Monday, March 31, 2014

wealth Tower (sold out)

We stay in times of high stress nowadays. Things get worse when luck are not at our side.What got worse when there are negative people trying to create more problem for us by backstabbing or jealous people trying to stop us from being success.
Ultimate wealth is what we are going for. Debt free is most people wish at this moment, never be poor is everyone goal for this life.

Today, I am going to introduce you this charm, which will make your wish come true.
According to Maste, this wealth tower Thai amulet is the toolkit for all devotes who wish to has great success in life related to career and money.

This wealth amulet act as a wealth tower. Inside contain 3 layers of protocol that the master has power up inside.

Layer 1) Enhances outcome of good luck in all situation.

-Let you has a winning end in all ways.

-Bring great success; enhance all situation to be in your favor and allow you to be in victory. 

-Increases odds in your favor involving games of chance that can be considered just chance and not skill, i.e. scratch-off lottery

Layer 2) Money flow in power

-Increases the opportunity of acquiring cash

-Enhances the ability to gain wealth through all avenues; work, surprise, assets, borrowed money returned, etc.

- Increases the number of opportunities where situations will bring you money; i.e. jobs, lottery, real estate, etc

Layer 3) Always lucky and happy

- Creates protective energies around you to keep negative energies or blemishes from occurring.

- Creates a barrier around you of positive energy to dissolve negative event and harmful people like backstabbers

-Provides an uplifting atmosphere to influence a good mood.

This is truly a great item that will to bring Success, and Victory, in all times; good or bad.

It attracts Prosperity, prosperous opportunities ventures of wealth and gain!

The name of master and and information of this amulet on how to use will be sent only to the buyer via email.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

He Hammer me! (another happy buyer , fire tiger)

Morning Nayan ! I am XXX who previously gotten LP Cum's Fire Tiger Takrut & LP Maha Surasak's Phra Sangkachai from you. As i am currently serving my Internship at a factory in Changi, i have to do lots of hammering, drilling and grinding etc. Two days back, on Friday, i was holding a side panel while my colleague helped to hammer the material in. Unknowingly and carelessly, he hammered my left thumb. It was very painful however my nails didnt chip off nor did i bleed or my thumb changed colour. I was wearing the fire tiger takrut and i am sure it was there to protect me. Thanks for the effective takrut bro !

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Friday, March 14, 2014

I GOT WHAT I WANT! (Another Happy buyer) 我得到了我想要的!

Hi Nayan,

I just chant the khata for tiger, cat and rat, and never be alone amulets and made a wish related to my work. In less than one hour I receive a super positive news that I wish for. I am so surprise how fast it come true! I am really very very happy and delighted to see and receive such good news. I don't know what else to describe my feeling other than I'm writing this feedback to you in a very very super duper happy mood!

Is there anything that I need to do for the amulets (like make offering or anything) to show my appreciation or reward them for making my wish come true? I hope this is the start of wish fulfillment!

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful dealer and friend!



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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life support thai amulet (another happy person) 生命支持泰國佛牌

Hi Nayan,

A I promised I will write a simple feedback on Buddha Sitting On Mountain To Support.


I got amulet from you some times last year for one of my friend, it was around May last year.


My friend facing difficulties on the jobs when I approached you, he is receiving termination notice from his boss.


The boss never tried to keep him then and he also move on to another well paid job.

After 3 months of probation, the new boss never approved his job confirmation as due his lack of experience in the said industry.

He has no choice to leave again.

This time round, just happened recently, he found his dream job, despite lesser pay, he is much more happier person now.


All this happened because of support from Buddha sitting on mountain to support amulet.


Although it take times to show, what matter most, my friend always having a job to support his family and continue to help him to find his dream job.


Thank you so much for this amulet.


It was really amazing and reliable.


Thank you so much for your constant advise too.

Best Regards,

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