Friday, September 28, 2012

Nayan Did it again (give me back my freedom)

Anyway, on to a good news.  My aunt who had secretly stashed lots of money agreed to help us pay off a huge debt, in return, we are indebted to her but her interest rate is way lower.  This means a huge relief for me.  This also means I can initiate new endeavors.  I could now save money to do what I want, like travel around the world! 

All those wealth charms i bought overwhelmed the bad witch's intentions, haha.  Joking aside, This could be what it meant by gods' grace.  Though I may not know who to thank for, I will show gratitude by also helping others in my own way.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An amulet I have never dreamt of having (Another happy person)

Dear Bro Nayan,

This Somdej Toh amulet has brought me immense happiness. I feel so
happy and light-hearted to have It. Upon the thought of having It,
even before reaching my hands, had already brought me tons of
happiness. I felt my mindfulness and wisdom grew stronger. Needless to
say, miracles happen when I first wore it. While throngs of drivers
were waiting for an empty parking space in a congested car park, I
find it unbelievable to be given a slot, not long after I went into
the car park when a car left in front of where I was waiting. While
visitors were waiting for an empty table at a café, I was blessed to
be given the most comfortable seat everyone had ever wanted, when I
just entered the café. I even dreamt of The Amulet in my dreams,
paying respect to the Amulet. Even when I decided to wear other
amulets for the day and leave Somdej Toh Amulet, I feel guilty. These
few examples are more than enough to prove the power of your Somdej
Toh amulet.

Thank you for realizing a dream I have never dreamt of. Such a holy
and scared amulet made under the hands of Our Revered Somdej Toh is
indeed a treasure to be found under the deep sea of ocean in this
current era. Yet, you have managed to obtain It, while millions are
longing for It. Indeed, you have good Paramis to have managed to
obtain It and even more so, willing to share with others. This object
is a precious gem, alongside with our Three Triple Gems. You have
brought immense happiness to the people here and I’m sure the
happiness you have given, will return to you. I truly appreciate your

Thank you Bro.


Item sold. email regard this item will not be reply.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Question And Answer

Q: Do i need to chant or any ritual for your items?
A: Actually, my items will work without any chanting or ritual from the buyer. I had many buyer has told me that their amulet which  they get from me work extremely well without any chanting or ritual.

Q: Can I bring your thai amulet to toilet?
A: My amulet can wear to toilet. thus fine. I always want to spread this message: Powerful amulet from me is to bring more happiness, not to bring more headache by having many restrictions!

Q: There are so many amulets to chose and which 1 to chose is the best?
Go my ebay store, the prices are all there. If you cant still make any decision, pay usd$9.0 ; USD$1 is to pay for the service for master calculations. USD$8.00 is the non-refundable deposit for the purchase of the amulet. Give me your name, chose 3 amulets you like, and the master will do calculation and seek god advise. Then he will select and recommend you 1 that will suits you. if you already know what you want, you no need such services. Dont waste your previous money. Trust your instinct!

Q: How long will does your amulet to see some effect?
A: From 1 day to 30 days.  

Q: I got phra somdej, phra kunpean etc.. They dont work on me. Will your amulet work on me?
A: are you a male or female?
Person reply: female
I reply: your lover reject you because he say you are like other girls. No difference from them. Is it fair to you?
Person reply: of course no lol!!!!! Why you say that?
I reply: same thing, so are you goign to say all phra somdej is the same accross all thailand??? LET ME TELL YOU, YOU CAN HAS 1 MILLION AMULET, THATS NOT MY CONCERN. What matters is that the monent you start using my amulet, thats moments start, is my concern. Thus,  you no need go and count how many amulets you has and tell me. I think is better to count your blessing you has compare to those hungry kids in 3rd world country. you be happier.

Q: can i wear your amulet with other amulet I has?
A: I don't see it as any problem. I will tell you more on this part on the purchase. But I repeat again, you can wear my amulet with other amulet you has.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Happy person

I do not know whether it is the work of the amulet. On the first day
when I received the "Choo Chok" thai amulet, I immediately wear it on. On
that night, I went to visit one of the site at Tampines and while I
was driving out from the site, I did not notice the barrier and hit
the barrier. There was a loud bang, I immediately stopped my car and
came down to check, To my surprise, my car was not damaged and the
barrier was also not damaged.

On the second encounter, on the 16 September 2012 at about 9.45 pm,
while I was driving along Bukit Batok Road going home. I stopped my
car at a traffic light junction and suddenly a lorry came from behind
and hit my car . There was a loud bang and I immediately stopped my
car. I checked the rear of my car and to my surprise there was no
damage to my car and not even a dent. This is the first time that I
have experience such a miracle. The impact would have caused some
damage but there was not even a slight damage.Would you agree that
this is the work of the amulet.?

 “Miracles are like meatballs, because nobody can exactly agree on what they are made of, where they come from, or how often they should appear. Some people say that a sunrise is a miracle, because it is somewhat mysterious and often very beautiful, but other people say it is simply a fact of life, because it happens every day and far too early in the morning. Some people say that a telephone is a miracle, because it sometimes seems wondrous that you can talk with somebody who is thousands of miles away, and other people say it is merely a manufactured device fashioned out of metal parts, electronic circuitry, and wires that are very easily cut. And some people say that sneaking out of a hotel is a miracle, particularly if the lobby is swarming with policemen, and other people say it is simply a fact of life, because it happens every day and far too early in the morning. So you might think that there are so many miracles in the world that you can scarcely count them, or that there are so few that they are scarcely worth mentioning, depending on whether you spend your mornings gazing at a beautiful sunset or lowering yourself into a back alley with a rope made of matching towels.”


May auspiciousness be upon all
May All has peace
May All find Fulfillment
May good be to all


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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Black warrior (sold)

This black warrior thai amulet is created by well known protective master to keep his devotees to prevent them from being step or bully by people. Very good for for protection, wealth, and justice. And the master like to see his devotees safe and happy.

What this black warrior going to do is to keep the person who wearing them safe and free from bully. Black warrior will do anything to ensure their owner safe. They are very black warrior that need owner to train them.

He will distract anyone away that will cause harm about their owners . At the same time he will protect their keeper from any bad things happen them. He will work tirelessly to ensure his owner is safe and happy.

Owners will be warned by the black warrior through many ways or forms. Some of my buyers told me that they dream of the road which they travel often to work. And true enough, the next day, that road had heavy traffic due to accident that cause the buyer to be late for work. he regretted for not trusting his invisible assistant\black warrior. (sold)

Very good for:

- block against bad stabber

- Block against accident or bad luck

- Will appear as a "double" of you to lead your bad luck, your enemy or harmful spirits away

- will warn you of all kinds of dangers

- will help you stay more protected and keep you on track to reach your highest good in life, even if that means altering your life path.

- guide you to more wealth

Questions and answer:

Q: How do I take care?

A: No need take care, just recite the sentence with me only 1 time and the 1st time when you got him, and he will take care of you forever. 

Q: Do i need to do offering?
A: Read the 1st Q&A.

Q: how often do i need to chant?
A: Read the 1st Q&A.

Q: You mentioned need to train. How to train?
A: I will discuss with you what you need in life and I will teach you how to train. Different people has diferent needs, thus different training method.

Q: is it very tough for the training?
A: Tell me what you want, then I will guide you what to do. Will take only less than 5 minute of your time for your whole life.

Q: Will him follow me when I die?
A: He follow you for???? you will reborn according to your karma and he will be release too after his job is done for guidance and protecting you.

Q: is it? I heard we will has problem dieing and he will be biting on to me and dont want let me die peacefully?
A: The person who told you has died?

Person reply: No, why you ask?
I reply: if he haven't die, then how he know??? 

Person reply: ???
I reply:  If i haven't meet you personally, I though I am speaking to a 3 years old kid who can cheat easily with some chocolate or sweets!!

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