Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Force Your Way Through (restock) (sold)

(sold out) email regarding this item won't be reply.

Hey if you can't kill it, force your way through!  

The road to success is usually full of bumps, challenges and tough times.


If you have strain every nerve to enter through the narrow gate to success and can’t make it, this charm will be able to help you to force your way through the narrow gate and you will start to see a single ray of light.


All those days of fighting will be worth it with this FORCE YOUR WAY CHARM because success will light up your life!


We all want to be extraordinary and to do great things in this world.

If you ask people what is the secret to happiness, the answer will depend on what you ask. If you go to Hollywood, they would say it’s good looks, being in shape and following a healthy diet.  If you ask a politician in D. C., s/he might say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that will help you become successful.  If you ask someone on Wall Street, they may say it’s your wealth, the things you have and the influence you have.  If you ask someone in the NFL, they would probably say size, speed and ability.

If you ask the happy buyers from me, they will tell you, its about the effective and powerful amulet!


so your success will be going to be this FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH CHARM!

Gods, devas and masters has given us gifts and although we’re not all great at everything, everyone here should has them. You just need to discover what that something is and pour your life into it, whatever it is.

This FORCE YOUR WAY thai amulet is going to make you successful:

People who cant complaining they keep failing in life, the FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH  help is here.

You keep trap in stage, has pray until don’t know where to pray, the this FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH cure is here.

You need go for exam and you keep fail or you are a idiot in studies yet you need to pass, FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH exams with this FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH charm.

You are stuck in a financial stage and no matter how hard you try, money keep hard to find, FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH charm is going to squeeze you through difficult financial stage and make you find money easy again.

You has been working very hard and no matter how much hard work you put, you seem unable to move up the promotion ladder, FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH the path and sit on the management level!

Suitable for people also who keep fail in:


Failing in exams,

Stuck in court case for very long, need to win court case.

Need help badly to has a better life.

Want to move out from this lousy life

Has been fighting with someone, and keep losing; in any terms like position in company or spiritually or in love life (3 side love) etc.

Money luck keep stuck at 1 level, no matter what you do, you just cant get any much higher or any much more than you are having now. break your money standard now! Get richer!

I cant finish describing the wonderful functions of this FORCE YOUR WAY THROUGH magical item.
I myself use 1. Whenever I got problem, seem helpless, I would  hold it with my 2 hands, point to the sky…
A solution or breakthrough situations seem coming toward my way.

The name of master and this amulet and information on how to use will be sent only to the buyer via email.

 Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Thailand's top Buddhist leader dies aged 100

Thailand's Supreme Patriarch died Thursday at the age of 100, plunging the deeply Buddhist kingdom into mourning for its most senior monk.

Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, the country's top Buddhist leader, died of a blood infection following recent surgery for an intestinal infection, according to a statement from Chulalongkorn Hospital where he had been receiving treatment.

He had been hospitalised for more than a decade. Details of his funeral have not yet been announced.

The respected cleric -- a friend of the Dalai Lama -- was born Charoen Gajavatra on October 3, 1913 in the western Thai province of Kanchanaburi and ordained as a novice when he was 14 years old.

He became Supreme Patriarch in 1989 and was revered among Buddhists worldwide.

Last year, the World Fellowship of Buddhists bestowed the title of "Sangha Leader of the Buddhist World" on the Supreme Patriarch at a meeting in Japan.

His holiness died at hospital at chulalongkorn hospital thursday evening.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sexy girl want talk to me ( love sex money god)

Hi nayan
your love sex money god  is very good.
1 wk after I wear it more good looking sexy girl want to talk to me. my friend also offer a cover job for me
end if this month this also make user horny.
so this is a rated aaaaa+ amulet from me
thank you

因此,我評價這泰國佛牌 aaaaa+ .

 Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Happy Father Encyclopedia (Force Your Way Through happy buyer )

Nayan, remember by second son? He put in much effort in his studies but the results weren't tat good. Since putting on your amulet few months ago, things are much better. Not only he got scholarship, but also scored first in his school exam. I can now see him really enjoy work hard play hard. Thank you very much!

還記得我的第二個兒子嗎?他不能好好學習,在學校裡,許多辛勤工作後,還是一樣。使用您的泰國佛牌後, 他得到改善。他拿到了獎學金,同時在學校取得好成績。

                 Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com 

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Lonely Man Remedy

After introduction to 1 of the buyer some love charms, he manage to get a girlfriend and the girl which he love, agree to be with him.

介紹一個孤獨的買, 迷人的泰國佛牌後, 他愛的女孩甘心成為他的情人。

no more lonely days.
no more lonely nights.


Dreams come true, his dream girl sitting besides him in his way.....

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy life thai amulet kumanthong (sold)

This batch of thai amulet kumanthong  perhaps the best guardian any person can hope for.

He will free up your bad luck!

Being free of all bad luck and bad flow of money will allow you to live a happier life.

You may notice you have more energy, feel better, have better health,, good luck, more friends, feelings of peace, clearer thinking,  and a clear path full of happiness!

He will set you to easy To With and Ready For Anything!

He has a great nature and is always ready for anything.

He is always looking ahead to remove anything negative from your path.

No job or no request is too big for he.  

He can make your dreams comes true while providing you will great protection.

He is a top and loyal server who give everything 100%...he is a spirit guardian and servant who you can trust in all areas of life and love.

You can trust this thai amulet kumanthong with your life, career, relationship and money. You can trust that she will never let you down.

Things you should know about he is that once you are his master,  he will go to great lengths to see that all blocks and barriers will be removed from your life. 

He can be fierce in their pursuit of your desires and will stop at nothing to see you are protected from all things that may hurt or further your growth, happiness and success.

You can also expect great personal gain wishes to be granted fast and safe. 

If you want more, this kumanthong can also attract friends, lovers and help restore friendships.

He can help increase your daily energy and create a positive vibe to your home.

I am working hard tying to find you new, exotic and powerful kumanthong!

Today I am offering one the best!

This kumanthong is one the excites me because I know his owner will soon have a new life of wealth, better life, greater wealth, more luxury life and even famous!

Once you start to has him, blessings begin! He will be tenacious in his work and he will get what he want and happily give it to YOU.

This kumanthong works best with a human who wants to change and who desires to move up in the $$$ world. You should desire life's finer things from him like nice cars, big houses, big bank accounts, major success, major power and even fame or popularity.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

help me with this heartless guy (another happy buyer)

Recently, i was approach by a woman regarding her husband trying to abandon her children and her family. She need money for children education and life. After using at the initial state of the ritual, she was given some money.
Below is her feedback after using my items.


Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...