Wake up your life

My Destiny vs My Life

This Wake up my life thai amulet is good for facing a series of unfortunate events or unhappiness in life. 
They can be facing debt, no enough money, money keep lost, working problems, bosses and colleagues working issues or family issues. 

This luck booster thai amulet will strengthen our main luck in life, and straighten things up. 

Sometimes in life, there are people who always drag us down or keep giving us problems. 

Most importantly, the Wake up my life thai amulet will act as setback remover will  always make you outgrow the present situation, disconnect from, reject, release, let go of, dissolve and utterly ignore everyone who makes your life worse or drags you down, and allow you to always replace  people who make my life better and uplift you to a better life. The people around you will start to change. 


A lot of times, we discovered ourselves stuck at certain part of the life. We keep using the same method or attitude in our daily life to get sa…

Sex magic thai amulet

Recently a buyer approach me.  He say his lover keep rejected his request for sex. 

He ask me for help. I say I can help to increase the frequency or number of times she allow you to has sex with her. 

We will turn her attraction for you towards sex attractions. 
He got a sex magic thai amulet from me. 

Very soon, I got his feedback  and best part, his lover willing to give him more than she usually give other lovers. 

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Change your life from here:

The Secret to Getting Your Man to Treat YOU Like a Princess

Have you ever wondered why some men treat their women like a princess even well PAST the dating phase? 

Even after many years these guys STILL buy flowers, they remember EVERY special occasion and they give their women their FULL attention when they are with them.

Below is a buyer feedback after we bring her lover closer:

[03/03, 17:15] Princess: Today I wore the thai amulet. He was nicer to me. We went to buy food and he waited for my bus to sweet..
[03/03, 17:25] Nayan: Oh
[03/03, 17:25] Nayan: V gd!
[03/03, 17:27] Princess: He even followed me to the shop to buy food and he ordered for me..hmm..sweet
[03/03, 17:36] Nayan: Oh
[03/03, 17:36] Nayan: So gd lar
[03/03, 17:36] Nayan: Happy or not?
[03/03, 17:37] Princess: Yes 
[03/03, 17:37] Princess: Really appreciate it

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Happy Buyers Testimonials:

Change your life from here:…

1 of the most powerful Takrut in thai amulet history

Thai amulet if LP Koon Pure Gold Takrut (golden tongue mantra)(Made of real 916 gold)

This is the famous takrut that LP Koon used to insert into the devotee's arm during the old days in Wat Ban Rai before LP Koon became sick with his health. LP Koon was very famous for takrut insertions all over Thailand and asia and this is the very same takrut that LP Koon used. The name of this takrut is Salika Thongkam Fang Khaen Jet Dok. 

This solid gold takrut is believed to bring good prosperity, unexpected money, wealth and fortune to the wearer.  Many of those who were lucky enough to visit LP Koon very long time ago to get this takrut are mostly very well off and wealthy today. Those who have this takrut will also be protected from all forms of dangers like accidents, physical injuries, illness, black magic and evil spirits with the grace and blessing of LP Koon.

For those who have known LP Koon, will know that anything that comes from him will bring great money luck and attracts windfall f…

Leak secret of small penis man attract lover

I got a buyer, keep having problems getting his lover to has sex with him. He look for me for this case, 
I said: consider done, small problem to me. 

After using, he came back to me with rewarding results from the "seductive thai amulet" he got from me. 

[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Then shoot on her
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: She wanted me shoot on towel
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ahahaha
[12/02, 15:59]Sex Satisfaction Buyer: I say don't want
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: I say nvm is my sperm
[12/02, 15:59]Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Then she ok
[12/02, 15:59] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ahahahaha
[12/02, 16:00] Nayan: U feel is the amulet help boh?
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: Ya ytd once we kiss
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: She very horny liao
[12/02, 16:00]Sex Satisfaction Buyer: She was drenched
[12/02, 16:00] Nayan: Ok
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: After we action
[12/02, 16:00] Sex Satisfaction Buyer: I hold her pa…

unexpected results from a expected thai amulet

Lately, a regular buyer contact me to thank me for the thai amulet that i has recommend him recently.

He told me that he has experience greater expected results from what he hope to archive from the amulet!

he say: Nayan, as usually, your items always bring me surprise and this time, really a mind blowing experience!

So what really happens on him that make him really extremely grateful to me?

Hey Bro , just want to update you on the new amulet I got from you recently. That amulet with a few others combined saved me. As u know I'm in the army now and I've been marked badly by the commanders. So what happen was there was a night where a guy who's phone got confiscated for using it after 'lights out' , his phone was screened and messages were checked. Me and my camp mates like to joke about malingering , and the commanders saw our jokes and wanted to charge 1 particular guy who always goes to take mc and go home, I also joked about malingering but I was let off the hook w…

Discover the secret of thai amulet

After 10 over years of selling and experiencing over thousands of buyers,  the most common questions ask by buyers :
How do thai amulet work?  And why amulet work? If you read all the feedback very carefully, the answers are in the feedback.
In summary :

The amulet won't change the world for you BUT the amulet will align events or things that will happen to achieve your goals or desires.
Example : I has buyers in debt,  after using my items,  they got helps from areas or people who they never expect  which indirectly help them to overcome their debt issues.
End Results :

The proven magic that works safely, no complex chanting that confuse you, and no inconvenience offering of foods, incense or candles to any invisible spirits. There is no need to pay the spirits, and there is no karma or spiritual backlash. You get what you deserve, you get it fast and you get to spend it any way you want. 
Be careful with my amulets. Results will come. Your life  will forever change because of the w…