Saturday, May 26, 2018

Capture the soul of the lover

Another bring lover ritual done by master.

Soul of both persons are tie together using 4 directions elements.

Heart of the lover is being capture to the buyer.

Bend over mantra, ritual is also preform. 

This will make the lover get the lover to act according to the buyer bidding through love. 

A bring lover thai amulet love charm is given to the buyer after purchase.




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Thursday, May 17, 2018

bring lover back ritual with lusty spell

Being engage by a buyer to bring his lover back to him. He told me that his lover left him because he wants sex everyday.
He said he wants us to get his lover back and make his lover lust over him.

He perform a bring lover back ritual with a lusty ritual. Master will perform a psychic spell and mantra to make his lover come back to him.
He will get a love thai amulet.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Make lost lover contact you 让老情人联系你

Hello Nayan,

Some positive news to tell you. That night when I got that Gold thai Amulet I decided to pray and ask that my ex lover get in touch with me again.
Surprising early morning she called and we talked for some time. Although the conversation was not talking about coming back so soon, I could sense that at least she was not that cold towards me.
Bloody hell just imagine those few weeks she blocked my call and never even respond to sms.
As yesterday I did give her a few calls but she did not respond immediately. 
So at almost 11 plus at night, I drop her a call and we chat for near 40 mins.
 She sound ok to me, and I just coolly ask, that one of this day I want to meet her... 
Wow I was a little surprised that she agreed but not in hotel though...
Maybe coffee house or some shopping mall in KL.
But it was not confirmed yet, so Bro can you advice me further on this meeting issue.
Hey Bro, what's your suggestion... meeting not in hotel but other place.

令人惊讶的是,第二天清晨, 她打来电话,我们谈了一段时间。

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Miracle Worker

I know times are bad for many people. They are going though very tough period, no doubt.
My sympathy is always with them as I had went through such tough period very long ago.

Despite I have over come that stage(thanks to masters and thai amulet), I still can remember the pain and helpless feeling.
As I have went thought that stage before, and have successfully leverage my life through thai amulet, I know how and what thai amulet to use to overcome and leave that helpless stage forever.

I am so happy to see buyers calling me, addressing me, Miracle Helper. 
They are telling me that they can breathe again, they have liberated.
They knows, their life are already start changing.
Peace and happiness falling on their knees, wishing farewell to tears and pains.

I wish everyone has a triumphant Victory against all unhappiness and sadness!

[30/04, 15:48] ‪Triumphant return: Hi Nayan, hope you're good and well. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but since Saturday, I have been very lucky on several areas. I spoke to you (texted you) on Friday and was really down. I have seen some things happen unexpectedly. I just wanted you to know that. And all this before I receive the amulet. I am sure I will be much better after I get the amulet. Take care and thanks bro.

[30/04, 15:49] Miracle Worker: Oh, so mayb the god of the amulet already pay you a visit and helping u.

[30/04, 15:49] Miracle Worker: 😃

[30/04, 15:50] ‪Triumphant return: Ok. Will wait for it. I really feel much better. You are a good miracle worker my fren.

[30/04, 15:50] Miracle Worker: You are not the only 1 telling me this anyway.

[30/04, 15:50] Miracle Worker: 😃

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Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

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