Saturday, December 19, 2015

fortune teller vs nayan thai amulet

A buyer told me she facing  a series if bad luck in work and life.
She wants a child badly. But many fortune teller told her she will not has a child and even she has, she will has miscarriage for sure!

I told her:

Nothing for sure! YOU CHOOSE YOURSELF
you create your own destiny!
you definitely build your own world and dream land with thai amulet!
She open her heart and She did it!

Below is her feedback:

I have gotten an amulet recommended by Nayan in mid 2014. He finds that the amulet is very suitable for me as it helps to build my confidence at work, ward off evil and "xiao ren", and also helps to block off danger. After wearing God of success thai amulet for close to 1.5 years. There are significant changes to my life.

1.  My work is definitely much smoother. Got recognition from bosses which was unlike in the past no matter how much I do, I don't get recognized.

2.  More work opportunities with bosses giving me more "work" that allows me to showcase my capabilities.

3.  More good people surrounding me as compared to the last with many insincere people. (Amulet allow me to feel it.  As it is dangerous to mix with insincere people. I will feel uncomfortable and will auto distance from them)

4.  Most importantly, God of success helps me to block off the BIGGEST danger during 2014.  I went to various fortune telling to ask for "child luck".  Many said I am not fated to have children in 2014 and signs/ stars/ cards all show signs of miscarriage even if I get pregnant successfully.
I was pregnant and was playing basketball with my friends. I didn't know I was pregnant then. I was knocked hard by my friend and fell butt down to the floor with a loud thud. (And I am pretty big in size).  Nothing happened to me. (Lucky me. I am blessed by all help and God!).  
My daughter is currently 8 month, healthy and pretty as at this moment .
I am writing this feedback to Nayan at 2015 year end.

Thank u Nayan. Your recommendations never fail to help me.  Full confidence in you!!! Looking forward to more great powerful items from you to aid me in all aspects of my life.

Thanks bro.

在 2014 年中期,我在Nayan的推荐下得到一个泰國佛牌 。他发现佛牌非常适合我因为它有助于建立我在工作岗位的信心,抵御邪恶和小人,也帮助阻挡危险。戴上“成功之神”将近一年半后,我的生活有重大的改变。
3)与往年相比的那些虚情假意的人,有更多善良的人围绕着我。( 佛牌让我感觉到它。因为与虚情假意的人混合是件危险的事。我会感到不舒服便会自动跟他们疏远。)
4)最重要的是,“成功之神” 帮我阻挡 2014 年最大的危险。我去了各种算命师寻求“孩子运”。很多人说我注定在 2014 年没有孩子和即使能成功怀孕,符号、 星座、牌都显示流产的迹象。我怀孕时和朋友一起打篮球。我当时不知自己怀了孕。我被朋友硬撞后砰的一声响跌到地面上屁股朝地。(而我体积相当大)。没什么事发生在我身上。(幸运的我。我被所有的帮助和上帝保佑!)


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