Monday, September 15, 2014

Fire your mum and eREBULL

My buyer told me he need money to go Korea for holiday. But no money. Mum sick of keep giving him money.
Well, I told him no problem. I will "unsick" her mum and bend her mind to give you extra cash!
He told me he was no time to sleep as he need extra time to study for exam.
Well, no problem again.
Master do a  ritual for him and feed his brain with a eREBULL.
Now, he is happily holiday after the extra cash from mum and had finish his exam successfully!

hello bro,

here i am writing a feedback to you on my holiday trip. Thanks to the stuff i got from you, i managed to go on this holiday. my mum suddenly sponsored me for the trip, out of no where she just said she'll give me extra cash hahaha . remember i told you my mum was very against it? hahaha. your stuff is very magical , the things u want will somehow auto come to you in a strange and unexpected way. but the main point is it gets the job done. i am very happy now, and hopefully i will be able to meet my ex.
also the ritual for my exams were superb,  i only slept for 2hrs a day but i feel as if i have drank 10 redbulls. hahahaha. hopefully my results will be good. will update u again soon.  thanks again bro

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

I like you! My son like you more! ( force your way through)

I was approach by one of my buyers. He told me that nowadays children facing huge stress in studies.His son is not doing very well in his studies. I told him not to worry. I can change his luck and and fate by powerful Thai amulet.
Many people has change their fate and lives through powerful thai amulets.

Hi Nayan, remember by son who didn't do well in exam and I rent "Force Your Way" amulet from you two years ago? I later told you he became top student and got scholarship. He was given three awards this month.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Your Charming bastard nearly got me kill! 你的討厭迷人泰国佛牌幾乎讓我死。

A buyer told me that he nearly got kill after using the charming bastard thai amulet.
He say he bring out the charming bastard thai amulet to pub and a girl go up to flirt with him.
Well, to me, I feel normal as I has heard of many such stories from my buyers.
But the problem he face is that the girl is attached to a guy, which mean she got a boyfriend!
And the boy friend is only beside her!
But the girl is irresistible to my buyer who has use the strong charming bastard Thai amulet with her!
The boy friend is so angry that he wanted to fight with my buyer!
Well, I has told him, strong charm from me has no eyes and the results can be very scary!


Our conversation as below:

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Happy Person

Hello bro ,

Another feedback for the thai amulet i just got. Before i meditated with the takrut i already could feel and see what was inside the takrut like u told me , it felt like it had a strong calling but i did not think much about it cause i was thinking of other things at that point of time. 
The fun part starts here when i was about to sleep,  i thought of a friend that u had not met for a long time cause i saw something that reminded me of him, in my mind I was thinking " how is he doing?" . when i woke up in the day , he suddenly msged me asking how i was doing. I was quite shocked already.  later that day my mum was suppose to buy dinner home , but she had not msged me. In my mind i was thinking of what to eat and i wanted to eat hokkien noodles. i waited for my mum to msg me and to my surprise she asked me this , " what do u want for dinner? hokkien mee ok?" . hahaha its as if my psychic level has improved or something.  thats about it for this update , hope I'll hear from you soon about my next amulet������.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sooooooooooooo happy(Another happy person (GAY))

Hi Nayan

i am really really shock that my lover XXX ,,,,can actually let me hug him ,,,hold his hands during our chat last night
and what was amazing was that,,,he actually got work during at 5pm to 9pm sharp today...means he should start work at 5pm
but he lie to that slut (her so call gf )saying he went to work but actually he stays with me and sleep on my bed ,,
and he ask his partimers to take over the job ,,when i hear this i am really shock and stunt


another thing is when he came back home he feels soooooooooo happy and delighted as i cook for him during the midnight ,,,,remember the soup ..i wats app you
woahhh everything was extremely smooth...i did not quarrel with him and at all
and he just want to chat with me and share with me so many things under one roof
i got soooo stunt
he says what i just agree and give very smooth suggestion ....and he feels so happy
when we chat our eyes contact is so strong that when i close my eyes i will sent him a love shape to his face

i sincerely thank you so so much nayan which i am out of words now

last but not least ,,,he is going to his gf house tommo afternoon to fix a lamp for her .....why is it so?? ....
cast that he will reply to her tommo ,,,says ohhh i am very tired i want to sleep at home and not going anywhere
hope master can help on that

 A SUPER BIG SINCERE THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU NAYAN ..think master cast a very strong spell yesterday
to make us together .....which makes me love him even more and wanted to kiss him ....

i pray that master will continue to cast a strong spell to again ...

i fall on tears when i see the 70percent results ..

lock his heart with a chain only to me and come back home to only me .......

nayan please forward this email to master saying that i really big big thank you to his help
one fine day i will visit him with you and donate coffin to the poor which i has promise to repay his big gratitude ...

gum xia gum xia ...

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Want happier life???? Change him!!!!!!! (another happy person)

Hi bro the amulet you recommend me love and career work on me..  
As I mention before..  I madly in love with him.. 
I cried alot for him and even willing to do anything for him.. 
He used to be harsh and doesnt bother about me at all.. 
he will call me everydae.... but not as a lover .. What he need is just having  fun.. 
after I use ur amulet.. unbelieveable ! He start to change even before I get the amulet from u.. By having this amulet with me right now..  he started to change even better. he started to call me more often each day... He become more loving and concern..  he will be mad at me if I didnt inform him wherever I go..  ! Awesome right..  ! I just wait for him to confess that he love me... hehe.. 
I felt more happier and slowly gaining some positive attitude and confident in my life..  looking forward for better luck and wealth..  wuhuhuh..  I'm greatful to u brother nayan..  
U r the best! U r there to ans all my question..  and so patience with me..  thanks a ton!!  ..



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Monday, August 11, 2014

Charming Bastard Thai Amulet 討厭迷人泰国佛牌

Be prepare to change your life Now!
By this  5 star creation by the top master, Charming Bastard Thai Amulet.

What is this all about?????

Inside this powerful Charming Bastard Thai Amulet, contain speed seduction mantra, magic pulling people to hear you mantra and secret magnetic attract to your voice mantra.

Together with these mantras, they form a powerful charm which MAKE YOU TOTALLY A POWERFUL MAGNETIC CHARMING FORCE which make people feel they need you badly and give in to you!
Triple the power of charming!
And this item is banned in many magic practice because this will cause disaster when misuse!

Good for charming people at your workplace.
Good for charming your spouse and lover to you.
Good for people who keep face rejection from people or lover.
Good for people who need transform into a woman that man adore.
Good for people who need transform into a man that woman adore.
Good for people with poor charisma.

Imagine having this Charming Bastard Thai Amulet, it gets you on the correct charming you need, and guess what....
You get the job or the person...
The result: dominance

How to get your boss (and your lover) Do Anything

So you're debating and you're  losing!!!!
Hate the feeling of losing a discussion? It can really hurt when you ask for a raise or a romp between sheets. You geta NO. Well guess what. That's a single charm(Charming Bastard)  that will make you a better negotiator with your boss, your lover or that snake oil sales man.

Charming Bastard Thai Amulet is going to explode your charisma like an overflowing dam.

Win the world now like a Demon on crack! 

裡面 討厭迷人泰国佛牌包含速度誘惑人咒语, 魔拉人來聽你咒语,秘密磁鐵吸引到你的聲音咒语

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Friday, August 1, 2014

wealth Tower (restock) (sold out)

Sold out. Email about this item will not be reply.

We stay in times of high stress nowadays. 

Things get worse when luck are not at our side.What got worse when there are negative people trying to create more problem for us by backstabbing or jealous people trying to stop us from being success.

Ultimate wealth is what we are going for.
 Debt free is most people wish at this moment, never be poor is everyone goal for this life.

Today, I am going to introduce you this charm, which will make your wish come true.
According to Maste, this wealth tower Thai amulet is the toolkit for all devotes who wish to has great success in life related to career and money. 

This wealth amulet act as a wealth tower. Inside contain 3 layers of protocol that the master has power up inside.

Layer 1) Enhances outcome of good luck in all situation.

-Let you has a winning end in all ways.

-Bring great success; enhance all situation to be in your favor and allow you to be in victory. 

 -Increases odds in your favor involving games of chance that can be considered just chance and not skill, i.e. scratch-off lottery

Layer 2) Money flow in power

-Increases the opportunity of acquiring cash

 -Enhances the ability to gain wealth through all avenues; work, surprise, assets, borrowed money returned, etc.

 - Increases the number of opportunities where situations will bring you money; i.e. jobs, lottery, real estate, etc

 Layer 3) Always lucky and happy

 - Creates protective energies around you to keep negative energies or blemishes from occurring.

 - Creates a barrier around you of positive energy to dissolve negative event and harmful people like backstabbers

 -Provides an uplifting atmosphere to influence a good mood.

 This is truly a great item that will to bring Success, and Victory, in all times; good or bad.

 It attracts Prosperity, prosperous opportunities ventures of wealth and gain!

 The name of master and and information of this amulet on how to use will be sent only to the buyer via email.

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Sunday, July 27, 2014


My wife was called for an interview day before yesterday and I requested the amulet to brinf her good luck and be successfull in getting the job, and I gave the amulet to her to keep until she returns home.After she reached home.she got a call to say that she has got the job and can start the job on 4th september in a school as teaching assistant. I THANK YOU NAYAN...I am praying that my situation will improve too...regarding the job and clearing the huge debts...i have something important to ask you regarding the mantra which u have in ur website...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Jam His ass!!!! ( Another Happy Buyer)

Recently, a regular buyer contact me that she was being bully in workplace.
Colleagues trying to play politics with her, to stop or creating obstacles for her to make her unable to complete her task ,given by boss, in time.
I told her these type of bastard need to play rough with them, kick their stupid mind.
Thus i introduce a secret magic tools to her and now, she happily enjoying the bliss of the cooperation of her colleagues.

Hi Nayan,

As promised, this is my feedback on the manipulation tools.

I was having some communications problem with my team mates at my new work place.  There is some misunderstanding and I need to communicate effectively with them in order to get my project moving.  If that particular team mate continue to ignore me and avoid discussing the project details with me or choose not share the information, I am unable to get my work done.

Due to some misunderstanding in between us, my team mate choose to avoid me and block me on whatsapp.  I have a hard time trying to break the ice.

Hence, I approach Nayan for help and advise.  I was being introduced to the manipulation tool.  I did as per Nayan's instructions and team mate has unblock me on whatsapp and replied to me.  Though not as friendly as before, but I think the misunderstanding is cleared.
Thanks Nayan again for the wonderful help.

Signed off: 3 items at a go

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

i am glad to have you in my life ( another happy person)

hey bro , just wanted to write a feedback to you about the thai amulets I got from last month. haha as usual the energy from your amulets are awesome.

 You mentioned it was going to be a bad month and I could see many people were badly affected during the past month.  Fortunately you guided me through those tough times and a great deal of the impact was minimised for me although there were inevitable hiccups here and there, but it was generally an alright month for me after seeing so many people being affected.  some examples are , 1) out of goodwill I allowed my friend to view my work as a reference but they ended up copying everything from my work , in addition I had a higher plagiarism rate compared to them for some reason and things weren't to my favor but I remember I was wearing one of your charms for convincing and surprisingly I would say 80% of the attention was directed to the guy who copied my work which meant it I am more or less on the clear.

2) there seems to be progress with my ex girlfriend

Again,  a big thank you for your guidance through these few years. :) 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Real in action! ( Another Happy buyer)

Double click the above for better view

And to have some feedback from me: The necklaces I bought from you Nayan, they simply always work. Im talking about:
1. FireTiger + 2. Cat/Rat + 3. NeverAlone. I`m totally satisfied, and the things which I buy from you I really saw in the action. They are not like other amulet on the net/ebay. Because I have other too, and I saw that they work, but this 3 which I bought from your shop - I.S. L.I.K.E. H.U.R.R.I.C.A.N.E. = T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. D.I.F.F.E.R.E.N.T. - 1000% A.U.T.H.E.N.T.I.C. 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Question And Answer

Q: Nayan, there are so many feedback in your blog. Are they real?

Reply: if they are real, in what way they benefit you?
If they are fake, in what way do they cause disadvantage to you?

Q: Nayan, I don't see much thai amulets in your blog. What are you selling most?

reply: I am not selling anything.

Q: Huh????

reply: If you are interested on amulets, you has come to the wrong site.There are many many websites selling amulets. you can go and look at them there. I am not selling amulets here.

Q: then what you are selling then?
reply: I am selling something which can turn you to become a hunter.

Q: Hunter?????



There are two classes in nature-- 

The hunted 

the hunters. 

the hunter.

Yes, I want you to be a hunter!

Soon, you will Stop using the word I am sad, I am losing....
And you will replace your life with: " MY WILL IS DONE".

Q: Mmmm..that's interesting....

Hard work never got anyone anything but a sick body and an early grave. 
Learn to leverage your life and empower your life with the right powerful way.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

I can't believe I cannot die (Another Happy buyer)

I always tell my buyers, life is so very fragile! you never know, the very next moment what will happen!


life is so very fragile. We are all vulnerable and we will all at some point in our lives fall; we will all fall. We must carry this in our hearts…that what we have is special. That it can be taken from us.


Amulets is not only on wealth or or attraction or charming!
Amulets is all about your life!
Powerful thai amulets not only improve your life but can save your life at the most vulnerable times!


This female buyer told me during that moment when the car flip, the lord kali amulet fly out of the car from her neck.
She did not even bother to look at her injure, but the ever 1st moment she did was to crawl out of the flipped car 1st to look for the lord Kali amulet that came into her life  and has given her back the most precious things in life, her lives!


Hi Nayan,

I will like to thanks Lord Kali for saving my life in Laos. Recently during my self-drive holiday in Laos, I met with a serious accident which the car that I was driving had a about 360 degree flipped. The vehicle was badly crashed and yet I had only suffer some cuts on my left arm. When people see the picture of how badly the car has been crashed all are surprised that I am perfectly alright with only cuts on my left arm.


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Saturday, June 7, 2014

More caring towards me! ( Another Happy person)


The charm more that you recommended to me is showing the power slowly but steadily.

Initially when I got it, nothing much happen.  But slowly I can feel my partner more polite and more patient towards me.  More sweet and more caring as well.  After I have gotten the charm from you for around a month already.  Charm starts to show more power in charming partner to listen to me more and less argument, and temper better!!  I am happier now as we argue lesser and both our temper also become better.

Thanks so much for your help!!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy family life (Another Happy person)

Hi Nayan,

After the candle ritual, as my wish, my wife now do not go for overnight gambling. It sets better example for my children. My family is now much more positive. Thank you very much.

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Friday, May 30, 2014


This item, which I am going to introduce today is 1 of the best items. Extremely rare.

THE master has use Exclusive kara-ritual that has been 18 months in the making! He told me that he is extremely proud to be able to offer this  powerful kara-ritual to you all! Everything you own is about to get much more effective for you! breakthroughs which have crossed over into the realm of the spiritual and supernatural dimensions.

This reclaim your charm has powerful UNLOCKING THE HEART of anyone which will cast  A POWERFUL MYSTERY OF EMOTION  DEVOTION on that person.

This item is just PERFECT FOR INFLUENCING POWER on the person you want!

This is a VERY SPECIAL charming  amulet of the entire thai amulets i has encounter!

The functions,
The power,
The effect,
are wow!

This reclaim your charm thai amulet can effects emotions, senses, motor skills, thoughts and mood of not only the owner but also those people. 

I got a buyer who told me that after using for some times, he told me now is like a feeling of life a POWERFUL figure who held the world between her knees so to speak and knew exactly what to say, what to do and how to act to get just what she wanted.

Having this item with you can add many things to life; persuasion skill, strength, power, charm, gain secret from people, sexual power and other attributes. 

You can become human of great persuasion and layered with traits of personality.

This item can opens doors we don't know exist and helps us fulfill our life's destiny.


Have a taste of the powers for yourself and use them to bring persuasion and control over the people in your life!

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Monday, May 26, 2014

lp koon give you wealth batch (last restock) (sold out)

Sadly, this are the last few pieces left in temple.
I got them all and the temple has left with non.

I has got a few batches so far from this great master, but this batch is 1 of my favorite!

1) this batch is bless when the master is in his tiptop condition.
Awesome power and blessing.

2) so far, one of the best wealth batch ever bless by him!
well love by buyers who has got them!

Lp koon amulet no doubt, is powerful.

I particular like this batch of amulet.

This batch no only powerful, but very effective.

This batch is call: koon pat thet phra than pond. In other words,translate to english, mean gods answer to your prayers!

When the well beloved master bless this batch, he use his powerful mediation powers to sent the strong wealth energy into the amulet and devas(gods) will descend from heaven to give their blessing.

Only powerful masters like Lp koon has such powers!

Furthermore, many experience collectors like older batch of powerful masters because they are bless in the era when many powerful masters are still around.

Then these powerful masters will be invited to bless this batch of amulets together.

All these points make this thai amulet more valuable, more powerful and more effective.

year bless: 2516

more than 38 years old wealth amulet!!!!

Most importantly, lp koon thailand amulets is very well known to the thai people for "Ruay, Ruay, Ruay".

Mean money, money money. This master amulet is well known for granting wish and wealth.

I has a buyer who has got a lp koon thai amulet from me before. The amulet has improve his mum business greatly!!!!

Click on the picture below for better view


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Thursday, May 15, 2014

God Of Success (another happy person)


Sorry for the late reply as I was busy with work.  As promised, this is my feedback of God of Success.

When I first got God of Success thai amulet from you, the following day when I wear it to work, I got 2 good news.  First is I found a thing that I lost 1 year ago.  I being trying to find it in every corner of my office and store, but no where to be found.  But I don't know why, I just decided to double check my cupboard again, and I found the item.  It was a precious gift given to me by my mentor.  The second good news that happened on the same day is about an upgrading course that I have been applying to go.  And I got the good news that it is being approved.  Maybe coincidence, maybe it God of Success.

But for those who do not believe, I can feel I am more clear minded rather than feeling lost.  And I feel more confident when I speak to people.  Most important, it makes my work and daily life very smooth.

Thanks a lot for your recommendations.

Signed off
3 items @ a go

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You Have The Power To Change - Another Happy person 你有權力改善您的生活!

Double click the above for better view
I always tell my buyers:


You are not a rock -- you are a person. You have the power to change, improve and succeed in any area of your life if you really want to.

你是不是一塊石頭 - 你是一個人。
如果你真的想, 你有能力改變的力量,並提高你的生活,。

With this simple sentence and faith, this buyer life change to a better and has make a difference in her life after using the thai amulets I recommend her.


Below is her message to me:


Just wanted to say thank u

U know u can people life...w power of amulets
I am so fortune to have met u
Thank u

Nayan, 只想說謝謝,

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Friday, May 2, 2014

A happier environment at work - Action for Happiness 在工作中快樂的環境

Hi Nayan, just wanna update you the the lucky thai Amulet you suggested to me last time workout quite well on me…:)
my colleagues started to be very helpful these 2 weeks…and treating me better than before…am working without stress now… thx a lot for the lucky Amulet intro… :p


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