Friday, May 30, 2008


There are many ways where get blessing from masters. Today, i will introduce one of the unique and rare methods which are being used.
Below is the article which describe the the method which i am introducing:

There is a popular display now on a seven-year world tour -- a display of relics, physical remains, it is said, of the Buddha and other great Buddhist teachers. The tradition is that when a spiritually pure Buddhist master is cremated, his remains can include not only bone fragments but tiny pearl-like beads, called ringsel, which are believed to emit spiritual power and even to multiply. In Washington, we talked about these mysteries with Victoria Ewart, the manager of the Heart Shrine Relic Tour.

(The Heart Shrine Relic Tour): These relics have come from masters around the world, starting with the Buddha and other Buddhist practitioners after his time. And the relics are produced because the master has spiritual realizations. So when the body is cremated, then these ringsel -- relics -- are found among the ashes.

So this means that when the Buddha was cremated two and a half thousand years ago, these relics were left behind. So they're not pieces of bones. They're actually manifestations of the realizations of the Buddha and other masters. And the idea is that, when you come into contact with these ringsel, you automatically create happiness, or virtue, because of the power of the holy object

The ringsel multiply, given the right conditions. You can see from the photograph, which was taken in June 2001. And a month later, I looked inside the container, and I saw that there were three very small new relics there. So that means it's an interactive process.

So often people say to me, "How do you know that these relics are real? You know, how can you tell these come from the Buddha?" And the answer is that we don't. But we do have a tradition of these relics being passed down from master to student. And we ask the master in the temple -- whether he's Vietnamese, Chinese, Tibetan, whatever -- we ask him or her to bless each person that wishes to receive a blessing. They come forward, they make a bow, and then they receive the blessing.

He will place the relics on top of the crown of your head. And the reason that he does that is there is actually a physical energetic effect of being blessed on top of the head. It is said to be a healing or a purification of your own body.

The purpose of the Heart Shrine Relic Tour is to bring people into their heart. So by coming into contact with the relics, we are inspired to feel the quality of lovingkindness. Even people who aren't Buddhists, they cry or they have moving experiences or they have a vision. Regardless of any labels of "Buddhism" or "Buddha," people are responding all over.

well, that is interesting right?
There is a lot more interesting article coming, share with you how to increase your luck and love life....
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ghost and spirits in thailand

spirits and ghosts live almost everywhere in Thailand. Most large trees are said to have a ghost or spirit living inside of it and old trees are held in particular respect. The favourite place for female ghosts to live is in a banana grove. There are many species of banana plants in Thailand, but a 'tani' banana grove is the preferred haunting place.

Seen and unseen forces operate in daily Thai life. Flowers, incense, or food is placed in front of shops, on the bows of boats, in front of buddhist icons and spirit houses. Brightly-coloured ribbon is wrapped around trees or other objects. These are all offerings to the spirits that reside there. A cement pole near my house receives many gifts. There have been too many accidents at this pole and local residents are trying to placate its bad spirit. Keep your eyes open for these offerings when in Thailand and you will be amazed at how many you see.

When I told my Thai girlfriend at work I was writing about ghost and spirits she exclaimed, "Oh! Even when you just say the word 'ghost' the hair on my arm stands straight up! Look!" Indeed, every hair on her arm was in the vertical position.

Most Thais wear one amulet or more. Amulets are medallions that both men and women wear around their necks and which they believe will protect them from harm or provide them with other forms of assistance. A monk might tell you that the amulet is worn only as a reminder of
buddha Teachings, not for protection Different amulets have different powers. Some help the wearer attract women while others offer protection against weapons. All amulets offer well-being to the wearer and help keep bad spirits away. Most amulets are given away at temples but there are some amulets which, for a variety of reasons, become very expensive over time. The reasons for this can range from simple popularity to the belief that certain amulets have very strong powers.

There are many tattooed men. Tattoos are often religious passages or religious symbols that offer protection to the wearer. The more superstitious the person, the more tattoos they are apt to have. The properties of tattoos are believed to be similar to those of amulets in the sense that they can offer protection from harm and can been seen as attractive. Tattoos have more recently become modern fashion for some of the men and women who wear them.

'Yan' is the drawing of religious mystical symbols to protect the area from ghosts and bad spirits. Most automobiles, taxis, and busses are adorned with 'yan' and amulets to ensure safe trips. 'Yan' is also painted on the doors of houses to keep unwanted and unseen visitors outside.

Antiques are something that foreigners constantly seek out in Thailand. I have discovered that very often, Thai people absolutely do not want to possess objects that belong to a deceased person for fear of having the previous owner's ghost attached to the object. "Oh! Look at that beautiful desk! It would look wonderful in my living room!" my friend exclaimed at an antique shop to her Thai companion. "I would never buy that," he answered. "I would think of the person who had to work at that desk everyday. I would wonder if they were happy then and if they are happy now."

Asking around about ghosts provided the stories that follow.

Puthamonton is a town famous for its haunted bamboo grove. This bamboo grove is on the grounds of the Buddha Park so many monks reside and meditate there. Recently a novice monk became possessed by a ghost and was exorcised by other monks. Reports in Thai newspapers make this common knowledge to most people.

Supanburi is the home to a famous Thai country music singer Phum Phuang who died about eight years ago. When the villagers saw her ghost walking around they decided to build a shrine for her. This shrine now draws hundreds of people who try to receive winning lottery numbers from the deceased.

A cup filled with bamboo sticks with numbers written on them is shaken until a lucky stick falls to the ground. As the Thai national lottery occurs on the 1st and 16th of every month, this shrine is quite active in the days before the drawing. Pictures of this event were recently on the front page of a local Thai newspaper.

Fortune-tellers, mediums, and psychics get a lot of business in Thailand. They are not only consulted for winning lottery numbers, but also auspicious dates on which to conduct an event, or for advice in general life and love decisions.

A young couple who lived north of Ayutthaya recently committed suicide by hanging themselves. The woman was six months pregnant. A letter from the wife requested that the couple be cremated together. When the family tried to arrange this, two local temples refused to do so. Everyone was terrified that the couple would rise from the dead. They feared it was the ghost of Naan Naak returning again. A surgeon was called in and the baby was removed from the mother before the cremation could take place.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The benefit of having a calm mind

Many people go for medication when they are undergo stress or go for drugs when they are done. They backstab each other at work and doing illegal stuff to get rich. If you have been reading my blog, i always like to introduce good and effective methods and ways to improve life. Amulets are 1 of them. Today, i am going to introduce another method which will bring much benefit to you, as the same, great genuine and powerful amulets bring to mankind. I always like to show REAL example on how the methods i am suggesting to people are genuine effective. Now, without fail again, i will show real story on how this method, which i am introducing today, on how much this method benefit this person.

The powerful and effective which will benefit us in our life is meditation.
what!!! People will ask, are you sure meditation will help us in life????
Well, maybe you would like to read up the real life story below:

Tiger Woods on being a dad and Buddhism

Los Angeles, USA -- Golf is famed as a frustrating sport but world number one Tiger Woods has found striking the right balance between family and work to be every bit as challenging.

"It is frustrating," Woods told Reuters in an interview.

"This morning Sam was crying when I left. That is only going to get harder, especially when they start talking, when they get in school," he said, adding that golfers find it particularly tough to carry out their roles as fathers.

"A lot of guys, early on in their child's development, try to take them on the road with them so they can be a part of that development - but once they are in school it is a whole different story then," he said.

While winning seven tournaments in succession through a six-month unbeaten streak, Woods has also been changing his daily routine to allow him the maximum possible time with his daughter Sam and Swedish wife Elin.

"I try and get my workouts in before Sam or Elin gets up, I go to the gym really early in the morning and get my lifting in and get my cardio done and come back and have breakfast with them.

"Then maybe a little walk and then right when Sam takes a nap I can go out and practice. I don't want to miss anything, she changes every day," he says.

Woods relishes talking about his daughter but confesses he has been surprised by fatherhood.

"I never thought that I would feel this way. You hear parents say it all the time, but you really don't know until you actually go through it," he said.

"I can't imagine missing anything. When we go on the road we have Skype so I will talk to her and see her and...I don't know how guys did it in the past, technology certainly helps."

The challenge of organising his life, which also includes commercial commitments to sponsors such as Gillette, hasn't weakened his desire for a larger family.

"I want to be around as much as I can at home and especially since we are going to have more kids it is going to be even more difficult down the road," he says.

Missing from Woods's description of his daily routine is meditation - learnt from his Buddhist mother and one element of a religion that shapes much of his attitude to life.

"I practice meditation - that is something that I do, that my mum taught me over the years. We also have a thing we do every year, where we go to temple together," he said.

"In the Buddhist religion you have to work for it yourself, internally, in order to achieve anything in life and set up the next life. It is all about what you do and you get out of it what you put into it.

"So you are going to have to work your butt off in every aspect of your life.

"That is one of the things that people see in what I do on the golf course but that is just one small facet of my life - I am always continuing to work," said Woods who credits his late father Earl and Thai mother Kultida for his winning combination of aggression and control.

"If you look at my parents - my Dad was a former special forces, he was a pretty tough guy, very focused but I have to say the more competitive one was my mum," he added.

"You start talking to her and you will see where I get my fire and passion from - it is from my mum - I get my calmness from my Dad," he said.

There are no signs that his mother is about to let that passion cool - Woods said she remains animated when watching him play.

"She still lives and dies over every shot. I just say 'Mum, relax, I know what I am doing.' She says to me - 'you'll know what I am talking about when Sam gets older'"

Well, believe it or not..

The story is told by tiger wood...

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Friday, May 9, 2008

feedback and QNA

Well, i have been selling amulets for some time. Those who know deal with me once my genuine of my amulets, beside that, have also help many people to bring light and happiness to their life.
Below is a true email from 1 of my friends.

I wanted to give you feedback about the Cat and Mouse Takrut I bought from you about one month ago. I can see the positive effects very clearly. For example firstly people at work generally woman behave positively even my boss and other people as well. Another example...children especially ...for some reason...seem to like me even more..the other day when when I was walking in a shopping centre a 2 or 3 year old baby girl kept smiling at me and for no reason and kept pulling her mother towards me over and over again. Even my ...girl friends nephew..behaves differently to me with full of l to me with full of love, I was suprised... strangers who I have never met before even feel comfortable talking to me. For me the 'metta' level is very obvious and transcends not only to female and male relationship but to everyone that I come in contact with. Thank You for selling this amulet, you have helped my life.
I also need to ask you for your advice, this is a very personal thing to me and also very sad....but I need to ask someone for help. You see my girlfriend and I are planning to get married in the next two years or so but about two years back we were very difficult financially and she got pregnant...we were not in the positiion to have the baby so we aborted. It was not even 1 month so the embryo was not even formed yet...but my concern is what about the spirit? Is there something that we should do to send the spirit off properly? Please advice if you can... Thank you

Below is the reply:

Do this chanting: Om Mani Pad Me Hung everynight. min 108 times.
After which, say: may this merit be share with all sentient being in this universal, may them be well and happy.
Lastly, pray that your baby also get this merits too... and pray that he/she will reborn to higher realm...
if got chance, do a lot of good deeds, after which, say those words: may this merit be share with all sentient being in this universal, may them be well and happy.
Lastly, pray that your baby also get this merits too... and pray that he/she will reborn to higher realm...
Good Luck.

How much can he help?

It true, there should not be excuse for any such sin, but most importantly, THE PERSON MUST ADMIT THAT HE/SHE IS IN wrong and repent. STOP DOING ALL THESE HURTFUL ACTION WHICH CAUSE HURTS!!!
Start pray everyday, repent and start to help people.

Beside selling amulets to people, i can also help them in spiritual and their life.
Well, people will ask? Is this amulet that powerful? i will reply. you try using it for without doing any good deeds and keep on CHEAP GIRLS TO BED!!! you will see what you get from your KARMA!!!!

The other good thing is that i have help many person who WERE single last time to attract opp sex and get good partner for their life. i always tell them that you have manage to get the help with the power of amulets through the compassion of many master, so do not misuse it. TREAT him or her well.

this part of my blog is to tell people how GENUINE amulet help people, start repent of your mistake and start helping people to make this a a better world to live in.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

black magic practise in western countries?????

i have find this very interesting articles in the news. Human skulls are being import to western countries!!!!! Usually, in Asia like Cambodia or Thailand, these skull are being search by person (master) to do magic. Well, look like (personal view) there are some master who practise in western countries too....

below i will show some photo of skull used by master in Thailand...

The Customs and Excise Office at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport said Thursday it had confiscated three human skulls smuggled through delivery packages from Denpasar to the United Kingdom."The skulls were sent by three different people identified as KP, YP and TK to the same receiver identified as MS in the UK," Eko Darmanto, chief of intelligence at the Customs Office saidEko said the skulls, reported as wood carving and wrapped in boxes, were sent through an express mail service on April 12, 17 and 22 respectively."The skulls are not archeological objects, but human skull delivery is banned and we will hand them to the police for further investigation," he said. -The Jakarta Post, ANN

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Successful 3rd party bring back lover ritual

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