Thursday, February 14, 2019

Save a marriage thai amulet

A sad buyer approach me. He told me his finance is leaving him because he accidentally sleep with other girls when he was drunk and his finance find out.
Now his finance has left him.

[26/01, 16:11] ‪sad lover‬: Hello boss
[26/01, 16:11] ‪sad lover‬: I have a problem with me.
[26/01, 16:11] ‪sad lover‬: My ex and I broke up and I really want to be back with her.
[26/01, 16:11] ‪sad lover‬: I'll do anything to go back with her
[26/01, 16:12] ‪sad lover‬: I truly love her and I want to marry her
[26/01, 16:12] ‪sad lover‬: We was in a 4 year relationship
[26/01, 16:12] ‪sad lover‬: Everything gone
[26/01, 17:44] Nayan: Ok

We perform a bring lover back ritual and give him a forgive me thai amulet.

Soon, he told me his lover has forgive him and going dinner with him.

[12/02, 22:15] ‪Happy Lover: Bro my amulet really works and its beyond power and its remarkable and this is a blessing in disguise I really believe it in and faith trust and patience really works thank you for everything I'm so happy that it helped me alot a big thank you to you and master I'm so blessed thank you for everything
[12/02, 22:24] Nayan: Ok
[12/02, 22:24] Nayan: Thank you
[12/02, 22:24] ‪Happy Lover: No bro a big thank you to you.


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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Pity woman to happy woman

A woman came to me. Everyone is blaming her. Her husband is running away. Her mother-in-law hate her.
Her family has no food.  She is in a deep mess in her life!

A Orignal message from this pitiful woman

Morning nayam first of all I want to wish you and master a blessed  and wonderful  new year🎊🎊may God continue  to bless you both.🙏🏽😇.                     (Update) I went to the welfare to get some food stamps  so my kids can eat for Christmas I had to explain  what my in laws  did to me and what me and the kids are going through I did not speak Ill of my husband to them because  I no he's  being controlled I just went to get help for my kids so when the social worker  contacted my in laws  and husband  to find out what's going on they told the social  worker I'm going insane and they trying to get my kids away from me so yesterday my husband  n his mother came up here  where i am staying and cuss me out he even  throw stones at me one of the things  which  my mother in laws  said that's she's going to see to it I go mad that I will become  a prostitute for free and soon her son will be reunited  with his kids I'm so scared  of that woman and I don't why she won't let me be😪 this battle I'm fighting  with my in laws I really  taking a toll on me mentally,  physically, emotionally I'm worn out any advice  on how to deal with this issue 🙏🏽

After got a love thai amulet from us

[03/02, 22:25] ‪Happy Woman‬: Good morning  nayam 😇how are you doing.
[03/02, 22:39] Nayan: Hi
[03/02, 22:40] Nayan: I am now overseas
[03/02, 22:40] Nayan: Can I help u
[03/02, 22:40] Nayan: How are you doing?
[03/02, 22:49] ‪Happy Woman‬: Update so I have followed  instructions  and pray and ask the amulet  to help me with my husband  last night he came and
[03/02, 22:49] ‪Happy Woman‬: Sleep here
[03/02, 22:50] Nayan: Your husband come back fine you? That's good news!
[03/02, 22:50] Nayan: I am happ for you.
[03/02, 22:50] ‪Happy Woman‬: We didn't agree are anything
[03/02, 22:50] Nayan: Mean?
[03/02, 23:03] ‪Happy Woman‬: Usually  when he sees me he always wants to fight with me physically but last night he was calm  very loving towards  me.
[03/02, 23:03] ‪Happy Woman‬: He says he really sorry.
[03/02, 23:03] Nayan: That's good news!
[03/02, 23:04] Nayan: I am happy for you!
[03/02, 23:15] ‪Happy Woman‬: Thank you and master very much I'm  so greatful  to you both will continue  to prayer 😇God  bless you both🙏🏽
[03/02, 23:16] Nayan: 👏👏👏🥳🥳🥳🥳

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