Thursday, March 22, 2018

Remove lover 3rd party love spell

Just finished a buyer request to remove a 3rd party in her relationship.

This 3rd party comes and spoil her relationship and steal and snatch her lover away.

Coffin nail is use to nail the 3rd party and remove and block from the relationship.

We also doing binding for the buyer and her lover to make her lover love her more, and make her lover stay faithful and royal by her side forever.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Don't quit!!!!

A buyer told me he has come to a very low end of his life. From relationship to career, to money. 

Everything is low, everything is going against him!

He found my thai amulet blog by chance and email me to help him in his love and career, jobs and money luck.

I told him don't quit life!
You are now given a chance to align with a window of opportunity to gain back your life! 

He took my advice and engage a "change your course of life" lucky ritual and a good luck thai amulet and love charm.
The ritual start within 2 days, he starts receiving confirmation of his new exciting career! 

I am so happy and feel exciting for him because his feedback acknowledge something very important : his life is no longer the same anymore the moment when we start helping him!

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Soul calling bring lover back love spell ritual

Another bring lover back ritual completed last night.
The soul of the lover is being summon when he is sleeping and bind together with my customer.
Both souls and bond together in this life and will be together forever in this life in this love spell.


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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Money come here, money come there, money come everywhere!

A free lance teacher told me that recently business is  bad for her. 
She needs money badly. 
Her wealth luck, money luck is very poor.
I introduced a money luck Thai amulet to her.
She ask me how the item going to help her?

I told her this item can help her in her sales, business, and money luck.

Within 1 week, this powerful wealth and money Thai amulet cast miracles on her.

She experiences unexpected wealth and money coming from everywhere, all directions! People start to be very generous towards her and give her money!

[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: yes I did...I think the item helped me..there’s a short one month tuition assignment, slipped from my hands given to someone else..somehow it came back to me the next day and I got it!!
[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: Will thank the amulet and make offerings soon!!
[09/02, 12:39] Nayan: So extra income lar. Gd!
[09/02, 12:39] Money come buyer: First day already something else happened
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: I treat u v well De hor. Gve u 1 of the best.
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: 😃
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: A man right behind me in ntuc suddenly offered his elderly card to me for discount
[09/02, 12:40] Nayan: 😍
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: even though it’s small
[09/02, 12:40] Money come buyer: my dad collect babysitting fees from me as usual..he’s stingy and money faced as hell
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: but that day he gave me a small discount
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: So surprised
[09/02, 12:41] Money come buyer: Thank you very much nayan!
[09/02, 12:43] Nayan: Gd! I am happy to hear that!
[09/02, 12:50] Money come buyer: 😀❤

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Another Hard work from Love magic master to bring lover back together

The master perform this bring lover back is a love spell, love magic specialist.

He is going to recite bring lover back fast results mantra for 7 days, 7 nights. He will be also making a bring lover back thai amulet for the buyer to have great success results from the ritual.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

The key to communication in relationship

I received a enquiry from abuyer. She told me her lover will sit alone and ignore her when meet up. The lover will not talk much also. After she use my thai amulet love charm, her lover talks more and more loving towards her.

[30/01, 08:17] Nayan: How the meeting with him tat nigh?
[30/01, 08:18] ‪Happy Buyer‬: It was ok he treat me nice and talk to me
[30/01, 08:18] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Today morning he told me he has headache and not feeling well
[30/01, 08:19] Nayan: So the communication improve?
[30/01, 08:19] Nayan: 😃
[30/01, 08:19] Nayan: Talk more n message more?
[30/01, 08:19] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Yah when we meet we talk more

使用后我的爱情泰国佛牌, 她的爱人现在更关心她。并更爱她。

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Precious Words I LOVE YOU 珍贵的3个字我爱你

A sad lady approach me, she say her lover is leaving her.
Her lover distant her start since a few months ago. He is leaving her. She do not know what happen to him. He is turning away like he hates her.

We do a 'LOVE ME AGAIN' love spell, bring lover back ritual. She also get a love me again thai amulet.

within 1 week plus, she say her lover start love her back again.




一个星期后 她的情人又开始爱她了。


[27/01, 00:48] Nayan: I am happy for u, your relationship start improving.
[27/01, 00:48] Nayan: 😃
[27/01, 00:48] ‪Happy buyer: Today he told me he love me
[27/01, 00:48] ‪Happy buyer: I also feel shocked
[27/01, 00:48] ‪Happy buyer: He didn't say that for a long time
[27/01, 00:49] Nayan: Wow! That's good. Ritual is working very well for u!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

That bitch steal my lover!

Recently, got a buyer told us that her relationship got a 3rd party come into the love life. Now her lover keep ignoring her call, ignoring her messages and treat her very cold. 

She want us bring her lover back and punish the 3rd party. The buyer family members are affected. 

We perform a Bring lover back ritual and perform a banished 3rd party.

Banishing ritual performance at a cemetery toilet where the 3rd party luck is keep draining away and block her from involve in the relationship. 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

From cold lover to loving lover

Received a request from a buyer who want to bring her lover back to her. Her boyfriend have been very cold and wants to break up with her. 

She wants a bring lover back ritual and a Thai amulet.

Within 3 days, she told me her good feedback.

She went out with her boyfriend and her boyfriend start treat her very good and loving!

[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Hi tonight I meet him he treat me better and he even kiss me
[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Thankyou
[20/01, 00:29] Nayan: Happy to hear that. So things Improve ya.
[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: Yes improve
[20/01, 00:29] ‪Happy Buyer‬: I hope it gets better better


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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bring lover back ritual 情降

Besides bring lover back thai amulet, another commonly use is black magic bring lover back ritual.
Master will chant mantra and do the ritual in cemetery.
Spirits will be summon to assist on the black magic bring lover back ritual.


情降是什麼? 關於愛情降 除此之外,降頭術中尚有一些特別的道具,是用來下「愛情降」的!依其容易度,可區分為針、鉛及降頭油三種。(1)針愛情針的下降方法簡單,但效力有限,每隔一段時間就必須重新下降,才會保障愛情的「有效期限」;說起來挺可憐又挺好


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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Millionaire Golden Child kumantong

Thai amulet golden child Kumanthong statute

Below us stuff with 9 years old boy bone ash, 9 years old girl bone ash, millionaire lucky mantra, 6th sense skull, golden bird, 9 places cemetery  soils.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Make your boss pay for hell!

Case Study: got a buyer's brother been bully by his boss. Boss abuse him, make him do extra work.
So his brother approach me. 

Solution: I told him to get a thai amulet and do a ritual that will make his boss pay! His boss will be punish by his own karma if he bully him again!

End results: Very soon, I got feedback from buyer that his boss recently keep facing bad luck and being punish by karma!

[03/12, 00:31] Nayan: Anyway, I have a chat with master. Master say your bro previous ritual, he set up a rebound protection. Anyone or his idiot boss make problems for him, will rebound back to the boss.

[03/12, 02:02] buyer: Wah power Hahaha he sure happy to hear
[03/12, 02:02] buyer: No wonder the boss keep kena

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Purchase Page (latest)

Many of the items are out of stock.

This page below will display the available stocks I has.

Click on link below to find out more about the life changing charm. 


Fire tiger amulet (Nothing can beat him!) (sold out)

Lp Koon wealth takrut 1 of the most powerful Takrut in thai amulet history (sold out)

Secret leaks exposed how masters cast wealth spell  (sold out)


Charming Bastard Thai Amulet 討厭迷人泰国佛牌

The best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha


Black scorpion oil love charm

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Give me another chance against All odds! Charming bastard thai amulet

Many people ask me besides charming bastard, what else can charming bastard helps?

Can charming bastard thai amulet helps in works, business or sales?

yes, if your problem is due to charming, needs people to like you, to favorites you, charming bastard thai amulet definitely helps a lot!

Recently, got a buyer told me that he needs to close sales badly. His problems is that he keep being turn down by people. His products are good. He need given a chance!

I recommend him charming bastard thai amulet and within 1 week, he told me that his sales pick up unexpectedly!

Oh, yes, we are talking about life changing for him!

‪Happy buyer‬: wa brother, sibei steady, never do anything, sale just come to me, although small amt but still sale

Nayan: I already told u bro. My items cfrm gd de.
Happy buyer‬: steady sia 👍🏼 thank you brother

Nayan: So this charming bastard as I said, will bring charm not only sex.

 ‪Happy buyer‬: hahaha like u said la, focus on career now first more impt

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Get my lover back Miracle

Got a email from a buyer who told me that her lover wants to leave her.
Her lover and her keep quarrel and is very stubborn.
She wants me to tame him and control him!
I introduce a love charm thai amulet and we preform a bring lover back ritual for her.
Below is her true and live feedback.
As per request, her details are keep confidential.

Testimonials for you

I come across this website from  Nayan Goh and i was at my depressed when someone i like treated me cold and heartless.
I keep searching for the web and email Nayan about it. He was fierce when i email him lol. He willing to help me and also after talking few times actually he is a good guy.  I ask Nayan to help me get him back, wish that he will come text  me himself instead of me. And hoping i could control him.
I received the item after one few week from him. And i chant it by the advise i had and thought it wouldn't happen to me at all. 
It was end oct that happen. But after like now it's December, miracle happen!
I received good news! The person who hurt me, come back talking to me and even want to meet me and miss me!
I don't know how long it would last. But i hope it will be like this forever. But i know it the item that helped me so much! 
Will come back to Nayan again for my wishes for wealth and career!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Questions about the Secrets

After I have write a post on this God of success Thai amulet, there are many enquirers how this God can help them?

As you can, in Thai astrology, each of us is affected by stars and the gods\guardian govt our lives.

As below is 1 of the gods, Sunday god.

So many people will start asking, which is your guardian god and which god should you pray more for better luck and life???

By having this God of success Thai amulet, you will no need worry on astrology issues, money problems and luck problems any more.
Debts will slowly clear up too.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Create to live in your presence

A buyer told me that she forgot to bring out her money amulet to shop for business.
That day, her sale turn out to be very bad!
She realize that the thai amulet from me is so important that she cannot live with out it!

[27/11, 14:49] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: Wahhh
[27/11, 14:49] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: Nv bring my thai amulet out
[27/11, 14:49] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: My sales drop 😭😭😭
[27/11, 14:56] Nayan: Mean wear my amulets sales gd lar!
[27/11, 14:56] Nayan: Where is my kopi???
[27/11, 14:56] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: Hahahha
[27/11, 14:56] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: I left with one more day and amulet at home but I not going home
[27/11, 14:56] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: Die lorh
[27/11, 14:56] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: I left 190+ to hit target ah
[27/11, 14:57] Nayan: Now u know I v important person liao hor.
[27/11, 14:57] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: Stop being an uncle 😂😂😂😂
[27/11, 14:57] Nayan: Hahahahaha.... U dun drink beer mah
[27/11, 14:57] ‪+Happy Buyer‬: Hahahahaha
[27/11, 14:57] Nayan: Or chivas

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Secret leaks exposed how masters cast wealth spell (sold out)

There is no deny that luck, stars, astrology play a important part to our success life.

Many times, luck are just not with you and no matter hard you work hard for your job, bosses just don't like you or you can be a perfect lover but your lover just like another person!

How about asking help from a thai amulet God who govern the world or universe who has the power to let you live in a joyous and fulfilling life you desire? 

This God thai amulet will let you have the power to control your astrology, understand your astrology that govern your money, wealth, health and any relationship you can think of.

In other words, this God, will also give you the power to influence your relationship to better, improve your health issues, remove your financial issues, and settle your careers concerns!

Well, I ask myself this question too? Why this got exist? 

This God want to  give us a second chance to make things work again for us. 
Yes, that's great! Chance to mend things right! 

Not all the times we are given a chance to choose again.
I always tell people, don't regret in future when you are given the 2nd chance to make things work for you when you have a choice.
You know, humans always regret in their decisions. Most commonly regret are not doing everything that you could to make it work when you are given a chance! 

Life Disruptor

This God, is being widely worship by masters, grandmasters, and masters of the masters.

Books, mantra books, temples, shines have images of this powerful gods for devotees to worship him to change their life!

Below is a images of this God appear in front page cover of a astrology book use by psychic to use 6th sense and communication with this God to do fortune telling and improve lives of peoples! 

According to psychic, worship this secret God can:

Improve your life 
Reset your life from bad to better 
Big Changes your future to success.
Hack your bad luck to good luck forever.

Born wealth VS form wealth

This God of success will also change to wealth luck forever.

You will become richer,
Never need to worry money again
Make you into a wealth magnet which keep attract wealth and money. 
Change your life from sick and tired to become success and happy!

Not everyone is born rich, that's for sure, but  with this God in your life, for sure you will definitely will become richer! 

With the help of this God thai amulet, when you openly take on the world, and the world will always lose!
This success Thai amulet will give you the power to gain victory in any forms of challenge.
Success in life will never be so easy like this before! 

An absolute "must" for anyone who want change their life to better!

A master of all life. 

You will find yourself able to match into all forms of life. 
Is a small price to pay for big changes.
Humans make a lot of mistakes, a lot of imperfect choices. 
Don't do it again.

Start worship this wealth God to change your life now to better. Solve your wealth and debt problems! Improve your business, sales and climb up the promotion ladder faster than others!

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Sunday, November 12, 2017


Got a urgent request from a female buyer. Husband want to leave her for other women. The heartless and cruel man want leave her and her daughter for other woman!

I introduce a powerful love charm. Soon, after use the thai amulet from me, her husband change!

He become very loving  and starts to love her very much. Keep calling her and cannot live without her.

My husband is much better now and can't stay away from me .. he is calling me all the time to see him , I have still be chanting the prayer you gave me , ok so I rewarded mae with flowers and better alcohol how long do I worship her for .. .. what do I do afterwards with her .. 
Also now I want to have good fortune my way so what is the best amulet to make me wealthy or super rich with good luck.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

2 years husband vs 1 week relationship

A new buyer approach me.
She told me her life is very messy. 
Full of problems. Full of debt, husband also not talking to her for very long. 
I told her to use our services with a Thai amulet to tune up her life. Soon, I got her call. She feel much happier and calmer after using our services. 
She told me she just knew me less than a week, but had help her solve her 2 years relationship problems with her husband!

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Remove lover 3rd party love spell

Just finished a buyer request to remove a 3rd party in her relationship. This 3rd party comes and spoil her relationship and steal and sna...