Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Irresistible Attraction charm (sold)

This Irresistible Attraction charm is make from charming herbs and soil which can bring incredible charming results. Inside contain charming soil which is make from a herb which will give out a very strong smell or juice at night which will attract the insect to fly voluntarily and stick to the plant and die there. the juice is sticky, thus will stick on the insect and make them unable to leave the plant.
When anyone hold on to this plant, the nature force from this plant will become a pulling force for the person who hold it. I has to seal the charm into transparent plastic bag before put into the container to prevent the soil or powder from coming out. 

The powerful master had activated the attraction herbs and soil so that its powers have come to life to work more fully. According to the master,  attraction herbs and soil is always much more effective if activated. Otherwise, the power of the item tends to remain dormant. In addition, the master have further blessed this  Irresistible Attraction charm for its intended purpose.

The master's passion for powerful charming stuffs  can be seen in his creation of amulet. 

He is deeply dedicated to empowering people life to achieve optimum wealth and luck and also deeply happy to provide amulets, charms or ritual with which to do so.

The thais people find that this master is an unusually intense, deep, and passionate person who applies this to virtually everything he does.  He is on a never-ending quest for ultimate integrity and excellence.  He deeply cares about the people, animals, and the earth that we all live on, and focuses his life on improving the conditions for all.  His passion and zeal has been tempered by reason and wisdom from his decades of experience. 

He has spend years doing research in magical charms, ritual and as soon as he heard of any good masters, he will set off to learn from them.

Master has a passion for researching and studies:

Super materials, herbs, and other natural substances to take you his amulets to the next level.

Energetic enhancement of herbs

Making a whole amulet empowerment successful

Reversing  bad luck and a human life with powerful amulets, herbs and ritual

Hard core ritual and power building

Nature herbs, mantras, and ritual on inviting gods and how to optimize them

I always ask him about more info about the amulets blessed by him.
he always say: this magical charm is formulated by Mother Nature and Gods!

I told him that I am always very excited to see him.

He always say: keep your calm - as the energy of calm is more healing than the energy of anxiety!

According to this master, this item is meant to to increase magnetism.  This item can help make everything you do and say imbued with an irresistible attraction.

Pls note that this is a white magic item, different from
Mind sweeping charm. In other words, you cannot use it to harm people.

You can use to to pull in attention of people, enable people to like you, change the attitude of people from dislike to like from anger to happiness!

This charm will help you in remove obstacles from your relationship with boss, make your boss like you.

This Irresistible Attraction charm will help you in remove obstacles from your relationship with friends ,make your friends like you, 

This Irresistible Attraction charm will help you make your enemy from hate to like, forget about the anger towards you.

Make people from enemy to friends

Irresistible Attraction charm will act as love charm to make you able to Seduce your lovers or make you able to seduce people, or soulmate 

Pull customers and clients to like you, bring you more wealth 

This will attract the kind of person you want in your life. It is a great boost to your search for that perfect person at the perfect time whether it be for a night, season or lifetime.
Disadvantage: This is white magic stuff, cannot be used to cause harm or unhappiness to people( disadvantages to some people)

Advantages:  Do not contain any spirit items or ashes. Suitable for people who not comfortable with black magic stuff and looking for extremely powerful stuff, this is the one! No fear of side effect, no fear of spirit disturbances. 

Question and Answer:

Q:Who is the master?

Answer: Buyer will be given the master information.

Q: What i has to do or what i has to take note for this item?

Answer: Only buyer will be given a details formula which contain what to do, what to take note, how to activate this item etc. 

Sold out

Question and answer:

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