Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Unexpected Good Results from Powerful thai amulet

I got a buyer, facing extremely ill and unhappy.
I got her a very powerful life force thai amulet, which change her life overnight to better.

[29/05, 14:09]Nayan: Hi
[29/05, 14:10]Nayan: Manage to help?
[29/05, 15:05] Happy Buyer: Hi Nyan, my apologies for the tardy reply . I was busy just now
[29/05, 15:06] Happy Buyer: Thank you so so much
[29/05, 15:06] Happy Buyer: The item is working
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: Oh
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: Great to hear that is working for u.
[29/05, 15:06] Happy Buyer: I can feel something moving
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: Mmmm
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: OK.
[29/05, 15:06]Nayan: When u free
[29/05, 15:07]Nayan: U share with me more ya
[29/05, 15:07] Happy Buyer: N when I burped, I feel negatives leaving me
[29/05, 15:07]Nayan: Oh, after u use the item, u discharge negative forces or energy thru burped
[29/05, 15:07]Nayan: Correct?
[29/05, 15:07] Happy Buyer: The something moving is like energy flowing
[29/05, 15:08] Happy Buyer: Yes...ever since I have used the item, I have been releasing negatives energy through burping
[29/05, 15:08]Nayan: Hahaha
[29/05, 15:09]Nayan: That's a interesting way to discharge negative energy
[29/05, 15:09]Nayan: 😀
[29/05, 15:09] Happy Buyer: I am so bloated with negatives till I am like so uncomfortable
[29/05, 15:09]Nayan: OK, happy to hear that my item help you!
[29/05, 15:10] Happy Buyer: U slept very well yesterday
[29/05, 15:10] Happy Buyer: Only woke up once
[29/05, 15:10] Happy Buyer: *I slept
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: Oh, u slp well last night?
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: Ok
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: V good!
[29/05, 15:10]Nayan: I am v happy to hear that.
[29/05, 15:11] Happy Buyer: Thank god for his blessings
[29/05, 15:11] Happy Buyer: For him sending my friend isabel n you
[29/05, 15:11] Happy Buyer: Thank you so much

Friday, May 26, 2017

From stranger to lover love charm

Thank you for the Nmp oil thai amulet. I used it on a guy, touched him using the oil. I was able to see the effect instantly. He spoke to be better. And he told me he will meet me again. You never fail to impress me time to time! Thank you for the amazing Nmp oil.


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Friday, May 12, 2017

Black scorpion oil love charm

The black magic spell from the traditional master

On my previous post, I share on some common use of animals in thai magic.

Today, I going to introduce a kind of dark magic that use powerful deadly animal in thai magic: scorpion.

Black scorpion has been widely use in dark Thai magic. The thai magic practitioner would add black scorpion to the thai amulet or charm to enhance the function.

Black scorpions many times are found inside jars filled with alcohol in many homes of the olden Thais, in fact some of olden people will carry on this practice some do so just because they been told it is for good luck, others use the scorpions extract in folk medicine preparations.

They believe that the scorpion spirit although deadly is also an ally that protects the people against evil and misfortune. However, as many things have a dual nature so too can the scorpion be used in spells of malice and such practices are utilized by other indigenous groups to place scorpions near some one’s home or to cause misfortune. 

Black scorpions are used in spells to control someone for love, sex, or just domination among other things. They are use in spells of control and some forms of love magic.

Black Scorpion Oil

Master first host important ceremony to invite the black scorpion spirit to come to help the making of this black scorpion oil.
After that, he will add in the necessary herbs, love charm, charming herbs, blind a person herbs etc to cook together with the black Scorpion to make the world’s one of the most powerful dark magic love charm: Black Scorpion oil.

Black Scorpion Oil Function:

Control or dominate someone thoughts or body

Make or force that person to miss you or think of you

Revenge or fire back punishment back to the people who bully you or attack you.

Punish lover.

Source for luck.

Find money for you.

Increase your money and wealth.

Bring back (death) luck; suitable for people whose luck are beyond cure or improve. Can bring back your luck to better.


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Advance deadly love spell

I has share out some simple love spell some time ago. 
Link as below :

Today, I going to share out slightly more advance love spells or love thai amulet. 
Animal are common associate to thai magic. Love spell or charming thai amulet commonly use bring in animals to enhance the effects. 

1) elephant sperm
Elephant is widely use in Thai magic. 
Elephant parts are make into thai amulet for various purposes. In love thai amulet, elephant sperm is add into thai amulet to enhance charming effects. 

2) snake Penis 
Snake, a animal like elephant also widely use in Thai magic.
Snake skin is often use in wealth thai amulet to fetch wealth and money. 
Snake Penis is bless with love mantra and charming mantra to has charming and attracts lover effects. 

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Magical Job Hunter thai amulet

Recently a buyer approach me. He said he was jobless for more than 365 days, more than 1 year.
He has try many interviews but rejected.
He was very depressed.
He prayed for help and guidance.
His prayers are answer.
He found me, and i recommend him a magic job hunter amulet that will get him a good job.
Within 1 month of using the thai amulet, miracle happen on him!
He find a job!

[26/04, 19:45] Job Seeker: I've got a job after getting your amulet Nayan. I'm grateful! 🙏🏻
[26/04, 19:50] Nayan: Congratulations after jobless for a year!
[26/04, 19:50] Nayan: When you starting?

[26/04, 19:56] Job Seeker: Sarted 3 days ago, Nayan.. 🙏🏻😂

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How love spell or love magic is being cast or curse?

There are many enquiries asking how love spell are being cast or perform by various masters. 

I has engage many masters for my buyers and there are more than a few hundreds of love spell ritual. 
Some work very well, and some, are simply bullshift! 

From years of experiences, I only keep using that few secrets masters that work very well. 

There will be a few methods which work very well and can only perform only by senior level masters, and these methods, I will not disclose here and I will not share the methods at all as they are only accessible by senior masters. 

Alright, let's get started to know those simple and common ones:

1) candle magic love spell 

Candle magic is 1 of the very common method use by masters these days due to convenient casting and easier for the master to perform magic. 

Purposes : bring lover back, make lover love them more, or make him love you or make her listen to you. 

2) black magic to curse love enemies 

Often, lovers or couples face other parties or 3rd parties  come in to snatch or cause breakout in relationship. 
In order to remove the 3rd party or to kick the other person away from their lover, the victim of the relationship will engage master or black magic masters to cast curse or harm to remove of the 3rd party to cast then out from the relationship. 

Wax doll of the 3rd party are make and chanted  coffin nails are nail to the person to curse them with bad luck, illness, bad health or even death! 

Blood are pour onto them to enhance the curse more deadly.

Stay tune! 
To be continue.... 

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Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...