Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nayan! you make me cute!

Bro, i had to write another feedback to you. The black metta takrut thai amulet in my combination is really power! my things and luck isnt doing so well but this metta takrut is making my attraction exceptionally good as well as people treating me well. My lecturer commented today that was cute and i had the x factor. Also many girls were looking at me and some smiled at me. This item is really good stuff.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Life never be the same anymore!

A lot of buyers told me that their life since never be the same anymore once they start use my amulet.
Full of surprise came into their life.


I told them, I has hack into their life and empower them with amulets! 

Bro, heres another feedback about your thai amulets. Firstly i want to say the metta items u have recommended me is very strong and powerful,  Although i have not had the chance to charm my ex back due to the lack of opportunity, it has certainly brought me other perks such as people treating me nicer and the opposite sex being attracted to me. For example , people would be more willing to help me in doing task for me and theres a group a friends i just got to know awhile ago, i asked one guy to help me get water but he came back with food for me as well but refused my money for it. 
Also, I've been getting second glances by the opposite sex and a couple of them are dropping hints at me. hehe. although i have no interest in them, it certainly does give my confidence a boost.


Another strange thing is i noticed animals seem to like me more and do not fear me. the area i live at has quite a number of cats but usually run away when people go close to them. strangely , they seem to not only not shun away from me but they come looking for me and wouldn't be afraid to climb up my lap. Just yesterday one of them followed me up the lift. on one occasion my friend was with me and the cat did seem to avoid going to him. i guess your amulets dont only work on people but on animals as well hahaha.

Lastly, i went to my friends house recently. according to my friend, his mum does some spiritual practice and meditation. when i saw his mum , she look at me in the eye. The following day my friend asked me , ' hey, my mum said u do spiritual practices? ' . i was kind of stunned. 
I've been getting stuff from you for years , so what his mum saw was probably the effect of wearing your amulets for so long.hahahaha. 
waiting for my next item bro!

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