Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LP Yit Palakit Penis god

One of the most powerful master for making this thai amulet palakit (penis god)this period, lp yit.
lp Yit has proven to his many devotees of his effectiveness by making the palakit stand up itself while doing chanting with it on his hand. 
Due to this miracle act, his frame and reputation spread to the whole thailand and south east asia.
I particular like this batch as this batch material is make from melting other charming amulets to make it.
Why need this?
The master can make powerful amulet, by using a more powerful material, its double up the effect and power!
Futhermore, its small and portable. Suitable for everyone.

Function: charming people, attraction of wealth and money, boost sales and business.Pulling personal luck to a higher level.
A must have for everyone!

Contact: helpyoucharm@gmail.com

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