Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Charm you to death oil (sold out)

sold out


This Powerful Unisex oil is infused not only with many Sex Magic energy of  horny bitch but with actual blood of a horny prostitute who has charm many men to death!

According to the master, this prostitute is known for seductive mesmerizing hypnotic sexuality that entrances all who come into contact with them! Part of this effect is the result of Pheromones they give off. Thus, when she die, the master decided to use her dead oil to make this charm so that you can also like her, charm and charm and seduce people to your mercy! 

The master talk to her soul, ask her how powerful is her seduce skill?

Master: tell me how good you are!

Female spirit: when I was alive, i was very popular and famous. Those men who has sex with me before, they will always come back for me, the organism they get with me, in their whole life they will never meet a second person like me! 
I was not only popular among those horny beast, many female came to me too!
I can seduce anyone once they see me or talk to me! This skill is in born in me and many people dream to has this and their whole life, they will never has it!

Master: I want to use you for the people!

Female spirit: Sure, I am very happy to help people to seduce other people to their mercy regardless male or female! I want them to know my motto:

Become irresistible! Seductive! Mesmerizing!

According to the master, for some very sensitive people, they will notice  the intense erotic feelings these oil evoke. With the first whiff men get a groin tightening erotic tingling in there sexual organs! Women get a warm throbbing ache between their legs and an instant tightening of their nipples! An intensive EROTIC reaction!!! It is THAT awesome!!!

You immediately, male or female, feel erotic, feel sexier, more attractive and alluring, more confident of your sexuality and in control of the people you meet!

Just having using this Oil, You will become a charming magnet for others, you will radiate an erotic pull that will affect all you interact with. People will be drawn to you subconsciously, uncontrollably, see you as an attractive, hypnotically erotic and seductive person. This powerful charm you to death Oil will unlock the primordial primitive sexual part of your inner self giving you  like powers of hypnotic sexual attraction. Giving you a greater sensuality, a magnetic sexually vital intensely erotic 'aura' that draws others like moths to a flame.

You will find it easier to make connections with others, meet new and prospective lovers or any one. People will start to approach YOU!!! You will become sexually magnetic and all are drawn to you. They won't know why, they just will WANT to get to know you, be near you, be with you! This powerful mesmerizing charming oil  works subconsciously on those you encounter, they are drawn to you, wanting, needing to be in your presence.

You will have the Power of the a seducing magnet!

This power can impact all areas of your life, and NOT just sexually!

As discovered in studies of Human Pheromones, this subconscious attractant just makes ALL want to be near you, please you, in ways far beyond the sexual!

This will work for both Gay, lesbian and Straight individuals!

You will be taught:

How to use to charm your partner for better sexual organism
How to use in work to charm your boss or colleague has better working  (let me warn you, if they start to love you and keep bugging you non stop, don't complain to me) 
How to use it to "attack" on specific person to make that person pay attention only to you.
How to use on charming on overall people. 
In simple words, this oil can be use to charm people for business or work ppurpose for money benfit or career benefits.
Or you for own personal naughty benefits 1 night stand etc... or obedience lover..  

This oil can be use for 50-100 times or if you worry the oil will be finished, you will be taught of a way which you will permanently hold the power of the "charm you to death oil".


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