Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Charming life vs good life

I got so many buyers feedback to me that their life get so much better after using the powerful charming bastard thai amulet.

There are still many people who do not understand why charming bastard Thai amulet can give a person happier life!

Charming bastard not only give you irresistible charming life, but also give you wonderful career for sure!

Charming bastard will uplift your life and you will be genuinely grateful to charming bastard!

Below are feedback from a happy buyer telling me how powerful charming bastard Thai amulet improve her unhappy career and twisted her blissful charming to better!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Remove lover 3rd party love spell

Just finished a buyer request to remove a 3rd party in her relationship.

This 3rd party comes and spoil her relationship and steal and snatch her lover away.

Coffin nail is use to nail the 3rd party and remove and block from the relationship.

We also doing binding for the buyer and her lover to make her lover love her more, and make her lover stay faithful and royal by her side forever.

Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Don't quit!!!!

A buyer told me he has come to a very low end of his life. From relationship to career, to money. 

Everything is low, everything is going against him!

He found my thai amulet blog by chance and email me to help him in his love and career, jobs and money luck.

I told him don't quit life!
You are now given a chance to align with a window of opportunity to gain back your life! 

He took my advice and engage a "change your course of life" lucky ritual and a good luck thai amulet and love charm.
The ritual start within 2 days, he starts receiving confirmation of his new exciting career! 

I am so happy and feel exciting for him because his feedback acknowledge something very important : his life is no longer the same anymore the moment when we start helping him!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Soul calling bring lover back love spell ritual

Another bring lover back ritual completed last night.
The soul of the lover is being summon when he is sleeping and bind together with my customer.
Both souls and bond together in this life and will be together forever in this life in this love spell.


Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Money come here, money come there, money come everywhere! 钱来自很多地方。

A free lance teacher told me that recently business is  bad for her. 
She needs money badly. 
Her wealth luck, money luck is very poor.
I introduced a money luck Thai amulet to her.
She ask me how the item going to help her?

I told her this item can help her in her sales, business, and money luck.

Within 1 week, this powerful wealth and money Thai amulet cast miracles on her.

She experiences unexpected wealth and money coming from everywhere, all directions! People start to be very generous towards her and give her money!


[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: yes I did...I think the item helped me..there’s a short one month tuition assignment, slipped from my hands given to someone else..somehow it came back to me the next day and I got it!!
[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: Will thank the amulet and make offerings soon!!
[09/02, 12:39] Nayan: So extra income lar. Gd!
[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: First day already something else happened
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: I treat u v well De hor. Gve u 1 of the best.
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: 😃
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: A man right behind me in ntuc suddenly offered his elderly card to me for discount
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: 😍
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: even though it’s small
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: my dad collect babysitting fees from me as usual..he’s stingy and money faced as hell
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: but that day he gave me a small discount
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: So surprised
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: Thank you very much nayan!
[09/02, 12:43] Nayan: Gd! I am happy to hear that!
[09/02, 12:50] Money come buyer: 😀❤

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...