Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to make your boss give in to you?

I got a very buyer who keep facing problem in workplace. His work deny his request and his colleagues keep making problem for him.
I teach him how to use my thai amulets and surprisingly, he find out that those good luck amulets which he got from me really  make a life changing in his work place.

"Ever since I have started using the amulets, at this point in time, my life and career has been much smoother in comparison with the past. My story is very typical of a uni graduate who had no idea what they want to do after graduation. As such, with the need to find a job to support the family and all, I dived headfirst into an office job. This happened to be a terrible choice, with nasty co-workers out to sabotage and a supervisor who had no hesitation to sabotage her staff. For 1 year or so, working life was filled with more downs than ups, until I was introduced to wear the amulets. With the assistance of the amulets, these colleagues have been less quick to sabotage, and my supervisor eventually left to pursue studies, leaving me with a new boss who values my input and is, in overall, a better human being than my supervisor. My director, too, started to hand me more complicated assignments, and sought my input more often as well. The amulets have paved a route for me to make something better out of this career, and life is so much better nowadays too. Although there were ups and downs, eventually, the outcome of the whole process was beneficial to me. Hence, I have much to be thankful for, and especially so to have started using the amulets."

Friday, July 14, 2017

Grand ritual

Those buyers who take part in this coming luck changing ritual and lovers formation love spell, below are the information:

The ritual will be participate by a few black and white magic masters as below:

Aj pu nen
aj yi
aj pi
aj rit
and many more.
Below are 1 of the masters blessing your candles.

Those buyers who give me the clothes or underwear or bra, they will be burn in a cemetery in Surin.

The love thai amulet will be posted out from me next week.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bitch Curse

Received a request from a buyer whose lover is being black charm by another lady.
She wants to engage us to charm her lover back.
WE perform a bring lover back ritual with "leave bitch" ritual.
Master call me when he was doing this ritual and show me abnormal activities occur.
A black cat came to witness this bring lover back love spell ritual which is auspicious.

Soon, within the same day when the ritual is done, the buyer contract me and told me that surprising that her lover suddenly came back to her and talk very nicely to her!
I congratulate her for the success and Thanks her for her faith! 

Monday, July 3, 2017


Master complete another soul binding love ritual for another buyer. 

Ritual done at the place where dead people are burn. 
Many soul and many dead body are found there.
Soul and spirit are summon to aid the ritual. 

A love thai amulet will be given to buyer upon completion of the ritual.


Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Never ending buyer

Powerful thai amulet will only make my buyers more regular!

Nothing make me more happy than see my buyers one another see results after using my thai amulet!


Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lover quarrel Curse

This regular buyer has a very fierce lover. She will flare and get angry with him very often and quarrel. He contacted me and ask me how he can prevent him from all the scoldings.
I teach him to to use the thai amulet and charms. He managed to escape all the unhappiness and scoldings.

Dear nayan ,Thanks a lot for your recent help . As you know a few days ago I was really angry with my girlfriend because she went drinking and ended up drinking with a few other guys from the photos that her friend posted and I was expecting a quarrel when I expected an answer from her because as u know as well she's a tigress and never gives in but with the help of your fking awesome diagram there was no rage no quarrel but it was a peaceful conversation, I'm going to be honest , I was really shocked as hell because it never happened like this before. I said things that normally would spark her rage but she did not rage but explained and I realise it was a misunderstanding. Haha Bro you also know misunderstanding or not she'll rage  either way because she has high pride. Bro words can't describe the effectiveness of your thai amulet and diagram combination. Thank you Bro.


Happy Buyers Testimonials:

How to make your boss give in to you?

I got a very buyer who keep facing problem in workplace. His work deny his request and his colleagues keep making problem for him. I teach ...