Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another happy person (fire tiger amulet)

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It working really good bro. :) The first thing I've noticed about the Fire Tiger Amulet is, people respect me, smile at me, some of them helped me in few matters without asking anything. :)) And the Fire Tiger, gives me courage and confidence, it's true.
Even on the first day itself I saw the difference, when people smiled at me in the bus and at my Apartment. :) I rarely talk to those in my apartment, but then, I did now. :P It's working great bro, it really does. :)


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mini Statute Phra Somdej Toh

A well-known monk, Somdej Toh,was the preceptor for Prince Mongkut, later King Rama IV, when Mongkut became a monk. During Rama IV's reign Somdej Toh was given the ceremonial name Phra Buddhacharn Toh Phromarangsi.

He was noted for the skill of his preaching and his use of Thai Poetry to reflect the beauty of Buddhism, and making the now famous Somdej amulet.


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Monday, June 25, 2012

aj chum Lp thuat protection amulet

Name Lp thuat (sold)
Master: Aj chum, lp tim wat changhai
year: 2497

These amulets were chanted for 7 separate purposes each for seven days, namely; Personal charm and attractiveness, Body Protection, Protection from arms, Protection from wild animals and insects, Protection from evil spirits & ghosts and illness.


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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Famous 4 face buddha Phra Phom Thai amulet

Name: Phra Phom ( 4 face buddha) (Sold)
Master: Lp hong
material: make from melting  from more than 39 over old amulets, and takrut to form.
Function: wealth, business, grant wish, solve problem.

Real story from a devotes who pray to 4 face Buddha:

"We have been childless for more than 10 years and have also not been successful in adopting a baby. My wife and I was coaxed by work colleagues to pray for the Four Face Buddha when we were on a tour to Bangkok on 7 Oct. Upon returning to Malaysia immediately we got call for a baby seeking for adoption and on 10 Oct we successfully got the baby. And the miracle thing was the baby was born on 7 Oct."

Dancers paid by worshipers in return for having their prayers answered at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok


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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another Happy person

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Dear Nayan,

Here's my feedback for the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant.

I have a feeling that it is a very strong item when you said that this item cannot be placed under the waist and you recommended shirt pocket if I go out at night.

It's purpose as highlighted by you is to prevent dirty things from entering our body and corrupting our luck. I did not use it on a regular basis but simply put it over my head for a few minutes whenever I feel that my luck is down or that something is bugging me.

I finally saw the full effect of the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant after coming home from mustafa. I remember that was Saturday night as the Ferrari crash incident happened on a Friday night, which is the night before. On my way back home, it was raining very heavily and the roads were wet. Whilst I was traveling on the PIE expressway towards Changi Airport, I saw some ghostly figures in the middle of the expressway. I thought I might be seeing things so I simply ignore. But as I was continuing my drive home, I felt very frustrated and very tired at the same time. Not only that, my leg hairs were standing upright non stop. All these signs were evident that I was not imagining things and that I really did saw the ghostly figures.

The moment I got home, I took out the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant and held it in my hand. My body hairs stood up furiously at the same time and it refuses to go down. I kept holding the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant for about 15-20 mins and by then my hairs have all gone down. The funny thing however, my eyes were closing and I feel so tired as though the "things" that were possessing me previously have left my body.

Over the next few days, I still felt very giddy and weak and my luck was super bad. As such, I had to use LP Up's Phra Kring to cleanse my body and improve my luck. After a week, things were back to normal.

The Phra Wet Suwan Patyant is like a panadol, whenever we have a headache we will take panadol just to kill off the pain. It is powerful, quick and gets the job done. But panadol itself does not improve our body condition after the pain is gone. In the process of killing off the pain, our immune system gets affected. This is similar to our luck getting affected. Therefore with our immune system at the low, we need to take vitamins to improve our immune system. This is where Phra Kring comes in. Phra Kring per se is the medicine buddha and has the energy and power to shield us from undesirable and inevitable attacks.

No doubt the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant is an excellent piece of patyant and you can just hide it in the shirt pocket without anyone noticing it. However, I would also recommend luck improvement amulets to maximize the effectiveness of the Phra Wet Suwan Patyant.

Like they always say, two is better than one.

Good luck


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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leklai Phra somdej thai amulet

It is said that the person who cuts the Lek Lai must not only learn the Wicha, but also have gathered enough Merit to be able to approach and cut the Kaya Siddhi. Whoever is lucky enough to receive the protection of Lek Lai, will be impossible to harm or kill with bullets, knives or other sharp instruments, and even explosions.
According to the Thai dictionary of the Royal Institute, lek-lai is a type of metal said to melt at candle temperature. It is also regarded as a rare magical metal that forms naturally and possesses biological properties.
Gunpowder or other such explosive materials can not come close to a piece of Lek Lai and are repelled by its Adamantine Nature. In addition, Lek Lai protects from poisonous animals such as Mambas, Cobras and the like.

People believe that this Lek Lai is amazing experiences for protection from accident, enemies and evil, also to induce good luck and fortune.


Intensive luck booasting
grant wealth
good for block bad luck
block people in working place to harm you
protection against danger, black magic and spirit


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lp thuad Wat changhai statute

The precise name for Wat Chang Hai should be Wat Ratburanaram, nevertheless villagers and devotees tended to called Wat Chang Hai meaning " Elephant Present or Elephant Give “. The history of Wat Chang Hai has been told millions of times from generation to generation, but the main attentions are Somdet Luang Pu Thuat the most famous monk in whole of Thailand and faraway land, where this great master personal history centered in the old Siam.  Somdet Luang Pu Thuat is a very well-known and famous monk during the Kingdom of Ayutthaya. His Buddhist preaching was well received from Southern Thailand and right to the capital of Krung Sri Ayutthaya, where his knowledge of Dhamma and Buddhist Tripitaka has captured the heart of royalties and the commoner right through his lifetimes.

According to legend, Phraya Kamdum the Lord of Sai Buri was exploring a site to build a new town as a gifts for his younger sister, as he was indecisive which location to choose and pick, he used his shrewdness by using two of his owned elephants to lead the way in seeking the most suitable site whereas the new town will be situated. After several days of travelling, the elephant come to complete stopped at the present-day Wat Chang Hai location, where the elephant walks the surrounding area for three rounds and thereafter roared out loud. Lord Phraya Kamdum was very contented on the location but his younger sister was not satisfied and she requested Phraya Kamdum to looks for another location. To please his sister, Lord Phraya Kamdum continue to search for new location, finally they found a new place called Krue Se in today Pattani province where he built a new town for his sister. Lord Phraya Kamdum of Sai Buri still cannot stop thinking about the first location and decided to build a monastery on the site and named it Wat Chang Hai “ Elephant Presents “ and presented it to the revered Lanka “ Somdet Luang Pu Thuat ” of Sai Buri and appointed him chief abbot of Wat Chang Hai, villagers in and around started to addressed him Sir Chang Hai or Master Lanka and some even called him Luang Phor Dam of Sai Buri.

In what manner the names of Somdet Luang Pu Thuat came about in different regions and places no one knows the actual answers, because this great  revered monk hold many names and titles during the Ayutthaya period, and yet every followers believed and agreed that Somdet Luang Pu Thuat, Somdet Chao Phra Kho, Phrarajchamuni Sameeram Khunupanachan, Luang Phor Dam or Sir Chang Hai is the only one and same holy monk that every followers mentioned about, where his distinguishable personality and knowledge of Tripitaka and mystical powers have won the hearts of many followers.

When Somdet Luang Pu Thuat was staying in Sai Buri, he passes his wishes to his close followers, that should he departed this world, he would like his body brought back to Wat Chang Hai for cremation and his ashes be kept there, he even told his followers that should his body fluids drop along the way to Wat Chang Hai, all they have to do is just light a sandalwood incense stick and stick onto the ground, where it will became a sacred place liked the final journey he made back from Ayutthaya to Wat Phra Kho also known as  Wat Ratchapraditsathan, Sathing Phra district, Songhkla province.

When Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo was appointed chief abbot of Wat Chang Hai, He was wondering how the monastery came to exist for hundreds of years, he try to find as much information as possible, but villagers are unable to provide him a clear answer. Then one night, he had a strange dream where he saw four monks walking out from the reservoir toward the monastery, the first monk that emerge were Luang Phor Sri, follow by Luang Phor Thong and Luang Phor Chan while the last one he saw was an elderly monk walking slowly with a twisted walking cane. Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo was very peculiar on that elderly monk with a walking twisted cane by inquiring various issue concerning Wat Chang Hai, through which the elderly monk with a walking twisted cane begin to explains each and every details regarding Wat Chang Hai and leisurely walks through Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo by describing the monastery’s boundaries in all four directions. Before dawn, the elderly monk with a walking twisted cane told Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo “ Should you have any queries concerning Wat Chang Hai, all you need is let me know in your dream and I will assist you whatever I can “ with that words, the elderly monk with a walking twisted cane and the other monks just disappeared into the mist.

Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo began to recall those words that the elderly monk told him, upon which he becomes conscious that the elderly monk was none other than Revered Somdet Luang Pu Thuat. Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo took many events into consideration and brings to mind those words mentioned by Revered Somdet Luang Pu Thuat, and with that inspiration whatever matter or issue Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo carry out, it become visible that every issue went smoothly without much problem. Ultimately, Wat Chang Hai monastery was fully restored, but unfortunately Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo was succumbed to digestive tract cancer and passed away peacefully on 30th November 1969. Currently, the ashes of Revered Somdet Luang Pu Thuat and Venerable Phra Archan Thim Dhamma Tharo were enshrined and kept inside the sacred pagoda of Wat Chang Hai. 

Wat Chang Hai Ratburanaram sacred pagoda final gold leafs topping ceremony was performed by his Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej on 13th April 1988.

For the past few hundred years, Wat Chang Hai has encountered all kinds of calamities from natures to man-made disasters and yet it has withstood and endured the unanticipated environments till it present day. In keeping with Buddha belief and practices, all the past and present abbots of Wat Chang Hai have dutifully upholds their Buddhist principles in addition to disseminating the teachings of Buddha to many of its followers.


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mercury Charm (II)

Metallic mercury (i.e., elemental mercury) may sometimes be used in ethnic folk medicine and for religious practices. It is most commonly sold under the name "azogue" (Hispanic), but may also be labeled as "vidajan" (Haitian/Creole) or "quicksilver" (English) in ethnic stores or botanicas specializing in spiritual and religious items. Persons practicing religions, such as Esperitismo, Santeria, and Voodoo, may carry the mercury in pouches, wear it as a charm or necklace, swallow it in drinks or as capsules, sprinkle it around a child's bed or inside a car for protection, or burn it in devotional candles. There may be other religions and cultures that use mercury or mercury-containing products in spiritual practices. Mercury charm is used for the worship of God in Indian religious traditions, most notably Hinduism, and in Ayurveda medicine. As a liquid metal, Hindus regard mercury as the sperm of Lord Shiva and believe that it is the purest metal, with not only religious importance but medical significance as well.
As mercury is liquid at room temperature, a solidification process using silver metal produces the various items used in Indian tradition. They are considered sacred.In Hindu scriptures mercury is regarded as the best of all metals. The following it the purport of a sloka from Rasyog Chintamani:
"Sphatik is better than paashan, padmaraaj than sphatik, Kashmir jewel, pushparaaj, i.e., lahasunia than Kashmir jewel, panna than lahasunia, neelam than panna, godanti or gomed, mauktik than vidrum, silver than diamond, gold than silver, diamond than gold and parad (mercury) is yet better than diamond."

This mercury can be use to awakening of the great Siddhi:
In all yogi systems, there are various ways to awaken the Shakti so that it can join shiva in “ sahasrara chakra at the top of the head( open head chakra). This is the highest and the greatest siddhi of all. After this siddhi, the mind will become silent and remain in perfect peaceful condition. Will teach user how to use to open the head chakra. The body has energy centers that look like spinning wheels and are called Chakras. They allow energy to flow from one part of the body to another part if body.

Prolong sexual pleasure:
Wear on certain part of the body to energize the body and senses to prolong sexual pleasure. During energy channeling, the wearer receives the energy through the mercury and to enable both parties to open up their senses and the energy will flow through the body.

Stop unhealthy Nightmare:
Able to wear on the body to stop all bad dreams and evild dreams and disturbances dreams!

Cure or stop attacks of evil spirits:
Able to help person posses by spirit or disturb by evil forces. Also able to prevent disturb by evil spirit. As as protection amulet

Achieve what you want:
Will teach you the user how to use it to increase your will power power to work toward your goal and achieve what you want

Cure body pain and aching:
Improve energy flow in body. Able to cure Back pain or kidney problem due to excessive sex. Relief body tiredness after exercise or excessive sex.

Why you buy the mercury charm from me?

1) I have deep interest in such magical stuff as i believe they are gods gift to us.

They are meant to help us. But very sad to say, there are too many fake items compare to genuine items.
I personally have try them and they are indeed very powerful!

2) I have recommend to a few friends to try them and so far, ALL OF THEM ARE VERY AMAZE BY THE INCREDIBLE STRONG ENERGY IF THIS MERCURY CHARM.
I have show to a lady who is a feng shui master. After touching it, she ask me where I got this. The energy is very very strong and very very consistent. I told her it is Mercury. A great gift from God. She say this is a heaven metal.

3) I have also go through various test to make sure that this a GENUINE MERCURY CHARM. NOT THOSE FAKE MERCURY CHARM THAT ARE SOLD OUTSIDE. I will show the video of my test TO THE BUYER AND THE BUYER CAN TEST THEMSELVES.

4) Lastly, I had show many master about this mercury charm and they say: Yes, it contain very strong energy.

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Sometimes, I will experience some nites of scary dreams and nitemares. Since after acquiring the mercury charm from you, I have been wearing it to sleep every nite (I do not wear during day time when working because I have other amulets on my neck). As of today, I am pleased to share with you that I do not experience any nightmares, even if I watched scary or ghost movies the night before   


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