Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Buyer win, Nayan win (another happy buyer)

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A buyer feedback that her boyfriend has been very rude to her and keep scolding her and furthermore, do things that hurt her heart. After getting some amulet from me, things improve a lot.
Below is her feedback:

Nayan…owh yea…i talked to my Amulet x3 before reached home but i didn't chant, i just directly put it in my hand and hold it to my head…for a peaceful and harmony relationship with my bf…when I see him im the morning, he talked to me with low volume…no more shouting and scolding…:p hoping that'll last for a day…am waiting for the second item patiently now…:)

And now his telling whenever his going out just after I talked to my Amulet just now…thx Nayan! :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Get Awesome Results with powerful thai amulet (another happy buyer)

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Hi Nayan,

As promised.  I will write you a feedback when the time is right and of course you know very well when the time is right even when I never specify when.  (Cause I think you know I will write you a solid feedback when I see results.  Haha)

Before I begin with my feedback.  Let me STRESS to all those who are reading this feedback, I am writing this feedback from the point of a person who has ZERO knowledge about amulets/ charms/ etc and is definitely as SKEPTICAL as anyone of you people out there as to whether all feedback stated in Nayan's blog true or fictitious.  Hence, my feedback is a MUST READ for those who are SKEPTICAL.  But pardon me for the LONG & DETAILED feedback as I want to as detailed as I can be so as to CLEARLY define out the EFFECTIVENESS & POWER of Nayan's items.  CARRY ON READING till the end to be AMAZED and CONVINCED........ (And I do not gain commission from Nayan from promoting his services and items and in fact I am worried he gets too busy after this and has no time for me..... LOL)

Here is the detailed breakdown of my situation and dealings with Nayan

Before meet Nayan Day 1 - Quarrel with partner and cold war for 2 days.  Well, which couple don't quarrel and cold war?  It is so normal and thinking things be fine after both cool down.

Before meet Nayan Day 4 - Ex told me to stop seeing each other and end things.  Say very hurting things to break up and stop replying messages.

Before meet Nayan Day 5 - I never give up and spam Ex to patch back and this time round, Ex say MUCH MORE hurting words to break up and stop replying messages.

Before meet Nayan Day 6 - I never give up and keep asking Ex to meet up to clear the misunderstanding and Ex refuse to meet up and stop replying.  At this junction, exchange of number of messages got lesser and lesser from Day 4 till Day 6.

Before meet Nayan Day 7 - I no message Ex, Ex no message me.  Purposely don't message Ex thinking Ex will crawl back.

Before meet Nayan Day 8 - I message Ex, Ex totally NO reply.  My heart sink, knowing this time round Ex is for real.  Never will crawl back if I don't do something.

I proceed to read up on articles on how to patch back with Ex, how to coax Ex to patch back etc.......  And did google search, yahoo search, baidu search, any kind of search you can name it, I did it.....  To find out ways to salvage relationship.  Did not want to go too extreme and piss Ex to the ultimate and avoid me totally.  And after 2-3 days of search, I chanced upon Nayan's blog.  Read up all his blog and feedback from Nov 2012 to Feb 2014 and decided to email Nayan.

I emailed Nayan stating "I just broke up with Ex and Ex not responding to my message.  How do I win my Ex back?"  And Nayan responded within 1 hour stating that base on my situation I should get this amulet "Bring lover back".  We proceed on with exchange of contact number and went on to whatspp for faster and cheaper communication mode.

After exchanging a few messages and we have arranged to meet up 2 days later to collect my item and clear whatever doubts I have.  Before I met up with Nayan, I am skeptical as to whether all these works.  But let me tell you, NEVER expect miracles if you have any DOUBTS in the ability of his items.  I told Nayan OUTRIGHT that I wanted the amulet to work, but if in the event it doesn't, I fully understand that it is me, myself and my Ex is REALLY beyond salvation.  And PLEASE LISTEN to all Nayan's advise carefully and have FULL FAITH in him and DON'T ATTEMPT do anything DISOBEYING his instructions.  (Later I will explain why)  And Nayan pass me the item and emailed me the instructions and I followed them sincerely and diligently on the very night.

After using "Bring lover back" amulet
Day 1 (Mon, Late Morning) - I was waiting for amulet to show power by Ex starting to message me.  However, the torture of waiting and eagerness to test the effectiveness of amulet, I pluck up the courage to message Ex as to can we meet up within this few days.  Of course thinking that Ex may not reply.  But surprisingly, Ex replied within 10 minutes stating that will try to meet within this week but subject to work schedule.  I am happy as it is no longer cold messages or hurting words.  I replied "Sure. Take care and keep in touch." and stop all messaging.  Because Nayan told me not to push my Ex too hard, else it will backfire.  After my Ex replied, I happily updated Nayan and AGAIN Nayan advised me not to be too pushy.  And I told him I will remember.

Day 2 (Tue, Early Morning) - Very excited over the power of amulet and eager to see results, I message Ex "Good Morning.  I be waiting for you to check your schedule and get back to me when can we meet up."  ZERO reply till off work timing and I am disheartened with the results.  However, I told myself not to give up and tried another message by checking has my Ex finished work or still working overtime.  Ex replied stating that unable to meet up today as very tired after a day of work.  I proceed by asking is wed, thur, fri, sat or sun possible.  Ex replied will try thur as no appointment on that day and will be flying off for business trip on fri and will only return after success in clinching business deal.  At this junction, I am super duper worried.  I know that if I were to miss this thur meetup, I do not know how long I need to wait for Ex return.  I quickly message Nayan and update Nayan of the situation.  THIS IS THE AMAZING PART NOW:  Before I could complete typing the message of Ex mentioning meet on thur, Nayan replied me stating "you guys should be meeting on thur."  And I got his message the moment I send out mine.  (We are using whatsapp.  So u can imagine the concurrent message)  I was AMAZED and lost for words.  And this is the moment I know.  Nayan can be TOTALLY trusted.  And Nayan advised me, not to message my Ex early morning.  I ask him for the reason, and he just say not good for you.  I strictly followed his instructions and asked for advise on whether should I message Ex on wed and what should I message and what time is suitable.  Nayan told me late morning and just casually try to remind Ex about thur meetup.  And I went to recall it was late morning on Mon that I message Ex and replied came in within 10 minutes.  So I decided to put Nayan's advise to test the next day.

Day 3 (Wed, late Morning) - Start messaging Ex at around 1120am "Let me know if you are able to meet me tmr and update me the time." (Advise from Nayan again) And Ex actually replied my message within 30 minutes stating that very high chance able to meet tmr as not going to work overtime as flying off on friday and need to be home early to pack luggage.  I just replied casually "Alright and see you tmr"  Truly amazed again.  I quickly updated Nayan about the content of our message and started pinning high hopes for thur meetup.  I want to ensure that Ex will not play me out or have sudden commitment to attend to.  I ask Nayan again to help me.  So Nayan suggested me to get 2 more items.  These 2 items were mentioned to me during our 1st meetup.  But Nayan told me do not get these items 1st as the initial step is to "Bring lover back". Once I have gotten my lover back (meaning willing to meet me, then getting the next 2 items will be optional)  I told Nayan that I want to get the 2 items to help me to CONFIRM and SECURE our meetup (as this is my ONLY CHANCE and I do not want to MISS IT) and Nayan told me not to rush things and he will need to do some astrology calculation to see if the 2 items are needed and suitable for me or not.  He got back to me after 1 hour and told me that I can get the "Love Me More Charm" to increase my chances of meeting up tmr.  And if I am comfortable with the price, I could get the "Avoid Conflict" seeds to smooth our tension of "war".  I quickly agree to meet him after work and proceed to asking lots of question to aid me for the "big day".  (And YES, I ask Nayan whether is it convenient to tell me why does he advise me to only start messaging Ex during late morning and he told me about Ex temper is always not "in the correct state of mind in the morning", hence resulting in our constant conflict.  And I went to recall, yes.  Ex temper is more frustrating in the early morning and we will have high chance of conflicts.  But if during late morning or later, we will have enjoyable chit chat sessions which often lead to meeting up (even if it is short coffee session) even though work load is hectic.

Day 4 (Thur, late Morning) - Watching my watch closely and getting ready to message Ex around 1130am.  At 11am, Boss call for sudden urgent meeting.  And he hates us for using hp during meetings.  I had no choice but to message Ex at around 11am, left my hp in drawer and quickly rush for meeting.  When I came out from meeting, it was already 130pm. I quickly went to check my hp and saw Ex actually replied me around 1120am stating that no problem and even started to engage in a conversation asking how I am and my work load for the day!  We exchange much more messages than previous few days and I credit all these to "Love Me More Charm" as I can feel the care and concern back again.  I quickly update Nayan and again ask for advise should I ask for patch back.  Nayan told me to relax and not be pushy or things will backfire.  And DO NOT keep asking about patch back if Ex decide not to answer me.  And of course I am eager to patch back and ask how to know if Ex heart is keen to patch back but remain silent?  Nayan told me "Pretend to hold your Ex hands and if no rejection.  You know already"  I replied but asking "How to hold if I got no chance?"  Nayan told me "When the time is right, naturally you two will naturally hold hands.  But REMEMBER DO NOT rush."  I followed his advise and FLEW to meet my Ex at the stipulated timing.

We had a 3 hours conversation by updating each other what happened these few days while we are apart.  And I slowly brought the topic to apologizing to Ex for quarreling.  Ex smiled and I asked for patch back.  Ex did not reply and started talking about other topics.  I REMEMBER Nayan advise and did not mention about patch back anymore.  Conversation went on and on with lots of jokes and plans for holidays (that was our plans before we broke up) and I knew that this is the hint that Ex is not rejecting me anymore.  And I went on discussing about the holiday plan and Ex suddenly told me "I will discuss with you when I am back from business trip.  I am tired and I need to go home to pack my luggage and flight is tmr early morning."  I was eager to know the confirmation are we an item again and I started looking passionately into Ex eyes.  Both of us smiled and by this time, our hands where actually pretty close to each other without me realizing and the next thing I knew.....  We held hands and brought our face closer and started kissing each other.  The feeling was magical and we parted ways after that.  Before Ex left in taxi, I was further amazed by Ex saying that "Darling, I am looking forward to meet you when I am back.  Will update you once I confirmed my return date."  I replied "Yes Darling.  Have a safe trip and keep in contact".  The "Darling" and kiss is a CONFIRM, GUARANTEE, CHOP, STAMP that we are back together......  WOOHOO

But of course, at this junction that I am writing this feedback, Ex Now Darling, is asleep and flying off tmr........

Believe it or not.  We are back together.  Some people may credit all these to Nayan's items and help.  Some people may think that we will be back together again eventually even without Nayan's help or items.  Some people may just think all these are pure coincidence.  TO BELIEVE or NOT TO BELIEVE, it is up to individual.  For me, I am truly convinced.  I am willing to do anything for the one I love and so long we stay happy and NO CONFLICTS forever.

My feedback will not stop here.  I have seek Nayan's advise to get other items for myself.  Be it luck, career, health, etc.  Nayan told me to focus on my "new found back love" first and the rest can wait......  I am waiting for "Love Me More" and "No Conflicts" to show more power.  All of us seek MORE LOVE from our partners right?

In future, if I were to provide feedback, I will use my nickname as "3 items @ a go".  Do look out.

Good luck to all future buyers and may all be blessed with happiness, love and health!!

Signed off
"3 items @ a go"

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet 賄賂神,賄賂鬼財富魅力泰國佛牌 (sold out)

Recently, I am looking for a wealth charm for the gamblers and use to please the gods and the spirits. When I enter the gambling den, I notice that the places are heavily guard by the spirit and very hard to win very well in the gambling place or casino.
Furthermore, some gods still need to be please or bribe for them to make your wish come true.
I looking for something that will make people has money fast, wish come true fast, related to any matters come true. 


I was talking to one of the master about my inquiry, then he told me that there is a master which is expertise in such magic.
I start up my journey and thank the master for his recommendation.

I manage to find master wood after following the directions given by previous master.

Master wood stay in a cemetery that is use to bury for the rich families in thailand.
He is the head master performing ritual for the dead.


I heard from the people there in the village that he is the spiritual adviser of some rich families in Thailand. I am very excited after hearing this because I am going to seek his help for me and my buyers!


I express my interest in his help and he told me that many people wish did not come true after many prayers not because they are not sincere. But they do not do it correctly.


He has a secret formula that will use the power of both white and black magic that will make money wish and other wish come true fast.

After a person die, people believe they has move on to another journey. During the journey to underworld, the masters believe that the soul need money to bribe or need money for expenses or allowance for journey after death.


Below is a skull which the master dig out from the cemetery showing the skull biting on to a coin.


Master has perform ritual on the unused coin which they use to place in the mouth of the death.


The coin before place in mouth of the death, has being done with a ritual that will attract the gods or spirit to do according to your wish.


I told the master my buyers all are still alive!!!! still can use? still effective????? money will still come to us?
He say yes!



He told me to bring them back and teach me a formula on how to pray, how to make wish to has the gods and spirits helping me on my wishes.


He further elaborate on this higher powerful thai amulet:

This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet is imbued with amazing Good Luck, Prosperity, Wealth, and Attracting Money energy! You can carry the coin with you to have amazing attraction of good things, good luck energies!


This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet will improve your general luck and you will often be in the right place at the right time for good things to come your way. 


This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet have the Change my life spell. This spell gives you a total overhaul in your life. It can quickly bring change in any area that is troublesome or stagnant. New life and hope will emerge and you will finally feel like your life is back on track. No matter what is going on this spell can help smooth things out and work in your favour for a change.


This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet will make Money  to flow freely to you in many varied ways. One of my devotes has described it as "it feels like people want to give me money". This spell helps you to have the money you need when you need it.

This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm thai amulet  now a powerful wishing device after master ritual blessing. Simply hold the vessel in your hands and make your focused wish. Then believe and see what great things can happen. It works just like a powerful god beside you but you don't have them inside. This spell is awesome and useful for people who need a lot of help in their life because you can wish for anything.
You can wish for multiple wishes at once.

For people who want a success career, debt free, financial freedom, loving family, good lover.

This bribe the god, bribe the ghost wealth charm is the right one for you.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

CAN'T BELIEVE IT! (wealth creation thai amulet)

Below is a feedback from a buyer who has use the Wealth creation thai amulet 招財泰國佛牌 .

Hi Nayan
You wealth creation takrut is very powerful I just used
For one week and few more jobs is coming to me already its started work in just short time can't
Believe is that powerful .


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Make Him Horny oil

Need not further introduction. The famous Lust oil thai amulet. Feedback by a female buyer after using on a lover who she likes.   Contact :...