Monday, February 27, 2017

Leak secret of small penis man attract lover

I got a buyer, keep having problems getting his lover to has sex with him. He look for me for this case, 
I said: consider done, small problem to me. 

After using, he came back to me with rewarding results from the "seductive thai amulet" he got from me. 

[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Then shoot on her
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: She wanted me shoot on towel
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ahahaha
[12/02, 15:59]Sex Satisfaction Buyer: I say don't want
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: I say nvm is my sperm
[12/02, 15:59]Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Then she ok
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ahahahaha
[12/02, 16:00] Nayan: U feel is the amulet help boh?
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ya ytd once we kiss
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: She very horny liao
[12/02, 16:00]Sex Satisfaction Buyer: She was drenched
[12/02, 16:00] Nayan: Ok
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: After we action
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: I hold her panties
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: All wet
[12/02, 16:01] Nayan: So serious huh
[12/02, 16:01] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ya
[12/02, 16:01] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Whole panties slimy
[12/02, 16:01] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: But not tight sianz
[12/02, 16:01] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ahahaha
[12/02, 16:02] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Cb she say my dick normal size she find a bit small
[12/02, 16:02] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Damn cb

Thursday, February 16, 2017

unexpected results from a expected thai amulet

Lately, a regular buyer contact me to thank me for the thai amulet that i has recommend him recently.

He told me that he has experience greater expected results from what he hope to archive from the amulet!

he say: Nayan, as usually, your items always bring me surprise and this time, really a mind blowing experience!

So what really happens on him that make him really extremely grateful to me?

Hey Bro , just want to update you on the new amulet I got from you recently. That amulet with a few others combined saved me. As u know I'm in the army now and I've been marked badly by the commanders. So what happen was there was a night where a guy who's phone got confiscated for using it after 'lights out' , his phone was screened and messages were checked. Me and my camp mates like to joke about malingering , and the commanders saw our jokes and wanted to charge 1 particular guy who always goes to take mc and go home, I also joked about malingering but I was let off the hook which I felt was the amulet helping me already. The guy who was going to get charged for malingering wanted to get out by feigning mental instability,  the commanders found out and questioned me about it and I told them what I knew. Because of this incident many phones were checked and many camp photos were caught , as u know it's not allowed, my phone had photos as well but my commander whispered to me not to say anything out to anyone and just returned my phone to me. During this phone check,  there was a guy who had photos of us smoking in the toilet and bunks but another commander whispered to me again not to admit. Now my friends all got charged but I left without getting any charge, for another reason I feel the amulet helping me is the commander is now recommending me for command school. I'm at a loss for words. Your amulets are really powerful.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Discover the secret of thai amulet

After 10 over years of selling and experiencing over thousands of buyers,  the most common questions ask by buyers :

How do thai amulet work?  And why amulet work?
If you read all the feedback very carefully, the answers are in the feedback.

In summary :

The amulet won't change the world for you BUT the amulet will align events or things that will happen to achieve your goals or desires.

Example : I has buyers in debt,  after using my items,  they got helps from areas or people who they never expect  which indirectly help them to overcome their debt issues.

End Results :

The proven magic that works safely, no complex chanting that confuse you, and no inconvenience offering of foods, incense or candles to any invisible spirits. There is no need to pay the spirits, and there is no karma or spiritual backlash. You get what you deserve, you get it fast and you get to spend it any way you want. 

Be careful with my amulets. Results will come. Your life  will forever change because of the works of this powerful force.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Your thai love charm make me has hot sex

valentine's day horny woman attract man part 2

"Make him lost his mind between my legs"

[29/01, 08:26] Sexual Feel Good woman: Hi gd morng. Had a good time at his place last nite. Thank u so much! Convey my thanks to master. 😊
[29/01, 09:25] Nayan: So how his dick?
[29/01, 09:29]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Gd 😊
[29/01, 09:43] Nayan: Ok
[29/01, 09:43] Nayan: Gd
[29/01, 09:44] Nayan: So u agree with us all the objectives meet?
[29/01, 09:46]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Yes thank u so much!! 😊
[29/01, 09:47]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Your amulets are always powerful!!
[29/01, 11:30]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Next to wait for the review rite

[01/02, 17:22]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Tdy he talk to me nicely at work..we went home together..thank u to master and u 😊
[01/02, 17:27] Nayan: That's v gd!
[01/02, 17:27] Nayan: 😁
[01/02, 18:11] Nayan: Tat cny
[01/02, 18:11] Nayan: That day
[01/02, 18:11] Nayan: How many shot?
[01/02, 18:20]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Just once..inside my mouth
[01/02, 18:20] Nayan: Walan
[01/02, 18:21] Nayan: Power
[01/02, 18:21] Nayan: U r really power!

"He got a blow job from me that he will never forget!"

[29/01, 18:07] Nayan: How many shots?
[29/01, 18:21]  Sexual Feel Good woman: Haha. Yes longer..he say he like my sucking


Monday, February 6, 2017

valentine's day horny woman attract man

A female buyer approach me.
She said that she has no sex for very long!
She took out a give me sex love ritual from us and a charming thai amulet from us.
Soon, her wishes came true and she got a fetish sex slave.
I told her, this coming valentine day will be a hot sex date for her!

[04/02, 20:43] Horny woman: Dear Nayan, thank you for the wonderful amulet it helped me to remove obstacles for me and the guy. I was able to see them in my everyday life.  Whenever I wanted to meet him something will come by but with the amulet's help it brought me to him breaking the obstacles swiftly. The guy invited me to his house for CNY which i was looking forward to. I prayed very hard and with master's help and the amulet it broke our obstacles along the way. I prayed very hard that he shouldnt cancel our date. As such, it made it possible for me to meet him. I was very excited. I prayed for him to be horny for me and show great interest on me as well. I prayed for him to hv dirty thoughts on me and improve our communication as well. I was able to see him having great interest in me while praying. Our communication greatly improved. I cooked for him and brought to his house. We had a nice dinner, sat beside each other and spoke to each other. He held me close to him and kissed me all over. We romanced and had a great time together with each other. It was such a memorable nite. I will never forget this. It brought great joy and I feel happier because you brought the person closer to me. After the date I was afraid he will leave me but he is still nice to me and he still talks to me well and I am really moved by the great magic. Thank you to you and master.

[04/02, 20:44] Nayan: Awesome!
[04/02, 20:45] Nayan: Tks!


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...