Sunday, November 11, 2007

One of the amulets that has bring back

The monks collecting the ingredients Carrying the powder down the hill

LP koon in the blessing.

share feeling on this batch of amulets. i am rather proud and happy to find this batch of amulet. why? because now to find amulets that is beautiful, special, and the temple really make effort to make amulets is rare now. mostly, they just make, and sell. this batch is unique. THE MONKS REALLY GO FAR DOWN TO THE PLACE NEAR A CAVE AT NIGHT TO COLLECT THE MATERIALS TO MAKE THIS BATCH AND CARRY DOWN THE HILLS THEMSELVES!!!! INVITE GOOD MONKS TO BLESS THE AMULETS!!! lP KOON IS 1 OF THEM. The picture are keep in the temple, upon permission from the in charge, i have taken some of it to share with you guys...

This batch is beautiful, make of good material, good chanting, good blessing, bring good luck, remove obstacles, against evil....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

interesting amulets from thailand

upon request, has just get some powerful amulets from master on behalf of friends.

Among so many amulets, these 2 are rather special, so enjoy....

They are all spirits, tree spirits, female spirits....

Need to go out now to pass it to them...

Before pass to them, quickly take photo and post here to share with everyone, so cheers.....

will find more time to write more.....

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just back from thailand

I AM BACK!!!! HOME SWEET HOME!!!! After around a week to thailand, finally back home....

From morning as early 7am, i travel around till 6pm for 3 days!!!!... so tired....
Didnt really have time to go shopping....
Go pray, go do ritual (improve charm,charisma),bathing by holy master to remove bad luck cleansing, go fortune telling...
AND THE MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO A LOT A LOT OF DONATION..... donate coffin to people who die of accident....
As also go seek advise on master, gurus on amulets, has bring back a lot of amulets on the way.....
Will write more later on, just reach home last night, too tired.....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

How to change our destiny

As mention in my profile, i believe in karma.
Why is karma so important? what effect it has on our life?
Well, then how about amulet?
How it come into the picture of our life?
Kamra has been follow us been life to life...
What we are now mostly is form by Karma.
Other factor affetcing us is energy on the earth effect us (feng shui)
your decision, attitude
Lastly amulet.
Below is a link, A TRUE STORY, in china, how this guy make use of prayer and doing a lot of good deeds to change his destiny.
After watching, do not forget to do do!!!!

May All Beings Be Well and Happy.
Namo Buddhaya.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lord Of Ganesha

Today i will share some knowledge on lord Ganesha. The reason why i decided to share my knowledge over this great god is because I have heard many great wonderful miracle stories from devotes who pray to him.
I hope to share and propagate this great god, so that more people worship him pray to him in life, remove obstacles in life, gain wisdom and benefit from his love.

Om gam ganapataye namah

This is a mantra from Ganapati Upanishad. One may always use it before beginning a journey, a new course in school, new career or job, or before entering into any new contract or business so that impediments are removed and your endeavor may be crowned with success.
Aum shri ganeshaya namah
This mantra is usually taught to children for their good education. It increases their memory power, and they become successful in their examinations. Of course, people of any age may use this mantra when taking courses in a school or university, and for success in attaining their degree.

Om vakratundaya hum

This is a very powerful mantra, as discussed in the Ganesha Purana. When something is not working properly, individually or universally, nationally or internationally, or when the minds of the people turn crooked, negative, depressed or discouraged, the attention of Ganesha may be drawn by this mantra to straighten their ways. The HUM symbolizes "Delay no more, my Lord, in straightening the paths of the crooked-minded ones." This mantra is used many times in the Ganesha Purana to curb the atrocities of cruel demons. In addition, this mantra could also be used for healing any spinal deficiency, such as curvature of the spine or curved limbs. Dedicate 1,008 repetitions of this holy word to straighten and heal such deficiencies.

Om kshipra prasadaya namah

Kshipra means instantaneous. If some danger or negative energy is coming your way and you don't know how to get rid of that trouble, with true devotion, practice this mantra for quick blessing and purification of one's aura.

Ganesha (Sanskrit: गणेश; Gaṇeśa; listen (help·info), also spelled Ganesa or Ganesh, is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in Hinduism. Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify.Ganesha is widely worshipped as the Remover of Obstacles,and more generally as Lord of beginnings and the Lord of obstacles (Vighnesha), patron of arts and sciences, and the god of intellect and wisdom. He is honoured with affection at the start of any ritual or ceremony and invoked as the "Patron of Letters" at the beginning of any writing.Several texts relate mythological anecdotes associated with his birth and exploits and explain his distinct iconography.

Significance of the Ganesha FormGanesha's head symbolizes the Atman or the soul, which is the ultimate supreme reality of human existence, and his human body signifies Maya or the earthly existence of human beings. The elephant head denotes wisdom and its trunk represents
Om, the sound symbol of cosmic reality. In his upper right hand Ganesha holds a goad, which helps him propel mankind forward on the eternal path and remove obstacles from the way. The noose in Ganesha's left hand is a gentle implement to capture all difficulties.
The broken tusk that Ganesha holds like a pen in his lower right hand is a symbol of sacrifice, which he broke for writing the
Mahabharata. The rosary in his other hand suggests that the pursuit of knowledge should be continuous. The laddoo (sweet) he holds in his trunk indicates that one must discover the sweetness of the Atman. His fan-like ears convey that he is all ears to our petition. The snake that runs round his waist represents energy in all forms. And he is humble enough to ride the lowest of creatures, a mouse.
How Ganesha Got His HeadThe story of the birth of this zoomorphic deity, as depicted in the Shiva Purana, goes like this: Once goddess Parvati, while bathing, created a boy out of the dirt of her body and assigned him the task of guarding the entrance to her bathroom. When Shiva, her husband returned, he was surprised to find a stranger denying him access, and struck off the boy's head in rage. Parvati broke down in utter grief and to soothe her, Shiva sent out his squad (gana) to fetch the head of any sleeping being who was facing the north. The company found a sleeping elephant and brought back its severed head, which was then attached to the body of the boy. Shiva restored its life and made him the leader (pati) of his troops. Hence his name 'Ganapati'. Shiva also bestowed a boon that people would worship him and invoke his name before undertaking any venture.
However, there's another less popular story of his origin, found in the Brahma Vaivarta Purana: Shiva asked Parvati to observe the punyaka vrata for a year to appease Vishnu in order to have a son. When a son was born to her, all the
gods and goddesses assembled to rejoice on its birth. Lord Shani, the son of Surya (Sun-God), was also present but he refused to look at the infant. Perturbed at this behaviour, Parvati asked him the reason, and Shani replied that his looking at baby would harm the newborn. However, on Parvati's insistence when Shani eyed the baby, the child's head was severed instantly. All the gods started to bemoan, whereupon Vishnu hurried to the bank of river Pushpabhadra and brought back the head of a young elephant, and joined it to the baby's body, thus reviving it.
The Lord of Success
The son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha has an elephantine countenance with a curved trunk and big ears, and a huge pot-bellied body of a human being. He is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. In fact, Ganesha is one of the five prime Hindu deities (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Durga being the other four) whose idolatry is glorified as the panchayatana puja.

Ganesha, the Destroyer of PrideGanesha is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride. He is the personification of material universe in all its various magnificent manifestations. "All Hindus worship Ganesha regardless of their sectarian belief," says D N Singh in A Study of Hinduism. "He is both the beginning of the religion and the
meeting ground for all Hindus."
Who say only indian worship Lord Ganesha???
Pray to Lord Ganesha For successul in life now!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today, i will share about this special amulet to improving charisma and charm to overcome obstacles in relationship, in love life, working life and entire life.
The name of this amulet is rat eating or drinking the milk of the cat (Directly translated from thai)
To be frank, i am quite puzzled by the name of this amulet, so out of curiosity, i ask master.
Master laughing and look at me with his smiling face and ask: you really don't know?
I REPLIED: No, master, please explain to me and i will share the information through the net to all the people.
Then master ask: Do the rat scare the cat?
I replied: of course!!!!
Then master explained: By nature, rat are suppose to scare cats and they are enemy.
Once cat see rats, cats will attack them and eat them up!!!! But, the spell and the ,mantra in this amulet will enable the rat to have such a great and marvellous charisma and charm that the cat will like the rat and let the rat do whatever the rat wants, UP TO EVEN DRINK THE MILK OF THE MOTHER CATS!!!!
Thai magic is fantastic!!!!! It works wonders!!!!!
So i ask who are suppose to have it???
Master reply that in fact, everyone should own this effective and powerful amulet!!!!
Because in life, we need people to like us so that we can achieve great results in life!!!
Furthermore, this amulet bring beyond that!!! if you need help from people, you will surely help you!!!!
whoever who wear this amulet, he or she Will have the highest form of love AND attraction,nobody will hate, reject or dislike you.
well, without any hesitation, i take 20 pcs 1st to back to let me friends try 1st (even though he is very famous in Thailand due to visit of superstar to master), i still believe in myself and experience it.
Within 1 weeks after friends has try, i has heard friends in workplace who used to has bad relationship with female friends has become good friends after wearing the amulet.
i also hear of a friend who told me that his boss initially reject his leave, after wearing the amulet, he try to apply the leave again and the boss approve it immediately and sponsor 50% of his air ticket!!!!
I have a Friend who cant speak well, so he cant find attraction in opp sex. i introduce this fantastic love charisma to him.after using it, he told me that the barrier he used to have with gals is no longer available!!!! he can get along with opp sex very well!!!!
I immediately call master in thailand to inform him HOW GREAT AND FANTASTIC THIS AMULET IS!!!! HE told me that in thailand, he has heard more than that from the devotes in thailand....
I am very excited!!! i ask him is there anymore of this amulet??? i wish to get more so that more people all over the world can get this amulet and benefit from it. Master say mention this charm is not like other amulet, because it is 100% HANDWRITTEN, WHILE WRITING WHILE CHANTING THE MANTRA IN HEART, AFTER WHICH MASTER WILL ROLL IT UP HIMSELF AND TIE THE STRING PERSONALLY.
FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END, THE WHOLE PROCESS IS ALL MAN MAKE AND DONE ALONE BY MASTER. Before making it, he has to go into deep mediation, invite the Gods and deva to witness the process. Furthermore, the blessing and making is done at selected date when the energy of the star is the strongest so that the amulet will receive the strongest and the best energy from the universe!!!!!

Suitable for wearing on neck, pocket, wallet or bag.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Luck God

The origin of Phra Rahoo

Phra Rahoo (celestial monster) which causes elipses by eating the sun or moon. Phra Rahoo is a son of Phra Kasayapatep with Mrs.Singhika. Parents of Celestial monster are human but his body is evil giant. Phra Rahoo is a king of giant but is different from other giants because he is immortal. Thus, he is praised from Brahma that is one of god.
When there was a war between gods and giants, Phra Rahoo is always a leader attacking to the second tier of above the earth. However, every time the giants were defeated. But when Indra was cursed to reduce power by great hermit, the giants conquered Indra and gods. Indra and gods were at the end of one's wits. Then, they went to ask for help with Narayana who is god of Milk Sea.
Narayana sugguested Indra and gods to perform stiring Ambrosia ceremony. Regarding to Narayana said, if they drank this water, they would be immortal. However, it was necessary to use power of giants. Indra therefore lied giants that they would share a half of Ambrosia water.
Giants believed and came to the stir ambrosia ceremony that began at Milk Sea. Mantorn Mountain was stir ambrosia tool. Many gods and giant looked for immensely herbal medicine from 3 worlds to put in Milk Sea.
After that, they used Serpant Naga (Wasukree Naga) instead of rope and spin mountain until herbal medicine and water in milk sea become Ambrosia water.
The dragging of rope, gods were in the end of Wasukree Naga, but giants were in the head of Wasukree Naga. Wasukree Naga got suffering. It could not bear and it blew poison which giants are danger.
Phra Rahoo was one of wounded giants, but he has tolerance for succeeding. He was very angry but was patient to be immortal.
As time go by, Wasukree Naga blew many of acid poison. Nobody can not resist. All of gods and giant run away from there. Acid poison is going to burn all of 3 worlds.
Siva appeared himself. He opened his mouth and swallow acid poison.
Acid poison is dangerous toxicity. Siva’s neck became black and all chaos has been stopped.
Narayana invited many of gods to drink ambrosia. Celestial monster impersonates a Brahman to share drinking ambrosia which nobody suspects him. Then, he could drink ambrosia too.
Sun and moon are not satisfied in what Celestial monster did. Narayana therefore pitch his discus to cut Celestial monster’s body into 2 parts. But, the power of ambrosia help Celestial monster to be alive.
As a result, Celestial monster were angry at sun and moon very much. He tried to swallow them. However, they can get themselves free from Celestial monster because celestial monster had only half of body.
Thus, the revenge of Celestial monster is the cause of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse.
Phra Rahoo is believe to worship for remove or eat or clear ALL evil or remove bad thing.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Interesting amulet thailand amulet

This are the 2 special amulet i have help my friend o find specially.
One is for love, while the other is for luck and other purpose.
quite busy recently, just back from overseas.
Will find time to write more....
Happy viewing.....

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lizard with 2 tail

Is this a legend or do this kind of lizard really exist? Well, the thai has been prsy to this 2 tail lizard for wealth and luck. Click on the photo to enlarge it, this amulet i mange to get from a thai friend, believe to buried in the ground of the temple for more than 70 years.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pakru pra si ti

Pakru Pra sit ti is famous for his ability for making charm to attract friends, opp sex and wealth.
Is there such a powerful charm?
Do you happen to eat at a resturant when the food attrct flies?
No matter how you chase them away, they will come back to you again. This is the power of attraction.
This guru decided to make amulets which has this kind of function, where you go, you will attrct people, whatever you do, you will attrct good luck and good energy to you. So, he put in all his effort to make a batch of powreful attrction amulet.
Above is a amulet with a image of housefly which symbol after wearing it, your body aura will attract friends and good positive energy to you. This amulet contain of honey, chanted holy powder (to booast luck), love herbs and love oil.
Next is the hand wriitten charm.
This is the most powerful of all. Before it is wriiten, Guru go into deep medition to pray and invite gods to come for blessing. After which, he will bless the metal piece splash tthe metal piece with holy water.After that he will write the mantraon the amulet, while writing, he is chanting. while chanting, he is writing. after writing finish, he will rub a layer of attraction oil on it. after writng, he will go into medition to transfer all his power, all his blessing into it. WHAT A GREAT EFFORT!!!! Then he put it in his alter in the temple where he do his chanting everyday and has it blessed for 49 days!!!! The worse part is he only make 29 pieces. I ask him why make so little, he say all this are hand written, and it take alot of effort and energy to make. As guru is getting to hi ages, i understand that it is really tough to make at his age, ESPECAILLY HAND MAKE, NOT MACHINE MAKE!!!!

Click here on the link below to get this special charm now!!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let's all stop all thses nonsense.

Hello all!

i have just signed the petition and urge you to watch the video and
if you want to.


Once you have done so then please send this to as many people you



Pls sign the PETITION and make the world a better world for out futher generation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

intro a love charm from North thailand

This ma se nan (love charm) is orignal from north of thailand. Sitting on the top is a couple, below is a girl having sex with a horse. Under the amulet contain Nan mam prai to enahnce the power. Some person ask me, why has to use Nam mam prai (ash of dead body,either children or people die of unnature dead). Think it, if you do not use other EXTERNAL force, how can you charm and attract a girl? what control the mind of the girl? You cant really pray to a god or deva for THIS KIND OF REQUEST RIGHT?
Well, some people ask why girl have sex with a horse?
Why horse? will carry on part 2....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Part 2

this amulet is for ritual purpose. use to clear ones bad luck and booast up their luck and charisma.

After reject him, i told him cat lu kok is not well like. He smile, and as,"well, what do you like?" I told him i like amulets. he say, "do you koow that why are tanka special, powerful, and essential?"
i shake my head.
Kubra say" because since the past, gurur in the mountain, in the hils use tanka!!!" only now, when people have $, then they start to create mould to make amulet. even monks last time use their hand to mould out the amulets, not MACHINE MAKE!!!
He addded" there are thousands of chant and mantra. Each of it has their use and even to us, like love charm mantra look the same(to increase charisma) BUT THEY ARE NOT!!!! and making tanka or takrut are following the traditin way, follow master or teacher way to practise magic or to know the actual problem of a layman and to write the correct chant or mantra on the tanka to help the layman.
OH I SEE, WHAT kubra say really make sense.
HE Quote me a example of protection. They are hundred type of chant or mantra on protection. He told me that different protection against diffrent thing need different mantra. so he say, must realy know what the layman want, and do exactly what the layman want, BUT NOT DOING AMULETS, GIVE BLESSING AND JUST SELL OFF!!!!
WHAT HE SAY MAKE SENSE!!! when i was in changmai, Jatukarm was everywhere!!! everyone is wearing him!!!!! when i am waking in the nite market in changmai, EVEN THE STORE ON THE WALK SELL SELL THIS AMULET. BUT when people buy ir, they not not ASK!!!! the store holder say," FOR WEALTH, GOOD! GOOD! PEOPLE JUST BUY. Oh my god!!!! Is that really authentic? i really feel pity for the person. Now even the lady selling newspaper is wearing JATUKARM!!!!
ok, back to kubra, then i ask him:" then a person has to wear a thousand of tanka on the body?
well, carry on next time....

Click on the link below or cut and paste the link to your browser to see my sale item,

Monday, March 5, 2007

Receive magic blessing to enhance luck and metta

Kubra prat ah ti is a well known monk for makin all kind of magic. When i visit him, i dun see any images of amulet there. I ask him why dun have . He reply: why should i have?

I pause for a while, say: to help people, to have metta.

He reply: "achieve or want something magic can also be done, i am not business man, i am to help people. People come hereto ask me to do something, i dont do amulet to sell"
he show me his cat lu kok. He say this is power than any other amulet. very very good for wealth. Well, i do not like YIN stuff, so i reject him. what next?
coming soon, part 2....

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Picture showing me geting great blessing

The picture on the top left show master of love charm giving me great blessing, on the centre is master sitting. Look at him, he is so serious and stern. However, if u look carefully, actually, he has the face of a kind heart. Willingly to help people. On the right, showing young monks bowing and paying respect to him. As i mention, the master of love charm is always visit by monks all over thailand to learn magic from him. As a humable and willingly to help spirit, he always share his skill with other people.

Powerful love charm

This amulet is bless by a good and powerful monk in changmai. This monk stay high up in mountain and practise magic and has help magic and charm to help many people. From changmai, i ha to travel 3 hours to visit. To outsiders, people might no know him as he do not stay within city area. After bring a few of his amulet to out to try, his name become famous overnight. His frame has spread far over malaysia, taiwan and hongkong. My friends who has try, cry for more. One of my friend who has use it told me that he can easily get 1 night stand in pub. in the past, he has so much diffculty in approaching girls, being rejsct 7 times out of 10 times. now, times change. it is so easily. NOW, The success rate is 8/10. After the demand is so high, businessman start to create fake amulet. They want to earn money but do not want to travel for 3 hours to get it. So, they create fake amulets. THEY ARE TOO SELFISH!!! They never though the $ of the buyer are hard earn $ and the guru/monk effort to help people has gone down to drain. People will start to lose confidence in amulets. Amulets has been helping people for years. just now feng shui. But now people are lazy, they want to earn money but do not want to help people. How sad. what a great treasure, but not many people in use can have or own it.
To find out more or purchase this amulet, Pls click on the link below

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Penis amulet

I have never see a non living thing swimming itself. The great guru who make this love amulet is name pOR TAn Qiao at sout of thailnd. To prove th effect of this amulet, he told me to bring a bowl with water. then, he place this cute love charm in it and he start to chant. MY GOD!!!! I cant believe my eyes, the penis love charm start to swim by it self. i cant believe. i ask him more, how to use, what it is for, and when to use.
Wow! cant wait to try!!!
Everything was so great, while in bus, gals keep exchange eyes with me, friends call me up for meet up, unknown start talk to me.]
I cant believe a charm like this could create such a miracle.
when i am in office, girls in the office surround and talk to me.
I suddenly feel like i am the centre of attraction!!!
I never feel so great defore. Decided to get more for my friend coz it rare to get such a great amulet.
Below is a history of love charm.
Please note any guru can make love chant and there are many love chant flooding in the market, BUT WHO MAKE A EFFECTIVE LOVE CHANT?
That important!!!!
The Thai name for a penis amulet is palad khik, which means "honorable surrogate penis." These small charms, averaging less than 2' in length, are worn by boys and men on a waist-string under the clothes, off-center from the real penis, in the hope that they will attract and absorb any magical injury directed toward the generative organs. It is not uncommon for a man to wear several palad khiks at one time, one to increase gambling luck, for instance, another to attract women, and a third for invulnerability from bullets and knives. women in Thailand do not generally wear palad khiks, nor is there a Thai equivalent of the vulva amulet for them to use -- although a circular disk amulet called a chaping is worn by young girls to protect their genitals from evil forces.
The palad khik amulet is said to have originated in the Siva linga of India and to have been imported to Thailand by Cambodian monks in the 8th century AD. Early styles of palad khik bear inscribed invocations, entreaties, and praises to Siva; later ones combine these with interlineated invocations and praises to Buddha; modern ones bear uniformly Buddhist inscriptions, invariably written in an old form of script that cannot be read by contemporary Thais.

Although palad khik amulets are not designed specifically to use in love spells, among American eclectic pagans, witches, and magicians, they are often employed that way at the present time.
Want to own this love charm to enhance your life, Click on the link below.

Not enough thank you!

My buyers are so happy with the results and keep buying me a meal when  I travel to their country!  They are so happy after they got the T...