Monday, September 23, 2019

My lover now listen to me (3rd party)

A female buyer who is a 3rd party in a relationship approach me for help.
She say her lover is  not giving her any status.
She wants status! she wants her lover to marry her!

After using our "lover listen to me thai amulet" for a week, her lover suddenly when to has a baby with her! He want children with her!

[18/09, 14:05] 3rd party lover: Last time when we talk about me having his baby, he absolutely don't want
[18/09, 14:06] 3rd party lover: Now, he tell me he wants me to have his baby
[18/09, 14:06] Nayan: When he tell u?
[18/09, 14:07] 3rd party lover: This morning...
[18/09, 14:07] Nayan: I would say got improvements.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

charming bastard keep charming non stop

Like other buyers, she experience extraordinary charming effects from this powerful thai amulet charming bastard.

24/08, 16:21] charming winner: I'm using it for general charm
[24/08, 16:22] charming winner: General charm has decent effects
[24/08, 16:26] Nayan: Mmmm... OK. Thank you for letting me know.
[24/08, 16:32] charming winner: It helps me pass multiple interviews too, even ones I have no confidence in 😂
[24/08, 16:32] charming winner: So can't be my own efforts since I couldn't answer anything
[24/08, 16:40] Nayan: Wow! Great to hear that!

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Thursday, September 12, 2019

How Come good things Keep Coming

[10/09, 13:12] good luck never stop: Bro, good day to you. Been some time since we spoke. Today, I am happy to tell you that I have received and offer to join another Insurance company as their head of claims. All this was aster several successful cases that I did. Thanks to Victory Buddha. I will never forget you bro.

[10/09, 14:42] Nayan: Thank you. May you be blessed.

[10/09, 14:49] good luck never stop: 🙏🏾

Good luck keep coming after wearing a good luck thai amulet from us.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Multiple Luck Money Ritual

We have complete another round of Multiple Luck Money Ritual for buyers.
Good luck thai amulet with multiple luck crushing mantra done for him to increase money and luck.

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Make Him Horny oil

Need not further introduction. The famous Lust oil thai amulet. Feedback by a female buyer after using on a lover who she likes.   Contact :...