Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fire tiger amulet part 2

Recently, during my trip to Thailand, I went to visit Master Cum. As usually, there is many people queuing up waiting for their turn to ask him for help. Then nearby, i noticed there a board with some pictures and words. Then i go over and below is what I see.

I saw master cum( the only master in white robe) and many other famous monks in the notice board. the notice board mention about the dates of the amulets being blessed, the famous master involved in blessing and what is this fire tiger all about!!! Furthermore, it briefly described the function about this fire tiger amulet: against spirit, let people have respect for you, fear you, people like you, stop crying of children( as some children as disturb by spirit), cure for curse, cure for disturbances by spirit.
Th writing also mention about this animal, fire tiger, and the reason why this particular animal, fire tiger is being selected to make amulets. The writing mention that in the old magical books, it has state that this fire tiger is very very different from other tiger. It is extremely very beautiful and it fierceness nature compare to other tiger, this fire tiger will never lose to them! That why this fire tiger is highly recommend to make into amulets as it has a fierce and attraction effect. People are very much attracted to them yet fear them!

When it is my turn to talk to master, I talk to him about the noticed board. He say that each and every tiger skin inside the amulet contain hand written mantra. he told me every blessing of that each tiger skin amulet is follow closely to the steps and methods taught by his teachers and these methods had been pass down through many generations. Furthermore, he told me he make such each blessing and ceremony are all done in very well selected dates and follow strict procedures!!! To enhance and make such that the amulets are all very powerful and, he invited many powerful master to join force with him to blessed these amulets!!! That explain the pictures of those famous master in the noticed board.
he also told me that in the noticed board, he has stress that despite the skin or the fur of the tiger is being used, after every blessing/ceremony is done, he will do a transfer of merits to the tigers to wish them to be reborn in higher realm in next rebirth. the skin being used contain only the energy of Fierce, energy of strong power, and energy of attraction.

I have receive a email from 1 of my friends who has got the tiger amulets from me.
He thank me for introducing such a great stuff to him!!! We meet up for a chat and take picture together for memory.
Below are the email and picture with my friend.

Click on the picture below to enlarge

Lastly, i would like to make use of this oppurinty to wish everyone a happy new year and May 2010 will be a happy and a blissful year for everyone.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interesting news!!!

Look like recently there is a lot of people being cursed, a lot of black magic being used.

Why did i say that?
In Malaysia, they want to enforce a law to stop such practise and think such practise has cause some damage to the people there.

Below is the article, enjoy!

Selangor mufti Datuk Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid wants a law enacted to govern the practice of magic, especially black magic.

He said such a law is necessary to prevent the use of black magic by people who want to control their spouses and those who employ it for criminal activities

Tamyes said black magic practitioners and those who used magic for evil purposes were getting away with it as there was no law against it.

Receive a email from a friend who inform me the remove black magic, remove bad luck amulet which he got from me has managed to help his relative who is being distured by spirit for a few years. Now after using it, he is fine! Great to hear that!

"Black magic is difficult to prove in court as the practice is abstract and cannot be proven by the five senses.

"Therefore, legal practitioners and the authorities must think of a suitable form of law to charge black magic practitioners in court," he said after launching a seminar entitled Muzakarah Pakar: Bentuk Sihir Pengasih dan Metodologi Diagnosis (Expert Seminar: Forms of Love Magic and Diagnosis Methodology) organised by the Selangor Mufti's Department here yesterday.

Tamyes said the resolutions from the seminar would be referred to the state Fatwa Committee for discussion before they are taken to the National Fatwa Committee.

He said the law on black magic could be included in the Syariah Criminal Enactment for offences committed by Muslims, while a new act must be created for non-Muslims.

One of the panellists, Datuk Dr Haron Din, said attention must be given towards having a legal provision to stop the use of black magic, especially among Muslims, as there is a pressing need for it based on the current situation.

He said black magic, which is against the precepts of Islam and would ultimately bring harm to its practitioners, is widely used for criminal activities, such as casting spells during robbery as has been reported in several jewellery heists recently.

"Criminals were said to have tapped a victim's back or blown cigarette smoke on a victim's face to cast a spell, making them unaware they are being robbed."

He said black magic practitioners usually have special rooms and use specific tools like an animal skull, rosary beads, incense, old weapons like parang, kris, sword, and yellow or blue cloth and these could be used as evidence by the prosecutors to charge them in court.

Haron proposed that black magic practitioners be charged under the Takzir law where the punishment for an offence would be up to a judge's discretion.

He said a charge under Takzir is easier as it only needs direct and indirect evidence compared with Hudud which needs proof without any doubt.

Haron added that the punishment could include jail and whipping according to syariah and banishment from the district.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Black magic used to lured girl???

Do thai magic really works?

Do black magic exist?

I had read a interesting article.

A WOMAN suspects that black magic was used to charm her daughter who has gone missing, reported Harian Metro.

"My daughter used to be obedient and never went out of the house alone. There is no way she would just vanish and leave the family.

"I believe Thai black magic was used on her," said Siti Bedah Hussain, 39, of her 22-year-old daughter Nur Liyana, who disappeared four months ago.

Siti Bedah said her daughter met a 42-year-old man of Thai descent, a friend of her ex-husband, when he frequented her food stall in June. Nur Liyana became friendly with the man, who invited her to work in Langkawi.

"Before this, three other women had followed the man to work in a restaurant in Langkawi, where he works as a cook," she said.

Nur Liyana informed her mother that she had found a job in a restaurant there, but two months later, told her twin sister that she needed to find another job because the restaurant was facing problems.

"I asked my ex-husband to bring her back. He found her in a dangdut club and we believe the man asked her to work there.

"She was brought back home after that but has disappeared again," she said.

Source: Asiaone

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

put salt in bra to remove bad energy????

Salt in her bra for luck

Norika Fujiwara keeps salt in her bra to boost her luck.

The Japanese actress will take out the salt from her bra and scatter it onto the ground to get rid of the bad vibes whenever she goes.

Fujiwara, the Miss Japan 1992, who believes in feng shui, will consult a master on everything related to her including ways to block off the “bad things”.

She is so into it that she would consult the feng shui master on her future and things she has to ward off almost everyday over the past years.

Even before she starts filming, Fujiwara would find a good spot and pray for the film to be a hit.

Japanese Cyzo magazine reported that Fujiwara was found to be a little neurotic recently due to the bad response of her new drama.

While filming the series, she was seen taking out some salt from her bra and scattering it.

Fujiwara started to believe in feng shui after it helped cure her insomnia following the advice of a feng shui master who had told her to put 10g of salt at the four corners of her room.

Since then, feng shui has become a major part of her life. She even changed the colour of her kitchen to yellow and uses only gold doorknobs.

She also took a master’s advice to wear a pentagon-shape wedding ring.

But ironically, feng shui was also one of the reasons that caused Fujiwara and her comedian husband Tomonori Jinnai to divorce.

It was said the couple had been involved in numerous arguments after Jinnar could no longer stand his wife’s “feng shui philosopy”.

Source: asia

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aniamal Sacrifices

At least 15,000 buffalo and "countless" goats and birds were sacrificed in a temple in southern Nepal, organizers said Wednesday, a ritual billed as the single biggest animal slaughter on earth. Hindus in Nepal routinely offer animals for sacrifice to appease deities, especially power goddesses, for good luck and prosperity.

Villagers bringing goats to the slaughter field.

KATHMANDU, Oct 4: Animal welfare campaigners have initiated a coalition with the Indian NGOs and networks of animal rights activists, including Hindu and Buddhist leaders, especially from the Indian state of Bihar, for a joint action to halt animal sacrifices at the the Gadhimai festival in Bariyarpur, Bara district. The festival falls on November 24 this year.

During the festival each year, over 350,000 animals are slaughtered as sacrifice to the deity Gadhimai.

“The Gadhi Mai fair has a cross-border linkage which dates back many years. Since it is participated by Indian people as well, we are initiating a joint-campaign against this barbaric fair,” Pramoda Shah of Animal Nepal, a local NGO, told Republica.

Many Indian nationals travel to attend this festival and offer animal sacrifice.

“It is ironical that such practices have been stopped in India, but in our own Land of Buddha, people are taking to violence in such cold-blooded manner in the name of religion,” Dr Govinda Tandon, a culture expert and former member of the Pashupati Area Development Trust said.

He added, “The festival is baseless too as it started when a priest dreamt of the Goddess asking for sacrifice.”

In the carnival, which is observed every five years, over 350,000 animals, mainly buffalos, piglets, chickens, rats, goats, baby goats, roosters, and pigeons, are to be sacrificed to please the deity Gadhimai.

The first day of the festival, which sees the largest animal sacrifice in the world, is panchbali when five black goats are sacrificed followed by killing of seven buffaloes. But the festival takes a worse turn when some 250 local men, who officiate sacrifices, ruthlessly take to slaughtering of the animals.

“The men are made to consume alcohol before and are let loose to hack the animals in one of the worst form of animal killings,” Shah said, adding, “Superstition is perpetuating violence in Nepal and it is difficult to counteract, especially in bringing about a behavioral change in the educated ones.”

Psychiatrists have long pointed at the health hazard caused to the humans by such unorganized killings and the mental trauma/illness caused by it. Those locals who have been involved in the sacrifice over the years are said to be suffering from acute form of mental disorder.

“One man had to be permanently tied by a rope as he started murdering people. In the people he saw animal images,” Dr Tandon said.

The activists believe that such a cross-border campaign will draw the attention of the international community toward such inhumane treatment meted out to the innocent animals. However, they also feel that the campaign may have an adverse impact on the country´s tourism.

“The festival has invited international criticism and is portraying Nepal in bad light. If activists make an issue of the fair it will have an adverse impact on tourism,” Shah said.

The organizing committee of the carnival has already begun disseminating information about the ´celebrations´. The committee is organizing the event on a hefty budget.

A number of religious groups in Nepal are opposing the mass sacrifice. The campaign will also be joined by the famous ´Buddha boy´ of Nepal, Ram Bahadur Bomjon. “He will be visiting the temple to bless the animals as a symbolic protest,” Lucia de Vries of the Animal Nepal said.

The animal rights activists are also protesting a similar festival in Khokhana, Lalitpur. In one fair in Khokhana, a baby goat is thrown into a pond and some local men tear the goat to death. The one who kills it and comes out victorious is then named a ´hero´.

Source: myrepublic, Nepal

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