Thursday, October 27, 2016

I cannot stop myself from always winning lottery

One of the buyers after receiving our helps and get a crazy wealth charm thai amulet,  he experience unstoppable wealth flowing into his life. He keep winning lottery more often than before. 

Gratefully,  he always donate a small amount each winning.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Desperate housewife calling.

Got a SOS request from a buyer. 

She told me the whole world all magician,  masters and fortune teller told her that her cases is hopeless. Fully beyond cure. She scream and yell at her husband. She hurts his heart. Her husband vow to fill a divorce on her.

She told me she regret her acts,  and she knew she was wrong. She wanted another chance.

Her husband ignored her plead. Her husband insisted to end the relationship. Cold war between words started. No matter how she plead on him,  he ignored her. Her husband sleep alone in the balcony. She want a love charm or a love spell to win him back.

Soon,  my rescue came to her. 
A miracle happen to her life that she almost cannot believe it.
She use my bring lover back thai amulet love charm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Success Factors thai amulet

A university graduate approach me, he told me that he has problems finding jobs after graduated from university for a few years. He was out of job for some time. He told me to help him. I told him, getting a job FAST is not good enough, must make sure get a GOOD job also. I recommend him a career thai amulet. Soon, good news came:

[18/09, 23:58] : Thanks to your good amulets!! :))
[18/09, 23:59] : Haha! Thanks bro!
[18/09, 23:59] : Wouldn't have been possible without you.. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why you suddenly become so lucky?????

A buyer approach me. She told me that her boyfriend facing bad business. Very poor sales. A lot of bad luck.
I introduce him a lucky thai amulet.
And very soon, he joining my die hard fanz regular buyer club!
Sales pick up and he is coming back for more amulets!

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crazy wealth Charm 2 (Sold out)

Crazy wealth Charm
If you need 1 source of power to rich, 
From poor to rich
from rich to filthy rich
from debt to debt-less
this is it.

Tired of money keep not enough?
Tired of keep worry about money?
Recession bring you down?

Don't sweat it!

Tweak your life and luck into more money flow into your hands now with "crazy wealth"charm Thai amulet.

Clear all "no money"energy on you with tornado effect.

This "crazy wealth" charm will automatically install the wealth and money flow luck into your life


help you tap into the filthy rich energy and grafting prosperity of richness into your essence of life.

"Crazy wealth" charm  Thai amulet will further empower you with Seize wealth power.

To bring your wealth and money to another heights you cannot imagine.

Make debt free dream come true.

Why is this "Crazy wealth" charm thai amulet so powerful?

The master bring to 9 countries and combine with more than 99 masters all over the world to bless this wealth charm.

This wealth charm is empower with more than 99 types of wealth and debt free manta are added inside to flatten your wallet.

 "Crazy wealth" charm is encoded with  a special link to the master, with extra ritual perform every week to keep the "crazy wealth "charm power to the max!

This thai amulet will work like crazy non stop to drive unlimited wealth to you!

Want more money now? Order now!
Instructions and masters information will be email to buyers.

Contact :

Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Change your life from here:

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Biggest lottery win in history

Biggest lottery won in history ever!

Recently,  I was approach by a  buyer. He told me that he was heavily in debt!  And the debtors are chasing him so close that he cannot breathe. He was very depress and he is going to end his life as he knows he will never able to repay the huge amount of debt he was facing! He went to pray to many places,  many temples,  and has visited many masters! 

All told him that in his whole life,  he will never and cannot strike huge amount of lottery because he is meant to live as a poor life! 

He approach me!  I told him,  nothing is impossible! 
I recommend him a wealth thai amulet and told him to pray very hard according to the method I teach him. 

The next day,  the big bang came! 
His whole life biggest lottery strike!

Top prize! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Live again lucky charm


I got this buyer, whose down on luck and lose hope in life. Her life become dark.
After got the thai amulet from me, she got back her strength in life.She is joyful everyday.

She is so thankful towards my service that she design a logo for me!
I am very happy!


Saturday, August 13, 2016

I win lottery like eat MacDonald

A buyer want try his luck on a lottery type Thai amulet.

I got him something that swiftly make him win lottery continuously. 

His unshakable faith make him do not check on the opening and his friend told him about the winning. 

Second winning jackpot lottery

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pay what you deserve

Many buyers ask me,  why there are no amulet in my blog for sales? 
Why there are only feedback?

I told them,  I has many behind curtain sales. In other words,  the items are sold even I has a chance to publish in my blog! 
Many 1st time buyers won't believe that. They say is quite impossible. 
I whisper to their ear,  soon,  you will be 1 of my regular buyers because after this purchase,  you will discover that actually, my items rocks!

Nowadays even a premature adults 12 years old kids are selling thai amulets online. 
Many if my buyers are fully aware of all these different between powerful amulet and non powerful "images". 
They know and fully experience a huge satisfaction on my items. They won't purchase else where except mine!

As below. This buyer has a close relative selling amulet too! But,  she knows deeply,  in her heart,  where to source and get the correct item for her Problems to be solved. 

I trusted your amulets. I only get from u although I have relative selling amulets too 😁

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nayan! you look like a pimp!

Nayan! you look like a pimp!
兄弟, 你好像龟公呀!

I got a very cute regular buyer who purchase items from me very regularly sent me a feedback recently. The funny part is that she lottery she wins is in February. And she sent me now which is in July.

我有一个可爱的定期买主, 发了反馈给我。最可爱之处是她二月时中了马票, 可却在七月时才和我说。

I ask her why she only sent now?
Guess her reply?


She told me that I has too many success cases in helping others in love charm, solving relationship, helping many lonely people to find SEX PARTNERS!

她解释说: 因为找我补助爱情运的人实在太多了。个个都是非常成功的例子。除此之外, 我也成功帮助寂寞的人们寻获性伴侣。

She told me I look like a damn bloody pimp! HAHAHAHAHA...

她说我像极了拉皮条! 感觉像个超级大淫虫!! 哈哈哈!!

She told me that, in reality, my wealth thai amulet well also very well!  So she sent me this feedback!

她告诉我, 我的佛牌配, 不单是能补助爱情运, 也能提升财运!! 我的招财福物也非常灵验! 所以发了这个反馈给我。

I do has quite a number of win lottery and casino feedback. But just that, I has more relationship problems buyers. And after all these years of experience, I become a relationship guru! From lovers to couple, from couple to businessmen. All walks of life I has seen.
The results I got, become more and more mind blowing!
I has a dubai buyers managed to secure a few million project after using a mind bending charm which enable him to win competitors and close the deal!

我确实有许多中奖发财之类的反馈。可是情困买主占据我的大部分时间。而经历了多年的聆听与解忧, 我已间接变成了爱情专家了! 从情人到恋人, 夫妻至商人, 各种行业, 种种人生百态, 我都一一深入了解。

从中得获的成绩, 令我震撼和惊喜万分! 我有一个迪拜买家, 靠我的招财福物, 帮他击败总多商敌, 索得好几亿的方案!


Friday, July 22, 2016

How to make your lover wild! Lonely girl remedy.

One of my buyers get a love charm thai amulet from me. After using, her life go wild! A lover who has not contact her for some time ask her go hotel for sex!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amulet that pay off.....

Hi Nanyan

Is me. Remember I got your Love Charm thai amulet from u. It has been 3 weeks. I felt nothing happened.  Then yesterday, something weird happened in late evening at 11.30pm. Before that, in the morning I make my usual wish to Love Charm & follow your instructions.

What happened next is out of mind. My phone was flooded with all my ex girls who ignore me long ago. There was one 1.5yrs ago gal. They text me & asked me where am I & what I am doing. I was like..... "Wow"... I have to pause & recall each girl b4 I replied them. Since I got the amulet, I have been praying for things I wish to happened. Finally it pays off. Thank u Nanyan.  Now I praying for another wish to happened. I believe the Love Charm is in me & will make it happened.  

Once again, thank you Nanyan.  I am still waiting for one important wish to come true ...... if it happened,  I will let u know. Thank you Nanyan.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Miracle now

After so many years if blogging ,  this year,  is a special year. I has reach 10 years of blogging about miracle, amulets and magic.
A lot of common questions, What does amulet do?

All these years,  your feedback to me endorse my amulets are nothing but more than  a gem in your life. I told many new buyers,  after you has seen more miracle in life,  you will feel more love,  and feel more power.  In fact,  you has the power to lead the life you want,  with the correct powerful Thai amulet.

I always tell master,  there are many lost souls outside. What they want is a miracle NOW to let them has faith again!  There are increasing in suicide nowadays. And the scary parts,  the age getting younger and younger.

I want to lifts the veil between our perceptual world and the world beyond our physical sight.
I want them to know they won't be walking alone. There powerful and effective Thai amulet here to help them to get out of the darkness.

Having a amulet with you in darkness of your life is same as walking alone in darkness with a light.

Soon,  you will find yourself walking in light.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rich bitch vs happy Princess 富裕荡妇与快乐公主

1 of my buyer told me that she got 15 rich guys chasing after her after using my love charm Thai amulet. 
She told me that the Thai amulet she got from me is incredibly valuable! 
She got many times in return of happiness.

My friend say she sounds like a bitch. 
BUT to me, NOW,  NO DOUBT, she is happy with them rather than sad like others who has suffer from relationship problems! 

我有一名买主告诉我她在使用了我的爱情泰國佛牌之后, 所见证的事实! 在同一个时期, 15名阔少爷正在追求她。那爱情泰國佛牌是如此神奇与无价! 她从中得到了许多快乐!

有位朋友告诉我这名买主像主了荡妇。可我说: 是又如何? 她和他们在一起时开心快乐多于伤心难过就行了!


她: 是的。我知道。呵呵。那个佛牌一直吸引男人。我是说很多, 很多的男人。哈哈。

我: 好样的! 你得感谢我!

她: 哎呀, 你知道吗? 有15个来和我搭讪, 说喜欢我! 哎哟!

我: 15???!!! 那么多!!!!

她: 是的! 15个! 我没撒谎! 15个都说喜欢我! 哈哈! 感觉像公主!

我: 我知道我的泰國佛牌都是顶尖的!

她: 哈哈。是的。有一个男生4年没和我联系。突然给我发简讯约我出门, 还免费指导我泰国拳! 全部男人又好看又很有钱。阔少! 哈哈。

我: 哇! 发达后别忘了我呀!

她: 哇! 真的! 你的泰國佛牌真好!

我: 是的! 那是必须的!

她: 哈哈。你的泰國佛牌真的非常物有所值! 那个幸运佛牌也很好。使用后, 一直帮我避灾。有一次车子抛锚了, 还很多人来帮我呢!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

how to push the amulet power to a person mind

People has been asking me,  what did the change mind thai amulet  exactly do to the person you target?

This item will influence a person heart , who has make a fix decision on you or fix a negative view on you.

Can be  targeted on your supervisor who set to fire you,  or demoted you or who always look down on you.

In simple words, change their decision.

What you can expect? 

After using the item,  the person who is usually harsh or fierce towards you suddenly become more kinder.

And If you want find favor on a specific target person,  follow my instructions to direct the amulet power on that person to win the person desire heart towards your benefit.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Change of Heart Thai amulet (sold out)

People come and go. Some stay for a while,  some leave footprint in our heart and some leave unbearable pain. Some leave dark shadow in our life that haunt us for life. 
I always look forward to meet person who leave beautiful memories in my life and block negative people in my life.

I am a very stubborn person. I hate to accept fate which lead me to hunt for ways or methods to race against any odds to rob my happiness.

By blessings,  I came by this guru who us well respect by the farmers and people in Thailand. 
Pls don't underestimate this item.
The heart of this item is able to make any humans or animals live together harmoniously, or in simple words, change their way of thoughts to suit your way. 
This is one of the signature amulet that the people swear by him.

Reverse hate

1 of the followers who I meet in his place to me that in his workplace,  he thought he has zero chance to get promotion or pay raise any more. 
He accident offence his stingy supervisor. 
After using the item,  he embark into a different journey in his career. 
His supervisor treat him a meal in his home with home cook food and apologies to him last time for his silly mistake for not appreciate him! 
His life change dramatic 360 after incredible Thai amulet. 
He told me that his wife used to me very nasty and rude. 
After using,  she seem to be much kinder towards him,  treat him with respect, giving him the pride,  the dignity.

Either you got wonderful love story or you are forever played by some stupid love games.

This master by nature is very ugly in appearance. He has a broken nose and a eyes that pointed in different directions. 
Since young,  he has problems finding love from woman. He told me,  even the most ugliest lady in his village find him ugly and rejected him. 
With a heart broken heart,  he vow to take revenge against these ladies who rejected him. 
He learn the art of "never say good bye" love mantra. 
This magic will make the target person you desire keep surrounding you endless. 
After he has learn this magic,  he try on a few ladies who rejected him previously. 
One by one,  start to shown up in his life. 
1 of the ladies cried miserable state apologies to him for not appreciate him. 
He ask her wat there is a sudden shift on attitude. 
She say she dream of herself turn into a ugly lady. After wake up,  she find out that,  actually,  he is a kind man,  just some defect in appearance. 
From the 1st day till now,  she come everyday to cook for the master and clean the house. Master try to chase her away,  but after a few days,  she came back to master again.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Remember, you could be wearing a lot of amulet but still a lot of undesired events is happening because you are not wearing this correct amulet to create your desire events.

Master told me that many master are using "swapping power" magic or chant. 
In other words,  
You could be trading something at this moment that give you short term happiness. 
Some item swap with your future happiness to grant your present short wish. 
So,  soon,  after some time,  you will find you are more miserable or facing more bad luck after using some items. 
This ugly looking master told me that his item is using a type of magic that will not swap with any events or luck from you but instead,  IS GIVING YOU MORE!

So,  You could be missing something very important that could change your life forever. 
So don't let others unskilled master silly mistake prevent you from gaining the life and happiness you want. 
Insist on your own happiness. 

What can you expect?

You will find that after using, you friends treat you better. 
You will not face any betray from any friends. 
Your friends will not hate you out of the blue.

In workplace and career, you will gain appreciation from boss,  supervisor.

And yes,  one of the most important person in our life:

Your spouse,  lover will be kinder to you,  more sweeter towards you. They will be Royal to you.
And also, You can gain your sweet revenge wish come true,  Ex lover will come back suddenly unexpectedly. 
And something  more  than that,  they won't leave you until you stop using the charm.

Summary :Perfect item in this imperfect world.

After purchase, you will be teach how to use this item to see results.
Your secret desire will unfold successfully. 
You are expect to experience success after success. 

You will also know the dirty tricks to lock down a person heart. 


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Higher than normal.....Awesome.

I always happy to hear that buyers life get much better after using the thai amulet they got from me...
Best parts, they ALWAYS told me : Nayan,  my life is awesome because you are in it!
That's set a good motivation for me! Great work Nayan!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gay open sex life

A buyer told me that after using my attraction gay love charm thai amulet, out of suddenly, many men ask him out for sex!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Horny bastard vs charming bastard

A buyer told he the super charge of charming bastard when he hold in his hands...
I told him in a confident manner  his life going to be different!

More information on charming bastard:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gay love charm

Sad buyer Before get love charm from me

I already got one from another store, but it seems work very slow or maybe not effective, I'm not sure, I haven't see the effect yet. I think I want to get one more from you. Let me tell you the story, I met this guy from line group (I'm also a guy, lol),

I talked to him for a while and decided I want him to be my bf, he knew that, but he rejected me twice, I guess. I'm not sure I'm not good enough for him or he just got hurt from his previous one sided love. Sometimes he seems care about me but most of the time cold to me. I only met him once, since then, he kept say he is busy or maybe it's an excuse. Anything from you can help me...I mean for same sex attraction, particular I want to use it for him only? Thank you.

Instant results after getting the powerful gay love charm


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My lover wash my panties for me

A female buyer told me that she hate her relationship! Her lover treat her like a sex machine. After sex, he will just leave. She told me that her lover treat her like a object.
Furthermore, his pride is very strong and very demanding.

After use the Appreciate me love charm thai amulet from me, he lower his man ego and stay to shower her with love instead of treating her like a sex toy.

He stay back to talk to her and guess what????
He even wash her panties and clothes for her!
My buyer feel so much appreciated now!


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Honest Sex stories (charming bastard thai amulet)

I has buyers request this to be post here to shed some lights on this BREAKTHROUGH thai amulet.
There are many questions on this charming bastard thai amulet how it works.
Well, I would say:

"KEYS" to unlock her legs ( charming bastard
This buyer told me that many of his friends has problems getting near this pretty lady. 
He approach me.  I say from my records,  I has seen the impossible become possible.. Use this charming bastard thai amulet. Turn the table around by making her get near you!
Next moment,  I got his short message :

We are talking,  she was giggling happily slipping bit by bit of her drink. I secretly pray to that Bastard amulet I got from you.
Soon, I find myself sneaking my hands into her short skirt and the next moment ,  I got the" keys"  to unlock her leg in my car.

I do not want to elaborate further what has happened to my this lucky buyers as this is not some porn sites where you can read some sex stories. He request not to publish his sms as he worry his dirty secret with me will be find out! 
I am fine,  since most people,  sorry,  is All People will HAS their own dirt secret.

Many people ask me,  what is this charming bastard all about? 
Well,  so many years of selling this items,  many buyers give this item more nasty names.:

The bad boy weapons 
The sneaky dirty tricks 
Charming a person without their notice 
Steal their attention etc.....
1 of my buyers whose want to be known as nick king sex magnet describe this item as secrets of irresistible attraction.

Many items have restrictions on charming. 
Some buyers face zero effect if that person is alert enough to block you
That person has some spiritual protection. 
But this charming bastard has a way to route pass any restrictions and charm that person to crawl to you without they knowing that. 
Is like a sneaky acts going on.

Just like some peeping worms in your desktop or laptop plant by the FBI without you know what happening and you are happily surfing the net thinking you are safe.

I writing this post to elaborate on how charming bastard works as many people ask what is going on in this item. 
Hope this post will shine some lights. 


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ladies sweet revenge: make your ex lover crawl coming back charming bastard thai amulet

This pity lady, a loser in the love relationship.  Always treat like a toy by her lover.
Now, she is different. She got her revenge. After using this no mercy love charm , charming bastard, in a short notice, she got phone calls and messages from her lost lovers who has dump her previously.
She told me she going to dump them back after they has crawl back!

It seem like what i wanted happened
But not about my ex other guy
But what u said is true
I did foget bout the charm n just had fun and the charm worked!
Theres this one guy i had crush he suddenly stopped contact me  but i dont know why he stopped contact me last tuesday then suddenly just now he contact me
His reason he said his phone broken.. Hmm but i dont care as long as he contact me but he want to meet me tomoroe
I also met with my ex bf long last time it was 2013
Its been a long time i didnt met him we didnt contact but suprisingly ive met him the first night i used the charm bastard
It seem like i can charm any guy that i want cos i wish to charm any guy that i want and dont want to be played again i said
And now everythings seem goes my way! 
Wow thank u nayan and thanks to master 😬😊

有名可怜的女生的爱情运超烂, 总遇不到任何一个真心对待她的伴侣。经常被男人玩弄其感情。可是这次终于到她复仇的时候了! 

在她使用了此爱情泰國佛牌之后, 对方会对她神魂颠倒, 日夜思念, 狂追不舍。在短时间, 迅速的把抛弃她的前任, 统统招回她的身边! 而她会以牙还牙, 让他们体验被心爱的人抛弃后的惨痛经历!
一切就如我所愿, 不只是我的前任, 就连我曾经暗恋的男生也莫名其妙的主动与我联络! 我遵照了你的嘱咐, 随意而安, 一切如往。在我不知觉中, 所有的奇迹就这样莫名的发生在我身上! 多年不愿与我会面的前任答应明日与我见面! 我暗恋许久的男生也主动约我! 看来我可以使任何一个男人为我神魂颠倒。我不再被男人玩弄于鼓掌了! 一切顺利, 随心所欲。谢谢你, 谢谢大师!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lazyman success secret

Hi Nayan,

It's crazy how mysterious your thai amulets work. It's been a few weeks since my exams have ended. As you know im a very lazy and easily distracted person and before my exams I took a few amulets so that I could just clear my paper..... Bro... I passed :) . Firstly it was not normal at all how I memorised almost my whole programme booklet within 7hrs of studying, I literally could write out everything from every page exactly, it's like my memory was on steroids. When I went for that paper i basically could answer everything!

I had my last paper on the next day, before I studied for the paper I had a sudden strong intuitive feeling of what type of questions were going to come out so I only focused on those few topics. Guess what ? Those topics came out as well. It's just crazy how for the first time I was able to do my exams so smoothly. Thanks for your help Bro , you saved me!


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hey, it work like a charm

A buyer told me that he need my help to get people attention. He need badly a second chance!

He has failed several times in his high school and the school has given him many chances. This times, he fail again! There is no way they are going to give him a second chance!

After using my item which I has recommended him, miracle, he got his appeal approve!

Hello Bro,  my appeal results came out today. As you know I have failed my exams and the school has already given me a chance once ,allowing me to continue studying and not terminate me because you have helped me previously as well before hence I seeked your help again in making my appeal a success this time. I did as u have told me after I have gotten your thai amulets, the secret technique you have taught me was very effective. Basically I went to meet the in charge of my course today to further explain my appeal, while I was explaining she did not seem to take much interest in what I was saying and even scolded me for not cherishing my first chance, at that point of time I already felt that I was not going to be approved. But suddenly she said I was lucky , lucky that the head of management had already approved my appeal for this chance and that no one ever had passed their appeal the second time. I was shocked that I heard that because as u know I'm not a good student in the first place who has wrote in numerous appeals to the school for various issues. BUT still I was the only one that received this piece of good news while my other friends who appealed as well all failed. This is what u truly call a miracle! Your amulets not only gave me this chance to complete my studies but as well as giving me enough time to work on my career path before my enlistment, we will talk more about that when we meet up again.
Thanks again for all your help Nayan. There is no doubt about your amulets power because the results speak for itself!! 

兄弟, 今天我接获我的续学申请成绩。之前我已和你提过, 我在会考中名落孙三。我必须向校方提出申请, 特准我继续升学。在那第一次的申请过程, 你已帮我顺利过关。

这一次我又需要你再一次帮我通过第二轮的申请面试。因为我又不及格了。逢第二次提出申请的同学们, 从来没一个过关。

在第一次的申请面试中, 那名面试官告诉我: 他已破格让我继续升学, 下不为例。在这次的面试中, 我被即任导师痛训了一番。心里想: 这一次我肯定要停学了。可没想到: 好险哪! 我又顺利通过面试, 可以继续升学。这一切的功劳都是因为你!!!

所有的成功全仰仗于你的泰国佛牌。你给我介绍的泰国佛牌发挥他们的神奇力量, 让我见证了奇迹与希望。我不但可以成功完成学业, 也可以在入伍前专注发展我的事业。我将来的发展计划, 会面时再与你详谈。

再一次感谢你的帮助。你的佛牌的惊人力量是让人意想不到的! 事实已证明了一切!


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Let's get holy by burn down a mosque (article by a "holy" monk)

After the post of the "uncle" or old man UNDERGROUND WEALTH THAI AMULET , many people "FALL IN LOVE" IN the old man or uncle.

They seem very interested in him.

Some ask me if he masturbate or has sex on the day, still can bless?
And is he holy enough to bless the wealth thai amulet since he is not master?

You see, what we are talking here is about magic, sorcery. In the magic world, the person who does channeling is selected by the gods.
So the gods will tell him the rules and regulation. Is up to him to obey as he will be punishing if he disobey.
Just like football, you have to play by the rules of the games. Else, you got a red or yellow card.

I know of a so call "holy" master, he was half paralyzed now because he has an affair with his female disciple.
So you no need to worry other people “unholyness”.  You just need to focus how this item going to FATTEN your wallet.
 I did my homework and have proven that his item works! 

I has got a excited buyer calling me just now who going to lose his sleep tonight told me that he got a sum of money appear suddenly in his bank account. I told him not to be too excited as such incident could be dangerous. He told me that he has checked with the bank and the sum of money is credit from his previous employer. And after calling his previous boss, the boss apologies that there is some miscalculation in his pay check and they are refunding him the balance! He is very happy because he in need of some money to get a new laptop for his daughter

Aright, anyway, most people will think famous or holy are best. I have my own proven method of choosing amulet that will works for buyers. I been cheated and coned by many "holy “master or monks or "famous “guru previously.
And each lesson from these "wolf in sheepskin "toughen” my system of magic and I am thankful to them. 
Else, I and my buyers won't have such wonderful magic system that works well.

I know of a very famous monk, from a super famous temple who supposes to be damn holy.
But guess what?
He told the people to burn down mosque to revenge! 
YES, READ MY SENTENCE 10000 TIMES AND ASK YOUR sex buddy or partner to read for you and they will tell you that holy beast tell nayan and people to burn down the mosque.
Don't believe nayan words, as most people will tell you!

I definitely won't say these types of sentence as I has many muslim buyers. They are really good people! 

Well, I dare to challenge you!

Read at the article below and see what he said:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Underground filthy wealth Thai amulet 神秘地下钱庄泰國佛牌 (sold out)

The dawn of new wealth charm : half money generator, the other  half will be give birth of money to enjoy life.


Nowadays,  having enough money is no longer satisfied.
We are looking for luxury.
Yes,  I am talking about having more than enough money to enjoy life.

So,  what going to happen?  What's in it for you?
How does a glowing looks with happy life and a shunning of all your friends sound. And there's more....

Look,  what I got here is a item that not only bring you money you need,  is MORE than you need.
Yes,  I am talking about enjoying life and luxury.

拥有足够的财富已经不能满足现在的现金社会。我们要的不是足够而是充裕。拥有饱满的银行存款, 才能享有一生奢华。如何确保一个财源滚滚, 钱生钱的财路? 

I has been in Thai magic staff more than 20 years.  This wonderful old folks magic has help me leverage up my life,  and I has relied on them to win many situation against my odds.
Many of my buyers used the same high Thai magic system I had used and the results...
INSANE unexpected results.
And yes,  that's what got me going for so many years!

OK,  back to today item.
 This item is blessed by a person who has been a low profile guy who has create many filthy wealthy people around the world.
I call him person because he claim he is no a master or guru or Aj or lp or whatever idiot the Internet sellers a calling.
He inform me to call him" Roong "which mean uncle.
To me,  I am ok,  because I has seen many high rank master and their amulet sucks!
So if he amulet work great,  I don't mind call him God!

Most of the selfish wealthy people will claim that they work themselves to the million dollars board chart.

 But I want you to think carefully here,

 Are you working very hard to find money?
Are you struggling with your debts now?
Are you facing a nasty boss who act like a baby?

Look,  those rich people I know,  I saw the money flow to them like amazon waterfall.
Is like a never ending thing and flow to them so easily!

What the difference between you and them?
You slave for money, but they make money as their salve.
You are a slave in your life,  but they are bosses of salves!

可否问过自己: 为何有钱人会越有钱而穷人就一辈子翻不了生。埋头苦干了大半辈子, 还是负债累累。而有钱人就有滔滔不绝的收入。

Secret disclose!

They tag on this underground high Thai magic source to bring them free flow of money and wealth source from numerous direction.

I has speak to the master who done this item( has trying to find him for more than 8 years), he told me at night,  some source will come visit him and do the items with him.
Yes, he  do and bless together.

I ask him what type of magic is that,
 he said:
 the competitors master who spend spy over to spy,  all has die through unknown disease.
The main source (the devas) of this magic only teach certain people and want this magic low profile.
The master even warn me not to open or unroll the scroll as the Magic force with bounce back and cause deathly accident.
I ask him,  is it some dark force?
He told me,  is some gods which belongs to the heaven realm that's exist before humans.

I has told him my situation and my blog of buyers.
He has told the gods and make this special batch.
I could not sleep at night. Too excited!
Early next day,  I went back to collect the items.
Guess what!

Immediately after I got the item,  within the same day,  I manage to create a lump sum of money I been hoping  recently.
This is how it goes :

I and my Thai friend has been investing on a few properties in Thailand. Due to large sum of money involved,  I been praying for miracle for cash flow. After got this item,  I got a call the same day,  I got a call that the property I been eyeing,  that owner is letting go 10% cheaper off market prices!
I am just nice shortage off the 10% cash that needed!
because they will never has cash flow issue like most of people!

Alright,  back to the amulet,

To be more precise how this item work:

1) lock on what you need and fulfill your present demand
2) create extra wealth and money so that you are moving to debt free and abundance life.

There will be some easy and simple steps you need to do with the item to sync you with the gods that that they know WHO you are and how to help you.

So don't pls ask me how the item going to work on you.
So people are happy with a property,  some want more!
So after you got the item,  I will teach you how to use to create the wealth and life you want with thus item.

As I has say,  this item is relied on  a underground magic that worked.
This uncle do not want his name to be disclose.
Partly I think is those selfish filthy wealthy people want keep the master to themselves.
To be very frank,  he look like a normal old man selling pork noodles on the streets in Thailand.
If not I personally seen results myself,  until now,  I still don't believe that he is my wealth God!

神秘地下钱庄泰國佛牌的制造过程是聚集了三界的各种力量。所有愿意参与此行动的, 都会自动加入。因此而齐心协力的组成一个力量非凡的团队。而这个团队就是一个现今社会俗称的精英部队。此部队就像是在帮你开国创业的战士, 帮你打出一条黄金路!本人见证此物的神奇力量。当我获得此神秘地下钱庄泰國佛牌的时候正在和朋友投资买卖房地产。由于现金有限, 我只能买了之后, 迅速把产业转手。因此不能等待更好的时机才转卖, 也没有多于资金投资其它项目。而这时我的资金不足, 无法偿还订金。和业主交涉几回, 业主态度非强硬, 坚持不二价。可是在我获得神物的那一刻, 突然接到业主的电话, 他看到我的诚意, 决定给我打九折。我当时愣住了。我刚好差的于款就是这一成啊!

我终于明白为何有钱人会更有钱了! 就是拥有这些"来历不明"的财富。钱就像从天而降! 发的不清不楚!

Well,  I respect his decision because I definitely go back again to thank him for the stunning results I got from the item. I do not want to offend him.
Oh yes,  And instructions is only given upon purchase.

Email :