Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Get a free car Thai amulet

A buyer told me he has no money to buy a car. 
But his mother might be able to buy for him.
But the car is not cheap and he worry his mother will not buy for him.
So i teach him what persuade thai amulet to wear to persuade his mother to view the car with him. 
With the help of powerful thai amulet, everything go very smoothly.
His mom buy his dream car for him!

[16/12, 01:35] Happy Buyer: I need my mum to approve and buy and also maybe success nego with the dealer
[16/12, 01:36] Happy Buyer: 😅
[16/12, 10:26] Nayan: Ok
[16/12, 12:50] Nayan: Yes. U pray before go.
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Wah bro
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Smooth la
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Power bro
[16/12, 18:01] Happy Buyer: Thanks!!
[16/12, 18:02] Nayan: Of course lar. U think play play. U wait this car v long liao. I sure help de!
[16/12, 18:03] Happy Buyer: Power bro , my mum go there just agree
[16/12, 18:04] Nayan: Happy for u!
[16/12, 18:07] Happy Buyer: Thanks bro

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jail Breaker Thai amulet

A buyer approach me, he told me he facing law issue and need go jail. 

He approach us for help. 

Master do a "escape from law" ritual for him and a break me free thai amulet for him to wear.

Now, he is a free man and he told me that the court did not come upon him.

[09/12, 18:09] Jail Breaker: bro. update from my side to u, it's been 6weeks le, so far up til nw have not gotten any law letter or suit case from them. will keep bro notified. thank u.bro

[09/12, 18:15] Nayan Jail Saver: OK Bro. So is gd news?

[09/12, 22:11] Jail Breaker: so far yes bro. hopefully is good news and no law suit all the way. will keep bro u update in a weeks or two time

[09/12, 22:12] Nayan Jail Saver: Happy for u. Owe me a treat ya.

[09/12, 22:13] Jail Breaker: yes bro.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Protection Thai amulet tiger Nail (SOLD OUT)

There are various uses for wearing a tiger nail. 
Protection Thai amulet tiger Nail can:

Provides the wearer wearer courage.

Improves your mental health.

Improves your willpower.

Protects against black magic and other spells, wards off negative energies, evil powers and weakens the courage of opponents.

Infuses the wearer with a unique charm.

What others do not want to miss about Fire tiger skin:

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Lover come back to me

A buyer fall in love with her colleague of 2 years. Theywere super compatible in every way, and they were never apart and both of them were crazy in love with each other. They were in a super serious committed relationship for three years. However gradually she felt that he was drifting apart and there was nothing she could have done to get his attention back. It felt like something was broken in their relationship which could not be fixed.
And now, he is gone.
We are doing a make him love me again bring lover back charm to bring him back.
A bring lover back thai amulet will be given to her.

My ex lover contact me for sex:

Sunday, November 4, 2018

ANother Chance to live thai amulet

My buyer told me that after wearing my thai amulet, he safely escape a accident.

[27/10, 19:06] ‪Another Day living‬: Bro, I met with a very sudden but  bad accident this morning. I got away with some scratches. After the accident, the first talisman that I got from you could not be found. But the victory Buddha is still with me.
[27/10, 19:07] Nayan: I am sorry to hear that.
[27/10, 19:07] Nayan: Hope you has a speedy recovery.
[27/10, 19:08] ‪Another Day living‬: Am ok bro. Without the talisman, I would have been bad.
[27/10, 19:08] Nayan: The 1st item Could have block some deadly energy for you.
[27/10, 19:08] ‪Another Day living‬: I can feel it. Ya. You're absolutely right.
[27/10, 19:08] Nayan: Is common the item disappeared after they block for u.
[27/10, 19:08] ‪Another Day living‬: I see.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Happy work Thai amulet

[16/10, 17:27] Nayan: I need a small help from u

[16/10, 17:30] ‪Happy Work Place‬: 来说
[16/10, 17:30] ‪Happy Work Place‬: U help me la.
[16/10, 17:30] ‪Happy Work Place‬: Lol

[16/10, 17:36] Nayan: Write a simple and short feedback for me. How we help u overcome the obstacles in life and workplace.

[16/10, 18:08] ‪Happy Work Place‬: Hi Nayan. Thank u so much once again. My job hasn't been smooth and lots of xiao ren. Contacted nayan again. N again master n nayan has show me v Good result on e amulet given to me. Thank u so much nayan! Will get more amulet from u again.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Black Magic Bring lover back ritual

A buyer wants us to use black magic to bring back her unfaithful lover.
7 nights of intensive prayers, in graveyard, cemetery are carry out.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy Woman Day cannot let husband know (幸福的女人天泰国佛牌)

A Sad woman buyer approach me. She say she wanted to go holiday badly with her lover. But worry Her husband will find out about her secret affair.
And recently her lover is very hot temper, regularly quarrel with her, threaten not to go the stay-cation holiday with her. 

We did a lover thai amulet lover ritual for her.


She had a lovely holiday and we keep her husband off the bay.




[08/10, 14:51] Nayan: Hi
[08/10, 14:52] Nayan: How the holiday with your bf?
[08/10, 15:19] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Hi..
[08/10, 15:19] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: All was good..
[08/10, 15:19] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Thanks to u n master...
[08/10, 15:45] Nayan: So beginning your threatened not to go the holiday, after master
Ritual, he go. And your husband also do jot disturb you by keep calling. We block him from you. Correct? Everything is perfect.
[08/10, 16:36] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Yeah..everything is perfect..husband just msg me only..
[08/10, 16:41] Nayan: Very good.
[08/10, 16:41] Nayan: Will inform master ritual works perfectly
[08/10, 16:42] ‪HAPPY WOMAN‬: Thanks alot ya...
[08/10, 16:45] Nayan: My pleasure

[08/10, 14:51] Nayan: 嗨
[08/10, 14:52] Nayan: 和你的情人一起度假怎么样?
[08/10, 15:19] ‪幸福的女人‬: 
[08/10, 15:19] ‪幸福的女人一切都很好..
[08/10, 15:19] ‪幸福的女人‬: 归功于你師父

[08/10, 16:36] ‪幸福的女人‬: 一切都很完美
[08/10, 16:41] Nayan: 很好

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Release From Suffering

A buyer approach me, told me that his mother is suffering in deep pain from cancer illness. The treatment is giving her hell!
I told him we can help her mother to relive some pain.
We can heal her and master can bless her so that she wont suffer so much pain.

After 2 weeks the ritual is done, the buyer told me that her mother feels so much better after using the thai amulet.





[27/09, 19:45] Happy Son: Today better
[27/09, 19:45] Happy Son: Can drink milk
[27/09, 19:45] Happy Son: Slowly
[27/09, 19:51] Nayan: God bless her. Happy to hear that.
[27/09, 19:54] Happy Son: Thanks 🙏
[27/09, 19:55] Happy Son: Pls check with master n let me know
[27/09, 19:55] Nayan: OK Bro. Will drop you a call by next Monday
[27/09, 19:58] Happy Son: Thanks

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Guanyin standing on Dragon Thai amulet

This Lord Guanyin standing on dragon thai amulet is finish with waterproof real gold casing.

Compassion Guanyin is well worship by devotes all over the world for her well known answering to prayers.

Dragon in chinese symbol wealth and protection.

This Lord Guanyin standing on dragon thai amulet will bring great fortune, wealth, answering of prayers and peace.

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Saturday, September 15, 2018

A better life, a better Marriage

A long term buyer contact me. She told me that her brother having marriage issues. His wife wanted to leave him.

Furthermore, what worsen his life is that, he has a very bad habit that is very hard to kick off. That is uncontrollable drinking of alcohol. A few months ago, due to unable to control, he over drink his alcohol and end up landed in hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Her sister who has been with us  for a few years,  and have received numerous successful benefits from master thai amulet and ritual.

She entrusted us her brother, hopefully we can help him to save his marriage and empower his life!

1 month later, her brother life change remarkably.

He start to have a 2nd romantic life with his wife again.

Furthermore, his uncontrollable drinking habit now no longer hunt him again.
He manage to control his drinking!

[26/08, 19:12] Caring Sister: Spoken with him, he doesn’t want t join my family for dinner
[26/08, 19:13] Caring Sister: Wife is cooking Japanese curry hence I think is it good
[26/08, 19:13] Nayan: 😍
[26/08, 19:13] Nayan: How abt the alchol?
[26/08, 19:14] Caring Sister: He says he is holding it well
[26/08, 19:14] Caring Sister: Didn’t touch
[26/08, 19:14] Nayan: V gd!
[26/08, 19:14] Caring Sister: Concentrate on working
[26/08, 19:14] Caring Sister: Ok
[26/08, 19:14] Nayan: Mean amulet n ritual kicking in well
[26/08, 19:15] Caring Sister: Absolutely

[26/08, 19:15] Nayan: OK, will update master

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Thai amulet energy move around

A buyer told me that after he wear the charming bastard thai amulet, he feel a wave of energy move around him!

Bro, not sure if I'm imagining but I feel a strange heat in me, with me and going around me! wow...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

LifeTime Help

A buyer in danger in losing his business license. Once he lose his license, he will lose the only chance to do business anymore.
He came to us for help.
We do a win me over thai amulet for him.
He wore the charming item and make the judge believe his story.
His business as usual.


[08/08, 20:12] Help Seeker: Hey Bro!
Thanks for helping me out when I needed the help most! 
We had a incident and our license was at Stake!
With your advice and Help we manage to pull tru this incident without jeopardizing our Business!
Now everything is going smooth again!
Thanks Bro!
[08/08, 20:20] Nayan: Thank you!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fast results for Black magic thai amulet 效果很快泰国佛牌

1 of my buyers feedback his ex lover message him immediately after he received the bring lover back thai amulet!
he just cannot believe it!

我的客户告诉, 收到挽回爱情泰国佛之后, 我他的情人立即给他发了一条短信

Bro, I just receive my parcel today, before receive, this afternoon my ex text me, honestly, I seriously can't believe, but hope master charm will make it that she will be tied together with me

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Friday, August 3, 2018

Feel the power of the dark side

A buyer purchase a black magic thai amulet from me.
After perform the ritual, she message me that she feels the black spirit come to visit her!

i can feel the power of the amulet when i hold it and pray for my wish

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

stay ahead of your life

[27/07, 10:29]Happy Buyer: Hi bro good morning . yesterday when first time I hold ur  charming bastard thai amulet I can feel the energy so powerful.

[27/07, 10:45]Happy Buyer: Ok bro ur amulet super powerful bro yesterday I feel the energy.

Return luck buyer:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

People like me for no reason 人们无缘无故地喜欢我

The thai amulet from me only attract a lot of attention from people, this buyer also attract luck!

这个人买了我的泰国佛牌, 不仅吸引人们的注意力并且也吸引了运气。

Dear brother Nayan. I received the Fire Tiger thai amulet takrut and wearing it now. The feeling is really great. Have lot of confidence. More people like me without any reason. Recently I was selected as Head of department and yesterday surprisingly  selected as Chairman of HOD Board. Came out in news paper.(as above) And the best thing is our state Assembly member seeking my cooperation for some programs. Ayyoo.. What's happening bro..😄

Contact :

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My kumantong thai amulet is a serious helper!

Now is 2018 world cup fever!
Before the world cup start, my buyer approach me saying he loves to bet on world cup football betting.
I suggest a gambling golden boy, kumanthong for him.
Soon, after using less than 1 week, he tole me this golden boy kumanthong thai amulet has help him in his bets in world cup soccer!

[09/07, 00:06] Happy Buyer: Feeling good
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: 1 call come liao
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: But feeling is he lonely
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: My soccer after 1week
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: I win 500 alr
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: But pay off debt I owe so never lose or win
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: But cb he power
[09/07, 00:07] Happy Buyer: He choose all for me is just nice
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: I want bet draw a feel tell me bet both goal
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: So instead of bet draw I bet that
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: If I bet draw I lose all
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: Past 3 bets I win
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: And it's not individual bet bro
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: Is parlay
[09/07, 00:08] Happy Buyer: U know what is parlay?
[09/07, 00:08] Nayan: Mean Wat huh
[09/07, 00:08] Nayan: 🤣
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: Means multiple games must win
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: Odds high
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: But the risk is
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: U might win 4 game , 1gamr gone means the whole bet gone
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: It's safer in a way u bet those lower odds one but u stack
[09/07, 00:09] Nayan: V dangerous lei
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: The risk is 1 lose means all lose
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: Ya
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: But I win
[09/07, 00:09] Happy Buyer: I put 20
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Win 200
[09/07, 00:10] Nayan: OK lar
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Heng
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: And also cb
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Maybe he don't know soccer
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: He give me feelings
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: 2-3
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Cb really 2-3
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: But it's penalty so not counted
[09/07, 00:10] Nayan: 😫😫😫😫
[09/07, 00:10] Nayan: This kmt not bad de
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Just lose 5so nvm
[09/07, 00:10] Happy Buyer: Ya
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Bro this one legit
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Power
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Don't play games
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: Serious helper
[09/07, 00:11] Nayan: Yes.
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: I tell him cb I really need break even
[09/07, 00:11] Happy Buyer: If not I headache

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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Make your Lady Boss give in 让你的女老板听你的话

A buyer told me that his lady boss in Army service keep giving him problem.
I told him to use the "worker over boss" thai amulet.
Soon, he told me that his boss let him has extra off days easily!


Contact :

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Winning a lover back

A buyer contact me to help him to win his lover back. They just had a quarrel recently and his liver broke up with him.

He contacted me and he found out his lover is seeing another man!

We contact a spirit break 3rd party ritual in the cemetery and cast a bring a lover back ritual to helps win the lover back for the buyer.

A love charm thai amulet is bless and given to the buyer.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Expect the Unexpected

Many buyers come to me. They say they want better life.
Better career prospect. get promotion. higher pay.
They wants miracle in life.
Can I do it?
I tell them, my thai amulet is good at 1 thing: Giving you the unexpected miracle you ever dream!

A overseas buyer told me he needs help badly in his career.
I told him, leverage his career luck, improve his job are possible.
He entrust his life to me.
I never disappoint him. Soon, good news reach him and happy energy reach my ears.





我告诉他 我们可以提升他的运气。




Good evening bro. The last time I spoke to you I told you that I had to see my si or on a matter that I was working on. This has never happened before. Last Friday, I met with my CEO and he advised me that I will be promoted with effect from 1st of July 2018. This is truly truly amazing. Totally unexpected. And I can only really down to one thing. The Amulet that you gave me. I wished wait for the official letter on my promotion before I ring any bells and celebrate. But I am quite certain everything will work out and I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart bro.

Contact :

How to get a free car with good luck amulet:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Charming Bastard Charm diffcult people like you

A buyer came to me told me she has a lot of charming issue.
She ask about charming bastard thai amulet.
I told her charming bastard charm anyone, even a bastard or difficult to get along person to like you!

A few months later, she told me she was promoted!
And even more, she experience huge improvement in her charms with people!

Bro Nayan 

Thanks for recommending Charming bastard to me. After wearing I could feel e engery. V Strong energy. All good things came to me. Slowly it's e people ard me at work, friends and my customers treating me well n good. 人缘v good! As I'm in fnb line. 人缘is v important to me. I have bought alot of amulets from others nothing works! Until I met Nayan. N I got promoted at work to asist Operations manager. My boss is a very difficult person. But I was shocked abt e promotion. Nv expect this coming from him. All thanks to Nayan n charming bastard. Nayan is still working on, On 1 more of my biggest prob right now.

Contact :

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Saturday, June 9, 2018

God's Spiritual Gift

I meet this refer buyer from another buyer of mine.
His referral has use our thai amulet and seen significant changes and improvement in life!

This guy, when meet up, told me he had lost his  house, his family and he find lost in life!

No people apprecaite him, no one love him!

I told him to take a step at a time, let's us help you!

Soon, He tell us that he feel having value in life!
He feel his company decided to sponsor him for studies and he is present a award in his company!

He told us, we are the greatest gift that God has sent him!

Hi bro...Just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to u and master for all the help u have given me...

A few months ago, I was struggling at work, unable to cope...Life was a struggle and I was really depressed...Even thought of suicide a few time...

Now, after meeting u, I’m doing much better...I got three awards, my profile has risen at work, my company is going to sponsor my studies and I have even been asked to interview for a job under the new training department...I feel much better and more confident...

Thank u both so much!

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Capture the soul of the lover

Another bring lover ritual done by master.

Soul of both persons are tie together using 4 directions elements.

Heart of the lover is being capture to the buyer.

Bend over mantra, ritual is also preform. 

This will make the lover get the lover to act according to the buyer bidding through love. 

A bring lover thai amulet love charm is given to the buyer after purchase.




Contact :

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

bring lover back ritual with lusty spell

Being engage by a buyer to bring his lover back to him. He told me that his lover left him because he wants sex everyday.
He said he wants us to get his lover back and make his lover lust over him.

He perform a bring lover back ritual with a lusty ritual. Master will perform a psychic spell and mantra to make his lover come back to him.
He will get a love thai amulet.

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...