Monday, May 30, 2016

Change of Heart Thai amulet (sold out)

People come and go. Some stay for a while,  some leave footprint in our heart and some leave unbearable pain. Some leave dark shadow in our life that haunt us for life. 
I always look forward to meet person who leave beautiful memories in my life and block negative people in my life.

I am a very stubborn person. I hate to accept fate which lead me to hunt for ways or methods to race against any odds to rob my happiness.

By blessings,  I came by this guru who us well respect by the farmers and people in Thailand. 
Pls don't underestimate this item.
The heart of this item is able to make any humans or animals live together harmoniously, or in simple words, change their way of thoughts to suit your way. 
This is one of the signature amulet that the people swear by him.

Reverse hate

1 of the followers who I meet in his place to me that in his workplace,  he thought he has zero chance to get promotion or pay raise any more. 
He accident offence his stingy supervisor. 
After using the item,  he embark into a different journey in his career. 
His supervisor treat him a meal in his home with home cook food and apologies to him last time for his silly mistake for not appreciate him! 
His life change dramatic 360 after incredible Thai amulet. 
He told me that his wife used to me very nasty and rude. 
After using,  she seem to be much kinder towards him,  treat him with respect, giving him the pride,  the dignity.

Either you got wonderful love story or you are forever played by some stupid love games.

This master by nature is very ugly in appearance. He has a broken nose and a eyes that pointed in different directions. 
Since young,  he has problems finding love from woman. He told me,  even the most ugliest lady in his village find him ugly and rejected him. 
With a heart broken heart,  he vow to take revenge against these ladies who rejected him. 
He learn the art of "never say good bye" love mantra. 
This magic will make the target person you desire keep surrounding you endless. 
After he has learn this magic,  he try on a few ladies who rejected him previously. 
One by one,  start to shown up in his life. 
1 of the ladies cried miserable state apologies to him for not appreciate him. 
He ask her wat there is a sudden shift on attitude. 
She say she dream of herself turn into a ugly lady. After wake up,  she find out that,  actually,  he is a kind man,  just some defect in appearance. 
From the 1st day till now,  she come everyday to cook for the master and clean the house. Master try to chase her away,  but after a few days,  she came back to master again.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Remember, you could be wearing a lot of amulet but still a lot of undesired events is happening because you are not wearing this correct amulet to create your desire events.

Master told me that many master are using "swapping power" magic or chant. 
In other words,  
You could be trading something at this moment that give you short term happiness. 
Some item swap with your future happiness to grant your present short wish. 
So,  soon,  after some time,  you will find you are more miserable or facing more bad luck after using some items. 
This ugly looking master told me that his item is using a type of magic that will not swap with any events or luck from you but instead,  IS GIVING YOU MORE!

So,  You could be missing something very important that could change your life forever. 
So don't let others unskilled master silly mistake prevent you from gaining the life and happiness you want. 
Insist on your own happiness. 

What can you expect?

You will find that after using, you friends treat you better. 
You will not face any betray from any friends. 
Your friends will not hate you out of the blue.

In workplace and career, you will gain appreciation from boss,  supervisor.

And yes,  one of the most important person in our life:

Your spouse,  lover will be kinder to you,  more sweeter towards you. They will be Royal to you.
And also, You can gain your sweet revenge wish come true,  Ex lover will come back suddenly unexpectedly. 
And something  more  than that,  they won't leave you until you stop using the charm.

Summary :Perfect item in this imperfect world.

After purchase, you will be teach how to use this item to see results.
Your secret desire will unfold successfully. 
You are expect to experience success after success. 

You will also know the dirty tricks to lock down a person heart. 


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Higher than normal.....Awesome.

I always happy to hear that buyers life get much better after using the thai amulet they got from me...
Best parts, they ALWAYS told me : Nayan,  my life is awesome because you are in it!
That's set a good motivation for me! Great work Nayan!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gay open sex life

A buyer told me that after using my attraction gay love charm thai amulet, out of suddenly, many men ask him out for sex!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Horny bastard vs charming bastard

A buyer told he the super charge of charming bastard when he hold in his hands...
I told him in a confident manner  his life going to be different!

More information on charming bastard:

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gay love charm

Sad buyer Before get love charm from me

I already got one from another store, but it seems work very slow or maybe not effective, I'm not sure, I haven't see the effect yet. I think I want to get one more from you. Let me tell you the story, I met this guy from line group (I'm also a guy, lol),

I talked to him for a while and decided I want him to be my bf, he knew that, but he rejected me twice, I guess. I'm not sure I'm not good enough for him or he just got hurt from his previous one sided love. Sometimes he seems care about me but most of the time cold to me. I only met him once, since then, he kept say he is busy or maybe it's an excuse. Anything from you can help me...I mean for same sex attraction, particular I want to use it for him only? Thank you.

Instant results after getting the powerful gay love charm


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My lover wash my panties for me

A female buyer told me that she hate her relationship! Her lover treat her like a sex machine. After sex, he will just leave. She told me that her lover treat her like a object.
Furthermore, his pride is very strong and very demanding.

After use the Appreciate me love charm thai amulet from me, he lower his man ego and stay to shower her with love instead of treating her like a sex toy.

He stay back to talk to her and guess what????
He even wash her panties and clothes for her!
My buyer feel so much appreciated now!


Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...