Monday, November 9, 2009

I had sex with her last night!!!!

Today, I am going to share a miracle story which happen to my friend who use good amulets recently. This buyer bought a few item from me.
One of the items he bough is love pendant Thailand (never be alone).

This attraction love charm is being describe in a way that imagine you are a elephant and wherever you go, you will attract by a big group of elephant, (both male and female) following you and they will be attracted by you like a magnet.

Then when I meet up with him, he told me his story:
"I love this girl very much, but she is with a married man. The marry man will never bring her happiness." As the conversation go by, I realized that work for the governor, which means he has a fixed income and he is well built with good looks. I am very surprised that the girl who do chose him instead. Something is obvious blocking or creating obstacles for him. He told me that he be going to see the girl later, I say very good!!! Use this one which you have just get from me, and make a wish before see her. Pray with faith!!!

The next day, I receive s short message from a unknown number.
The message as below.

The message is sent out from this buyer who get from me yesterday!!! I am so excited!!!
I request to chat with him to find out more and he told me that before meeting the girl, he do as what I suggest, pray to the amulet and surprisingly, he managed to have sex with the girl that night!!! He told me that until now, he is still very surprised over what happen last night. He never thought that the charm could be so powerful!!! I ask him, did he try to approach the girl last time for sex? He said yes, but she rejected him and she was quite cold to him recently and they are not even in relationship!!!!
I said, that good. Hope that it has help you and please treasure her.

I have another interesting story who used his cat and rat and the this master other stuff too.
This friend travel alone to oversea. Then sit beside him is a stranger(lady).So seeing the lady is alone, he try to talk to her. The lady reply and as slowly, they get into conversation. The conversation is so well as like they are old friends. Soon , the plane reached the destination. They say good bye to each other and my friend sadly leave toward his hotel. When he reach the hotel, surprisingly, he saw the lady again!!! And he ask her: you staying here?the lady reply: yes.
Then my friend ask further: alone? the lady reply: yes, alone.
Then he get very excited and request a room next to the lady. At night, he pray to the amulet and approach the lady for a drink and after the drink, they share the same room and the rest of the holiday trip, they sleep in the same room, have sex every night and went out together during the trip.

what exactly is this cat and rat amulet all about????

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