Saturday, February 20, 2016

Bastard Nayan! You make my buddy"s gf blow job for me!

1 of the buyers told me that one of the love charm he got from me give him a big surprise!
He said his buddy's lover, suddenly did a blowjob for him  in the school after he wear the charming thai amulet. Usually, before he weared the love charm, the gf did nt even bother to talk to him.
After using, he was caught off guard!

Friday, February 5, 2016

I cannot find fault in you nayan!

A buyer told me that after use my items,  she find that all aspects of her life start to bang!  Bang!  Bang!
From love to career,  from career to against those who against her! 

Dear Nayan,

The first two weeks of wearing the 3 in 1 Takruts to help with Wealth, Protection and Attraction.

Wealth- assuming that it gives me work opportunities. The first few days back after the Xmas holidays. Day one; a coworker was out! I had to sub her classes for 1 day. Day 2 and 3, another coworker had a fever - i sub her for 2 days! Getting popular with all grades of students. On day 4, principal gave me all other teacher's report card comments to edit. She trust in me. On the 5th day, my reading program is running and smooth. I also got chance to train the Music and Dance competition students! Big opportunities- may I add I am only a Teacher Assistant and it is my first 5 mths here. Major blessings!!!

Attraction- my boyfriend bought and confirmed Japan tickets for us!! His family is coming from New York to join us. I wonder what is the big deal? Want to propose?

Protection - before there were a few ppl always talk bad about me! I know one of them is now going to leave the city, one is arguing with her husband and will divorce.... Omg!! They are the ones that always talk bad about me. And the last one, had a birthday last night! Want to ask my bf to go... Through another ang mo friend but... My bf said dun care about that b*tch!! Haha so happy!! 

I think the takrut helped get more blessings for me!! I will continue to report. :)

Maybe later, buy one more for beauty and marriage. Any suggestions?

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