Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!

New Year is coming. Everybody has a wish. Happiness should be 1 of them.

Happiness is not the result of favourable conditions. That's backwards. Favourable conditions result from happiness.

So what does it take to be happy? Nothing more than a willingness to be happy.

Happiness comes from the way you respond to life. There are people who have every reason to be miserable, but who still live with happiness and joy. In every life, there is room for happiness.

Everyone has challenges. Everyone has disappointments. Yet they do not have to get you down.

True happiness comes not from the absence of problems. True enduring happiness comes in spite of problems.

Happiness is not a reaction, it is a choice. Let it be yours!

Happy New Year!!!


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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comment on mercury

Your mercury charm is awesome. Its energies are strong and noticable and I feel them the minute I wear it. It brings a calm state of mind and at the same time it charges and balances the body's energies. There are many parad beads out there; but the one that you supply is the real thing.
Please let me know if there is a larger version of this mercury charm.
Thank you for your services.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goddess Of great miracle and Great Compassion thailand amulet

Kuan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin or Quan Yin and known as Kuan Shih Yin), is known as the Goddess of Compassion & Healing. She is one of the most popular deities in all of Asia. Her name in Chinese roughly translates as "The One who Hears the Cries of the World". She is the most beloved and revered of the Chinese dieties. Kuan Yin is the Divine Mother we all long for: merciful, tender, compassionate, loving, protecting, caring, healing, and wise. She quietly comes to the aid of her children everywhere. Her mantra is 'Om Mani Padme Hum.' (that is, 'Hail the Jewel -or pearl- in the Lotus.') Many believe that she is the female representation of Avalokitesvara, who is the Tibetan and Nepalese God of Compassion. In Asia, statues of Kuan Yin can be found in front of, or on the grounds of, many Buddhist temples.

Just as Catholic Christianity has provided an antidote to pure theological patriarchy by encouraging the reverence of the Virgin Mary, so Chinese Buddhism evolved a feminine bodhisattva, or Buddha-to-be, named Kuan Yin. And just as Mary captured the hearts of Catholic worshipers, so Kuan Yin far outstripped the male bodhisattvas in popularity. Both in Japan (as Kwannon, who is often pictured as male) and in pre-revolutionary China, this semidivine being was honored in virtually every home; she was the most powerful being in the entire Chinese pantheon.

The Origin of Kuan Yin:

There are many legends about the origin of Kuan Yin, but this in one of the most popular.

In 7th century China, a king had three daughters, the youngest named Miao-Shan. At the time of Miao-Shan's birth, the earth trembled and a wonderful fragrance and flower blossoms sprang up around the land. Many of the local people said they saw the signs of a holy incarnation on her body.

While the king and queen were amazed by this blessing. Unfortunately, they were corrupt and saw little value in a child who appeared pure and kind. When Miao-Shan got older, the king wanted to find a husband for her. She told her father she would only marry if by so doing she would be able to help alleviate the suffering of all mankind.

The king became enraged when he heard of her devotion to helping others, and forced her to slave away at menial tasks. Her mother, the queen, and her two sisters admonished her, all to no avail.

In desperation, the king decided to let her pursue her religious calling at a monastery, but ordered the nuns there to treat her so badly she would change her mind. She was forced to collect wood and water, and tend a garden for the kitchen. They thought this would be impossible, since the land around the monastery was barren. To everyone's amazement, the garden flourished, even in winter, and a spring welled up out of nowhere next to the kitchen.

When the king heard about these miracles, he decided that he was going to kill Miao-Shan. After all, the nuns who were supposed to have tormented her. But as his henchmen arrived at the monastery, a spirit came out of a fog of clouds and carried her away to safety on a remote island. She lived there on her own for many years, pursuing a life of of religious dedication.

Several years later, her father became seriously ill. He was unable to sleep or eat; his doctors believed he would certainly die soon. As he was about to pass, a monk came to visit the king. The monk told the king he could cure the monarch, but he would have to grind up the arms and eyes of one free from hatred to make the medicine. The king thought this was impossible, but the monk assured him that there was a Bodhisattva living in the king's domain who would gladly surrender those items if asked.

The king sent an envoy to find this unknown bodhisattva. When the envoy made the request, Miao-Shan gladly cut out her eyes and severed her arms. The envoy returned and the monk made the medicine. The king instantly recovered. When the king thanked the monk; he chastised the king by saying, "You should thank the one who gave her eyes and arms." Suddenly, the monk disappeared. The king believed this was divine intervention and after ordering a coach prepared headed off with his family to find and thank the unknown bodhisattva.

When the royal family arrived they realized it is was their daughter, Miao-Shan, who had made the sacrifice. Miao-Shan spoke up, "Mindful of my father's love, I have repaid him with my eyes and arms." With eyes full of tears and hearts full of shame, the family gathered to hug Miao-Shan. As they did so auspicious clouds formed around Miao-Shan. The earth trembled, flowers rained down, and a holy manifestation of the Thousand Eyes and Thousand Arms appeared hovering in the air.

And then, the bodhisattva was gone. To honor Miao-Shan the royal family built a shrine on the spot, which is known as Fragrant Mountain.

BODHISATTVA(also spelled Boddhisattva)Literally means "enlightened being"; a soul who, through compassion and altruism, has earned the right to leave this world of suffering and enter nirvana, but has chosen instead to stay on Earth to instruct others to until all beings are enlightened. A Bodhisattva acts as the key figure in Mahayana Buddhism.

Miracle of this great compassion goddess:

Reversal of Eyesight While I was in Cambria, CA, I hiked along East - West Ranch and above the path atop the hills looking at the view of the ocean, landscape and the setting sun. The sun looked beautiful through the trees, its rays exploding out like rainbow darts, sharp spears of light.
I wasn't thinking about my eyesight when I placed the viewfinder in front of right eye, to get the perfect shot, in fact I took several pictures as the sun was still high in the sky and descending into the horizon. I saw spots, hairline images and floaters in my right eye and thought about the damage I had caused. I knew better, but I guess my thoughts at the time looking through a camera lens, somehow it was protecting me from the harmful rays. For weeks on end the floaters, spots, etc. kept reminding me of the consequences. It was only until I started to clear the judgements about myself that healing began to take place. Using the Kwan Yin Goddess symbol, I began directing healing to my eye and in a matter of a week I saw improvement. Healing has increased steadily. I no longer have the noticeable spots or floaters. Occasionally, I will see a hairline image, but it is very faint. I am thankful for the wonderful healing energy of Kwan Yin!
Nancy Kimes 12-15-08

This thai amulet Goddess Of great miracle and Great Compassion is blessed by a chinese temple in thailand who invite many powerful thai monk to to come together to combine force to "open eye" of this batch of thailand amulets. Under the fund and organisation of thailand university, they hope that through this great force, this amulet will has great power to help those people in help and without any doubt, in everybody mind, they know this great compassion goddess will sure help those people who need help.


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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Charm for love and success

Master Cum always create or bless thai amulets that target to help people who solve people problem.
Today, I am going to introduce another charm that is bless by master cum that can help people in find soul mate, solve marriage unhappiness, love problem, love ones not not listening to you and keep quarrel with you and help you to solve your wealth problem.
I ask the master why he bless such a charm.
he say, if you has love charm, impossible you pray to the holy amulets, Buddhas or monks for such matters.
You need to pray to a lower realm semi being for help!!!
Like your love one run away, cannot find love, all these you has to pray to a lower realm being. you cannot pray to a Buddha and request help that your wife has run away with other guy or tell Buddha that you has just break off with your love one, you need his help!!!
That is not possible! Buddha is about about dharma, do good etc...
That why pray to lower realm being for such matter is the best because they will help you for this!
Furthermore, for some people doing sales, doing business, they need very strong attraction so that people will like them, and business and deal will be close.
All this attraction will be get from the help of all this beings! People will like you, listen to you, find your proposal very good, if you are in work, boss will like you, colleague will like you, indirectly let you form a great teamwork in workplace!

He has add in a very special herb call wahn metta, the herb for charming and attraction. People will be charm by you with the power of this herb. he has add in 2 hand written scroll.
1) Maha lamlui-the great wealth money mantra
money obstacles will be clear, money and wealth luck will flow in
2) Maha senate-The great mantra for charming
With this mantra, you can charm back the person you want to charm, including your boss, charm back your ex lover.

In General, this thai amulet for love and success can be use for:

1) use as love charm to charm back your loss love ones
2) charm your bosses so that they will like you
3) Charm your client so that you can close the deals
4) use as wealth amulet to remove your obstacles in wealth luck which lead to strong flow of money wealth into your life.
5) use as love charm to act as a magnet to attract people to you to find your soul mate


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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One of the most powerful mantra ever!!!!!!

One of the most powerful mantra ever exist in this universal.

This mantra bring great powerful protection, great fortune and great luck!!!

Chinabunchorn is one of the most powerful mantra, when the person chant/recite with mindfulness, with sincere heart, the mantra bring the blessing of gods/devas sacred ancient mandala.Thus, today, I recommend this mantra to everyone to chant, to wear and to keep in mind of this great mantra! As long as they can stamp this mantra to their mind, the mantra will bring strong blessing.


Namo Tassa Pakawato Arrahato Summa Sumputtasa 3 times Think of Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh then say.

"Putta GarMoLa PayPutTung TaNaGaMoLa PayTaNung AutThi GarYay GarYar YarYa TayWaNung PiYaTung SootTaWa"


"Cha Ya Sa Na Ka Tha , Puttha Chay Ta Wa MarRung SaWa HarNung , Jattu Sutja SaPung Rasunk Yay Pivingsu Na Ra Sa Pa"

( The Buddhas,the noble men who drank the nectar of the four Noble Truths,
Having come to the victory seat, having defeated Mara together with his mount: )


"Tun Hung Ga Ra Ta Yo Putta AudTaVee SaThi NaYaGa , SupPay PaThidTiTar MaiHung Mud Ta Gay Tay Muss Nis Sa Ra"

( These Buddhas, the 28 leaders, the sovereign sages beginning with
Tanhankara are all established on the crown of my head. )


"See Say PaThiThidToh MaiHung Puttho Dhummo TaViLoJaNay , Sunkho PaThiThidToh MaiHung AuRay Sappa KuNaGaRo"

( The Buddha is established in my head , the Dhamma in my two eyes,
The Sangha----the mind of all virtures----is established in my chest. )


"HaTaYay May ArNuRutTho SareePutTho Ja TukKhiNay , GohnTunYo PhidThiPar KusSaMing MokKunLaNo Ja Wa Mar Gay"

( Anuraddha is in my heart , and Sariputta on my right.
Kondanna is behind me , and Moggallana on my left. )


"TukKhiNay SaWaNay MaiHung ArSoong ArNunTaRaHuLo , GusSaPo Ja MaHaNaMoh AuPaSoong WaMaSoTaGay"

( Ananda & Rahula are in my right ear,
Kassapa and Mahanama are both in my left ear. )


"GaySunTay PhidThiPar KusSaMing , SuRiYo Wa PaPungGaRo , NiSinNo SiRiSumPunNo , SoPiTo MuNi PoongKaWo"

( Sobhita, the noble sage, sits in full glory, shinning like the sun all over
the hair at the back of my head. )


"GuMarLa GusSaPoh TayRo , MaHaySee JitTa Wa Ta Go , So MaiHung WaTaNay NidJung , PhaThidThaSi KuNaGaRo"

( The great sage, the mind of virture, Elder Kumarakassapa, the brilliant speaker,
is constantly in my mouth. )


"PoonNo AungKuLiMarLoJa AuParLee NunTaSeeWaLee , TayRa PunJa E May ChaTa NaLaTay ThiLaGar Ma Ma"

( Five elder---Punna Angulimala, Upali, Nanda, & Sivali---have arisen as
ausipicious marks at the middle of my forehead. )


"SaySarSeeThi MaHaTayRa ViShiTar ChiNaSaWaGa , A Tay SeeThi MaHaTayRa ChiTaWunTo ChiNoRaSa , ChaLunTar SeeLaTayChayNa AungKaMungKaySu SunThiTar"

( The rest of the 80 great leaders----victors, disciples of the victorious Buddha,
sons of the victorious Buddha , shining with the majesty of moral virture----
are established in the various parts of my body. )


"RaTaNung PuRaTo ArSi , TukKiNay MetTaSootTaGung , TaChakKung PudShaTo ArSi , WaMay AungKuliMarLaGung"

( The Ratana Sutta is in front of me, the Mettra Sutta to my right.
The Dhajagga Sutta is behind me, the Angulimala Paritta to my left. )


"CunTaMoRa PaRitTunJa , ArTar NarThiYa SoodTaGung , ArGarSay ShaTaNung ArSi , SaySar PaGarRaSunThiTar"

( The Khandha & Mora Parittas and the Atanatiya Sutta are a roof in space above me.
The remaining suttas are established as a fortress wall around me. )


"Chi NaNa WaRaSunkYootTha , SudTupPaGarRa LungGaTar , WaTaPidTa ThiSunChaTa , ParHeRutChaShutTu PudTaWa"

( Bound by the power of the Victors, realm, seven fortress walls arrayed Against them. )


"ArSaySar ViNaYung YunTu , ArNunTa ChiNaTayChaSar , WaSaTo May SaGitJayNa , SaTar SumPutThaPunChaRay"

( May all misfortununes within & without----caused by such
things as wind or bile----be destroyed without remainder through the majesty of the unending Victor. )


"ChiNaPunChaRa MutChumaHe ViHaRunTung MaHee TaLay, SaTa PaLenTu Mung SupPay Tay MaHaPuRiSarSaPar"

( As I dwell, in all my affairs, always in the cage of the Self-awakened One, Living grounded in the midst of the Victors, I am always guarded by all of those great noble men )


"ItJayWaMunTo SuKootTo SuRukKho , CheNarNuParWayNa CheTuPudTaWo , DhumMaNuParWayNa CheTarReSunkKho , SunkKaNuParWayNa CheTunTaRaYo , SudDhumMarNuParWa Parrithtoh JaRaMi ChiNa Pun Cha Ray Thi"

( Thus am I utterly well-sheltered, well-protected.
Through the might of the Victors, misfortunes are vanquished
Through the might of the Dhamma, hordes of enermies are vanquished
Through the might of the Sangha, dangers are vanquished
Guarded by the might of the True Dhamma, I live in the Victor's Cage. )

"China Punchara Paridtung Mungrukkhatu Suppatha"

( May Chinnabunchorn katha grant me successful in every wish and protect me from all dangers)

This powerful Chinabunchorn thai amulet trakrut come from the great ceremonies consecrated by many thai masters. The biggest ceremonies in 2552 powerful blessed in 3 temples, WatRakhang WatInn(Barngkhunphrom) WatKateChaiyo. This thai amulet is bless with good fortune and protection, powerful blessing thai amulet trakrut chanted by Chinnabunchorn mantras.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

More than 340 dead foetuses found hidden in Thai temple

BANGKOK - The bodies of more than 340 human foetuses, apparently from an illegal abortion clinic, were discovered inside a Buddhist temple in central Bangkok, Thai police said Tuesday.

A total of 348 corpses, wrapped in plastic bags and newspaper, were found by a member of temple staff in a mortuary storage area.

Police Colonel Metee Rakphan said plastic bags were found "with foetal corpses inside hidden in the storehouse of a temple".

"We assume that they were from illegal abortion clinics, and we are now investigating," he told AFP, adding that they were questioning the temple mortician.

One rescue worker with the Poh Teck Tung foundation, a charity that provides emergency rescue and body recovery services, said up to 500 foetuses could eventually be uncovered.

Buddhist temples in Thailand not only perform cremation ceremonies, but also store bodies in specially refrigerated areas.

Abortion is illegal in Thailand except when it is judged that delivery would harm the mother or when the pregnancy is the result of rape.

Source: Asiaone

Saturday, November 13, 2010

VOTE for CNN Hero of the year - Unsung Hero of India

Catch: He brings hot meals to India's homeless This is one of the most incredible stories of personal commitment.

Narayanan Krishnan, all of 29 years old now, does what he was professionally trained to do as a chef. Feed people. Only Krishnan does not do this in the swanky confines of a 5-star hotel. Every day, he wakes up at 4 am, cooks a simple hot meal and then, along with his team, loads it in a van and travels about 200 km feeding the homeless in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Krishnan feeds, often with his hands, almost 400 destitute people every day. And for those who need it, he provides a free haircut too.

According to CNN, eight years ago, this award-winning chef with a five-star hotel chain was all set to go to Switzerland for a high-profile posting. On a visit to a Madurai temple, he came across a homeless, old man eating his own human waste. That stark sight changed Krishnan's life.

Much to the dismay of his parents, CNN says, Krishnan abandoned his career plans and decided to spend his life and his professional training in looking after those who could not care for themselves. He has provided more than 1.2 million hot meals through his nonprofit organisation Akshaya Trust, and now hopes to extend this to shelter for the homeless too.

Krishnan is the only Indian in a list of 10 heroes that CNN has picked worldwide to honour. One of them will be chosen CNN Hero of the Year, selected by the public through an online poll. If many Indians get together to vote for this inspiring man, he can win by a long mile.

If Krishnan wins he will get $100,000 in addition to the $25,000 that he gets for being shortlisted for the Top 10. Akshaya Trust needs all the monetary support it can get to build on Krishnan's dream. Let's help him get there.

Vote for Krishnan here. The poll continues through November 18 at 6 a.m. ET.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

give you happiness, the most powerful goddesses KALI

Kali is one of the most powerful goddesses of India. Her present identity results from an evolutionary process spanning more than two millennia, and her recent arrival in the West as a living deity creates the possibility of new and unforeseen changes within an environment outside her original cultural boundaries.

Kali Ma, called the "Dark Mother," is the goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. She is especially known in her Destroyer aspect, squatting over her dead consort, devouring his entrails while her yoni sexually devours his lingam, penis. Kali, in this aspect is said to be "The hungry earth, which devours its own children and fattens on their corpses…" In India the experience of the Terrible Mother has been given its most grandiose form of which just is not simple imagery; it is the image of the Feminine, particularly the Maternal, for in a profound way life and birth are integrally connected to death and destruction.

Kali serves as the archetypal image of the birth-and-death Mother, simultaneously the womb and tomb, giver of life as well as the devourer of her children: the identical image was portrayed in a thousand ancient religions. Current psychologists face this image with an uneasy acknowledgement of its power. Apparently the image of the angry, punishing, castrating Father seems less threatening than the destructive Mother--perhaps because she symbolized the inexorable reality of death, whereas he only postulated a problematic post-mortem judgment. Perhaps this is one reason the Roman Catholics maintain the teaching of purgatory, to divert the final end.

The name Kali Ma comes from Kalma, a hunter of tombs and eater of the dead, as she was called in Finland, also called the Black Goddess. European "witches" worshipped her in funeral places, for the same reasons, that the Tantric yogis and dakinis worshipped her in cremation grounds, as Smashana-Kali, Lady of the Dead. Former pagans adored her in cemeteries as the Black Mother Earth, where the Roman tombstones invoked her with the phrase Mater genuit, Mother receipt-the Mother bore me, the Mother took me back.

Sometimes Kali, the Destroyer, wore red symbolizing the blood of the life that that she gave and took back: "as She devours all existence, as She chews all things existing with Her fierce teeth, therefore a mass of blood is imagined to be the apparel of the Queen of the Gods at the final dissolution." The gypsies in their worship of Kali, the Goddess of disease, clothed her in red, the proper color of gypsy funerals.

Tantra, being a development of Atharva Vedic and pre-Brahmanical thought, embraced the Hindu gods and goddesses, especially Shiva and Shakti, along the (nondualist Vedic) philosophy that each represents an aspect of the ultimate Param Shiva, or These deities may be worshipped externally (with flowers, incense etc.) but, more importantly, are used as objects of where the practitioner imagines him- or herself to be the deity in question. The ancient devadasi tradition of sacred temple-dance, seen in the contemporary Bharata Natyam is the example of such meditation in movement. The divine love is expressed in Sringara and Bhakti.

Sexual intercourse is not at all a part of all tantric practice, but it is the definitive feature of left-hand Tantra. All tantra states that there were certain groups of personalities who were not fit for certain practices. Tantra was personality specific and insisted that those with pashu-bhava (animal disposition), which are people of dishonest, promiscuous, greedy or violent natures who ate meat and indulged in intoxication, would only incur bad by following Tantrik paths without the aid of a Guru who could instruct them on the correct path.Sexual intercourse, preferably with a low-caste partner, was one method by which traditional left-hand practice forced practitioners to confront their conditioned responses. Others include the eating of meat (particularly beef and pork) and drinking of alcohol. Fear has also been used as a method to break down conditioning; rites would often take place in a cremation ground amidst decomposing corpses. This, of course, also falls under the prerequisite of the practitioner's nature, in such cases demanding a vir- (heroic) or even devya- (godlike) -bhava (disposition of purity, self-control, suppression of pride, respect to parents and guru and often celibacy).

"The Tantrics explain that the physical license of the worship of Kali is needed for brutish mankind in this evil (Kaliyuga) time. This is because only a few can liberate themselves from the flesh and reach divinity direct. Kalipuja (Kali-worship) gives the brutish man and woman an outlet and an idea of how intoxicating true communion with the divine could be. For this reason, according to the priest, it is not uncommon for mass orgies to be held in the early stages of initiation of even the right-hand worshippers, so that they may get a glimpse of the physical reflection of the true ecstasy which comes with acceptance by Kali."


Kali is formless and shapeless, yet she CAN assume any shape she desires, she is the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and all of the things in the Universe, She Commands all of the Good Forces, as well as all of the Bad Forces, Kali is Very Compassionate and Merciful, Yet she also Destroys Life as a way to bring about a new beginning, Therefore death in this Religion is not an end, but a new beginning, and Devotees of this Religion in the past have offered Human Sacrifices to The Goddess Kali, but the way they look at it is if you truly LOVE your Goddess, and you are really in your heart Decticated to her.
But today however most Sacrifices are only Symbolic, yet, many followers of Kali are now using Bondage and Domination as ways to act out a Symbolic Human Sacrifice. Ancient Scriptures describe The Goddess Kali in many ways, both as one of the Most beautiful Women in the World, and also as a Vicious Warrior, a She is one who Devours the Flesh, she has been described as being very much like what we call a Vampire, Lusting for Blood, and Having Fangs, Yet at the same time being someone you would Love with all your Heart, and she is Sexy and Seductive when she is viewed in human form, Definitely NOT a Woman you would fear, but one you would gladly die for. This is how she is described. Yet you must keep in mind that we are also talking about the essence of the Universe itself displaying herself in Human form, if she was indeed the Commander of all the forces in the Universe, you can just imagine how beautiful she would have made herself look like to a Man, one whom she enjoys having Sex with. It was also described that Kali was Very Sexual, and Seductive, and Very Very Beautiful, which is why we do not consider Sex to be shameful or Evil in anyway in this Religion. And instead we encourage followers to engage in Sexual Activity as part of a Ceremony of Worship to the Goddess Kali. Kali is a Loving Goddess, with Great Compassion, but she does rein down Destruction upon the Earth from time to time, but with each thing that is destroyed there is a new beginning being born. In other words, Yes, Kali can rein down terror and Destruction, but to her, she is merely Harvesting a Field of Fruits in the same way a Farmer Mows down the Wheat Fields to get the grain.

This very powerful goddesses is widely worship in many sexual ritual or tantric practise.

She is being involve to in these ritual or Tantria practise to increase our sexual performance, increase or enjoyment in sexual intercourse.

Not only that, she will great you many thing like strong sexual attraction, make you very sexually attractive!!!

This is indeed a cannot be doubt fact because this goddess is being worship by many many years!

So the power of this goddess cannot be underestimated!!!!

Below is this thai amulet blessed by powerful holy thai masters to invoke the power of this great goddess.

Behind insert with heavenly stones to open the chrakra of your body to make you extremely sensitive to sex.

In addition, behind also contain 3 hand written holy scroll:

Boost luck

Boost attraction

Boost sexual attraction

Yes! We can pray to Kali to use Spells and Magic to enhance our Rituals, and to bring about special things in our lives.

However no one should ever try to cast any spells of harm onto anyone, because it would only hurt you in the end, and much more than the other person.

This is a very important point, and should not be taken lightly, because this Religion is a True Religion, if you use this Magic to hurt someone, they will Suffer, but so will You, and much worse than them, so please, please don't even THINK about it.

Instead it would be better to Chant/pray to Kali for Understanding, and pray to Kali to help the other person Understand you, but don't think of wanting anything bad to happen to the other person, because it will, and then you will experience three times as much suffering as they do. Many who read this will not believe it, and they will try to Harm someone, then they will Suffer also, and then they will know what I say is true. Please don't learn the hard way.

Go to the link below for the feedback from buyer who has use this amulet:


Enhance your sexual performance

Enhance your sex drive

Actiavte your whole body sex cell

Enhance your sex sensation

Make you sexual attractive that you are sexually irresistible!

Make you very attractive to people and they will come and help you and make you to be successful!

Pray kali to cast love spell or spell on people to has better life

use as love charm

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Monday, November 1, 2010

One of the most powerful wealth god

One of the most powerful and popular Chinese Gods of Wealth is Tsai Shen Yeh who is frequently depicted wearing a dragon robe and sitting on a tiger.

He also known at times as Lu Hsing the Star God of Wealth.He carries a gold ingot and a sword. After he returned from a forest after studying the Tao, he was seen riding a black tiger in all directions and carrying a sword to ward off evil influences. He is not meant to be worshipped but is there to symbolise money and wealth an attracts the same into the house. This is why he should be gold in colour (as the statue shown is) as like attracts like.

He is the most influential and popular Wealth God respected and worshipped by Chinese all over the world. Also known as Zhang Gong Ming, he is a powerful deity who brings good fortune and protection from disasters. He is described as being so benevolent and compassionate that he will answer all prayers and invocations made to him.

He is like a wish-fulfilling jewel making the monetary wishes of his devotees come true
.Tsai Sheng Yeh is usually depicted riding a black tiger. Sometimes he is shown with a thick beard and a dark face. In his hand he holds a whip, although in recent times he has also been increasingly shown holding a gold ingot.

Legends describe him as a former general of ancient China. Buddha appointed him as “Xuan Tan Zhen Jun” to take charge of the distribution of wealth and good fortune amongst the people. Since then he has been distributing the treasures of the earth, in the process bringing good fortune to those who invite him into their homes.His presence is said to ensure that businesses will be free of bad debts. Little wonder then that most businessmen usually have an image of Tsai Shen Yeh in their homes and also on their business premises.

The reason why I introduce this god powerful wealth god is because this wealth god is very famous among the Chinese people and has help many Chinese people to gain many auspicious wealth.

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