Monday, June 27, 2016

Miracle now

After so many years if blogging ,  this year,  is a special year. I has reach 10 years of blogging about miracle, amulets and magic.
A lot of common questions, What does amulet do?

All these years,  your feedback to me endorse my amulets are nothing but more than  a gem in your life. I told many new buyers,  after you has seen more miracle in life,  you will feel more love,  and feel more power.  In fact,  you has the power to lead the life you want,  with the correct powerful Thai amulet.

I always tell master,  there are many lost souls outside. What they want is a miracle NOW to let them has faith again!  There are increasing in suicide nowadays. And the scary parts,  the age getting younger and younger.

I want to lifts the veil between our perceptual world and the world beyond our physical sight.
I want them to know they won't be walking alone. There powerful and effective Thai amulet here to help them to get out of the darkness.

Having a amulet with you in darkness of your life is same as walking alone in darkness with a light.

Soon,  you will find yourself walking in light.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rich bitch vs happy Princess 富裕荡妇与快乐公主

1 of my buyer told me that she got 15 rich guys chasing after her after using my love charm Thai amulet. 
She told me that the Thai amulet she got from me is incredibly valuable! 
She got many times in return of happiness.

My friend say she sounds like a bitch. 
BUT to me, NOW,  NO DOUBT, she is happy with them rather than sad like others who has suffer from relationship problems! 

我有一名买主告诉我她在使用了我的爱情泰國佛牌之后, 所见证的事实! 在同一个时期, 15名阔少爷正在追求她。那爱情泰國佛牌是如此神奇与无价! 她从中得到了许多快乐!

有位朋友告诉我这名买主像主了荡妇。可我说: 是又如何? 她和他们在一起时开心快乐多于伤心难过就行了!


她: 是的。我知道。呵呵。那个佛牌一直吸引男人。我是说很多, 很多的男人。哈哈。

我: 好样的! 你得感谢我!

她: 哎呀, 你知道吗? 有15个来和我搭讪, 说喜欢我! 哎哟!

我: 15???!!! 那么多!!!!

她: 是的! 15个! 我没撒谎! 15个都说喜欢我! 哈哈! 感觉像公主!

我: 我知道我的泰國佛牌都是顶尖的!

她: 哈哈。是的。有一个男生4年没和我联系。突然给我发简讯约我出门, 还免费指导我泰国拳! 全部男人又好看又很有钱。阔少! 哈哈。

我: 哇! 发达后别忘了我呀!

她: 哇! 真的! 你的泰國佛牌真好!

我: 是的! 那是必须的!

她: 哈哈。你的泰國佛牌真的非常物有所值! 那个幸运佛牌也很好。使用后, 一直帮我避灾。有一次车子抛锚了, 还很多人来帮我呢!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

how to push the amulet power to a person mind

People has been asking me,  what did the change mind thai amulet  exactly do to the person you target?

This item will influence a person heart , who has make a fix decision on you or fix a negative view on you.

Can be  targeted on your supervisor who set to fire you,  or demoted you or who always look down on you.

In simple words, change their decision.

What you can expect? 

After using the item,  the person who is usually harsh or fierce towards you suddenly become more kinder.

And If you want find favor on a specific target person,  follow my instructions to direct the amulet power on that person to win the person desire heart towards your benefit.

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