The best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha (restock)

The best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha thai amulet

This the best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha thai amulet is combine with the power of hindu old magic world, thai old magic world and chinese feng shui world.

1) In front of this amulet, the master use tap or borrow the 8 most powerful temple energy from India to seal of this Lord Ganesha thai amulet.

Below are the information of the 8 temples:


Shri Moreshwar or Mayureshwar Temple is situated along the Karha River in the Morgaon village in the Baramati Taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. This region is also known as the Bhuswananda. Moregaon Village is said to have received its name as once upon a time the shape of this place was like a peacock and there was an abundance of peacock birds in this region. Literally Moregoan means ‘Village of Peacocks’ and is a combination of two words (more which means Peacock and goan which means village). As per the legend Lord Ganesh riding a peacock in the form of Mayureshwara…

Lost a good thai amulet vs lost a life

I has told many of my buyers who treasure very well those thai amulets they got from me. Those amulets will bring them bring you immeasurable blessings and benefits. More than money and happiness.

Recently, a buyer approach me, he told me that after he has got my legendary fire tiger amulet, his life changes to so much better that he almost forget the help was from the fire tiger amulet helps!
After he lost the great gem,fire tiger,  his life fall seriously to a very negative state. He knew he has to come back for my help again.

As far as I had my legendary fire tiger thai amulet, generally all aspects of my life was well. At work everybody likes me and I was able to perform well. The management promoted me and I was stable and well. And there came a day where I lost my amulet and everything went backwards. I resigned my job, and it became hard for me to secure another job even when I have all the qualifying factors. Life became harder. It took me sometimes to figure that everything was …

Go back to Normal Life

Recently, many people are facing money issues, sales issues and poor business.

I was approach by this buyer in sales line. Besides facing heavy competitive in her trade, she also face high demanding customers. Closing sales seem very tougher each day. She as very depress.

After using the fire sales thai amulet, she got back her sales target and she knows her life is back to normal!

Hii.. last night my total sales went up again. Back to $600 plus before cut. 🏻🏻

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A cure to Unanswered prayers

Many enquirers ask how does this item work? 

This life changing thai amulet need a 1 time activation from the owner after receiving the item. The code word word will be given by me upon purchase and you need to recite 1 time which is good enough to open up your life force which including wealth, importance friend or people who will insanely bring your life to another level. 

A cure to Unanswered prayers 

According to master, this code word are words that will create a gateway or link to the gods which will speed your your wish and desire. 

Many people are unable to deliver their wishes successfully to the gods is because they are shortage of this link or gateway. 
Your wishes are unable to come true because partly God's unable to receive your wish/WISHES.

You wrongly think you by cast a beautiful net, and you will sure to catch beautiful things with that. 

But with wake up your life thai amulet , When you recite the code word, your wishes or desires will be delivered to gods hands. 


How to save your job during economy crisis

Now I now many people are facing economy crisis during this economy meltdown.
Many people are being retrench.

I told my regular buyers that me and masters will pay extra attention for them and in any threat to their career, we will inform them.

One of this buyer is facing a tough audit from external. There is a huge threat.
Master saw the threat with his 3rd eye and forewarn her.
She heed our advise and take up our: "shield my job thai amulet"
The audit went very smoothly and she score excellently well.

Dear Nayan, master has saved my job! Totally impressed with the results! I was very stressed before the auditor came to assess my work. After listening to your advices and master done with his ritual the auditor came in and has feedback on a very well job done! I am truly grateful and appreciate the kindness master has showered upon me. I am truly glad master is watching over me all the time. Thank you so much!

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Wake up your life

My Destiny vs My Life

This Wake up my life thai amulet is good for facing a series of unfortunate events or unhappiness in life. 
They can be facing debt, no enough money, money keep lost, working problems, bosses and colleagues working issues or family issues. 

This luck booster thai amulet will strengthen our main luck in life, and straighten things up. 

Sometimes in life, there are people who always drag us down or keep giving us problems. 

Most importantly, the Wake up my life thai amulet will act as setback remover will  always make you outgrow the present situation, disconnect from, reject, release, let go of, dissolve and utterly ignore everyone who makes your life worse or drags you down, and allow you to always replace  people who make my life better and uplift you to a better life. The people around you will start to change. 


A lot of times, we discovered ourselves stuck at certain part of the life. We keep using the same method or attitude in our daily life to get sa…

Sex magic thai amulet

Recently a buyer approach me.  He say his lover keep rejected his request for sex. 

He ask me for help. I say I can help to increase the frequency or number of times she allow you to has sex with her. 

We will turn her attraction for you towards sex attractions. 
He got a sex magic thai amulet from me. 

Very soon, I got his feedback  and best part, his lover willing to give him more than she usually give other lovers. 

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