Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wealth Gem 泰國佛牌招财娘娘(女神)(sold out)

In thailand, there is a female god worship by the whole thai people.
Her name is Nang kwak. 

在泰國,許多人拜著招财娘娘(女神),她的名字 Nangkwak。

Why the so many thais worship her? Because she brings the best gift for us, money and great wealth!


The question here is: How to make sure or ensure that your prayers to her is going to be answer?
Answer: Make sure the master who bless your wealth fetching is powerful enough to activate her!


Searching high and low for powerful amulet is always my goal, getting effective wealth amulet is 1 of my passion.

Heaven has answer my prayers!

I has find the powerful wealth gem!


This phra nang kwak is being keep in the stupa for almost 30 years!
During these 30 years, monks, masters have been reciting mantras, sending power and sending energy to this batch of amulet is the stupa!

在這30年期間,大師一直念咒,  發送精力投入到這些佛牌在佛塔!

Every day,
Every hours,
Every minute,
Every Second,
this batch of amulet is absorbing the essence power from the earth for 30 years!

Finally, the compassion master finally decide to release this batch of amulet to the devotes!

A auspicious day is selected to open the stupa, gods or guardian of the stupa is being informed, lucky devotes who get this will be blessed.
Inside of this extra powerful amulet contains:

    flowers collect from 108 temples

    Black rice blessed by 108 high power masters

 108 types of magical powder is added into it.


magical powder to make people follow you
magical powder to make you confidence
magical powder to make people respect you
magical powder to clear bad luck
magical powder of using the 4 element to work at your benefit

 Sea Coral from holy sea of thailand where 100 years no disaster or death.

Great benefits you will get from this wealth fetching god:

1) Help you to open up your wealth luck

2) bring wealth to you in many sources

3) Keep recharging your wealth luck, feel like people giving you wealth or money or people giving you opportunities to earn more money.

4) increase your fortune

5) Increase your sales and business profit

6)  Get your wealth energy moving

7) Prevent wealth loss

I cannot finish describing the wealth and luck benefits that this item is going to bring you!

I am confidence that this item is going to be 1 of your best wealth fetching amulet in on your neck! 

The ugly truth is that due to high exposure to harsh weather, this wealth gem, nang kwak is not going to be perfect in appearance!
But does it hurts a cent when this nang kwak fetch money for you???
In return, the beautiful fact is that, after long period of absorbing  the sacred temple and various sources essences, this help to increase the amulet power to another level!  

Question and Answer:

Q:Who is the master?

Answer: Buyer will be given the master information.

Q: What i has to do or what i has to take note for this item?

Answer: Only buyer will be given a details formula which contain what to do, what to take note, how to activate this item etc.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Keep those idiots at bay (Another Happy buyer) 趕走那些白痴

Keep those people who want to harm you far away (double click for better view)

hi nayan
protect yourself amulet is very good yesterday
someone try to get me in trouble by tell lie on the
boss but fail. they try its 3 times first i think is a fluke but not anymore because 3 times fail to get me in trouble.
its does better than you said its will event my mum forget what to said when near me hahaha.
i love this amulet i will give you 5 star
thank you



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Monday, August 5, 2013

How come so fast! (Cat and rat thai amulet) 為什麼這麼快( 貓和鼠的泰國佛牌)

Goh , u must believe this, today 3pm i got the cat n rat, i chant fr 5 times sincerely wishing her to come back to me, 9pm she sms me(after so long never),asking me where am i n talk also very polite,than ask me to take her out , we go karaoke n chat for long, i m happy n never believed this is hapening so fast , is a gd start n i want to thank u n the master that make this powerfull amulets. Hope our relationship get back like before, thanks again:)


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