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auspious charm that bring great attraction

PaladKit is an auspicious talisman often mistaken for an obscene object. In fact it has been widely used by the Thai People for protection, enhancement of business, harmonious relationships, and most importantly, for warding off evil spirits or ghost. Sometimes it is also referred to Palad. PaladKit derives from Pali language. The origin of the PaladKit is related to Lord Shiva, the Indian Hindu God who manifes himself in the form of "Linga", the male genital and sometimes together with "Yoni", the female genital. It symbolises the power of creation, strength of unity and the source of destruction, similar to the Chinese "Yang" element. It was brought into Thailand together with the Khmer invasion as early as 8th century AD, but it was in a bigger size and was the main object of worship at the centre of many Khmer temples. The present style that could be worn over the waist with a string was made famous by Luang Phor Yi of Wat Sattaheep, Chunburi. His famous and usual inscriptions on the PaladKit were "Gan Had Nei Had". These were invariably written in an old form of script called "Khom" that cannot be read by contemporary Thais but is now widely used by most PaladKit makers.PaladKit could be carved from wood, bone, horn , ivory or made from mixed herbal powder and even metal. Some PaladKits are in plain form, while others could come in many forms, the most common ones are monkey holding the PaladKit, naked lady laying herself over the PaladKit and lizard with split tail, other forms are available as well. Linga in phallic pillar form and Yoni discovered at ruins of Petchabun province dated 10th century.

The Thai name for a penis amulet is palad khik, which means "honorable surrogate penis." These small charms, averaging less than 2' in length, are worn by boys and men on a waist-string under the clothes, off-center from the real penis, in the hope that they will attract and absorb any magical injury directed toward the generative organs. It is not uncommon for a man to wear several palad khiks at one time, one to increase gambling luck, for instance, another to attract women, and a third for invulnerability from bullets and knives. women in Thailand do not generally wear palad khiks, nor is there a Thai equivalent of the vulva amuletfor them to use -- although a circular disk amulet called a chaping is worn by young girls to protect their genitals from evil forces.
The palad khik amulet is said to have originated in the Siva linga of India and to have been imported to Thailand by Cambodian monks in the 8th century AD. Early styles of palad khik bear inscribed invocations, entreaties, and praises to Siva later ones combine these with interlineated invocations and praises to Buddha; modern ones bear uniformly Buddhist inscriptions, invariably written in an old form of script that cannot be read by contemporary Thais.

Although palad khik amulets are not designed specifically to use in love spells, among American eclectic pagans, witches, and magicians, they are often employed that way at the present time.

That time when I see the palakit, in my heart I am thinking what so special about this palait?
Then when I approach the master, I ask him about the function and its effectiveness.

The master say:

1) this is very good for attraction of people and opp sex.
2) Attraction of wealth and good energy to you.
3) for generation, it has been use for love charm and attraction.

Now, lets get back to the effectiveness and how high power this stuff can be?

He put the stuff on his hand, and after chanting, the charm automatically stand up by itself!!!!

The master told me, this charm is already very powerful.
if this love charm has no power, or low power, or some low standard thai amulet, do you think it will stand up by itself???

He told me that its take 2 hand to clap. This thai amulet charm will sure work because he had prove it to me. This charm will bring great attraction, attract people to you, attract fortune, attract wealth and attract all good thing to you. But t is always people lost of faith, strong obstacles( due to karma), gets impatient and thus lost confidence!

I am very touch by his words. whenever I visit master to get amulets, in my heart, I always concern about the effectiveness of the charm and how powerful the charm is and how much it can help people!
This master is responsible, to him, he make sure all his charms works! and most importantly, he has prove it to me.

I ask him about the 2 eyes on it, he told me to recite the mantra he give me, then this charm will like a magnet, attract the thing you will to attract. then it will also go out to haunt and bring back women, guys or $$$ to you.


1) if you are faing problem attracting opp sex, this will be useful for you. It will attract the woman or man you want to attract

2) if you think you alweys attract the wrong person, attract the wrong thing or back luck keep kocking on your door, this will change your life! This thai amulet will attraction of wealth and good energy to you.

3) for generation, it has been use for love charm and attraction.

4) if you face poor sales, poor business, this charm will atract business or sales to come, attract customers to you

5) If you feel you are not well loved, do not worry. wear this charm everyday or carry it with you eveyday. This attraction thai amulet will attract people to you, start to talk to you and care for you.

6) if your boss do not like you, your colleagues do not like you, this tool will be handy. Bring this out to work everyday or keep it secretly at your workplace, your workplace will never be the same again.

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