Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My husband nearly kill me, you save me Nayan!

A buyer told me that she nearly get into a accident with her husband beloved car!
If not for those good luck thai amulets she got from me that has help her, her husband will definitely make a big quarrel for sure!


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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The unlucky star spell service

A buyer told me that the woman he love or likes is enjoying the Christmas with another guy.
I say no big deal!
Put a revenge curse or unlucky star on them and I ensure you, the most miserable Christmas they will has after the cast is put on them!

Well, on that Christmas hat day, other is enjoying, but the girl and the guy is quarrelling the whole night!
Definitely, this Christmas is a "memorable" one for them!  

Dear nayan ,
I want to thank you for your help so far in helping me with my girl issue. According to what I had found out, she has quarrelled with her boyfriend as you had planned for me with the help of your combination of amulets which means we have hit 100% of our planned target! Thank you bro for all your help so far. This girl means a lot to me and the progress so far is all due to your help and of course the warriors from you. Will be waiting for our next meet up soon Bro.

放个复仇诅咒或倒霉星在他们身上并确保您, 他们会得到最悲惨的圣诞节当魔咒被放置他们身上。
圣诞节那天,其他人正享受时,女孩和那家伙争吵了一整夜! 肯定的是,今年的圣诞节对他们而言是"难忘" 的。

我想要谢谢你到目前为止的帮忙关于我的“女孩”的问题。根据我的发现,她已和她男朋友吵架了就如你为我安排的计划与佛牌组合的帮忙下这意味着我们已经达到 100%计划中的目标!谢谢你兄弟到目前为止的帮忙。这个女孩对我很重要和到目前为止的进展都是你的帮助和当然从你那儿的战士。将等待我们下次来临的见面兄弟。

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Make Him Horny oil

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