Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A second Life thai amlet charm 第二次生命泰國佛牌 (sold out)

sold out (enquiry regarding this item will not be reply)

This 2nd life amulet is blessed to give you a second chance, a second life.
Many people are tired after series of bad luck, bad stabber, bad relationship at work, quarrels at home, break off with lovers or keep attracting the wrong lovers or soul mates.
Has tried all  sort of methods, but still unable to help you better, instead, from bad to worse!


This second Life thai amulet charm will offer you a 2nd chance to live.
This second Life thai amulet charm will leave you refresh and rejuvenate.


Thanks to cleansing mantra the master put into the charm that neutralize the "hidden bad energy" and "hidden bad luck" around us. 
Yes, in simple words, clear negative energy, clear bad luck. 
You will feel more " clean", more happier! 
No more unhappy, no more sadness.
This is a new spin on a very old practice, the ability to banish any bad energies being around you.


Inside this "second life charm" contain :
clear bad luck mantra
clear "big rocks in life " mantra
clear bad energy in body mantra
32 wealth god give you money mantra
108 gods auspicious give you good luck mantra
9 different countries love god and goddess bring good romance mantra
Tibetan and thai magical health mantra

How the charm work:

The Attract spells enhance inside are meant to encircle your body with an energy field that pulls or attracts the desired intention to you... whether it be Money, Good Luck, Happiness, Power or Love. The treasure will attract the intent to you and keep it to you all the time. 
Furthermore, this second Life thai amulet charm never needs to be recharged and lasts indefinitely on the treasure it is cast on.
This enchanting piece has the spell of Attract Good Luck. 
This  second Life thai amulet charm will help you find the rewards in every thing great and small when Good Luck is attracted to you. 
Good Luck from the smallest situation to the ones that effect your life.

Have Good Luck in games of chance, your work, your family life, your love life... you will see a drastic change in the way people see you and treat you!

Good Luck and positive rewards will be attracted to the positive energy field that is around you when you own this A second Life thai amlet charm. It will bring your aura, and 3 bodies of you to a higher plane to be able to receive the greater rewards most people are incapable of receiving.

Attract the wonderful things in life!!!

This "A second Life charm" is like health charm, wealth charm, money charm, love charm, attraction charm, all roll up into 1 powerful charm!

Below is a buyer who told me that:

" It has change my life, and it has changed me to better! Through better life, I has raise myself to the world."

All good things or happier life you can dream of can be achieve!

From poor, you can become financial free.

From rich, you become richer.

From unhappy family, you get along with everyone in the family happily.

From single, you can become being love by soulmate again!

From unhappiness at workplace, you can build strong relationships, through effective charm, Slowly, you can charm all people in the workplace and you will have the trust of others, and they believe that by collaborating with you, their personal results will improve... then you have the world at your feet. 

Give yourself a second chance.

You don’t like your life? Change it! Change your life for the better!

Many people told me how great they were in the past.
But now, the obstacles are too strong for them to move on.

I told them, who knows, you are better tomorrow!

Regretting something is another form of not accepting reality. What you can do about it now? It’s gone. It doesn’t exist anymore. Focus on what you can change: your present moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow. Now. Live now.

A better life is simpler than you think!

The name of master and and information of this amulet on how to use will be sent only to the buyer via email.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get the girl to call me (another happy buyer)

One of the buyer girl friend has block him from all contacts. After he got a thai amulet love charm from me, she unblock him from facebook and resume back to contact.

Bro i want to tell you something. The time I get from you the love amulet really power. I never chant for few day. So on one night I go and chants and tell him that can you let me gf forgive me and unblock me in the fb. The next day my gf add me in the fb again.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stupid Thief

A buyer feedback that she has place some of the thai amulet from me in her bag. A thief wanted to snatch her bag away.
But the thief realize that he was being discover.
So he change his mind snatching her bag.

Dear nayan, thanks for the amulet. I was walking alone at a shopping mall towards the parking lot to get my car. Suddenly i felt some strng energy comng from my backside. So i turn around. The moment i turn i saw a man walking fast towards me and his hand is coming towards my bag. The man quickly walk away from me. I was shock and in a minute i just realize i nearly get rob.

Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

[18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He's staying with me every weekends now [18/11, 11:17] Calling lover: He has already talk to the wife abo...