Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fire tiger amulet

This fire tiger skin is bless by master cum.
Master Cum is well skilled with black and white magic.
According to master, he say that he has learn both the white and black magic so that in different situation, he will use different skills to solve or help the person effectively.
He mention he study not only from Cambodia, he also study from Burma magic skills.

This fire tiger amulets is 1 of his well known powerful amulets in Thailand.
This powerful fire tiger is well known to the Thais when a boy wear this powerful amulet and got bitten by a dog. And very surprisingly, the boy did not get any single wounds on his body or even single teeth marks!!!! And the most shocking news came, the dog die out of suddenly!!!! Through this incident, many people try to find this master who make this powerful amulets!!!

But this master stay in a very low profile life style. No much people can find him. I manage to find him after travel a few provinces.
When I reach his house, there is a person there talking to him. I overheard that the guy thank the master for his help. I try to peep in to see more what is happening, then they came out of the house.
Then after that, I pay respect to the master and make my enquires about the amulets.
he laugh in a very humbly and say the credit go the the gods and his masters above.
Then I ask him more about the fire tiger amulet.
He say the fire tiger is different from other tiger in the jungle. The fire tiger is the king of tiger in the jungle and 1 of the most powerful animal in the jungle. thus by nature, the skin of fire tiger skin contain very strong energy. Very ideal to make amulet. by wearing it, the wearer will be like the fire tiger, gaining victory in life, gaining respect in life!!!!

While I am talking to him, I saw 1 more person coming to look for master buying some gift for him and say in thai: thank you so much, things improve.

I ask the master what wrong with that person, the master laugh and say: we should respect each every person so that to live peacefully. He advise me not to focus too much on other people matters but to keep think good, do good.

next he told me to make this amulet more powerful the master also has add in a lot of very powerful mantra into it, like charming spell, boost luck spell, against spirit mantra....

After which, he will hold the amulets connect to the higher gods and his teachers to bless and test the powers of the amulets to make sure that they are all well blessed and contain high powers!!!!

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