Friday, October 26, 2018

Happy work Thai amulet

[16/10, 17:27] Nayan: I need a small help from u

[16/10, 17:30] ‪Happy Work Place‬: 来说
[16/10, 17:30] ‪Happy Work Place‬: U help me la.
[16/10, 17:30] ‪Happy Work Place‬: Lol

[16/10, 17:36] Nayan: Write a simple and short feedback for me. How we help u overcome the obstacles in life and workplace.

[16/10, 18:08] ‪Happy Work Place‬: Hi Nayan. Thank u so much once again. My job hasn't been smooth and lots of xiao ren. Contacted nayan again. N again master n nayan has show me v Good result on e amulet given to me. Thank u so much nayan! Will get more amulet from u again.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Black Magic Bring lover back ritual

A buyer wants us to use black magic to bring back her unfaithful lover.
7 nights of intensive prayers, in graveyard, cemetery are carry out.

Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy Woman Day cannot let husband know (幸福的女人天泰国佛牌)

A Sad woman buyer approach me. She say she wanted to go holiday badly with her lover. But worry Her husband will find out about her secret affair.
And recently her lover is very hot temper, regularly quarrel with her, threaten not to go the stay-cation holiday with her. 

We did a lover thai amulet lover ritual for her.


She had a lovely holiday and we keep her husband off the bay.




[08/10, 14:51] Nayan: Hi
[08/10, 14:52] Nayan: How the holiday with your bf?
[08/10, 15:19] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Hi..
[08/10, 15:19] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: All was good..
[08/10, 15:19] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Thanks to u n master...
[08/10, 15:45] Nayan: So beginning your threatened not to go the holiday, after master
Ritual, he go. And your husband also do jot disturb you by keep calling. We block him from you. Correct? Everything is perfect.
[08/10, 16:36] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Yeah..everything is perfect..husband just msg me only..
[08/10, 16:41] Nayan: Very good.
[08/10, 16:41] Nayan: Will inform master ritual works perfectly
[08/10, 16:42] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Thanks alot ya...
[08/10, 16:45] Nayan: My pleasure

[08/10, 14:51] Nayan: 嗨
[08/10, 14:52] Nayan: 和你的情人一起度假怎么样?
[08/10, 15:19] ‪幸福的女人‬: 
[08/10, 15:19] ‪幸福的女人一切都很好..
[08/10, 15:19] ‪幸福的女人‬: 归功于你師父

[08/10, 16:36] ‪幸福的女人‬: 一切都很完美
[08/10, 16:41] Nayan: 很好

Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Release From Suffering

A buyer approach me, told me that his mother is suffering in deep pain from cancer illness. The treatment is giving her hell!
I told him we can help her mother to relive some pain.
We can heal her and master can bless her so that she wont suffer so much pain.

After 2 weeks the ritual is done, the buyer told me that her mother feels so much better after using the thai amulet.





[27/09, 19:45] Happy Son: Today better
[27/09, 19:45] Happy Son: Can drink milk
[27/09, 19:45] Happy Son: Slowly
[27/09, 19:51] Nayan: God bless her. Happy to hear that.
[27/09, 19:54] Happy Son: Thanks 🙏
[27/09, 19:55] Happy Son: Pls check with master n let me know
[27/09, 19:55] Nayan: OK Bro. Will drop you a call by next Monday
[27/09, 19:58] Happy Son: Thanks

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...