Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to pray for wealth and win lottery

Today I am going to share a few proven effective method on how to use the wealth amulet which my friends has got from me and how they has use it to get the wealth luck they wish.

Recently, there is a new wealth catching amulet called catch and grab the wealth and keep wealth charm. A of my friend told me that he has escape only 1 lost situation in the world cup soccer bet. In other words, he only lose 1 match of football betting. He say he follow what I teach him, put the money inside and fold up and in addition, he will write the pray fro 6th sense or "betting tips"or "betting predictions" on which team to win. After betting on the team, he will write on a piece of paper and put on the charm and pray again. He told me that it works very well for him!!!! So far, he only lose 1 match of betting and win the rest of the betting.
The other of my friend is more interesting. He say before he put in the currency, he look at the serial number of the note. After which, he go to buy lottery.
And the number came out!!! HE strike lottery. Well, it not a bit amount. Only sgd$500. I told him that good enough, better than nothing and remind him to do donation to the poor or temple.

The reason why I share out these stories is that, although some master might only teach simple method to use the amulet to catch wealth, but sometime, it is up to individual wisdom and creative to enhance the usage. And the most interesting thing is that they told me that they has used many charms before, and has try this method on other charms, but it never works. Thus,this conclude to 1 very important point, the amulet or charm must be powerful for the user to grab or catch the wealth they want!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What amulet suit you?

Most common people will ask, what amulet suit me?

The person should think what they want?

general charisma

For people looking for good luck charm, or good luck charm, wish to has more wealth, like general wealth, good Career, they should get

1) wealth fetching thailand amulet
2) Thai amulet wealth fetching (beautiful)

3) wealth lord ganesha thai amulet (beautiful)

The amulets above will enhance the wear wealth luck, like wealth come from career, or some unexpected wealth like friend who use them told me that they win in lucky draw or has pay increment.

If they wish to clear their debt or or to get some unexpected wealth like lottery, the 2 amulets below will grant their wish:

1) Thai amulet wealth amulet ( Free from debt batch)
2) Thai amulet wealth amulet ( Never be poor)

Can read more from the link below:

If having relationship problem, or still single, or wish to attract more partners, the amulets below will solve your lonely and desire wish:

1) surround with people charm

For people who feel that that are lonely, want more people to notice them.

2) love pendant thailand (never be alone)

For people who want find partners or attract partners or want to find 1 night stand partners.

you can read more from below:

3) love pendant thailand rat and cat

For people always get reject for their request or want people to accept their request or want people to listen them or obey their wishes. And also use to charm people.

Can read more on the link below:

4) bring lover back love charm thailand amulet

For people who wish to bring back their lovers after break up.

Protection amulet

1) super powerful thailand amulet (protection and luck)

For general luck, remove blockage of having attention from people, against spirit, want authority, want people to fear them ,want people to respect them.

3) you will be safe protection and good luck thai amulet

For People who wish to be free from danger and harm.

A person who manage to escape danger in a car accident after wearing genuine Thai amulet.

You can read more from the link below:

A powerful genuine amulet can change your life to better than now for sure and can even safe your life.

There is 100% no doubt about it.
Below are the link of those people who has benefit from them:

Recently, I receive a esquire about requesting for amulet that can bring him 1000s girls to become his sex slave. I am sorry that I do not have such amulets. But if you are lonely, and want some partner for your life, powerful genuine thai amulets is a good choice. Or if you wish to get a amulet that can bring you many money without working or no need to walk to buy lottery, sorry, I has not come across such a powerful amulet. I believe there are many seller who has such amulets. You can buy from them.

I hope the writing above can clear some doubts of people who wish to get amulets to has better life.

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