Saturday, July 28, 2018

stay ahead of your life

[27/07, 10:29]Happy Buyer: Hi bro good morning . yesterday when first time I hold ur  charming bastard thai amulet I can feel the energy so powerful.

[27/07, 10:45]Happy Buyer: Ok bro ur amulet super powerful bro yesterday I feel the energy.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

People like me for no reason 人们无缘无故地喜欢我

The thai amulet from me only attract a lot of attention from people, this buyer also attract luck!

这个人买了我的泰国佛牌, 不仅吸引人们的注意力并且也吸引了运气。

Dear brother Nayan. I received the Fire Tiger thai amulet takrut and wearing it now. The feeling is really great. Have lot of confidence. More people like me without any reason. Recently I was selected as Head of department and yesterday surprisingly  selected as Chairman of HOD Board. Came out in news paper.(as above) And the best thing is our state Assembly member seeking my cooperation for some programs. Ayyoo.. What's happening bro..😄

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My kumantong thai amulet is a serious helper!

Now is 2018 world cup fever!
Before the world cup start, my buyer approach me saying he loves to bet on world cup football betting.
I suggest a gambling golden boy, kumanthong for him.
Soon, after using less than 1 week, he tole me this golden boy kumanthong thai amulet has help him in his bets in world cup soccer!

[09/07, 00:06] Happy Buyer: Feeling good
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: 1 call come liao
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: But feeling is he lonely
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: My soccer after 1week
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: I win 500 alr
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: But pay off debt I owe so never lose or win
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: But cb he power
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: He choose all for me is just nice
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: I want bet draw a feel tell me bet both goal
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: So instead of bet draw I bet that
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: If I bet draw I lose all
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: Past 3 bets I win
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: And it's not individual bet bro
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: Is parlay
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: U know what is parlay?
[09/07, 00:08] Nayan: Mean Wat huh
[09/07, 00:08] Nayan: 🤣
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: Means multiple games must win
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: Odds high
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: But the risk is
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: U might win 4 game , 1gamr gone means the whole bet gone
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: It's safer in a way u bet those lower odds one but u stack
[09/07, 00:09] Nayan: V dangerous lei
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: The risk is 1 lose means all lose
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: Ya
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: But I win
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: I put 20
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Win 200
[09/07, 00:10] Nayan: OK lar
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Heng
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: And also cb
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Maybe he don't know soccer
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: He give me feelings
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: 2-3
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Cb really 2-3
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: But it's penalty so not counted
[09/07, 00:10] Nayan: 😫😫😫😫
[09/07, 00:10] Nayan: This kmt not bad de
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Just lose 5so nvm
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Ya
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Bro this one legit
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Power
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Don't play games
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Serious helper
[09/07, 00:11] Nayan: Yes.
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: I tell him cb I really need break even
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: If not I headache

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Make your Lady Boss give in 让你的女老板听你的话

A buyer told me that his lady boss in Army service keep giving him problem.
I told him to use the "worker over boss" thai amulet.
Soon, he told me that his boss let him has extra off days easily!


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