Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wealth Changer cat thai amulet (sold out)

Cat has all the while been a magic wealth animal many decades since  Egypt and after many miracle story of cat magic curing money and kick issues and problems, many other countries start to worship and tap on the energy of cat to fetch wealth and cure money issues.

Asia especially Japan worship cats and they believe after placing cat on a certain spot of the house or office, the cat will bring wealth, money and good luck.

Feng shui highly use cats figures or paints to cure a person wealth or money issue. 

Soon, Thai master start making cat Thai amulet. 

I was in Thailand discussing with  few of my Thai friends about how the Thai masters blend in Thai magic with ancient arts Feng shui 

They told me recently, these few years, a very famous master who is able to make very powerful wealth changing cat Thai amulet. His cat wealth changing Thai amulet are so powerful until he got a nickname : king of cat. 

I am very curious about this master. I know they are many masters who make or bless cat Thai amulet. The untold truth? Most of them lousy! And I love wealth Thai amulet. Who don't love money anyway and furthermore, many people told me that his wealth cat not only promise wealth, but change your wealth and luck to better! One of the best wealth transformation so far! 

Soon, I met this legendary master. I ask him why and how his wealth changing cat Thai amulet are bless and make. 


He told me one night, he dream of a mother cat giving birth. During the process, one of the baby cat die. He cry seeing that because he himself is a cat lover. Seeing the cat die pain his heart. Out of sadness, he wake up from his dream. He got a feeling going to happen. True enough, one day, when he was in a temple doing his prayers, he he was lead to witness a mother cat giving birth. And true enough, during the process, one of the baby cat die. Do not has heart beat upon birth. He vow to liberate the cat by doing prayer and help the cat to reborn to better realm. At night, at his prayer room, while  he was praying for the cat, out of nowhere a white man appeared in his mind. 

And say: I can see you has a kind heart. I shall now teach you how to make 1 of the world most powerful cat amulet. This cat amulet will has wealth changing force that will change anyone wealth and luck to better! 

Born of wealth changer cat amulet 

1 of the most common heard miracle of this wealth changer Thai amulet is that there is this man, who near to kill himself out of debt. He say he has help many people in his life, done no harm to anyone. But gods are not showing him any mercy! He is always in debt and getting worse and worse! His friends refer him to the master, and master ask him to keep 1 of this wealth changer Thai amulet on his body. 

Soon, he experience auspicious dreams which beyond explain. He dreams of cats coming to his house, with  each cat biting gold bar. 

1 day, a Thai officers knock on his door. They say the government want to develop the land where he is staying and willing to offer 3 times the price he bought last time with a free house for him! 

He immediately agree and within 3 months he got this holy  cat wealth changer Thai amulet, he clear all his debt with the money he got from selling of the house. Bonus :he got extra cash and a free house! 

Uncontrollable popular 

Soon, as more people experience unbelievable wealth changing after owning this wealth cat Thai amulet, this master becomes very popular in Thailand and China. Many China amulet dealers request him to make more or bigger cat statute for Feng shui cure. 

He was quite reluctant. 

He say : I make this wealth cat Thai amulet is because I purely want to help gain karma for this baby cat. I myself own 1 and it came to me every night in my dreams to play with me and thanks me. 

Sincerely pray to this cat and you will experience a true force wealth changing in your life! 

How to change your wealth 

This wealth cat Thai amulet is bless with support of summon of 8 direction wealth and money. 

Inside so contains a secret formula that will make you attractive to Gods and the cat  wealth energy. Instead of you tiring keep praying, you will be teach and given the "secret evocation keys"  for attracting wealth Gods and cat wealth energy to you. 

This is 1 of the safest and simplest wealth amulet ever create for changing your wealth and money luck to better. 

This enrichment wealth cat also give you the power to discover more wealth and money. With this power, you will feel powerful as money and wealth opportunities keep knocking on your life. 

Many people has hidden wealth from the people around us. This item will give you the Power To Ensure A Good Inheritance. 

With this wealth cat in  your life, you will be given the power to empower yourself. Many people feel helpless, poor, debt because they are weak or unlucky or powerless. With this empowerment, you will be given the power to grow wealth or chance your money luck to better. 

The Power To Uncover Business Ideas 

If you are already in business you may be seeking a new direction, or you may be looking to start a new 
business. If you need ideas to set your business aside from the competition, this wealth cat will help. You will find that 
new ideas come to you more easily, and you will get a better sense of an idea’s long-term potential. Without new ideas, business dies, so this is an extremely potent wealth and money power.

We love stories about people who rise from rags to riches, and it's true that people can use talent, skill and hard work to make that leap. But for most people, the most likely thing is that - no 
matter how hard you work - you stay in the same financial zone. This wealth changer cat amulet  can push you out of that zone.

Leave debt for good. Build your future for better. 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to make your boss give in to you?

I got a very buyer who keep facing problem in workplace. His work deny his request and his colleagues keep making problem for him.
I teach him how to use my thai amulets and surprisingly, he find out that those good luck amulets which he got from me really  make a life changing in his work place.

"Ever since I have started using the amulets, at this point in time, my life and career has been much smoother in comparison with the past. My story is very typical of a uni graduate who had no idea what they want to do after graduation. As such, with the need to find a job to support the family and all, I dived headfirst into an office job. This happened to be a terrible choice, with nasty co-workers out to sabotage and a supervisor who had no hesitation to sabotage her staff. For 1 year or so, working life was filled with more downs than ups, until I was introduced to wear the amulets. With the assistance of the amulets, these colleagues have been less quick to sabotage, and my supervisor eventually left to pursue studies, leaving me with a new boss who values my input and is, in overall, a better human being than my supervisor. My director, too, started to hand me more complicated assignments, and sought my input more often as well. The amulets have paved a route for me to make something better out of this career, and life is so much better nowadays too. Although there were ups and downs, eventually, the outcome of the whole process was beneficial to me. Hence, I have much to be thankful for, and especially so to have started using the amulets."

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Grand ritual

Those buyers who take part in this coming luck changing ritual and lovers formation love spell, below are the information:

The ritual will be participate by a few black and white magic masters as below:

Aj pu nen
aj yi
aj pi
aj rit
and many more.
Below are 1 of the masters blessing your candles.

Those buyers who give me the clothes or underwear or bra, they will be burn in a cemetery in Surin.

The love thai amulet will be posted out from me next week.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bitch Curse

Received a request from a buyer whose lover is being black charm by another lady.
She wants to engage us to charm her lover back.
WE perform a bring lover back ritual with "leave bitch" ritual.
Master call me when he was doing this ritual and show me abnormal activities occur.
A black cat came to witness this bring lover back love spell ritual which is auspicious.

Soon, within the same day when the ritual is done, the buyer contract me and told me that surprising that her lover suddenly came back to her and talk very nicely to her!
I congratulate her for the success and Thanks her for her faith! 

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Monday, July 3, 2017


Master complete another soul binding love ritual for another buyer. 

Ritual done at the place where dead people are burn. 
Many soul and many dead body are found there.
Soul and spirit are summon to aid the ritual. 

A love thai amulet will be given to buyer upon completion of the ritual.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Good friend always share good times

Another New buyer reference from a previous Happy buyer looking for good luck thai amulet.

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...