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Question and Answer on fire tiger thai amulet

Question:I had lost my fire tiger amulet and I am a muslim.
Can you help me ask master Cum?


I has a few buyers who has the same experience. That time has already ask master. Master say below are few causes:

1) the fire tiger has help you block some negative energy like spiritual attack

2) the fire tiger has help u block some bad luck or accident

3) its human carelessness to misplace it

I has ask him that time. He told me Thai magic is compassion, will help anyone regardless of religious.

So Muslim people can wear his fire tiger.

I got a buyer who dream of stroking a tiger at his dream. The next day, when he step out of his house, he think of his fire tiger thai amulet. He touch his pocket and forget to bring out, just after he turn back his house to get his fire tiger thai amulet, a loud sound came out. Its is a sound of someone open a gun!
He told me that if he did turn back to get to get his fire tiger thai amulet, he would has been died!


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to pray effectively

How to pray effectively

There are many people who don’t know how to pray effectively. Thus, end up, they cannot receive the full effect from their prayers and instead of reflecting on their karma, action speech and mind, they blame the cause of failure to the gods.

Today, I am going to share the proven method on
1) How to get your prayers answer?
2) How to pray effectively?
3) How to tune your mindset for prayers?

1st of all, to get our prayers answer, we must ensure that we MUST REMOVE ALL OBSTACLES 1ST BEFORE we got our prayers answer. Well, you might ask, you need to pray because you has bad luck now, thus you are praying!
NO, YOU ARE WRONG! Do you only eat vitamin C when you are sick! Thus the problem nowsdays. Only pray when in needs, got once the prayers answer, forget to share the gifts gods ha given to us.

To remove the obstacles, there are a few ways.
1) Pray to lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha , son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is worshipped in Hindu Religion as the god of beginnings, knowledge, wisdom, intellect and remover of obstacles. One always starts any prayer, ritual or occasion by worshipping the Beloved Elephant God. Lord Ganesh blessings are also sought before starting any new venture. Lord Ganesha is also referred to as Ganapati, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Vighneshawar and Pillaiyar.

2) Repent

We suffer due to our bad karma.
Repent in front of gods, Bodhisattva, and Buddhas are good practise we should do everydays.
Avoid bad deeds, Do goods, purify your mind. That’s the teaching of all buddhas.

3 simple and effective steps for this:

:1) pray to di zhang wan pu sar for repent. Say your repent verses with true heart.
2) do a lot of good deeds. Promise to do good deeds after u are successful in life.

3) chant everynight.
Namo di zhang wan pu sar. *108 times
After that, say: may this merit be share with all beings in this universal, may them be well and happy.
May it be share with my past lives creditors,may them be well and happy.

2 key things

1)you must be sincere repent. Cannot do bad thing anymore.

2) when you are transfering the merits, you must be really sincere to wish them well.

So far, this method works very very well to clear personal obstacles and it free!

Below is info about the di zhang wan pu sar:

below is the chant:

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Another Happy person

Hey Bro.. I can feel the power of kali amulet.. I bought a red necklace string and wear. And pray to her of what you told me. Den i told her that i want a girl to sms when i cannot sleep alone ytd night and immediately my god sister sms me.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One of the most powerful mantra ever!!!!!! (restock)

One of the most powerful mantra ever exist in this universal.

This mantra bring great powerful protection, great fortune and great luck!!!

Chinabunchorn is one of the most powerful mantra, when the person chant/recite with mindfulness, with sincere heart, the mantra bring the blessing of gods/devas sacred ancient mandala.Thus, today, I recommend this mantra to everyone to chant, to wear and to keep in mind of this great mantra! As long as they can stamp this mantra to their mind, the mantra will bring strong blessing.

This powerful Chinabunchorn thai amulet trakrut come from the great ceremonies consecrated by many thai masters. The biggest ceremonies in 2552 powerful blessed in 3 temples, WatRakhang WatInn(Barngkhunphrom) WatKateChaiyo. This thai amulet is bless with good fortune and protection, powerful blessing thai amulet trakrut chanted by Chinnabunchorn mantras.

This story said by Somdej To when he see in nimitta ( vision from sitting meditation ): One night Somdej To woke up, he have see a man who wear all white cloth. He is too beautiful to be any human in this world. He realize with wisdom that the man is not human, then he asked the man "Honorable sir, As i have see you in this place is really my good karma and honor. You have visit this place, am I doing anything wrong from the teaching of Buddha and if that's why you're here, can you please give me advise to lighten the teaching of Buddha. Aong Tao MahaPhrom Chinabunchara then said "Tarn To, your work here are similar to Phra SamanaKodom (Lord Buddha). But about how you plan to make amulets to be memorial for human, Once make, the things have to be good. Tarn To, you have believe in spiritual, then you should work with law of spiritual world. To put in the right way of ceremony when bless/chant." Somdej To then said "Honorable sir, I'm listen to anyperson opinion. If you are willing to help me. Please advise the way" Then Tao MahaPhrom Chinabunchara tell Somdej To about how to build the right ceremony, called "Teva Bunyud" or "Phroma Bunyud". In that time Somdej To have focus with full wisdom/mindfulness, before Tao MahaPhrom go off nimitta. Somdej To said "Honorable PhraPhrom, what is your name?. Aong Tao MahaPhrom then said "If you want help from me. I am a disciple of Aong Phra Mokalana(one of the first five disciples of Buddha). I had success to Phra Arrahun(success Dhamma and can go to nibbana, In Buddha time, there were only 7 novice monks who success and become Phra Arrahun) when i was 7 years old. But because I have leave my human body before the right time. I can not go to Buddhaphoom (where all Phra Arrahun will go to after life, then will nibana). I have stayed in Phromalok (class of heaven where Phra Phrom stayed). That's all reason because i don't want woman, i hate woman, as they will brake my Phromajaree(virjin). That is why i leave my human life before the right time, In spiritual world called this "died before the right time", then i have to stayed in Phrom image. If Somdej To want help from me, then think of CHINABUNCHARA". Later times, whatever Somdej To planning to do, when Somdej To think to Tao MahaPhrom Chinabunchara. He suddenly appear, to help in ceremony etc. That make all Somdej To's amulets stay powerful until these day even Somdej To leave his human body from this world. Later times Somdej To create the last batch of Phra Somdej amulets 84,000 Phra Dhumakhun(amount) called "Phra Somdej Ittijay. Somdej To have translate katha from "Sing Hon" scrolls, the meaning is the name of 18 Phra Arrahun. Somdej To have renew it, so make easier to pray. This katha is "CHINABUNCHORN" which is the same name to Tao MahaPhrom Chinabunchara. Somdej To used this katha for sitting meditation, bless/chant ceremony all the time as he respect Tao MahaPhrom who alway visit and help him many times.

Somdej To said that "Who pray with CHINABUNCHORN katha everynight, they may not fall down to Abaiyaphoom(One place of Hell, Buddhaphoom is opposite place where Arrahun go). If who have this Katha to pray at any place, this will protect all harmful cause. To pray with any other Katha for 100 years, will don't have as much Arnisong(good karma) as pray CHINABUNCHORN katha.

When i was living in human body, King Rama 4th heard i pray this Katha, Then King Rama 4th order all the people in Palace to pray this Katha and remember to their heart for a good bless to prayer."

This CHINABUNCHORN katha, when pray will best protect prayer fortune, can use bless/chant any amulets. Or any purpose prayer focus their mind to.


Namo Tassa Pakawato Arrahato Summa Sumputtasa 3 times Think of Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh then say.

"Putta GarMoLa PayPutTung TaNaGaMoLa PayTaNung AutThi GarYay GarYar YarYa TayWaNung PiYaTung SootTaWa"


"Cha Ya Sa Na Ka Tha , Puttha Chay Ta Wa MarRung SaWa HarNung , Jattu Sutja SaPung Rasunk Yay Pivingsu Na Ra Sa Pa"

( The Buddhas,the noble men who drank the nectar of the four Noble Truths,
Having come to the victory seat, having defeated Mara together with his mount: )


"Tun Hung Ga Ra Ta Yo Putta AudTaVee SaThi NaYaGa , SupPay PaThidTiTar MaiHung Mud Ta Gay Tay Muss Nis Sa Ra"

( These Buddhas, the 28 leaders, the sovereign sages beginning with
Tanhankara are all established on the crown of my head. )


"See Say PaThiThidToh MaiHung Puttho Dhummo TaViLoJaNay , Sunkho PaThiThidToh MaiHung AuRay Sappa KuNaGaRo"

( The Buddha is established in my head , the Dhamma in my two eyes,
The Sangha----the mind of all virtures----is established in my chest. )


"HaTaYay May ArNuRutTho SareePutTho Ja TukKhiNay , GohnTunYo PhidThiPar KusSaMing MokKunLaNo Ja Wa Mar Gay"

( Anuraddha is in my heart , and Sariputta on my right.
Kondanna is behind me , and Moggallana on my left. )


"TukKhiNay SaWaNay MaiHung ArSoong ArNunTaRaHuLo , GusSaPo Ja MaHaNaMoh AuPaSoong WaMaSoTaGay"

( Ananda & Rahula are in my right ear,
Kassapa and Mahanama are both in my left ear. )


"GaySunTay PhidThiPar KusSaMing , SuRiYo Wa PaPungGaRo , NiSinNo SiRiSumPunNo , SoPiTo MuNi PoongKaWo"

( Sobhita, the noble sage, sits in full glory, shinning like the sun all over
the hair at the back of my head. )


"GuMarLa GusSaPoh TayRo , MaHaySee JitTa Wa Ta Go , So MaiHung WaTaNay NidJung , PhaThidThaSi KuNaGaRo"

( The great sage, the mind of virture, Elder Kumarakassapa, the brilliant speaker,
is constantly in my mouth. )


"PoonNo AungKuLiMarLoJa AuParLee NunTaSeeWaLee , TayRa PunJa E May ChaTa NaLaTay ThiLaGar Ma Ma"

( Five elder---Punna Angulimala, Upali, Nanda, & Sivali---have arisen as
ausipicious marks at the middle of my forehead. )


"SaySarSeeThi MaHaTayRa ViShiTar ChiNaSaWaGa , A Tay SeeThi MaHaTayRa ChiTaWunTo ChiNoRaSa , ChaLunTar SeeLaTayChayNa AungKaMungKaySu SunThiTar"

( The rest of the 80 great leaders----victors, disciples of the victorious Buddha,
sons of the victorious Buddha , shining with the majesty of moral virture----
are established in the various parts of my body. )


"RaTaNung PuRaTo ArSi , TukKiNay MetTaSootTaGung , TaChakKung PudShaTo ArSi , WaMay AungKuliMarLaGung"

( The Ratana Sutta is in front of me, the Mettra Sutta to my right.
The Dhajagga Sutta is behind me, the Angulimala Paritta to my left. )


"CunTaMoRa PaRitTunJa , ArTar NarThiYa SoodTaGung , ArGarSay ShaTaNung ArSi , SaySar PaGarRaSunThiTar"

( The Khandha & Mora Parittas and the Atanatiya Sutta are a roof in space above me.
The remaining suttas are established as a fortress wall around me. )


"Chi NaNa WaRaSunkYootTha , SudTupPaGarRa LungGaTar , WaTaPidTa ThiSunChaTa , ParHeRutChaShutTu PudTaWa"

( Bound by the power of the Victors, realm, seven fortress walls arrayed Against them. )


"ArSaySar ViNaYung YunTu , ArNunTa ChiNaTayChaSar , WaSaTo May SaGitJayNa , SaTar SumPutThaPunChaRay"

( May all misfortununes within & without----caused by such
things as wind or bile----be destroyed without remainder through the majesty of the unending Victor. )


"ChiNaPunChaRa MutChumaHe ViHaRunTung MaHee TaLay, SaTa PaLenTu Mung SupPay Tay MaHaPuRiSarSaPar"

( As I dwell, in all my affairs, always in the cage of the Self-awakened One, Living grounded in the midst of the Victors, I am always guarded by all of those great noble men )


"ItJayWaMunTo SuKootTo SuRukKho , CheNarNuParWayNa CheTuPudTaWo , DhumMaNuParWayNa CheTarReSunkKho , SunkKaNuParWayNa CheTunTaRaYo , SudDhumMarNuParWa Parrithtoh JaRaMi ChiNa Pun Cha Ray Thi"

( Thus am I utterly well-sheltered, well-protected.
Through the might of the Victors, misfortunes are vanquished
Through the might of the Dhamma, hordes of enermies are vanquished
Through the might of the Sangha, dangers are vanquished
Guarded by the might of the True Dhamma, I live in the Victor's Cage. )

"China Punchara Paridtung Mungrukkhatu Suppatha"

( May Chinnabunchorn katha grant me successful in every wish and protect me from all dangers)


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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it

1) Why do people wants to go against our live path and our karma? If in many life times, we did many back things and in this life we are paying back and we are suffering and by wearing any of the amulet, and life changed for the better , isn't it we are defying God's wish.

Me: well, you can chose to stay and live with your bad karma, but my buyers some has family. I got a buyer, need to feed his children, his wife, and his parents. Total of 5 people including him need his money to stay alive and to has food to eat! AAnd you telling me you need to need to wait suffer due to bad karma to pass. I am not saying you need to bypass bad karma, but we leave the judge to the person. Some person just cannot wait due to the situation and since god is helping us by giving us this beautiful gift( powerful thai amulet), then why don’t we use it? At meantime, use the benefit that the amulets has bring us to help more people? I has so many buyers now has lead a meaningful life because their lives get better and start able to do more charity and more firm in believe in karma and god!

Let me tell you this, many many people has work very hard for their lives and end of day, they get nothing!

People are teach that whoever wants a job will get a job after they graduate, whoever works enough will have a good living- thats's not true! Let me tell you, there are people despite all that they do, cannot make it in life!!!

But life is short, times flies, if we don't act now and fast, chance will never come again! Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. Good amulet will bring you happiness, create good chances for you in your life, make people like you!

So there is no doubt why we should not use amulets. There is nothing wrong for us to dream.

I has attached a beautiful and touching video below to share with you.

After reading this page, my wish is that you will be inspired to set out to pursue your dreams and can achieve your dreams with the power of faith. Hopefully, someday, you will share with me some of your stories.

Turn on the speaker


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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Garuda Thai amulet

The story of Garuda from Hindu Myths

Kasayapa or Northern Polar Star is a powerful old sage who has two wives. These two are sisters, Vinata and Kadru by name. Kadru received the wish from her husband that she should have a large number of children, and gave birth to one thousand Naga Serpents (Snake like Dragons). The Nagas choose the underworld, under the ocean bottom as their home.

Vinata requested from her husband that she should have only two sons, but each son being supremely powerful than the Naga children of Kadru. Her wish was granted and she laid two eggs. Five hundred years passed but the eggs show no sign of change. Being impatient, Vinata broke one of the eggs to find out what was inside.

Inside the broken egg was a boy with upper part of his torso and hands fully developed but has no limbs. Being supremely powerful from the birth, he rose to the sky and found out that his deformity was the cause of his mother, he was so angry. Thus he uttered a curse that Vinata should become a slave for five hundred years. Then he rose high up to the sky to the direction of the Sun. Suriya, the Sun God took pity of the deformed boy and given the position as his charioteer. The boy was later known as Arun or the dawn. Thus the dawn has immensely great upper portion but no lower portion.

The curse of Arun over Vinata came to pass. At the time of churning of ocean to recover the lost treasure during the universal deluge, a powerful horse was produced from the ocean dept to be ridden by the Sun God Suriya. The two sisters guessed the color of the horse.

Vinata predicted that the horse of the sacred mission should be pure white. Kadru said it should be grayish or black. Their talk turned into quarrel and finally laid a wager by which the looser should be the slave to the winner for a period of five hundred years.

The sacred horse was pure white by birth. However, Kadru ordered her children the thousand Nagas to stick to the horse?s hair to look grayish. Arun, the charioteer of the Sun god knew the truth but biased to his aunt by glooming the sky to twist the vision. The innocent Vinata lost the wager and became her sister’s slave for Five Hundred years. She was kept in custody in the underworld of Nagas’ population underneath the sea.

Another five hundred years passed and the second egg broke and out came Garuda. His golden body shone so bright and his body so big that his head reach heaven. Many gods and divine rush to witness his birth and was told that he is one of the incarnations of Agni, the god of Fire.

Upon his birth Garuda looked for his mother. Being informed that his mother was kept as a slave in the underworld of Nagas, he negotiated with the Nagas for her freedom. Nagas agreed to set Vinata free on the condition that Garuda bring them the Pot of Amrita (the elixir of immortality) from the Moon, which is closely guarded by the supreme divines.

He flew up to the sky and reached to the Moon. He seized the Pot of Amrita, hold it in his right hand and started his journey back to free his mother. An army of gods who guarded the Pot of Amrita, led by the Great fighter God Lord Indra, immediately pursued him.

A fight broke out in which Garuda defeated every one. Lord Indra was so furious and threw his most powerful weapon VIJIRA the Thunderbolt to Garuda. At the impact, the mighty VIJIRA Thunderbolt was broken into pieces but Garuda was unhurt. However to show his respect to Lord Indra, he let one of his golden feather be dropped to the feet of Lord Indra.

As the Thunderbolt was broken, Lord Indra was stunned and had to sermon the ultimate Divine God Vishnu, the god of universe. As Vishnu knew that as a divine right by birth, Garuda cannot be defeated. So he came to terms with him. He asked Garuda whether he had had a drink of the elixir of immortality. Garuda replied that he came for the selfless mission to free his mother and he did not drink it. Being impressed by his honesty and bravery, Vishnu gives him the position as his carrier or vehicle. Since then Vishnu rides upon Garuda. When divines of the universe goes for the war against evils Garuda as the flag of Vishnu, sits on his Flagpole.

When war God Lord Indra saw the fallen feather of exquisite beauty, he was impressed by Garuda’s power and find out why he is Thunderbolt proofed. Garuda replied that the selfless love for his mother allows for ultimate protection. Thus with the consent of Vishnu, Lord Indra agreed to let Garuda bring the Pot of Amrita to the Nagas and he would bring back the Pot of Amrita elixir by himself. Lord Indra hid behind the wings of Garuda and went to the underworld of Nagas with him.

As Garuda reached back to the underworld of Nagas, he talked to the assembly of Nagas that he had accomplished his mission and brought back the Pot of Amrita. It was agreed that after they release Vinata to him he would leave the pot on sacred ground strewn with Kusa Grass.

Garuda took his mother in his arm and leave the Pot of Amrita on the Kusa Grass. They flew away from the Naga world. Then Lord Indra appeared, took away the Pot of Amrita and instantly vanished into the sky.

To show his gratitude, Lord Indra turned the fallen feather of Garuda into a female garuda and presented to his friend. Garuda made her his queen. Lord Indra also allowed that Naga serpents be the natural food for Garuda.

As per the grant of Lord Indra, Garuda flew everyday to the Naga world to snatch his meals. Hunting for the Nagas went on, causing fear, commotion, injuries and loss of life for many Nagas. To avoid a great havoc each time he hunts for his meal, the King of Naga finally agreed to sent a full grown Naga each day on a slab of stone at the sea shore for his meal, where Garuda could come and eat it without anymore hunting.

One day it was the turn of a young Naga, the only son of a beautiful Naga Princess. She came up along with him to the seashore, refused to turn back and insisting to sacrifice herself in order to save her beloved son.

When Garuda reach to the stone slab at the seashore, he saw the Naga mother and son weeping and fighting to sacrifice their lives for each other. The virtue of a mother’s love touched his warm heart and he agreed to let the mother and son be free. Finally as he found out that the Naga Princess is his own cousin sister, he made her his queen. To show his great love to the Naga Princess, Garuda stopped eating Nagas, and peace prevailed once more.

One can see some of Garuda’s images with a lovely Naga Princess around his neck, whilst other Nagas he took for food are gripped by his hands or by his powerful foots.

One story of Garuda was also told that, once Garuda assumed the form of the young man and went to play dice with the King of Varanasi (now Panta in India), the King’s beautiful Queen eloped with him. He kept the Queen at his abode in Suvarnabhumi, a land supposed to be in the Mountains of Malay Peninsula.

Due to his great heart, exquisite beauty and supreme power, all his queens adore him immensely and Garuda lived a peaceful harmonious life with his three queens happily ever after in his abode in Suvarnabhumi, where the high mountains meet the wide deep sea. It was told that all his queens never practice jealousy out of great respect towards him.

It is believed by the Hindu men that citing the word “GARUDA” every night before one goes to sleep could give great powers for sex and also harm proof against snake bites and gun fire.

In addition to the above Hindu Myth, which is well believed in South East Asian countries, in Thailand Garuda has the specific of the servant to the King. As it is believed that the Thai Kings are the later incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Garuda as the vehicle of Lord Vishnu indicates the emblem of the Royal Thai Government, the royal servant of the King. One can see the emblem of Garuda in every institutions and buildings that belong to the Government or the King.

Thai population, especially the Government servants adoringly keep the Garuda images as the most powerful and sacred Amulets.


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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Happy Person

lp ding takrut really power, helped me siam danger many times already.this year is a very bad year for me cause i clash with tai shui i think. so i had many problems and mostly is those many many minor problems that add up that makes it irritating.
recently as you know i went to malaysia, i had a dream while on the airplane that i'll bump into a pregnant woman and the woman will make a scene. i didnt take it to heart and guess what? later on i really bump into a irritating pregnant lady that made a scene at a food court. after that i always take those dreams seriously and so far i have manage to overcome many obstacles.:) i wear the takrut to sleep everyday. This takrut really gd for 6 sense, although you say it is for wealth, i think it is like lp amulet, which is a all rounder amulet and gd protection as well.


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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Lord Ganesh!

Ganesh Jayanti (literally "Ganesha's birthday"), also known as Magha shukla chaturthi, Tilkund chaturthi,"Vinayak Chaturthi" and Varad chaturthi, is a Hindu festival. This occasion celebrates the birth day of Ganesha, the lord of wisdom.It is a popular festival particularly in the Indian state of Maharashtra held during the shukla paksha chaturthi day (fourth day of the bright fortnight or the waxing moon) in the month of Maagha as per almanac, which corresponds to the Gregorian calendar month of January/February. The distinction between the Ganesh Jayanti and the more popular, almost pan-Indian Ganesh Chaturthi festival is that the latter festival is observed in the month of August/September (Bhadrapada Hindu month). According to one tradition, Ganesh Chaturthi is also considered as the birthday of Ganesha.This festival of Ganesha is also called as the Tilo Chauth or Sakat Chauthis in Uttar Pradesh, where Ganesha is invoked on behalf of the son of a family.

In India

Two to three months prior to Ganesh Chaturthi, artistic clay models of Lord Ganesha are made for sale by specially skilled artisans. They are beautifully decorated & depict Lord Ganesh in various poses. The size of these statues may vary from 3/4 of an inch to over 25 feet.

Ganesh Chaturthi starts with the installation of these Ganesh statues in colorfully decorated homes and specially erected temporary structures mandapas (pandals) in every locality. The pandals are erected by the people or a specific society or locality or group by collecting monetary contributions. The mandapas are decorated specially for the festival, either by using decorative items like flower garlands, lights, etc. or are theme based decorations, which depict religious themes or current events.

The priest, usually clad in red silk dhoti and shawl, then symbolically invokes life into the statue by chanting mantras. This ritual is the Pranapratishhtha. After this the ritual called as Shhodashopachara (16 ways of paying tribute) follows. Coconut, jaggery, 21 modakas, 21 durva (trefoil) blades of grass and red flowers are offered. The statue is anointed with red unguent, typically made of Kumkum & Sandalwood paste . Throughout the ceremony, Vedic hymns from the Rig Veda, the Ganapati Atharva Shirsha Upanishad, and the Ganesha stotra from the Narada Purana are chanted.

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...