Thursday, September 24, 2015

UN-MESS my life

Dear Nayan,

I have been with you for many years now and I will continue to do so because your services is genuine.

Before I met you, my life is in a mess.

After several or many thai amulets that bought from you, indeed it all changed my life totally.

I am now looking for a personal relationship be stabilized and I knew you will guide me along and given me your support.

Without you, everything seems no hopes, but with amulets energy and blessing, everything are in place now.

Thank you so much Nayan to be there for me every time and anytime.

我向你购买了泰國佛牌之后,它们彻底改变了我的生活。我现在正在寻找一个稳定的私人关系,而我知道你会一路指引我, 给予你的全力支持。


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Miracle calling

As usual, this regular buyer always like take shortcut. He know the amulet from me always give him miracle. He always don't study ad wait for miracle to happen.
This time, things a bit out of control. Has fail many subjects and topics.
I told him that i can get him a thai amulet that will make a call to the universal and make those who can help him in coaching the studies to come and help him and let him do well in his retest.

Within a few days, many helping hands come to him .
And those he chapters he had study come out on the test! 

Hi Bro , I have to feedback that not only your stuff is awesome but you are awesome.
As u know I'm lazy & I failed my exams and again it's my last try, wearing your combination and the assistance of unseen beings  me to stay in my school once again. 
I had not much time  to study and my friends had graduated so they were either overseas, having the holiday mood or barely passed themselves. 
Let's go day by day..

Day 1: the day I changed combination and ritual started, a friend of mine texted me to ask me how I was doing , obviously I was stressed as hell.  She then offered to help me with a particular subject for the whole day 12pm-1am. It was only later I found out she took leave off her job to help me.

Day 2: I finished 1 of my paper & I needed to study for my next paper. This time I had 2 friends help me, day time and night time. Basically I studied for the whole day.

Day 3: after finishing my 2nd paper I met a guy retaking the same 3rd paper as me at the smoking corner , you won't believe it but he offered to help me. I was shocked because normally people wouldn't  want to help another person if they themselves are retaking the paper. 
Basically to summarise things , everyday I had help from various people which is not something easy because not everyone knows how to do the modules I'm taking.

Moving on to the next part of a memory boost or some sort. Come on man , we all know last min studying doesn't work and the retest had no hints haha & I had only 1 day to study for each paper. It was like my brain was on steroids or something, I could remember everything in the book/notes rather detailed. So basically when I was doing my exams , every question that came out , I could remember it because an image of the notes would appear on my mind, this has not happened before. On top of that , my focus was at least 80% better than usual.

Lastly the energy from the amulet I got from you was awesome as usual, it increased my metta which I felt also contributed in the success of what I wrote above.

If this feedback is posted , I want people to know nayan is as legit as it gets.Have faith in him and his words , and things won't go wrong. I know because I've known him since 2008 and he's helped me countless times.

That's all for my recent feedback. Thanks again man, I would had been screwed if it wasn't for your help.

See you soon.

让我一天一天的为你诉说... ...


第二天: 我已经完成其中一份考卷并需要为下一个考试做准备。这次我有两个朋友来帮我度过白天和夜间的温习。基本上,我努力了一整天。


下一个部分我要提的是我得到了类似记忆体智慧加速的功能。我们都知道临时抱佛脚并不管用,而重考题目完全没有提示。哈哈... ... 我在考每一份考卷以前,只拥有一天的温习时间。这就像我的大脑点上类固醇的东西,我能够详细地记着笔记本里的笔记。所以基本上当我正在考试时,每个出现的考题我都能记起因为图像会浮现在我脑海里。这从未发生。最重要的是,我的集中力至少百分之八十比平时要好。


如果这篇反馈被贴出,我要让人们知道Nayan 是正当、货真价实的。对他和他的言行有信心,绝对不会错!我很清楚因为我认识他自 2008 年以来,他帮了我无数次。



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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

you relieve my suffering for 12 months 你缓解我十二个月的痛苦

A buyer told me he is very happy with my that amulet.
Now, his sister is jobless for very long. I say, no problem.
Get her a good luck amulet and this good luck and wealth amulet will help her to get her dream job fast!
Very son, good news reach her door and below is her feedback:

Bro, my sis feedback and thanks :

My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for making my life better in 1 incredible month. For past 12 months, I wasn't able to get employed.  Upon receiving the "Snatch Charm amulet", many good things happened. I got a job that I like!!! The experience is simply awesome and unbelievable!




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