Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Get a free car Thai amulet

A buyer told me he has no money to buy a car. 
But his mother might be able to buy for him.
But the car is not cheap and he worry his mother will not buy for him.
So i teach him what persuade thai amulet to wear to persuade his mother to view the car with him. 
With the help of powerful thai amulet, everything go very smoothly.
His mom buy his dream car for him!

[16/12, 01:35] Happy Buyer: I need my mum to approve and buy and also maybe success nego with the dealer
[16/12, 01:36] Happy Buyer: 😅
[16/12, 10:26] Nayan: Ok
[16/12, 12:50] Nayan: Yes. U pray before go.
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Wah bro
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Smooth la
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Power bro
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Thanks!!
[16/12, 18:02] Nayan: Of course lar. U think play play. U wait this car v long liao. I sure help de!
[16/12, 18:03] Happy Buyer: Power bro , my mum go there just agree
[16/12, 18:04] Nayan: Happy for u!
[16/12, 18:07] Happy Buyer: Thanks bro

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jail Breaker Thai amulet

A buyer approach me, he told me he facing law issue and need go jail. 

He approach us for help. 

Master do a "escape from law" ritual for him and a break me free thai amulet for him to wear.

Now, he is a free man and he told me that the court did not come upon him.

[09/12, 18:09] Jail Breaker: bro. update from my side to u, it's been 6weeks le, so far up til nw have not gotten any law letter or suit case from them. will keep bro notified. thank u.bro

[09/12, 18:15] Nayan Jail Saver: OK Bro. So is gd news?

[09/12, 22:11] Jail Breaker: so far yes bro. hopefully is good news and no law suit all the way. will keep bro u update in a weeks or two time

[09/12, 22:12] Nayan Jail Saver: Happy for u. Owe me a treat ya.

[09/12, 22:13] Jail Breaker: yes bro.

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