to a better and has make a difference in her life after using the thai amulets I recommend her.


Below is her message to me:


Just wanted to say thank u

U know u can people life...w power of amulets
I am so fortune to have met u
Thank u

Nayan, 只想說謝謝,

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Friday, May 2, 2014

A happier environment at work - Action for Happiness 在工作中快樂的環境

Hi Nayan, just wanna update you the the lucky thai Amulet you suggested to me last time workout quite well on me…:)
my colleagues started to be very helpful these 2 weeks…and treating me better than before…am working without stress now… thx a lot for the lucky Amulet intro… :p


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