Tuesday, September 15, 2020

I want break a good news. My lover is back!

 A buyer contact me to share a good news. His lost lover who break with him now is coming back to him with our bring lover back ritual and charm lover back Thai amulet.

Congratulations! My friend. Wish you better success.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Disturb by ghost and spirits thai amulet

 1 of my buyer told me that her daughter is being disturb by spirit and ghost. Her daughter keep crying and got worse during the ghost festivals and Chinese 7th month.

After i introduce her the anti-ghost attack thai amulet, after using for a few days, she told me that her daughter is much better and much calmer.

Monday, August 24, 2020


Another black magic bring lover back ritual completed successfully by love spell black magic master.

Wish the buyer success with feedback soon!


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Extremely happy with your thai amulet

 Recently, I am so happy to received a feedback from a buyer who told me that despite the economic is not doing well, he is doing better and better each day with our Thai amulet helping him.

He is extremely happy and satisfied with the results.

Happy for him!


I really wan to thanks you even we know each other on 1 year plus only. I still remebered that 1 year ago I approached you is for my lover case but my buiness is going to decline stage. I told you that my buiness one day only sold 20 bowls or 30 bowls only, and I cant even paid my rental.

After told you my buiness problem , you passed me your amulet and helped my buiness from decline stage to survive stage(growth stage).

I still remembered that I cant paid for your amulet that time, you told me once buiness good paid you back. You really such a good seller (bro) and different from outside seller, that only wan money dont care about the buyer feeling and wan care about their amulet effect on the buyer.( how I know because I bought it before, because i haven know my bro yet)

Now I really can see my buiness improve alot and buliding up my confident level, as I not kiddin.

Just say last year my phone battery from mornin to late noon in my stall need to charged my phone  battery because no buiness keep on watchin videos. Now year 2020  my phone battery from mornin to late noon, still left 60 percent.

Can see the different, from chargin phone to no need charge phone at my stall during buiness operatin.

Now my buiness really can hit more than 80 bowls per days.

Even my primary school friend talked to me before  and after covid 19. He told me that your confident level increase alot and buiness also.

After wearing your amulet bro,  my sale increase and also my confident level also increase, also your ren yuan amulet also very powerful, from peoples hate me alot and dont want talk to me, after wearin your ren yuan  amulet those peoples who hate me all talk to me and wave at me. I'm shock.

I'm glad to have you in my life for helpin me, if I never meet you last year now my buiness already close down and I dont know what I'm doing now.

Lastly I not sayin of fun it or carry ball for my bro, dont believe you test it yourself, if not you read my bro blog. Result proven.

Thanks bro.


My Lover stop talking to me:

Sunday, August 2, 2020

My Love life and Nayan

Thank you to Nayan and Master for helping me when I sought out for help. I found Nayan's website while browsing and decided to give him and Master a try. Wouldn't hurt I thought. Anyway, my bf and I have been together on and off, off and on. I want him, he definitely wants me. Complicated story, but moving on, Nayan and Master went over the moon and back to assist me as well as they can while accommodating to my anxiety 😅. I would recommend them to anyone who need help with personal dilemmas. Again, thank you Nayan and Master 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I never expect my lover to talk to me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

I want my lover talk to me (unexpected results)

A female buyer came to me and told me that her lover is not talking to her and not longer love her.

After doing the bring lover back ritual, she is given a "love me again"thai amulet.

Very soon after she start praying to  "love me again"thai amulet, her lover contacted her.

[20/07, 21:38] See Results buyer: Wah bro
[20/07, 21:38] See Results buyer: This thing Jalan
[20/07, 21:39] See Results buyer: I pray for him to talk to me
[20/07, 21:39] See Results buyer: Like auto
[20/07, 21:39] See Results buyer: He really did
[20/07, 21:39] See Results buyer: One day only
[20/07, 21:42] Nayan: Power
[20/07, 21:42] Nayan: Owe me a kopi hor
[20/07, 21:43] See Results buyer: Steady laaaa I always got problem come to u
[20/07, 21:43] See Results buyer: Hahaha but next time I Hope is a happy problem.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Candle wax doll idol bring lover back ritual

1 of the common black magic, Candle wax doll idol bring lover back ritual.

one of the candle wax will represent my buyer. The other will represent the lover.
A black colour string, a black magic curse will tie them together and bury under the big tree.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bring lover back black magic ritual

Another fix lost love black magic bring lover back ritual perform.

Buyer also request for a bring lover back thai amulet to pray.

Wish them success.

Monday, June 22, 2020

LP wean phra nang phaya (queen amulet)

This beautiful phra nang phaya (queen amulet) is bless by holy master LP wean. LP wean is famous for his compassion and helping his devotes in needs.
This thai amulet phra nang phaya is famous for bringing good luck and good fortune to many people who has strong faith in the holy tripe gems.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Make him forgive me very fast

This buyer used to has conflict with his lover.
And the quarrel or unhappiness usually last more than few days.

After using our thai amulet, he find that his lover seldom get angry with him and even does, his lover forgive him very fast.

Ok share a testimony. So i was on the way to work when my boy asks me about some of my spendings on the credit card. Why buy this or this. Why not justified. So when meet up want to explain. Usually he will show face then we won't talk for a day. This one is cannot avoid and sure will lead to argument.

So when i meet tot sure gone case but then he asks and not even 5 minutes laughing and don't care. Happy. This is confirm weird la ccos never like dat one. Ever. Haha.

So i know with the item even if a trickier situation i have no issues. Last time i will come crying to you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Another bring lover back ritual completed.

A buyer come to me , he say he has a huge quarrel and has break up with this lover.
He need us to help to bring his lover back.

A bring lover back ritual is preform and he do not wish to has a bring lover back thai amulet as he is not convenience to carry.

Wish him success.

Monday, June 1, 2020

How to win in business when others are losing!

After using our good luck thai amulet, his business keeping improving when the many business are failing!
I am happy for him!

31/05, 20:39] Happy Business Man: Thanks bro.
Today I calculate my this month business got improvement.
Thanks bro.
[31/05, 20:39] Happy Business Man: 🙏
[31/05, 20:56] Nayan: Sure improve De bro. No need to say. I very confident.
[31/05, 21:03] Happy Business Man: Thanks for the confident in me
[31/05, 21:06] Nayan: 🙏

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My lover has no problem with me anymore

A gay buyer contact me that his lover keep find problem with him and keep get angru with him.
Now worsen, keep quarrel with him.

Master do a "control lover thai amulet" for him.

Very soon, my buyer experience peace, loving and happiness relationship with his lover.
NO emotional or sad days for him ever.

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My lover forgive me very fast

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

My husband very long never touch me!

A buyer told me her husband always scold her.
And very long no sex.
She feel so sad and lonely.

After using the "love me again thai amulet", her husband stop scolding her and dote her very well.

06/05, 11:04] Nayan: So now your hubby at night touch u?
[06/05, 11:04] Nayan: 😀
[06/05, 11:04] Happy Woman: yes that is for sure can see also he sayang me alrdy
[06/05, 11:04] Happy Woman: shout also it’s different from that time
[06/05, 11:05] Happy Woman: last time was way too much until cant handle him
[06/05, 11:05] Happy Woman: now it makes so much difference
[06/05, 11:05] Happy Woman: that day i forgot and slp with it you know
[06/05, 11:06] Nayan: U sse
[06/05, 11:07] Nayan: Our love charm power or not
[06/05, 11:07] Happy Woman: of course la nayan

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Baby god and charming cream help me with my lover

A buyer come to me saying his lover has been treating him very coldly.
Treat him as transparent.
He want something to attract the attention of his lover.

After using the thai amulet love charm I introduce, soon, i receive very power feedback.

He told me now his lover treat him so much better AND when angry with him, less than 10 minutes, his lover forgive him! WOW!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Nature mineral leklai golden child

This leklai golden child, kunantong, is make from nature forces or energy from the god.
Suitable for people who do not love spiritual ghost, or too black or too yin amulet or Thai magic amulet.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Thai amulet for popular, charm and success

Drum skin Thai amulet has been a long history for thai people to wear for good luck, charming life and increase individual popular.
They believe carrying a blessed drum skin will help them find success in life more easily.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Win people over successfully Thai amulet:


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bringing back love in the time of coronavirus

These few weeks has been very stress weeks for many people in the world.

What has worsen to my buyer is that her lover wants leave her.
She wants us to bring her lover back for her.

A black ritual bring lover back is perform by master to help her to get back her lover.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I am Happy now!!!

[20/02, 12:45] Happy Buyer: nayan !!!
[20/02, 12:45] Happy Buyer: hahaha i never disturb you for very long
[20/02, 12:45] Happy Buyer: also because i am happy now
[20/02, 12:46] Nayan: Wow! Thank you for sharing good news with me!
[20/02, 12:47] Nayan: Must treat me for coffee lar.
[20/02, 12:47] Happy Buyer: actually not over yet la nayan
[20/02, 12:47] Happy Buyer: become greedy now that’s why disturb you
[20/02, 12:47] Nayan: Aiyo, y huh. Tell me.
[20/02, 12:47] Happy Buyer: no nayan i was asking you that time remember about the 4d thing
[20/02, 12:48] Nayan: Oh, u wan win huh
[20/02, 12:48] Nayan: Lottery etc
[20/02, 12:49] Happy Buyer: yes Nayan
[20/02, 12:49] Happy Buyer: because you know already by now i trust and know it is working magic for me
[20/02, 12:50] Happy Buyer: i can feel it also but money is the think that i think i need now
[20/02, 12:52] Nayan: Work OK? Hubby OK? Now wan extra money huh
[20/02, 12:53] Nayan: Of course lar. U think we play play huh.
[20/02, 12:55] Happy Buyer: this week my first week and i very happy here
[20/02, 12:56] Happy Buyer: hubby much much better
[20/02, 12:56] Happy Buyer: of course have argument but not like last time
[20/02, 12:57] Nayan: Gd
[20/02, 12:57] Nayan: Things more stable

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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I want break a good news. My lover is back!

 A buyer contact me to share a good news. His lost lover who break with him now is coming back to him with our bring lover back ritual and c...