Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A magnet to success

This buyer came to me with me failure factors in her her life!
She is sick of failures in business and her lifes.
I told her, life will start change with powerful amulets!
Now, her business get better!
Below is the feedback:

Dear Nayan,

Apologies for the delayed of this article.
I having God of Success about 2 months ago.
At that particular period, I was in a very deep trouble with business, till extend somebody intend to take over.

With God of Success with me, situation improved radically.
Business still running strong now with strong sales team.
My business partner also stayed around me even initially he wanted to leave us.

I was praying w heart to the God every now and then, and all my prayers were answered.
I was like protected by the God, at any point of time.

I was very blessed to have the God with me.

Thank you Nayan.
My business really can't actually make it today without the assistance of the God.

Thank you so much.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thank until don't know how to thank

Just pick up a gay relationship case recently.
His lover is a bisexual.
Quite Challenging, but nothing impossible with powerful magic!
Below is the gay Thank Journal from him.

Hi Nayan

i am really really shock that my lover xxx ,,,,can actually let me hug him ,,,hold his hands during our chat last night
and what was amazing was that,,,he actually got work during at 5pm to 9pm sharp today...means he should start work at 5pm
but he lie to that slut (her so call gf )saying he went to work but actually he stays with me and sleep on my bed ,,
and he ask his partimers to take over the job ,,when i hear this i am really shock and stunt

another thing is when he came back home he feels soooooooooo happy and delighted as i cook for him during the midnight ,,,,remember the soup ..i wats app you
woahhh everything was extremely smooth...i did not quarrel with him and at all
and he just want to chat with me and share with me so many things under one roof
i got soooo stunt
he says what i just agree and give very smooth suggestion ....and he feels so happy
when we chat our eyes contact is so strong that when i close my eyes i will sent him a love shape to his face

i sincerely thank you so so much nayan which i am out of words now

last but not least ,,,he is going to his gf house tommo afternoon to fix a lamp for her .....why is it so?? ....
cast that he will reply to her tommo ,,,says ohhh i am very tired i want to sleep at home and not going anywhere
hope master can help on that

 A SUPER BIG SINCERE THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU NAYAN ..think master cast a very strong spell yesterday
to make us together .....which makes me love him even more and wanted to kiss him ....

i pray that master will continue to cast a strong spell to again ...

i fall on tears when i see the 70percent results ..

lock his heart with a chain only to me and come back home to only me .......

nayan please forward this email to master saying that i really big big thank you to his help
one fine day i will visit him with you and donate coffin to the poor which i has promise to repay his big gratitude ...

gum xia gum xia ...

gum xia gum xia  mean thank you in chinese hokkien language.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Fire your mum and eREBULL

My buyer told me he need money to go Korea for holiday. But no money. Mum sick of keep giving him money.
Well, I told him no problem. I will "unsick" her mum and bend her mind to give you extra cash!
He told me he was no time to sleep as he need extra time to study for exam.
Well, no problem again.
Master do a  ritual for him and feed his brain with a eREBULL.
Now, he is happily holiday after the extra cash from mum and had finish his exam successfully!

hello bro,

here i am writing a feedback to you on my holiday trip. Thanks to the stuff i got from you, i managed to go on this holiday. my mum suddenly sponsored me for the trip, out of no where she just said she'll give me extra cash hahaha . remember i told you my mum was very against it? hahaha. your stuff is very magical , the things u want will somehow auto come to you in a strange and unexpected way. but the main point is it gets the job done. i am very happy now, and hopefully i will be able to meet my ex.
also the ritual for my exams were superb,  i only slept for 2hrs a day but i feel as if i have drank 10 redbulls. hahahaha. hopefully my results will be good. will update u again soon.  thanks again bro

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Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

I like you! My son like you more! ( force your way through)

I was approach by one of my buyers. He told me that nowadays children facing huge stress in studies.His son is not doing very well in his studies. I told him not to worry. I can change his luck and and fate by powerful Thai amulet.
Many people has change their fate and lives through powerful thai amulets.


Hi Nayan, remember by son who didn't do well in exam and I rent "Force Your Way" amulet from you two years ago? I later told you he became top student and got scholarship. He was given three awards this month.


Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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