Monday, June 29, 2015

your love charm- woo woo woo 愛泰國佛牌

A buyer just give me feedback that her life gets better and better after using the love charm thai amulet from me.

Guys out of the blue start dating her.

From lonely heart to exciting days.


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

God sent love charm (another happy buyer)

One of the buyer approach me that her lover block her from all contacts. She miss him a lot.
I told her, not a problem at all.

I tell her I will make him call you!

Above is her feedback after using the thai amulet love charm.
After  using the item, within the same day, this buyer bring good news to me.
Her lover contact her.

一个买家联系我说, 她心仪的对象和她失去了联系. 我对她说 "没问题!"

拿一个超棒的爱情泰國佛牌佛牌, 来改变他的心理过程, 进入他的思想.
不久后, 那位男士联系了她  而且爱情佛牌还给她带来而外的惊喜! 给她带来多一位男士的追求. 她非常高兴地联系我,与我分享!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

you has give me more than enough (another happy person)

A buyer contact me that and say the guy she like and love has stop contact her and she lost contact.
I say not a problem.
Get a mind blowing love thai charm to attack their mental process and enter into their mind.

Soon, the guy contacted her and the love charm she got from me bring her extra gift.
Another guy like her.
She was very happy and contacted me!

有个买家找我  说她的情人停止了所有联系方式. 她很想他! 我对她说, "绝对不是问题".
我告诉她, 我会让他打给你!

使用了泰國佛牌一天  这位买家就给我带来好消息, 她的情人联系了她!

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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Be limitless in 3 days! (another happy person)

Recently, I am approach by a buyer.
She told me that her boss ask her to leave, sack her.
Her business, side line is also not on track.The entire world is against her.
Be limitless! in 3 days!
by using the thai amulet i recommend her.

1 week later, i got her message.
As below: 

Hi nayAn
I got the business deal signed yesterday.

And my boss asked me to stay

All went well



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