Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Very sad to see that more and more people wearing fake amulet. What is meaning by fake amulet. The pics above shown amulets display in road street in thailand. 1 PIECE IS LESS THAN S$5!!!! no wonder some dishonest want to sell fake amulet. BUT THEY NEVER KNOW THAT THOSE INNOCENT FELLOW MANKIND NEED AMULET FOR HELP!!!

I have help a few case.etc, a guy just retrench at the wrong time as his wife just give birth need $$$,

a gal love a guy very much, give him HER 1ST TIME, guy cheat her $.


many more, now society is more and more not easy to survival. need is needed grom other forces. and AMULETS IS CREATED BY COMPASSION GURU TO HELP US YET....

and people cant get it!!! why? because we are being block, unable to link to these good guru!!!

good amulet has to really travel to the temple, has interview with the monk, ask the purpose of amulet, what is inside, how to use it and how to use it to enhance our life.

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