Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lover quarrel Curse

This regular buyer has a very fierce lover. She will flare and get angry with him very often and quarrel. He contacted me and ask me how he can prevent him from all the scoldings.
I teach him to to use the thai amulet and charms. He managed to escape all the unhappiness and scoldings.

Dear nayan ,Thanks a lot for your recent help . As you know a few days ago I was really angry with my girlfriend because she went drinking and ended up drinking with a few other guys from the photos that her friend posted and I was expecting a quarrel when I expected an answer from her because as u know as well she's a tigress and never gives in but with the help of your fking awesome diagram there was no rage no quarrel but it was a peaceful conversation, I'm going to be honest , I was really shocked as hell because it never happened like this before. I said things that normally would spark her rage but she did not rage but explained and I realise it was a misunderstanding. Haha Bro you also know misunderstanding or not she'll rage  either way because she has high pride. Bro words can't describe the effectiveness of your thai amulet and diagram combination. Thank you Bro.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Lover Sex magnet ritual Journal

Has complete a buyer another bring lover magnet ritual.
combine using a few bring lover back ritual metods. shown here is candle wax combine with soul calling spell ritual.
Love charm or thai amulet is not involed in this case.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Salesforce Thai amulet

Recently, got a wealth request from a buyer to increase sales and wealth.
I recommend her a powerful salesforce thai amulet to build up her sales in her trade which build her her wealth and money force.

Within 3 days, she hit the highest sales among all her co worker.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Charm All the way to a new lover

Below is a buyer writing email to thanks us for the charming bastard thai amulet.
He manage to get a new girlfriend after using charming bastard thai amulet.

Firstly, i want to thank you for recommend me the Charming Thai Bastard. It really works and now she is my girlfriend😊🙋

One day i was browsing the Wechat apps and notice a girl that i like and add her. She accept me and we were start chatting. At the beginning only 1 liner chat for a month. After she accept me on wechat, i keep on thinking about her. Then one day i tell  my self i will try to approach her using the Charming Thai amulet. So one early morning i accesses her photo on my phone and pray to Charming Thai amulet and in the evening she post on wechat looking for boyfriend. I shyly told her i like to be her boyfriend and immediately we were in the private chat with her.  After a few days, i told her i want to meet her. Then i set a date and she really comes and meet me. Since then now we are in constant communication and meetings. 😊. Thanks again.

Been reading a lot on your blog recently on wealth!

Its true, the economy is getting worse and as one, my company is facing problems with distributorship and agency.

Lately, there have been many talks and discussion about reducing the numbers of employees or salary reduction or retrenchment in my company.

Could you get me a amulet that gives me unlimited of wealth, some lottery luck like 4D and secures my current employment for many years to go? 😊 

Recently i have also join a  multilevel marketing on wellness and i need an amulet that will make those i meet to easily join my network. This multilevel is not a scam but is good on health supplement!

Thank you.



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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Make him contact me

I got a buyer who told me that her lover block her and their relationship is broken.
We start our bring me back lover love ritual with a thai amulet.
Soon, her lover contact her. She is so happy and surprise that our stuffs work miracle as mentioned.

[01/06, 14:51] Happy buyer: Master my bf messaged me me
[01/06, 14:51] Happy buyer: But i am just replying genuinely
[01/06, 14:53] Nayan: Oh
[01/06, 14:55] Happy buyer: Yes master i guess master in thai doing amulet is helping me here :)
[01/06, 14:55] Nayan: Happy for u.
[01/06, 14:55] Nayan: We wan u n him to b happy forever
[01/06, 14:56] Nayan: Now believe us genuine?
[01/06, 14:56] Happy buyer: Thank you master i really cant wait for the amulet to arrive and i really know this will work
[01/06, 14:56] Nayan: I m happy for u


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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thai amulet Gay love charm.

Thai amulet Sex gay love charm soak in powerful corpse oil .

This powerful amulet is a Kama Sutra Seduction Charm, Strengthen relationship and sexual relations for Gay Male.

Strengthen your existing relationship, ultra strong boost in your love commitments ,increase love and passion Romance, improving your Social Life, Increasing enhancing charm and attraction power 
For existing couples, it can move past negativity and return passion to a relationship

It can also attract lost love back and binding two people back together.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Celebrity master, white dragon master thai amulet

White Dragon King thai amulet, coin from master White Dragon King, White Dragon Temple, Chonburi. These talismans are highly sought after by his followers in HK, Taiwan and China. The late master was like a spiritual godfather to all those celebrities who believed in him.
Hong Kong movie star like Andy Lau is a close devote to him.


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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unexpected Good Results from Powerful thai amulet

I got a buyer, facing extremely ill and unhappy.
I got her a very powerful life force thai amulet, which change her life overnight to better.

[29/05, 14:09]Nayan: Hi
[29/05, 14:10]Nayan: Manage to help?
[29/05, 15:05] Happy Buyer: Hi Nyan, my apologies for the tardy reply . I was busy just now
[29/05, 15:06] Happy Buyer: Thank you so so much
[29/05, 15:06] Happy Buyer: The item is working
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: Oh
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: Great to hear that is working for u.
[29/05, 15:06] Happy Buyer: I can feel something moving
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: Mmmm
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: OK.
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: When u free
[29/05, 15:07]Nayan: U share with me more ya
[29/05, 15:07] Happy Buyer: N when I burped, I feel negatives leaving me
[29/05, 15:07]Nayan: Oh, after u use the item, u discharge negative forces or energy thru burped
[29/05, 15:07]Nayan: Correct?
[29/05, 15:07] Happy Buyer: The something moving is like energy flowing
[29/05, 15:08] Happy Buyer: Yes...ever since I have used the item, I have been releasing negatives energy through burping
[29/05, 15:08]Nayan: Hahaha
[29/05, 15:09]Nayan: That's a interesting way to discharge negative energy
[29/05, 15:09]Nayan: 😀
[29/05, 15:09] Happy Buyer: I am so bloated with negatives till I am like so uncomfortable
[29/05, 15:09]Nayan: OK, happy to hear that my item help you!
[29/05, 15:10] Happy Buyer: U slept very well yesterday
[29/05, 15:10] Happy Buyer: Only woke up once
[29/05, 15:10] Happy Buyer: *I slept
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: Oh, u slp well last night?
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: Ok
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: V good!
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: I am v happy to hear that.
[29/05, 15:11] Happy Buyer: Thank god for his blessings
[29/05, 15:11] Happy Buyer: For him sending my friend isabel n you
[29/05, 15:11] Happy Buyer: Thank you so much

Friday, May 26, 2017

From stranger to lover love charm

Thank you for the Nmp oil thai amulet. I used it on a guy, touched him using the oil. I was able to see the effect instantly. He spoke to be better. And he told me he will meet me again. You never fail to impress me time to time! Thank you for the amazing Nmp oil.


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Friday, May 12, 2017

Black scorpion oil love charm

The black magic spell from the traditional master

On my previous post, I share on some common use of animals in thai magic.

Today, I going to introduce a kind of dark magic that use powerful deadly animal in thai magic: scorpion.

Black scorpion has been widely use in dark Thai magic. The thai magic practitioner would add black scorpion to the thai amulet or charm to enhance the function.

Black scorpions many times are found inside jars filled with alcohol in many homes of the olden Thais, in fact some of olden people will carry on this practice some do so just because they been told it is for good luck, others use the scorpions extract in folk medicine preparations.

They believe that the scorpion spirit although deadly is also an ally that protects the people against evil and misfortune. However, as many things have a dual nature so too can the scorpion be used in spells of malice and such practices are utilized by other indigenous groups to place scorpions near some one’s home or to cause misfortune. 

Black scorpions are used in spells to control someone for love, sex, or just domination among other things. They are use in spells of control and some forms of love magic.

Black Scorpion Oil

Master first host important ceremony to invite the black scorpion spirit to come to help the making of this black scorpion oil.
After that, he will add in the necessary herbs, love charm, charming herbs, blind a person herbs etc to cook together with the black Scorpion to make the world’s one of the most powerful dark magic love charm: Black Scorpion oil.

Black Scorpion Oil Function:

Control or dominate someone thoughts or body

Make or force that person to miss you or think of you

Revenge or fire back punishment back to the people who bully you or attack you.

Punish lover.

Source for luck.

Find money for you.

Increase your money and wealth.

Bring back (death) luck; suitable for people whose luck are beyond cure or improve. Can bring back your luck to better.


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Advance deadly love spell

I has share out some simple love spell some time ago. 
Link as below :

Today, I going to share out slightly more advance love spells or love thai amulet. 
Animal are common associate to thai magic. Love spell or charming thai amulet commonly use bring in animals to enhance the effects. 

1) elephant sperm
Elephant is widely use in Thai magic. 
Elephant parts are make into thai amulet for various purposes. In love thai amulet, elephant sperm is add into thai amulet to enhance charming effects. 

2) snake Penis 
Snake, a animal like elephant also widely use in Thai magic.
Snake skin is often use in wealth thai amulet to fetch wealth and money. 
Snake Penis is bless with love mantra and charming mantra to has charming and attracts lover effects. 

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Magical Job Hunter thai amulet

Recently a buyer approach me. He said he was jobless for more than 365 days, more than 1 year.
He has try many interviews but rejected.
He was very depressed.
He prayed for help and guidance.
His prayers are answer.
He found me, and i recommend him a magic job hunter amulet that will get him a good job.
Within 1 month of using the thai amulet, miracle happen on him!
He find a job!

[26/04, 19:45] Job Seeker: I've got a job after getting your amulet Nayan. I'm grateful! 🙏🏻
[26/04, 19:50] Nayan: Congratulations after jobless for a year!
[26/04, 19:50] Nayan: When you starting?

[26/04, 19:56] Job Seeker: Sarted 3 days ago, Nayan.. 🙏🏻😂

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How love spell or love magic is being cast or curse?

There are many enquiries asking how love spell are being cast or perform by various masters. 

I has engage many masters for my buyers and there are more than a few hundreds of love spell ritual. 
Some work very well, and some, are simply bullshift! 

From years of experiences, I only keep using that few secrets masters that work very well. 

There will be a few methods which work very well and can only perform only by senior level masters, and these methods, I will not disclose here and I will not share the methods at all as they are only accessible by senior masters. 

Alright, let's get started to know those simple and common ones:

1) candle magic love spell 

Candle magic is 1 of the very common method use by masters these days due to convenient casting and easier for the master to perform magic. 

Purposes : bring lover back, make lover love them more, or make him love you or make her listen to you. 

2) black magic to curse love enemies 

Often, lovers or couples face other parties or 3rd parties  come in to snatch or cause breakout in relationship. 
In order to remove the 3rd party or to kick the other person away from their lover, the victim of the relationship will engage master or black magic masters to cast curse or harm to remove of the 3rd party to cast then out from the relationship. 

Wax doll of the 3rd party are make and chanted  coffin nails are nail to the person to curse them with bad luck, illness, bad health or even death! 

Blood are pour onto them to enhance the curse more deadly.

Stay tune! 
To be continue.... 

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

phra phaya kru thai amulet

Phra phaya kru or great Garuda thai amulet

Great Garuda is the supreme Amulet for Love, Sex and Power as per the Hindu Myths, world’s oldest religion that is over 3500 years in age!

Garuda is the Mythical half human, half eagle semi-divine, super-powerful King of all Birds.  He is the younger brother of Arun, the dawn, the charioteer of the Sun God Suriya.

He is highly admired by the great divines for his bravery and love for his mother.  He is the vehicle of the great Hindu Divine God Vishnu (Narai).  The Lord of the sky has the right to stand on top of the Flag Pole of Lord Vishnu the supreme Divine God of universe.

It is told that throughout his life, he had never lost to anyone either at love or at war.  Thus his image is taken as Amulet of ever Glory, sexual attraction and super-power.  He is also known as an ardent gambler and ruthless lover.  Garuda has many wives, a female Garuda queen presented by Lord Indra, the human Queen of Varanasi and a Nagar serpent Princess, his own cousin.

This item is bless and make by Thailand 1 of the top master, aj 
wara. His temple is always swam by devotes to seek their luck change or want a better life. Great master aj wara always never fail to introduce this great Garuda power to his devotes. 


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha (restock)

The best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha thai amulet

This the best of 3 worlds Lord ganesha thai amulet is combine with the power of hindu old magic world, thai old magic world and chinese feng shui world.

1) In front of this amulet, the master use tap or borrow the 8 most powerful temple energy from India to seal of this Lord Ganesha thai amulet.

Below are the information of the 8 temples:


Shri Moreshwar or Mayureshwar Temple is situated along the Karha River in the Morgaon village in the Baramati Taluka of Pune district in Maharashtra. This region is also known as the Bhuswananda. Moregaon Village is said to have received its name as once upon a time the shape of this place was like a peacock and there was an abundance of peacock birds in this region. Literally Moregoan means ‘Village of Peacocks’ and is a combination of two words (more which means Peacock and goan which means village). As per the legend Lord Ganesh riding a peacock in the form of Mayureshwara slew the demon Sindhu in response to pleas from the Gods.This is the first Temple to be visited during the Ashtavinayaka Temple Pilgrimage.


Shri Siddhivinayak Temple at Siddhatek is one of the renowned Ashta Vinayaka Temples in Maharashtra and is situated off the Pune-Solapur highway at a distance of about 200 km east of Pune. According to the Legend it is believed that it was on the Siddhtek Mountain that Lord Vishnu invoked Lord Ganesha during his battle with the demons Madhu and Kaitabha and acquired Siddhi from him. This is also said to be the place where Sage Bhrushandi and Vyas had performed penances and attained Siddhi. This GaneshTemple is on hill top facing north and built by the Peshwas. This temple is located on the banks of Bhima River in a remote little village called Siddhatek in Karjat Taluka in Ahmadnagar District. The greenery and beauty of this area does not go unnoticed to anyone visiting this place. Siddhi Vinayaka Temple of Siddhatek is the second Temple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayak Mandir Yatra.


The Ballaleshwar Temple of Pali is the third Ashta Vinayak Temple to be visited while during an Ashta Vinayak Temple Yatra. This Templeis situated in the Sudhagad Taluka in Raigad District and approximately 110 kms from Pune. This is the only temple of Lord Ganesh which is famous by the name of the Ganesh devotee. The Ganesh idol of Pali is known as Ballal Vinayaka and is associated with the legend of a young lad Ballal's devotion to Lord Ganesh. This Temple is situated between the historical Sanrasgad Fort on one side and River Amba flowing on the other side. There are two lakes in front of the temple. The original Temple was a wooden temple which was renovated in 1760 to a new stone temple. One specialty of this temple is that during sunrise the rays of the sun fall directly on the Ganesh Idol.


Shri Varada Vinayak Temple is the fourth GaneshaTemple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka Temples Pilgrimage according to Shastras.This temple is located three kilometers off the Pune-Mumbai highway near Khopoli in Mahad village of Raigarh District in Maharashtra. Varadvinayak literally means ‘the bestower of boons’. It is believed that Lord Ganesh as Varad Vinayak fulfills all the desires of his sincere devotees and also grants them boons. The idol of this Temple Varada Vinayak is a swayambu (self originated) and was found in the adjoining lake in an immersed position in 1690 AD. This Temple is said to be built in 1725AD by Subhedar Ramji Mahadev. The Varadvinayak shrine is associated with the legend of Prince Rukmangada, Indra and Sage Grutsamad. The temple premises are on one side of a beautiful pond.


Shri Chintamani Vinayak Temple of Theur (Theyoor) in Pune District of Maharashtra is the 5thGaneshTemple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka Pilgrimage. In this shrine Lord Ganesh as Chintamani brings peace of mind and drives away all the perplexities. According to the Legend it is at this spot Lord Ganesha is believed to have restored the precious Chintamani jewel from the greedy Prince Guna who stole it from Sage Kapila. However the sage refused to take the gem back and began to call Lord Ganesh as Chintaamani Vinayaka. Since the incident took place under a Kadamba tree this place also came to be known as Kadambanagar. Another legend regarding this place is associated with Lord Brahma.It is said that once Lord Brahma was feeling restless and called upon Vinayaka to ease his mind. As Lord Brahma’s worries (Chinta) were removed by the Ganesha at this place Lord Ganesh came to be known here as Chintamani Vinayak.


Shri Girijatmaj Vinayaka Temple of Lenyadri in Maharashtra is the sixth Ganesh Temple to be visited on the Ashta Vinayaka Mandir Pilgrimage. ‘Girijatmaj’ literally means Ganesha the son of Girija (Goddess Parvati). According to the Legend Goddess Parvati who had a strong desire to have Vinayaka as her son performed penance for 12 years in the caves of Lenyadri to fulfill her wish. Pleased by her dedication Lord Ganesha blessed her and on the day of Bhadrapada Shudh Chaturthi when Parvati was worshiping an idol of Lord Ganesha it came alive and told her that her wish has been granted. This Temple is situated at the Lenyadri Mountain in a Buddhist Cave which is around 95 Kms from Pune. Lenyadri is in North of the Pune City on the banks of River Kukdi. The beauty and pollution free environment of this area does not go unnoticed to anyone visiting the Shrine. There is an entrance fee of Rs 5 for visiting this Temple.


Shri Vigneshwara Temple of Ozar is the 7thTemple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka Temple Pilgrimage. This AshtaVinayakaTemple is in the banks of Kukadi River which is in Junnar District and around 85 kms from Pune. The Deity of this shrine is known as Vigneshwara which means ‘remover of all obstacles’. It is believed that after visiting this place God takes away all your problems. As per the Legend a demon by name Vignasura was troubling the Sages. Responding to the prayers of the Sages Lord Ganesh fought with the Demon Vignasura who surrendered to Ganesha and agreed to stop his misdeeds. In connection with the surrender of Vignasura the Sages installed an image of Vigneshwara at Ozar on Ganesh Chaturti day and offered worship.


Shri Mahaganapati Temple of Ranjangoan is the eight and last GaneshTemple to be visited during the Ashta Vinayaka Temple Pilgrimage. According to the Legend it is said that it is at this place Lord Shiva invoked Ganesha before fighting the Demon Tripurasura. Therefore the Ganesha idol of this Temple is also known as Tripurarivade Mahaganpati. The Mahaganapati Temple is east facing and has a huge and beautiful entrance gate. The Idols of Jay and Vijay are present near the gateway. The temple is constructed in such a manner that the rays of the sun fall directly on the idol.

Lastly, the master use a very powerful yantra on behind to seal up the power inside.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lost a good thai amulet vs lost a life

I has told many of my buyers who treasure very well those thai amulets they got from me. Those amulets will bring them bring you immeasurable blessings and benefits. More than money and happiness.

Recently, a buyer approach me, he told me that after he has got my legendary fire tiger amulet, his life changes to so much better that he almost forget the help was from the fire tiger amulet helps!
After he lost the great gem,fire tiger,  his life fall seriously to a very negative state. He knew he has to come back for my help again.

As far as I had my legendary fire tiger thai amulet, generally all aspects of my life was well. At work everybody likes me and I was able to perform well. The management promoted me and I was stable and well. And there came a day where I lost my amulet and everything went backwards. I resigned my job, and it became hard for me to secure another job even when I have all the qualifying factors. Life became harder. It took me sometimes to figure that everything was good till I had Tiger Fire amulet with me. And I contacted Nayan and rent a new one. This time around it was different amulet to support my situation. Hopefully everything will turn out well and I will be able to secure a job and close the gaps in the coming future.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Go back to Normal Life

Recently, many people are facing money issues, sales issues and poor business.

I was approach by this buyer in sales line. Besides facing heavy competitive in her trade, she also face high demanding customers. Closing sales seem very tougher each day. She as very depress.

After using the fire sales thai amulet, she got back her sales target and she knows her life is back to normal!

Hii.. last night my total sales went up again. Back to $600 plus before cut. 👏🏻👏🏻

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Change your life from here:

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A cure to Unanswered prayers

Many enquirers ask how does this item work? 

This life changing thai amulet need a 1 time activation from the owner after receiving the item. The code word word will be given by me upon purchase and you need to recite 1 time which is good enough to open up your life force which including wealth, importance friend or people who will insanely bring your life to another level. 

A cure to Unanswered prayers 

According to master, this code word are words that will create a gateway or link to the gods which will speed your your wish and desire. 

Many people are unable to deliver their wishes successfully to the gods is because they are shortage of this link or gateway. 
Your wishes are unable to come true because partly God's unable to receive your wish/WISHES.

You wrongly think you by cast a beautiful net, and you will sure to catch beautiful things with that. 

But with wake up your life thai amulet , When you recite the code word, your wishes or desires will be delivered to gods hands. 

Information :

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to save your job during economy crisis

Now I now many people are facing economy crisis during this economy meltdown.
Many people are being retrench.

I told my regular buyers that me and masters will pay extra attention for them and in any threat to their career, we will inform them.

One of this buyer is facing a tough audit from external. There is a huge threat.
Master saw the threat with his 3rd eye and forewarn her.
She heed our advise and take up our: "shield my job thai amulet"
The audit went very smoothly and she score excellently well.

Dear Nayan, master has saved my job! Totally impressed with the results! I was very stressed before the auditor came to assess my work. After listening to your advices and master done with his ritual the auditor came in and has feedback on a very well job done! I am truly grateful and appreciate the kindness master has showered upon me. I am truly glad master is watching over me all the time. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wake up your life

My Destiny vs My Life

This Wake up my life thai amulet is good for facing a series of unfortunate events or unhappiness in life. 
They can be facing debt, no enough money, money keep lost, working problems, bosses and colleagues working issues or family issues. 

This luck booster thai amulet will strengthen our main luck in life, and straighten things up. 

Sometimes in life, there are people who always drag us down or keep giving us problems. 

Most importantly, the Wake up my life thai amulet will act as setback remover will  always make you outgrow the present situation, disconnect from, reject, release, let go of, dissolve and utterly ignore everyone who makes your life worse or drags you down, and allow you to always replace  people who make my life better and uplift you to a better life. The people around you will start to change. 


A lot of times, we discovered ourselves stuck at certain part of the life. We keep using the same method or attitude in our daily life to get same results.  This thai amulet will give you a new idea or new methods to get a better response in life. 
I has buyer being promoted to senior lawyer after he use this item to get new ideas to fight court cases to win.
If you are stuck now, no idea what or where to do in your life  this item is the ideal one that can change or bring your life to another level. 

Discovery of new job and has your talent recognised 

Often we get bored of our present job or often the recognition is not well known to the bosses or manager which has indirectly affect our pay and bonuses. 
This item can make your talents known to your bosses or manager  or other better companies so that you can has a shift in career. 

I has been using amulet for more than 10 years.
Many works. Many don't too. 
This is 1 of them I has been introducing to buyers for many years and each time, the amulet never fail to disappointed them. 
They told me this amulet never disappointed to insert colour  to their life whenever they reach a stagnant stage of their life. 

You will notice after using the item, your own life gets better and the lives of those around you especially your love ones. 

Money cashier from God 

Many people has the amulet.
But they do not has the code word to unlock the power or access the secret path to get the wealth or money energy.
 A code word will be teach to the owner.
Whether you want to get emergency cash 
or build a strong financial future, this item is a powerful money generator for generating money, fast, on an ongoing basis.

Lover quarrel Curse

This regular buyer has a very fierce lover. She will flare and get angry with him very often and quarrel. He contacted me and ask me how h...