Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Money luck thai amulet turning point

A  buyer approach me.
She told me her luck very down. sales very bad.
Mahjong, gambling keep lose.
She get a money luck thai amulet.

A week later, she told me that her money luck get much better.

[24/11, 22:35]Money come buyer: Hello nayan, my luck improved. Yst play mahjong also win 100 over. 😂 Have been loosing for months
[24/11, 22:36]Money come buyer: So I gave the offering
[24/11, 22:36]Money come buyer: The flowers u mentioned
[24/11, 22:42] Nayan: Happy to hear that. Gd things will come 1 another.
[24/11, 22:42] Nayan: 🙏
[24/11, 22:42]Money come buyer: Thank you. Have a good week ahead
[24/11, 22:52] Nayan: You too. I am happy for u.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Finally, ,my lover come back!

After performing bring lover back ritual,

[18/10, 07:21] Happy Buyer: Dear nayan
Just want to update you after get the thai amulet he being contact me again since being so long time we didnt contact here i just wanna say many thanks for your help.

[18/10, 07:21] Happy Buyer: And today I will going out to meet him hopefully all the best to me.😊😊😊

[18/10, 07:25] Nayan: Thank you for your faith and remember, stay positive, and open up your heart. More miracle will flow into your life!

[18/10, 07:29] Happy Buyer: Dear nayan
Thanks very much for your help and if anymore update will let you know ya.

Friday, October 25, 2019

My lover want me come back to her

A sad man said no one love him. All his girlfriends and lovers are leaving him.
We do a bring lover back ritual and give him "come back to me bitches" Thai amulet.

After using the Thai amulet, 1 of his lovers out of the blue come back to him and say want to be together again. The Thai amulet together with the ritual will make his girlfriends or lovers wanting to be together with him again.

[23/10, 22:36] Happy Buyer: Brother the Vietnam girl now want me again
[23/10, 23:04] Nayan: Bro
[23/10, 23:05] Nayan: That's y I told u
[23/10, 23:05] Nayan: All gal will come de

Make lost lover contact you:

Saturday, October 19, 2019

HUSBAND obey wife thai amulet

A very sad female buyer approach us. Her husband   scold her everyday.
Her husband want to divorce her!
We perform a bring lover back ritual to make her husband love her again.
And give her a 'HUSBAND obey wife thai amulet" love cream.

[16/10, 19:26] Happy Wife: nayan !!  it’s working !!

[16/10, 19:26] Happy Wife: i also don’t know how come he never scold me also but very nice to me hahaha

[16/10, 19:27] Happy Wife: think other days sure shout at me already!!  i myself cannot believe how come he keep quiet and was so relaxed !

[16/10, 19:28] Happy Wife: confirm the cream thai amulet  for sure

[16/10, 19:29]Nayan: Of course lar. U think play play huh

[16/10, 19:29] Happy Wife: because when he see the credit card bill he will shout until big fight one

[16/10, 19:30] Happy Wife: just now he like make noise but not the same !! wow !! next time i will pray he go siao over me 🤣

[16/10, 19:31] Happy Wife: never mind i suffer for many years already and i have been a good wife so now for me to enjoy it

[16/10, 19:32] Happy Wife: how i wish i can use this on other people also nayan

[16/10, 19:32] Happy Wife: because greedy what

[16/10, 19:33] Happy Wife: but very thankful to you and master nayan

[16/10, 19:33] Happy Wife: i will use on him every 3 days !!
[16/10, 19:33] Happy Wife: i want to be satisfied for all those of pain

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Charming bastard stop my lover quarrels with me!

[08/10, 20:31] Nayan: 🙏
[08/10, 20:32] Happy Girl: I do see some result slowly
[08/10, 20:33] Happy Girl: My bf less arguing with me since after I got charming bastard thai amulet.
[08/10, 20:44] Nayan: Yes, the more positive, the better the results.

Charming Bastard thai amulet 5 years birthday:

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Black Magic Bring lover back ritual

Another Black magic bring lover back ritual completed.
Bring lover amulet given to user after purchase.

Photos of the buyer being blank off to protect buyer identity and privacy.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Win peoples and friends over! charming bastard thai amulet

Win peoples and friends over!

I have this buyer who told me that charming bastard has help her win enemies and bosses in her workplace over!

[22/09, 19:23] FRIENDS CHARMER: Hello Nayan !
[22/09, 19:24] FRIENDS CHARMER: i came last week to see you remember ?
[22/09, 20:21] FRIENDS CHARMER: haha i thought you busy
[22/09, 20:21] FRIENDS CHARMER: i must tell you last few days after i buy it right there is some diff
[22/09, 20:22] FRIENDS CHARMER: because i myself find it too shocking to know is it really working that fast !
[22/09, 20:22] FRIENDS CHARMER: definitely i can see the difference with my boss and in charge but it’s like on and off you know
[22/09, 20:22] FRIENDS CHARMER: exactly one week right since i got from you
[22/09, 20:24] FRIENDS CHARMER: can i start to wish Nayan ? I think it’s ok to be greedy because I am prepared when I can actually see results
[22/09, 20:27] FRIENDS CHARMER: I was shocked for that one day you know when suddenly both my in charge on that particular day start to sway on my side !!
I totally feel it until I had to move back because i felt like just suddenly too obvious

[22/09, 20:49] Nayan: Well, as I have told you, this charming bastard thai amulet can work as fast as 1day. if u follow our instructions closely. This show you have done it all correctly

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Scary attraction stories:

Monday, September 23, 2019

My lover now listen to me (3rd party)

A female buyer who is a 3rd party in a relationship approach me for help.
She say her lover is  not giving her any status.
She wants status! she wants her lover to marry her!

After using our "lover listen to me thai amulet" for a week, her lover suddenly when to has a baby with her! He want children with her!

[18/09, 14:05] 3rd party lover: Last time when we talk about me having his baby, he absolutely don't want
[18/09, 14:06] 3rd party lover: Now, he tell me he wants me to have his baby
[18/09, 14:06] Nayan: When he tell u?
[18/09, 14:07] 3rd party lover: This morning...
[18/09, 14:07] Nayan: I would say got improvements.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

charming bastard keep charming non stop

Like other buyers, she experience extraordinary charming effects from this powerful thai amulet charming bastard.

24/08, 16:21] charming winner: I'm using it for general charm
[24/08, 16:22] charming winner: General charm has decent effects
[24/08, 16:26] Nayan: Mmmm... OK. Thank you for letting me know.
[24/08, 16:32] charming winner: It helps me pass multiple interviews too, even ones I have no confidence in 😂
[24/08, 16:32] charming winner: So can't be my own efforts since I couldn't answer anything
[24/08, 16:40] Nayan: Wow! Great to hear that!

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

How Come good things Keep Coming

[10/09, 13:12] good luck never stop: Bro, good day to you. Been some time since we spoke. Today, I am happy to tell you that I have received and offer to join another Insurance company as their head of claims. All this was aster several successful cases that I did. Thanks to Victory Buddha. I will never forget you bro.

[10/09, 14:42] Nayan: Thank you. May you be blessed.

[10/09, 14:49] good luck never stop: 🙏🏾

Good luck keep coming after wearing a good luck thai amulet from us.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Multiple Luck Money Ritual

We have complete another round of Multiple Luck Money Ritual for buyers.
Good luck thai amulet with multiple luck crushing mantra done for him to increase money and luck.

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Black magic bring lover back remove 3rd party

A buyer contact us saying there is a 3rd party came into their relationship to break up her lover.
She want us to help bring her lover back ritual and remove 3rd party.
Master perform a bring lover back ritual and use blood black magic to remove 3rd party.

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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Someone control my husband

Mood swing and unhappiness is common.
But they lead to quarrels and resolved problems within family members and can be a life change downwards in life.

There are many couples, families broken up due to quarrels, unhappiness.

I frequently receive enquirers from buyers to bring lovers back due to quarrels and fights.

For us, results focus, always want to resolve problems by solving from the root course and bring happiness to buyers and bring their lovers back.

I have received many feedbacks from buyers their lovers become more loving and lesser quarrels and fights.

Families become move loving and happy.

[30/07, 10:34] Happy Family: Yes quite obvious improvement on his moods in particular
[30/07, 10:35] Happy Family: Must comments on this to master.  He gets moods swings lesser now
[30/07, 10:35] Happy Family: 😆
[30/07, 10:35] Experience Miracles: Will inform master.
[30/07, 10:35] Happy Family: Like someone control him
[30/07, 10:35] Experience Miracles: 👏👏👏
[30/07, 10:35] Experience Miracles: Happy for you and your family

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

$$$$$10000k money more each year!!!!!

I got a good news.. on Tuesday my boss said she want help me with my work.. then on Wednesday she said I got pay rise.. I think the pay rise maybe just $5k/ year is the max.. normally pay rise just $1-2k/ year plus not every year got pay rise. Today I see my payslip, I got $10k/ year my pay rise.. unbelievable... the way she treat me is good.. last time she don’t like to talk to me and now she listen what I say and my request. plus she said I need an assistant to help me. The amulet really help me.. at least got 1 thing I don’t need to worry or stress.. 

now I’m wishing my another bring lover back thai amulet can bring my ex bf back.. hope this amulet can see the result soon..

Many thanks.. hope many good things will come ahead... 

Thank you so much.. 

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Monday, July 29, 2019


A very sad lady contact me. She told me her 7 years lover leave her.

She wants to be love again.
I told her we can bring many guys to after her again, feel love again.
She is so happy after reading my proposal.
She say she also want her ex boyfriend to come to her again.
My reply to her: no problem!
Soon, she message me her lasted beautiful life after our helps!

Even her boss and supervisors are after her!

20/07, 22:37] MANY GUYS AFTER HER: Hi Nayan, just to inform you, my ex has texted me about a week ago.
[20/07, 22:38] Nayan: Wat he say
[20/07, 22:45] MANY GUYS AFTER HER: He ask me when i am free that we should meet. I said see 1st cos now busy with work since got promoted abit.
I dont know want to meet him or not. 😅 Cos when he cut off and stop talking at that time, i learn to relax alot and enjoyed alot of attention im getting from other people
[20/07, 22:46] Nayan: 😜😜
[20/07, 22:46] Nayan: So u have my items, now more guys after you ya.
[20/07, 22:47] Nayan: Like that time I saw u with a guy
[20/07, 22:48] MANY GUYS AFTER HER: Yaa 😂
My japanese manager has said alot of weird stuff to me past few weeks, but i didnt think much. Today he ask if he needs to convert if he wants to marry muslim girl 😅
[20/07, 22:49] Nayan: So u sld gve me a treat me when I go your restaurant
[20/07, 23:13] MANY GUYS AFTER HER: Sure! 😆 you come and i will treat you
[20/07, 23:13] Nayan: Anyway, u feel the items helping u?
[21/07, 08:41] MANY GUYS AFTER HER: The charming bastard is something i havent stop wearing actually. I only stop directing it to my ex. I decided to have a little bit more positive with life, and guys are coming from left, right,  centre. 
My work life is also quite good. Boss is understanding and trust me alot more.

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Charming bastard snatch other guys lover to you: 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bring lover back ritual power of mother earth

Another bring lover back ritual is completed.
This time, a very powerful ritual using the law of mother earth to glue and pull back the lost lover together.

After a 7 days ritual is completed by master, the candle wax idol is Bury in the cemetery soil, gathering 5 elements to charge and power up the  ritual to final charge up  to make the ritual more powerful.

More happy buyers are going to email me their feedback!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Master pull lover back ritual

[23/06, 13:37] Pull lover back: Thank you very much for your help . My husband back home after 2 years exactly. It just happen
[23/06, 13:40] Pull lover back: I can feel that masters prayers and the amulet is dragged him back to me.

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Broken girl bring back lover:

Monday, July 8, 2019

Use hair to bring lover back ritual

1 of the most common personal things use in bring lover back ritual.
Personal hair of the person is commonly use in bring lover back ritual to bring the person you love.

Pls do not confuse with hairs of holy masters use in Thai amulet or love charm.
The purpose and functions are different.

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Master pull back lover ritual: 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

High level charming cream thai amulet

hi bro, the cream thai amulet you gave me was really solid. i went to meet the girl the day after and did as you instructed before meeting her. when i reached to her place i thought i would just need to pick her up and go off on our date but she kept telling me to park my car first and come up with her to her house. when i met her downstairs she was still in her sleeping clothes, i was thinking 'wtf is going on', anyway she brought me up and after thinking it through it was because she wanted to match what i was wearing.

she was all over me, when i was driving she was already touching and rubbing my private areas as if she already knew we were going to get on with it later on. we were at a shopping mall, i thought i was going to burn a hole in my pocket today but when we were at the counter going to make payment, she told me to keep my money and she paid for everything. she even insisted to pay for our dinner. honestly bro , i am still shocked. so now we're almost at the end of the night and i asked her where she was going to sleep tonight? i told her i wanted to book a hotel room but she asked me to save money and just stay over at her house haha. it's like she really wanted me to save money. oh i forgot to mention, during dinner i felt like a king, she cracked eggs for me , fed me food. when a little sauce fell on my pants, she quickly took tissue and wiped it off for me. when i was finishing my meal, she placed my glass of beverage infront of me. bro, never have i seen this from a girl before. it's clearly the cream that made her submit to me. that's about all i want to update you bro haha , the next part is abit too explicit 🤫🤫🤣🤣

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Fast results charming:

Money luck thai amulet turning point

A  buyer approach me. She told me her luck very down. sales very bad. Mahjong, gambling keep lose. She get a money luck thai amulet. A ...