Tuesday, December 27, 2016

lonely girl crying Christmas eve (Royal till today)

A lonely buyer approach me during near Christmas festival and sadly telling me that her lover has block her more than 14 days! I has help her a few times previously to settle their quarrels in the past. She has deep trust on me!

Each time, all her problems are solved by my thai amulets. 
I promised her that lonely days are only to happen to others but not her! 

[23/12, 18:15] Lonely Soul: haix, think gonna spend christmas with e kids but without my guy. he stuck on for so long though still give me shit. from two wks ago blocked me out, seriously think he's finally giving up. n nothing I can do.
[23/12, 18:30] Nayan: I thought u n him r ok last time?
[23/12, 18:30] Nayan: Seriously

She heed my advise and get a soul stealer thai amulet from me!

This time, results comes much faster!

Within 2 day, the guy contacted her and telling her he is on his way to meet her NOW!

[25/12, 21:11] Happy Soul: nayan my guy just called me
[25/12, 21:11] Happy Soul : he called to talk then say he's on the way over to my side
[25/12, 21:30] Happy Soul: I didn't expect today
[25/12, 21:30] Happy Soul: E amulet really powerful
[25/12, 21:30] Happy Soul: 2 days only!

Nayan, your pulling amulet is a life saver! My guy had blocked me from his phone from all communication for 2-whole weeks. Seeing that it's e night before Christmas Eve and he hasn't made contact still, I panicked and msged you. I grumbled that he seems to want to cut contact and high chance skip this festive season with me which has never happened before! You were quick to reply me as usual and recommended this amulet love charm highly telling me it's very efficient. I got it from you immediately and followed your simple instructions telling the amulet what I wished for. Eve passed by and I was feeling dejected still and finally, Christmas evening itself his number flashed on my HP! He called asking what I did e past few days and telling me he's on his way to my place in a good mood:) I'm highly impressed that the amulet took 2-days only!! Unbelievable! Super thankful to you & your amulets as per in e past. Still a loyal customer of yours up till today.


Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nayan, protect me from scam!

A buyer told me that she has pay a man for a service.
But the man repeatedly never turn up for her services and rejected a calls for a few days.
She feel being con and decided to take her life back!
She prayed to the thai amulet she got from me very soon, the guy contacted her back! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

You make my boyfriend cry!

How many times your lover treat you like a dirt?
How many times he scold you as a slut? How many times he flirt behind you with other girls?

I got a female buyer who lover treat her very badly. More worse than a sex machine.  She approach me.

I introduce her the at heartless dog thai love charm.
This love charm thai amulet will make him guilty and love you even more than ever!

Soon, she rejoice! 

[05/12, 17:25] A : My bf been good to me since yesterday evening
[05/12, 17:26] A : U know he suddenly cried in front of me and he said sorry for everything
[05/12, 17:26] A : He cannot stop crying and he hug me
[05/12, 17:26] A : Wah master really great
[05/12, 17:27] A : And u know what, he go to meet his friend he suddenly text me that he will send his current location and he did!
[05/12, 17:27] A : Wow
[05/12, 17:27] A : Im speechless
[05/12, 17:28] A : And today he treat me really good and he seem so worry bout me when i haven't eat and he knows i got sore throat and fever
[05/12, 17:28] A : He even gave me medicine to drink
[05/12, 17:29] A : U know what, actually he had fever more terrible than me but he dont want to tell me
[05/12, 17:30] A : He gave me medicine so that i feel much better but actually that is his medicine
[05/12, 17:31] A : Because u know i always trust u and master
[05/12, 17:32] A : So i am  confident that u and master help me
[05/12, 17:36] A : Thank u so much

Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Another get back lost love story:


Friday, December 9, 2016

lp ngern thai amulet

Name thai amulet: Lp ngern

Style:Loop, mini Statute

Ngern Lai Ma or Money Coming is best associated to Luang Phor Ngern amulets. 
Banks, gold smith shops all over thailand like to worship or sponsor ceremonies when involed in the blessing or making of this great master of the era, Lp ngern.

When any devoted hold on to any of this holy image, chant of his  mantra, call of his name and you will associate with wealth  and money.

Monday, December 5, 2016

World largest Lord Ganesha Statute Standing

Lord Ganesha Standing Statute. Height: 30cm.

1st batch.

Make for raising fund for building the world standing Lord Ganesha In Thailand.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Wealth Hunter Thai Amulet (sold out)

Wealth don't come by chance. Even you has money,  does not mean you forever will has money! 

That's where you need something that will lock money for you and hunt wealth for you constantly! 

End a poor man curse

You might be poor,  but you will get rich as long as you are a fighter. 

What I mean?  Set your sights higher. 

My  question to you: How soon do you want to end this worries? 

End your poverty curse

Fortunately for you,  Master told me,  where this wealth charm goes,  the riches follows. 

If you want get rich,  if you want to clear your debt,  this wealth hunter is your ally. This wealth hunter will work together with you to get you richer than now. This wealth hunter is your best hope. 

This wealth hunter will actively hunt wealth for you like a Tiger hunt for his prey,  you will notice money come to you more easily and unexpectedly. 

What we are talking here is you can Enjoy lifetime prosperity in your life. 

Gone through many masters and still the same or worse 

I has meet satisfied buyers who always fill me with that before purchasing. 
I always say: you has a much  tougher and different urgent situation. Thus,  you need a different system from a master who think much differently than others who can use that powerful magic system to effectively settle your issue. 
Thanks to master engaging and concise techniques on humans perplexing problems, many of my buyers soon from being a mediocre life to a exceptional one! 

We understand the importance of your urgency,  therefore,  we always target to clear your debt fast and strong focus on giving you sudden wealth. 

For each person committed in their craft,  nothing beats the triumph of discovering I have make a impact in my buyers life! 

Many enquiries love to ask: what make you think yours works work perfectly on me? 

Reply: because we are different from others and ordinary solutions no longer able to solve present layman complex issues anymore.

They decided to give a last tried on me after being scam by many non working items. 
Very soon,  satisfied buyers flood my blog with  happy feedback.

Stars or year not at your favourite?  So amulet not working?
Karma blocking you?  So amulet also being block? 
That's the most common answer by buyers facing from others when they could not see results from other masters or sellers. 
My amulet from my masters? 
Forget about the astrology,  forget about the karma. 
1 hidden features hidden inside my master amulets that make my buyers crying with happiness after using : this amulet has a tremendous manipulative force that compels miracle to happen for you. 
Results : irreplaceable wealth and miracle this amulet can give you that others items cannot. 

Master wealth ritual 

Insert inside this wealth hunter Thai amulet contains a master ritual item that will protect you against violence,  random accidents and bad luck. If you are suffering from any type of crossed conditions that has been bugging you for a long time,  this item will give you back your life. 

Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com



Monday, November 21, 2016

Lonely Girl Journal

This girl say she is very lonely,  she told me all those love stories she watch are all fairy tales. Will never happen to her.  I told her to open up her mind to miracle ,  give me her hands,  and I place a love Thai amulet on her hand.
I told her,  the moment this amulet is in your hands,  you are holding the key towards the door of miracles.
Soon,  she find a lovely man,  and her love life bloom.  Her fairy tales story turn into true now

 [19/11, 13:33] : I should thank u and master both of us had a gd time at dinner yesterday, chatting, laughing, he was nice also, walk along beach, sat down talked, hug, kiss, really nice. We enjoyed each other's company..
[19/11, 13:34] : Never do all these for a very long time..
[19/11, 13:34] : I m thankful and appreciate ur kindness..thank u

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to make you rich again; money is everywhere.

Recently, many people face the impact of the economy downturn. 

Many business close down and companies retrench workers.

I was approach by this young lady who refuse to accept the fate given, she feel her fate lies on her hand.

I was impress by this brave lady attitude towards life and promise to help her with my wealth thai amulet.

She face poor business and heavily in debt.

After 1 week. her business reach new high!

 She archive 1 of the highest sales in her business after using the money wealth thai amulet!

Hahaha yup yesterday is the highest of October ^_^

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Friday, October 28, 2016

Queen of thai amulet, LP toh Phra Nangpaya

The “Nang Phaya” Buddha amulets are most popular and accepted as one in the “Grand Five” set (Benja Phakee) of the popular Buddha amulets in Thailand. The people have been seeking them for suck a long time, because of the highly wealth and good luck quality.

Year: 2472
Master: LP Toh

LP Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee is one of the top 10 monks of all time. The prices of his amulets are on the higher side due to his reputation of creating efficacious Thai Amulet. 1 of his high end amulet is Lp toh Pidta.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

I cannot stop myself from always winning lottery

One of the buyers after receiving our helps and get a crazy wealth charm thai amulet,  he experience unstoppable wealth flowing into his life. He keep winning lottery more often than before. 

Gratefully,  he always donate a small amount each winning.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Desperate housewife calling.

Got a SOS request from a buyer. 

She told me the whole world all magician,  masters and fortune teller told her that her cases is hopeless. Fully beyond cure. She scream and yell at her husband. She hurts his heart. Her husband vow to fill a divorce on her.

She told me she regret her acts,  and she knew she was wrong. She wanted another chance.

Her husband ignored her plead. Her husband insisted to end the relationship. Cold war between words started. No matter how she plead on him,  he ignored her. Her husband sleep alone in the balcony. She want a love charm or a love spell to win him back.

Soon,  my rescue came to her. 
A miracle happen to her life that she almost cannot believe it.
She use my bring lover back thai amulet love charm.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Success Factors thai amulet

A university graduate approach me, he told me that he has problems finding jobs after graduated from university for a few years. He was out of job for some time. He told me to help him. I told him, getting a job FAST is not good enough, must make sure get a GOOD job also. I recommend him a career thai amulet. Soon, good news came:

[18/09, 23:58] : Thanks to your good amulets!! :))
[18/09, 23:59] : Haha! Thanks bro!
[18/09, 23:59] : Wouldn't have been possible without you.. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why you suddenly become so lucky?????

A buyer approach me. She told me that her boyfriend facing bad business. Very poor sales. A lot of bad luck.
I introduce him a lucky thai amulet.
And very soon, he joining my die hard fanz regular buyer club!
Sales pick up and he is coming back for more thai amulets!

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crazy wealth Charm 2

Crazy wealth Charm
If you need 1 source of power to rich, 
From poor to rich
from rich to filthy rich
from debt to debt-less
this is it.

Tired of money keep not enough?
Tired of keep worry about money?
Recession bring you down?

Don't sweat it!

Tweak your life and luck into more money flow into your hands now with "crazy wealth"charm Thai amulet.

Clear all "no money"energy on you with tornado effect.

This "crazy wealth" charm will automatically install the wealth and money flow luck into your life


help you tap into the filthy rich energy and grafting prosperity of richness into your essence of life.

"Crazy wealth" charm  Thai amulet will further empower you with Seize wealth power.

To bring your wealth and money to another heights you cannot imagine.

Make debt free dream come true.

Why is this "Crazy wealth" charm thai amulet so powerful?

The master bring to 9 countries and combine with more than 99 masters all over the world to bless this wealth charm.

This wealth charm is empower with more than 99 types of wealth and debt free manta are added inside to flatten your wallet.

 "Crazy wealth" charm is encoded with  a special link to the master, with extra ritual perform every week to keep the "crazy wealth "charm power to the max!

This thai amulet will work like crazy non stop to drive unlimited wealth to you!

Want more money now? Order now!
Instructions and masters information will be email to buyers.

Contact : helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Mother Nature wealth amulet:


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Biggest lottery win in history

Biggest lottery won in history ever!

Recently,  I was approach by a  buyer. He told me that he was heavily in debt!  And the debtors are chasing him so close that he cannot breathe. He was very depress and he is going to end his life as he knows he will never able to repay the huge amount of debt he was facing! He went to pray to many places,  many temples,  and has visited many masters! 

All told him that in his whole life,  he will never and cannot strike huge amount of lottery because he is meant to live as a poor life! 

He approach me!  I told him,  nothing is impossible! 
I recommend him a wealth thai amulet and told him to pray very hard according to the method I teach him. 

The next day,  the big bang came! 
His whole life biggest lottery strike!

Top prize! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Live again lucky charm


I got this buyer, whose down on luck and lose hope in life. Her life become dark.
After got the thai amulet from me, she got back her strength in life.She is joyful everyday.

She is so thankful towards my service that she design a logo for me!
I am very happy!

Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I win lottery like eat MacDonald

A buyer want try his luck on a lottery type Thai amulet.

I got him something that swiftly make him win lottery continuously. 

His unshakable faith make him do not check on the opening and his friend told him about the winning. 

Second winning jackpot lottery

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pay what you deserve

Many buyers ask me,  why there are no amulet in my blog for sales? 
Why there are only feedback?

I told them,  I has many behind curtain sales. In other words,  the items are sold even I has a chance to publish in my blog! 
Many 1st time buyers won't believe that. They say is quite impossible. 
I whisper to their ear,  soon,  you will be 1 of my regular buyers because after this purchase,  you will discover that actually, my items rocks!

Nowadays even a premature adults 12 years old kids are selling thai amulets online. 
Many if my buyers are fully aware of all these different between powerful amulet and non powerful "images". 
They know and fully experience a huge satisfaction on my items. They won't purchase else where except mine!

As below. This buyer has a close relative selling amulet too! But,  she knows deeply,  in her heart,  where to source and get the correct item for her Problems to be solved. 

I trusted your amulets. I only get from u although I have relative selling amulets too 😁

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nayan! you look like a pimp!

Nayan! you look like a pimp!
兄弟, 你好像龟公呀!

I got a very cute regular buyer who purchase items from me very regularly sent me a feedback recently. The funny part is that she lottery she wins is in February. And she sent me now which is in July.

我有一个可爱的定期买主, 发了反馈给我。最可爱之处是她二月时中了马票, 可却在七月时才和我说。

I ask her why she only sent now?
Guess her reply?


She told me that I has too many success cases in helping others in love charm, solving relationship, helping many lonely people to find SEX PARTNERS!

她解释说: 因为找我补助爱情运的人实在太多了。个个都是非常成功的例子。除此之外, 我也成功帮助寂寞的人们寻获性伴侣。

She told me I look like a damn bloody pimp! HAHAHAHAHA...

她说我像极了拉皮条! 感觉像个超级大淫虫!! 哈哈哈!!

She told me that, in reality, my wealth thai amulet well also very well!  So she sent me this feedback!

她告诉我, 我的佛牌配, 不单是能补助爱情运, 也能提升财运!! 我的招财福物也非常灵验! 所以发了这个反馈给我。

I do has quite a number of win lottery and casino feedback. But just that, I has more relationship problems buyers. And after all these years of experience, I become a relationship guru! From lovers to couple, from couple to businessmen. All walks of life I has seen.
The results I got, become more and more mind blowing!
I has a dubai buyers managed to secure a few million project after using a mind bending charm which enable him to win competitors and close the deal!

我确实有许多中奖发财之类的反馈。可是情困买主占据我的大部分时间。而经历了多年的聆听与解忧, 我已间接变成了爱情专家了! 从情人到恋人, 夫妻至商人, 各种行业, 种种人生百态, 我都一一深入了解。

从中得获的成绩, 令我震撼和惊喜万分! 我有一个迪拜买家, 靠我的招财福物, 帮他击败总多商敌, 索得好几亿的方案!

Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to make your lover wild! Lonely girl remedy.

One of my buyers get a love charm thai amulet from me. After using, her life go wild! A lover who has not contact her for some time ask her go hotel for sex!

Email: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Amulet that pay off.....

Hi Nanyan

Is me. Remember I got your Love Charm thai amulet from u. It has been 3 weeks. I felt nothing happened.  Then yesterday, something weird happened in late evening at 11.30pm. Before that, in the morning I make my usual wish to Love Charm & follow your instructions.

What happened next is out of mind. My phone was flooded with all my ex girls who ignore me long ago. There was one 1.5yrs ago gal. They text me & asked me where am I & what I am doing. I was like..... "Wow"... I have to pause & recall each girl b4 I replied them. Since I got the amulet, I have been praying for things I wish to happened. Finally it pays off. Thank u Nanyan.  Now I praying for another wish to happened. I believe the Love Charm is in me & will make it happened.  

Once again, thank you Nanyan.  I am still waiting for one important wish to come true ...... if it happened,  I will let u know. Thank you Nanyan.

Email: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Monday, June 27, 2016

Miracle now

After so many years if blogging ,  this year,  is a special year. I has reach 10 years of blogging about miracle, amulets and magic.
A lot of common questions, What does amulet do?

All these years,  your feedback to me endorse my amulets are nothing but more than  a gem in your life. I told many new buyers,  after you has seen more miracle in life,  you will feel more love,  and feel more power.  In fact,  you has the power to lead the life you want,  with the correct powerful Thai amulet.

I always tell master,  there are many lost souls outside. What they want is a miracle NOW to let them has faith again!  There are increasing in suicide nowadays. And the scary parts,  the age getting younger and younger.

I want to lifts the veil between our perceptual world and the world beyond our physical sight.
I want them to know they won't be walking alone. There powerful and effective Thai amulet here to help them to get out of the darkness.

Having a amulet with you in darkness of your life is same as walking alone in darkness with a light.

Soon,  you will find yourself walking in light.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Rich bitch vs happy Princess 富裕荡妇与快乐公主

1 of my buyer told me that she got 15 rich guys chasing after her after using my love charm Thai amulet. 
She told me that the Thai amulet she got from me is incredibly valuable! 
She got many times in return of happiness.

My friend say she sounds like a bitch. 
BUT to me, NOW,  NO DOUBT, she is happy with them rather than sad like others who has suffer from relationship problems! 

我有一名买主告诉我她在使用了我的爱情泰國佛牌之后, 所见证的事实! 在同一个时期, 15名阔少爷正在追求她。那爱情泰國佛牌是如此神奇与无价! 她从中得到了许多快乐!

有位朋友告诉我这名买主像主了荡妇。可我说: 是又如何? 她和他们在一起时开心快乐多于伤心难过就行了!


她: 是的。我知道。呵呵。那个佛牌一直吸引男人。我是说很多, 很多的男人。哈哈。

我: 好样的! 你得感谢我!

她: 哎呀, 你知道吗? 有15个来和我搭讪, 说喜欢我! 哎哟!

我: 15???!!! 那么多!!!!

她: 是的! 15个! 我没撒谎! 15个都说喜欢我! 哈哈! 感觉像公主!

我: 我知道我的泰國佛牌都是顶尖的!

她: 哈哈。是的。有一个男生4年没和我联系。突然给我发简讯约我出门, 还免费指导我泰国拳! 全部男人又好看又很有钱。阔少! 哈哈。

我: 哇! 发达后别忘了我呀!

她: 哇! 真的! 你的泰國佛牌真好!

我: 是的! 那是必须的!

她: 哈哈。你的泰國佛牌真的非常物有所值! 那个幸运佛牌也很好。使用后, 一直帮我避灾。有一次车子抛锚了, 还很多人来帮我呢!

Email: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

how to push the amulet power to a person mind

People has been asking me,  what did the change mind thai amulet  exactly do to the person you target?

This item will influence a person heart , who has make a fix decision on you or fix a negative view on you.

Can be  targeted on your supervisor who set to fire you,  or demoted you or who always look down on you.

In simple words, change their decision.

What you can expect? 

After using the item,  the person who is usually harsh or fierce towards you suddenly become more kinder.

And If you want find favor on a specific target person,  follow my instructions to direct the amulet power on that person to win the person desire heart towards your benefit.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Change of Heart Thai amulet (sold out)

People come and go. Some stay for a while,  some leave footprint in our heart and some leave unbearable pain. Some leave dark shadow in our life that haunt us for life. 
I always look forward to meet person who leave beautiful memories in my life and block negative people in my life.

I am a very stubborn person. I hate to accept fate which lead me to hunt for ways or methods to race against any odds to rob my happiness.

By blessings,  I came by this guru who us well respect by the farmers and people in Thailand. 
Pls don't underestimate this item.
The heart of this item is able to make any humans or animals live together harmoniously, or in simple words, change their way of thoughts to suit your way. 
This is one of the signature amulet that the people swear by him.

Reverse hate

1 of the followers who I meet in his place to me that in his workplace,  he thought he has zero chance to get promotion or pay raise any more. 
He accident offence his stingy supervisor. 
After using the item,  he embark into a different journey in his career. 
His supervisor treat him a meal in his home with home cook food and apologies to him last time for his silly mistake for not appreciate him! 
His life change dramatic 360 after incredible Thai amulet. 
He told me that his wife used to me very nasty and rude. 
After using,  she seem to be much kinder towards him,  treat him with respect, giving him the pride,  the dignity.

Either you got wonderful love story or you are forever played by some stupid love games.

This master by nature is very ugly in appearance. He has a broken nose and a eyes that pointed in different directions. 
Since young,  he has problems finding love from woman. He told me,  even the most ugliest lady in his village find him ugly and rejected him. 
With a heart broken heart,  he vow to take revenge against these ladies who rejected him. 
He learn the art of "never say good bye" love mantra. 
This magic will make the target person you desire keep surrounding you endless. 
After he has learn this magic,  he try on a few ladies who rejected him previously. 
One by one,  start to shown up in his life. 
1 of the ladies cried miserable state apologies to him for not appreciate him. 
He ask her wat there is a sudden shift on attitude. 
She say she dream of herself turn into a ugly lady. After wake up,  she find out that,  actually,  he is a kind man,  just some defect in appearance. 
From the 1st day till now,  she come everyday to cook for the master and clean the house. Master try to chase her away,  but after a few days,  she came back to master again.

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Remember, you could be wearing a lot of amulet but still a lot of undesired events is happening because you are not wearing this correct amulet to create your desire events.

Master told me that many master are using "swapping power" magic or chant. 
In other words,  
You could be trading something at this moment that give you short term happiness. 
Some item swap with your future happiness to grant your present short wish. 
So,  soon,  after some time,  you will find you are more miserable or facing more bad luck after using some items. 
This ugly looking master told me that his item is using a type of magic that will not swap with any events or luck from you but instead,  IS GIVING YOU MORE!

So,  You could be missing something very important that could change your life forever. 
So don't let others unskilled master silly mistake prevent you from gaining the life and happiness you want. 
Insist on your own happiness. 

What can you expect?

You will find that after using, you friends treat you better. 
You will not face any betray from any friends. 
Your friends will not hate you out of the blue.

In workplace and career, you will gain appreciation from boss,  supervisor.

And yes,  one of the most important person in our life:

Your spouse,  lover will be kinder to you,  more sweeter towards you. They will be Royal to you.
And also, You can gain your sweet revenge wish come true,  Ex lover will come back suddenly unexpectedly. 
And something  more  than that,  they won't leave you until you stop using the charm.

Summary :Perfect item in this imperfect world.

After purchase, you will be teach how to use this item to see results.
Your secret desire will unfold successfully. 
You are expect to experience success after success. 

You will also know the dirty tricks to lock down a person heart. 

Email: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...