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Common question about Thai amulet

one of the highest ranking monk in thailand (somedej)and me

It has been years since I start collecting Thai amulets. I has meet a lot of friends who are new to thailand amulets. Today I will share some of my personal experience through years of dealing with Thailand amulet and talismans through interacting with master, guru and friends.

Hopefully, this section will benefits you and clears some of the doubt in your heart about Thai amulet.

Can I female wear a lucky charm or Thai amulet when she has her period?

In Thailand amulet, we believe in praying with heart and faith together with using the right kind of powerful and effective amulet. Compassion gods and monks do not judge or have difference between male and female. Just wash your hand and treat it with due respect every time when you deal with it.

Will the thai amulet or protection charm work if I do not chant?

It depend. Some thai amulets will still work even if you do not chant.
Like Thai amulet monk Lor Por thuat.
The protection pendant of this great master gives very good protection even if you do not chant its mantra.
However, some magical amulets need to need activate by chanting and do ritual.
It really has to depend on the master who do the amulets and charm.

Can I wear only 2 amulets?

To me personally, I feel that there is nothing wrong wearing only 2 amulets. Some people told me that if wear only 2, they will fight. Well, I told them that if I wear a Guangyin pendant and a lord Buddha amulet, will they still fight????
Well, I am not trying to say that those people, who believe that wearing only 2 amulets together are not good, are wrong.
Depend people has different belief.
I just feel that I wear amulets for protection and luck and I go into Buddhism for peace and happiness…
If the Buddha and the gods I respect fights, then the teaching which they preach are really doubtful…

What is the best way to put casing for your amulet? Is Plastic/ waterproof casing the best?

It depend….
Encasing your beloved amulets in plastic has its pros and cons. The positive side being able to retain the originality and condition since it is encased tightly sealed. The down side being the plastic sides had to pry open with high heat/fire should you decided to change another type of casing method, there are chances of your amulets being slightly damaged

Is it alright wear your amulets with Crystal?

Yes, it is ok…

Can we eat beef or starfruit?

Yes, there is no rule state down that wearing thai amulet you can eat this or you cant eat that. However, if you do tattoo of magical mantra/ sayant on body, or if you learn some magical skill from master or you are doing some ritual that is different.

one reason why starfruit are ban for sayan is because in thai they use to grow in cemetery

What is metta? Why do I always see this word in Thailand amulet?

Here are the common terms:

Mahalarp - Great Wealth

Mahasaneh - Great Opposite Sex Attraction

Metta - Loving Kindness (good relationship with others)

Maha Amjnah - Authority, CharismaKlew Klwad - Free From Dangers.

What is Takrut?

Takruts are metal foils which the master/monk would inscript holy yants/mantra/wordings/kathas and with his meditative energy inserted into it and rolled up. Some are left open and framed up with same purpose as phayant.

Hope the information above will be useful.

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